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[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Capsiplex or CapsiplexTM, not to be confused with Capsiplex Sport (from the same manufacturer), is a calorie burner, introduced on the market in 2010. It has enjoyed dazzling success across the Channel and across the Atlantic. And for good reason, it is said to be the slimming capsule or at least the “slimming secret” of the stars. For example :

  • Kelly Osbourne, English fashion designer, actress and singer, publicly claimed to have purchased and used Casiplex to stay in shape;
  • The American Jennifer Lopez says she took Capsiplex to get rid of her post-partum pounds;
  • Britney Spears said she used the Capsiplex slimming capsule to have a slender body;
  • Brad Pitt also testifies to the effectiveness of Capsiplex as a weight loss capsule.

Should we trust these star testimonials? What is Capsiplex really worth? What does it contain? Where and how to get it? It is to this set of questions and many others that you are asking yourself that I will try to answer precisely in the lines that follow!

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Capsiplex price

Presentation of Capsiplex, calorie burner

Capsiplex is a Bauer Nutrition brand. It is manufactured in the Wolfson Berg laboratories in Larnaca, Cyprus, under the leadership of a team of medical advisors experienced in the development of food supplements.. On its official website, Bauer Nutrition explains that this supplement works according to a natural and relatively simple principle based on increasing energy expenditure to induce significant weight loss. Capsiplex is thus presented as a slimming capsule. Bauer Nutrition goes further by lifting the veil on the main ingredient: it is Capsium, better known as “hot red pepper”.

In the opinion of Bauer Nutrition medical advisors, spicy red pepper allows for better calorie expenditure, accelerated metabolism and improved endurance. According to the manufacturer, the accumulation of fat in problem areas of the body cannot resist the exclusive formula of the supplement. Take one capsule of Capsiplex every day (instead of several capsules to some fat burners) is enough to accelerate thermogenesis and induce the rapid breakdown of fat cells.

In addition, Capsiplex boosts the energy of its users. But, to reproduce these effects by consuming spicy red pepper, you would have to take 10g daily for several weeks. It is more convenient and reasonable to take Capsiplex whose concentrated formulation, based on Omnibead technology, promotes the absorption of capsium without the slightest irritation of the gastric and oral tracts.

What are the expected benefits of taking Capsiplex?

The manufacturer says it clearly on its site: users of the food supplement can expect to burn an additional 278 calories before, during and after their physical activities (workouts or other daily exercises). He specifies that we can expect to burn:

  • 3% more calories before physical exertion;
  • 3% more calories during physical exercises;
  • and 12 times more calories in the first 60 minutes after sporting activities.

It states that the supplement will help its users control their appetite, boost their metabolism, increase their energy and significantly reduce their body fat.


  • Proven effectiveness
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Helps weight loss

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Capsiplex owes its effectiveness not only to the spicy red pepper (main ingredient) but also to three natural components whose effects are not negligible in the loss process. So let’s take a look at these four precious ingredients which largely contribute to the popularity of the weight loss capsule.

Capsicum extract

One capsule contains 80mg of hot red pepper extract known as Capsicum Annuum. It contains several alkaloids like dihydrocapsaicin and capsaicin. Capsaicin is known to stimulate the production of norepinephrine and adrenaline, two hormones that promote the burning of stored fat and sugars. And that’s not all ! Capsaicin is also said to be able to transform white fat cells into brown fat cells, which are known to burn calories. We understand better why the manufacturer of this supplement chose Capsicum as the main ingredient.

Several studies have shown the benefits of red pepper in slimming capsules. One of them, conducted in the United States in 2013, consisted of giving 2.6 mg of capsaicinoids (extracts of hot red pepper) to participants for 6 days. An increase in energy expenditure and maintenance of metabolism at a high level (without slowing down) was observed. In the opinion of researchers, capsaicinoids (of which capsicum is a part) induce a slight increase in body fat due to their thermogenic nature, and boost thermogenesis, and thus contribute to fat oxidation.


In one Capsiplex fat burner capsule, there are 138 mg of caffeine. (Please note, the recommended daily intake is 200 mg to 300 mg for a healthy adult.) This alkaloid discovered in 1819, stimulates the cardiac and nervous systems. Caffeine promotes the release of fats (lipolytic effect), boosts thermogenesis and induces fat burning (thermogenic effect). It reduces the appetite giving you a feeling of fullness. It increases concentration and alertness and then helps to be more enduring through reduced sensitivity to fatigue. Researchers set out to understand the relationship between metabolism, the thermogenic response to caffeine and weight loss in women suffering from obesity. They came to the conclusion that the administration of anhydrous caffeine induced gradual weight loss in women who complained of obesity.

Capsiplex contains caffeine, which promotes fat release


Extracted from black pepper, piperine helps lower the level of glucose and bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, this alkaloid dosed at 5mg per Capsiplex capsule, boosts metabolism, helps to remove white fats from their storage areas and to use them as energy. The usefulness of piperine was demonstrated during a study carried out on rodents. The latter were subjected to a diet very rich in lipids for 2 months so that they developed metabolic reactions linked to obesity. After which, they were divided into 2 groups.

Those in the first group continued the high-fat diet while individuals in the second group additionally received 40 mg/kg of piperine for 21 days. The research team observed that rodents given piperine experienced an increase in good cholesterol levels and a decrease in bad cholesterol. Also, the administration of piperine made it possible to slow down the accumulation of fat thanks to the activation of enzymes such as protein lipase.

Vitamin B3

In addition to promoting the regulation of blood sugar, bad cholesterol levels and the transformation of nutrients into energy, vitamin B3 or niacin deploys an anti-inflammatory on adipose tissues. Vitamin B3 is present in Capsiplex at 16mg per capsule as it contributes to the release of energy from fats, proteins and carbohydrates. As a result, the body uses this energy more efficiently.

For people who prefer a video format, I made a short 3-minute video that presents Capsiplex. It’s right here! :


  • Proven effectiveness
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Helps weight loss

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How should you take Capsiplex?

The Capsiplex slimming capsule is very powerful. This is why the dosage consists of taking a single capsule, once each day as follows.

Day without physical training

It is advisable to take one capsule with a glass of water in the morning, especially before breakfast, to allow the supplement to act longer during the day.

Training day

It is strongly recommended to take a Capsiplex capsule one hour or thirty minutes before the start of your physical activity. This precaution allows you to take full advantage of the capsule to lose weight. Its Capsaicin content (whose thermogenic action is undeniable) is an asset for people who want to lose weight effectively. Indeed, it helps increase metabolism before, during and after physical exercises in order to burn more fat, and improve endurance and performance.

Whether it’s a training day or not, it is not recommended to take this dietary supplement in the afternoon, due to its caffeine content. Caffeine may cause insomnia for some users who are sensitive to it. In any case, make no mistake: even if you forget a take, don’t try to make up for it. Keep in mind that this slimming capsule is taken once, in the morning with a glass of water.


Due to the undeniable quality of its ingredients and their meticulously measured dosages, Capsiplex displays tremendous effects in the body. Effects which, in turn, cause reactions favoring weight loss.

Acceleration of metabolism

Due to its meticulous dosage of capsaicin and caffeine, the Capsiplex slimming capsule accelerates metabolism by activating thermogenesis. This slight increase in heat in the body will induce lipolysis or fat burning which allows the body to have the energy necessary for physical efforts. This burning of adipose tissue and this energy production carried out by thermogenesis are possible because the body uses available brown fat.

Scientific research has succeeded in proving, since 2009, that brown fat is not the prerogative of hibernating animals and infants. We now know that adult men and women also have brown fat, stored in areas such as the neck, armpits and around the spine, heart and kidneys. That said, brown fats will, under the effect of Capsiplex, burn calories in order to ensure thermogenesis and burn white fats accumulated in areas such as the abdomen, hip and thighs to produce the energy which the organism needs.

Work to do to get back on track
Work to do to get back on track? Some products can help you.

Increased calorie burning in association with sporting activities

In the opinion of specialists, we tend to burn a lot of calories during physical activity (thanks to brown fats. Capiplex allows you to do even more. As an indication, researchers suggest an average of 278 calories burned before, during and up to 60 minutes after sport, using the capsule to lose weight. But how to have enough brown fats to burn calories, induce thermogenesis and burn white fats in order to produce energy needed by the body?

The answer is very simple thanks to a hormone, irisin, and thanks to sport and/or Frisian. In the opinion of scientists, cycling for an hour allows you to secrete irisin and produce as much brown fat from white fat as 15 minutes of shivering at a temperature of around -19°C. In the opinion of researchers, 100g of brown fat allows the combustion of approximately 100g of white fat. For the record, irisin was only discovered in 2012 by scientists at Harvard University.

Appetite control due to appetite suppressant effect

In the opinion of researchers, capsaicin is a natural appetite suppressant. On this subject, a study carried out at the University of Laval in Quebec, in particular by the Physical Activity Sciences laboratory, proves that capsaicin activates satiety in the brain, thanks to its similarity with a molecule present in the hypothalamus. Even if, thanks to Omnibead technology, it does not burn the oral cavity or the esophagus, capsaicin retains its properties. It provides a feeling of satiety. In principle, you no longer have cravings and you no longer snack or snack much as before.

Plus, you don’t eat the same amounts of food. Your is smaller but you don’t feel any deprivation. On the contrary, you feel comfortable as if your food intake had always been so reduced. In the long run, Capsiplex allows you to adopt a healthier eating habit, so that even after stopping taking the capsule you will not suffer from the yoyo effect since you have gotten into the habit of being more observant. to the contents of your plate.

Increase in good fats and decrease in bad fats

Capsiplex, due to its niacin content, significantly reduces blood lipid levels. The slimming capsule lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. consequently, your good cholesterol level will improve and promote efficient vascularization of adipose tissues. Your body will then be able to find and better use (therefore eliminate) the stored fat.


  • Proven effectiveness
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Helps weight loss

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Side effects

Certainly, the Capsiplex slimming capsule is formulated from natural and presumably reliable ingredients. But, the natural nature of the components is not a guarantee of safety for everyone. There may be people allergic to a natural product which nevertheless does good to the greatest number of users. This is particularly the case with capsaicin: some people are allergic to it so that they cannot cure it by taking Capsiplex. Gastric reflux, burning, and stomach irritation may occur in people who cannot tolerate Capsaicin.

Other people tend to develop a greater or lesser sensitivity to the caffeine contained in this weight loss capsule. In any case, not all users react in the same way to this food supplement. Caffeine sensitivity or even an overdose could cause low mood, irritability, increased heart rate, insomnia, dizziness. In very rare cases, people may have panic attacks. after intense physical exertion. If you are taking medication, it is better to refrain from taking Capsiplex. Otherwise, you can seek the advice of a doctor before taking this capsule to lose weight.

Smiling woman
Find your figure and smile again


In which cases should you not take Capsiplex? Only one capsule must be administered within a 24-hour period. Taking Capsiplex is not recommended for the following people:

  • children under 18;
  • pregnant women;
  • breastfeeding women;
  • patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders;
  • patients undergoing medical treatment or people taking at least one other food supplement; These patients must consult their doctor before taking Capsiplex.

Recommendations and advice for use

It is recommended to keep the slimming capsule out of the reach of children. You should not take this slimming capsule when you have already taken it in the morning. Above all, do not try to take it in the afternoon or in the evening at bedtime. If you plan to lose 8 to 10 kg, you must follow a course of 2 to 3 months. Beyond this objective, that is to say if you wish to lose 12 to 15 kg of fat mass, plan on a 6-month treatment divided as follows: 3 months in a row, a one-month break, then 3 more months in a row. In the opinion of specialists, you will have rapid and very interesting results if you combine your Capsiplex treatment with a healthy, balanced diet and some regular sporting activities (not necessarily intense) such as walking, dancing, cycling and swimming.

My opinion in detail

My overall rating: 3.8/5

Here are the criteria I took into account to determine its overall effectiveness:

  • Composition: I pay particular attention to the micronutrients and macronutrients present, as they play an essential role in weight loss and maintaining good health. It is important for me to ensure that the fat burner contains the necessary nutrients.
  • Reputation: Trust is essential for me. So I find out about the reputation of the product and the credibility of the brand. I enjoy choosing products that meet consumer expectations.
  • Feeling full: Nothing is worse than experiencing premature cravings. I’m looking for a fat burner that provides a lasting feeling of satiety, to stay energetic and avoid snacking.
  • Price: Obviously, price is also an important criterion. I want the fat burner to be affordable, so that I can use it regularly without worrying too much about my budget.
  • Dosage: A practical and stress-free intake is a huge advantage for me. I like it when the daily dose is easy to take, without requiring complex organization.

By taking all of these into account, I am able to thoroughly evaluate the overall effectiveness of a fat burner.

The composition: 4.5/5

Capsiplex stands out for its natural composition which highlights the benefits of capsicum, a key ingredient derived from cayenne pepper. Capsicum has thermogenic properties, meaning it can boost metabolism and promote fat burning. This natural substance is known for its potential to increase energy expenditure and promote weight loss. In addition to capsicum, Capsiplex may also contain other natural ingredients such as caffeine, known for its energizing effects, and piperine, extracted from black pepper, which may improve nutrient absorption. This natural composition of Capsiplex is an advantage for those who prefer to opt for products based on ingredients of plant and natural origin in their weight loss journey!

Notoriety: 4/5

The Capsiplex company enjoys a certain notoriety in the field of food supplements for weight loss, but by connoisseurs or amateurs. The Capsiplex brand has managed to gain the trust of users, mainly overseas, thanks to its established reputation and its presence in the market for some time. In addition, it often benefits from positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied users, which helps to strengthen its credibility.

The price: 3/5

Capsiplex dietary supplement is offered at average prices, but with unexpected bonuses. Purchasing a single box costs €59.99, which allows for a 30-day cure, as each box contains 30 capsules. By purchasing two boxes, you receive three boxes (one box free). This offers you the opportunity to follow a 3-month treatment. This purchase option is recommended for people wishing to test the capsule for weight loss, with the “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee after 60 days of use.

Customer reviews: Capsiplex is effective but not a miracle capsule

Due to its effectiveness and its adoption by celebrities, the Capsiplex slimming capsule is selling like hot cakes. On social networks and in traditional media, testimonials from satisfied customers are legion. It should be noted, however, that the supplement is certainly effective for a very large number of people, but may not work for others.

On the manufacturer’s website, customers can give their opinions. Reading these reviews, we see a striking contrast. Capsiplex slimming capsule works perfectly for some customers who are happy to have lost tens of kilograms of fat. This is for example the case for Eglantine who testifies to having lost 21 kg in one year. Her husband lost 8 in just 120 days.

On the other hand, the weight loss capsule did not work for some customers. This is particularly the case for Agathe who, despite a treatment associated with one hour of sport per day, has not yet obtained the expected result. Did Agathe follow the instructions correctly? Has she used Capsiplex for a reasonable period of time? Very smart who can answer these questions! And it is often this bias which suggests that it is better to take customer reviews with a grain of salt because not all the contours of the situation experienced by a customer are clarified.

If you prefer the “pure review” format, here are some testimonials collected on Capsiplex:

Robert explains: “I’ve tried several different products but I would say this one is by far my favorite. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I can now notice that my body is a little more muscular.”

John says: “I have used these products before and just purchased my second purchase! I have definitely seen improvements in my physique! I can’t wait for my next delivery!”

Can you buy Capsiplex slimming capsules in pharmacies?

Outside the United Kingdom and the United States, this slimming capsule cannot be purchased in pharmacies. To obtain it, you must place an order on the official website of Bauer Nutrition, owner of the Capsiplex brand. Once on this site, you will realize that there are also several other specialties and food supplements. With this slew of products available for purchase, the site is similar to an online pharmacy but is not.

How is delivery done?

Bauer Nutrition delivers Capsiplex anywhere in the world, to the address indicated at the time of ordering. Once the price has been paid by the customer, the slimming capsule is packaged and shipped within 24 hours, so that the customer can receive their package between 24 and 48 working hours, especially if they are in Europe. In general, it is possible to follow the delivery of the package on the carrier’s website. That said, take into account that some carriers only deliver after 3 days.


  • Proven effectiveness
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Helps weight loss

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The alternatives

If you are looking for a product to suppress your appetite and manage your weight, and are interested in Capsiplex but don’t choose this one, there are many alternatives available on the market. In my fat burner comparison article, I carried out a detailed analysis of these products, putting them in direct competition. You will find valuable information to help you make an informed decision!
Here are some options: