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Transparency is essential for me. As a nutrition and health enthusiast, I do my best to provide you with accurate information. To support the maintenance and operation of the site, I have established partnerships with affiliated businesses. I recommend products that I believe will be beneficial for my Internet users. On this page, I list the current affiliations that you can find on our site.

Editorial content remains independent of any advertising influence, and my priority is to provide you with reliable information to help readers make informed decisions about their health. By purchasing health products via the affiliate links on our site, you also support our work and our commitment!


We no longer need to introduce it, one of the largest online commerce platforms in the world. Amazon offers a wide selection of health and wellness-related products, making it a valuable resource in the quest for solutions to improve the quality of life. Through my partnership with Amazon, it is possible to offer you easy access to carefully chosen products, ranging from nutritional supplements quality to innovative fitness equipment.


Anastore is an online store specializing in high quality and natural health products. Anastore is recognized for its commitment to well-being and offers a full range of food supplements and health products, all made with selected ingredients. As Anastore partners, I am convinced of the value of their products and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their scientific approach and constant pursuit of innovation make them a trusted source for those looking to support their health in a natural way.


Brulafine is an online store specializing in health and wellness products dedicated to weight management. Brulafine offers a range of innovative and natural products designed to support those looking to achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy way. Their commitment to quality and effectiveness is reflected in the composition of their products, which are carefully selected to help readers get into better physical shape.


Capsiplex is a sales site in health-oriented dietary supplements and well-being. Their range of products highlights the benefits of capsicum, a natural ingredient derived from chili peppers, known for its beneficial health properties. Capsiplex offers high-quality products designed to support weight management, boost metabolism and improve physical performance. As a Capsiplex affiliate, we appreciate their commitment to natural ingredients and their efforts to provide effective health solutions. Through the affiliate links on our site, you can easily access their product range and discover the potential benefits of capsicum for your well-being.


Crazybulk is a sales site for food supplements for bodybuilding and fitness. Their line of products is designed to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their muscle building, athletic performance and fitness goals in a safe and natural way. Crazybulk stands out for its commitment to high-quality ingredients and innovative formulas, without resorting to illegal or dangerous substances.

Cute Nutrition

Cute Nutrition is an e-commerce focused on food supplements and nutrition products dedicated to active women wishing to support their well-being and health goals. Their product line includes a variety of nutritional supplements specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women, whether for weight loss, hair and skin health, or to boost their daily energy.


Dextrom is a virtual store specializing in high quality food supplements and health products. Their product line is designed to meet the varied needs of people looking to improve their well-being and support their overall health. Dextrom stands out for its commitment to premium ingredients and scientifically studied formulas. As a Dextrom affiliate, we recognize the value of their products to our readers seeking reliable health solutions.


Foodspring is an online store specializing in premium dietary supplements and nutrition products. Their commitment to quality and authenticity is reflected in their careful selection of natural ingredients. Foodspring offers a diverse range of products designed to meet everyone’s needs, whether for sports nutrition, weight loss, or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


KetoCharge is an e-store of ketogenic diet support products. The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity due to its potential benefits for weight management and overall health. KetoCharge offers a comprehensive line of products designed to help dieters optimize their experience and achieve their goals effectively. Their selection includes supplements, snacks and accessories specifically tailored to the needs of ketogenic diet followers.


Nutrimea is a online store specializing in food supplements and natural health products. Their commitment to quality and safety is reflected in a rigorous selection of ingredients and formulas developed by nutrition experts. Nutrimea offers a wide range of products designed to meet various health needs, ranging from general well-being to support for specific issues.


Phen24 is a web brand of food supplements intended for support weight loss naturally and efficient. Their products are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to weight management, targeting both day and night. Phen24 offers a range of specific formulas for daytime and evening use, providing continued support throughout the day.


PhenGold is a virtual brand expert in high-quality dietary supplements, designed to support weight loss and improve overall well-being. Their e-boutique offers a range of supplements that aim to speed up metabolism, reduce appetite and increase energy, providing a comprehensive approach for those looking to achieve their weight loss goals responsibly.


PhenQ is a brand specializing in food supplements for weight loss and well-being. Their unique formula combines several natural ingredients to effectively support weight loss. PhenQ aims to help individuals burn fat, reduce appetite and increase energy, all while maintaining a positive mood.


SlimDoo is an online store that offers various slimming and body and face care products, but also a slimming program that supports you in your slimming process. Slimdoo offers recipes, a calorie calculator, tracking your progress and many other options to enrich this support in your weight loss.


Vivami is a website that offers a health service as an online pharmacy. Whether for illnesses, infections, skin care or various products, it allows you to obtain slimming treatments for weight loss without any special prescription.


Weightworld is an online store specializing in food supplements and health products intended to support weight loss, general health and well-being. Their product line includes a wide variety of supplements, fitness accessories, beauty and skincare products, designed to meet the individual needs of health-conscious customers. With a commitment to quality and effectiveness, Weightworld carefully selects natural ingredients and their products are intended to help people achieve their goals.


Zotrim is an online store specializing in food supplements for weight loss and well-being. Their dietary supplement contains a blend of plant extracts including yerba mate, guarana and damiana, which are known to their energizing properties and their benefits for appetite control.