PhenGold: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

In the fat burner department, many references compete with each other. Recently, PhenGold has arrived on the market. What is it made of? What is it worth? And what are its effects? These are all questions that I will try to answer. I will then still have to address more practical questions such as its purchase, its price, its dosage, its possible contraindications, but also to share testimonials and user opinions.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

What is PhenGold?

PhenGold is a food supplement that falls into the category of slimming supplements. It is developed by Swiss Research Labs, known for other food supplements intended for athletes and more generalists as well.

PhenGold Bottles
PhenGold is a food supplement that helps people who want to lose weight.

Its aim is to help you waste time using mechanisms well known in this sector. In other words, it will act both as a fat burner, like a appetite suppressant And increase your metabolism. This increase in metabolism is also the main vector of weight loss, in both men and women.

The goal is to get your body to consume as many calories as possible while limiting your intake. And this, so that your calorie balance is in deficit!

As I wrote above, it is a mixed food supplement, which is aimed at both women and men. This is not necessarily a negative point. But as a nutrition expert, there are still differences. Even though the process is essentially the same.

The ingredients of PhenGold

Various ingredients are included in the composition of PhenGold. They are all natural and are either from plants and shrubs or from minerals that the body needs. We therefore do not find any chemical compound in the pejorative sense of the term, with molecules whose full scope we do not know. I have therefore drawn up a non-exhaustive list of the different ingredients that make it up with a short explanation.

Green tea

Green tea has been known for centuries and its various actions on the human body. It is so good that it is one of those ingredients found in almost all slimming food supplements.

Its most sought-after action is that of thermogenesis from the body. In simple terms, this means that the body becomes warmer due to an increase in metabolism. You warm up. This action is interesting for people who want to warm up. But for you who want to lose weight, it is interesting, because warming up the body requires a lot of energy, and therefore burning calories (primarily those in fat).

In the composition of PhenGold, the dosage of green tea is 500mg for 3 capsules.

Green tea has other interesting actions. Its diuretic action, its role in prevention of obesity, or the reduction in the rate of cholesterol (via its antioxidant action of polyphenols) are some examples.

Green tea has many benefits


Among the many natural stimulants, we can count on coffee. It is also present in almost all product formulations related to slimming or stimulation of the body. Caffeine gives the body a boost that forces it to work faster and be more responsive. As part of a slimming program, coffee will be used to stimulate weight loss via metabolism.

But this is not the only virtue that can be attributed to caffeine. If it also appears in the composition of PhenGold, it is also for the same reasons that it is found in energy drinks such as Mountain Dew, Redbull or even Coca-Cola. Caffeine has energizing properties that keep the body going when it needs it.

PhenGold contains just over 100 mg of caffeine per capsule. For comparison, Redbull contains 30 mg in a can.

Cayenne pepper

PhenGold relies mainly on a triptych of ingredients including cayenne pepper, green tea and caffeine. It is also present in “very” large quantities in this food supplement. The latter also has the highest dosage on the market at the moment. As an indication, 3 capsules contain 200 mg.

If cayenne pepper is so interesting, it is because it too, like green tea, triggers a thermogenesis from the body. You just need to eat a chili pepper to be convinced, you feel very hot afterwards.

In addition to triggering thermogenesis, cayenne pepper has a significant appetite suppressant effect, which also explains its presence in PhenGold.


It is an amino acid. It is the basis for the production of hormones including that of wakefulness and the feeling of satiety. It also has an appetite suppressant action.

It seems according to some studies, that a treatment based on L-Tyrosine is capable of reduce stress of an individual. However, we know that stress is an important factor in weight gain. Consuming L-Tyrosine would therefore help prevent weight gain.

Composition of PhenGold


Another essential amino acid, L-theanine is present in tea. It intervenes in different metabolisms of the body, including that which allows concentration. In this regard, we attribute to him relaxing benefits.

As it is present in tea, its use alongside caffeine is not paradoxical. Indeed, in tea also, we find caffeine in the form of theine.

Vitamin B

In PhenGold, we also find vitamin B. There are currently no studies that look in depth at the interactions of the different B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 for example) , but they are essential for proper functioning. Vitamin deficiency can cause serious problems and cause diseases to appear. So, for example, at the beginning of the last century a disease called beriberi was rampant in Asia. It causes cardiac and neurological problems that can lead to death. In fact, this disease is only due to vitamin B1 deficiency which makes the symptoms disappear.

B vitamins are found exclusively in foods and do not require specific metabolism (unlike vitamin D, for example). Also, a varied diet helps avoid any deficiency, except that in the case of a diet, deficiencies are much more frequent because of the food choices they imply.

B vitamins are found only in food. A deficiency can lead to serious problems.


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What effects can you expect from PhenGold?

As I was able to say above, PhenGold acts via different vectors to achieve the set objective which is to lose weight. It does not miraculously melt away fatty tissue, it relies on well-known metabolisms to produce the desired action.

It is an appetite suppressant

Some of its ingredients, I am thinking in particular of vitamin B and cayenne pepper, are natural appetite suppressants. In other words, they reduce the feeling of hunger and promotes the feeling of satiety. This has also been proven in certain published studies. According to the results, the reduction in the quantity ingested would be 10% on average when cayenne pepper is consumed. The same goes for vitamin B6.

Also, their presence in the formulation of PhenGold is completely logical.

It helps burn fat

There is no food in itself that is a fat burner. This is a misnomer to explain a situation in which a food promotes the use of fat contained in adipose tissues.

For a food to be considered a fat burner, it must have an action on the body. Let the latter draw on the resources he possesses. The only metabolism capable of this is thermogenesis, the natural rise in body temperature. In summary, a fat burner is nothing other than a food / ingredient that raises body temperature.

In the composition of PhenGold, we find several ingredients which have this particularity. This is the case for green tea through theine. This is also the case for caffeine. These two molecules have the ability to slightly increase the pace of our body and therefore make it consume more calories in the same situation. This is estimated at 4%, which amounts to between 70 to 80 calories per day in the average food intake. However, we know that in a diet, we generally try to move towards a calorie deficit to force the body to turn to its reserves and burn them.

This is again the case for cayenne pepper, also known for its propensity to promote fat burning.

Finally, I must still emphasize that the best way to burn fat is to practice a sporting activity, to be active and to move. A principle which is also supported by the State through its “Eat move. » I can never stress enough that when you want to lose weight, the two main areas of work are diet and sport.

Sport is an excellent catalyst for increasing the body’s rhythm and burning fat

It increases metabolism

When I talk about increasing metabolism, I of course think of thermogenesis, but also of the simple act of making the body work harder and faster. Several ingredients included in the formulation of PhenGold have this action: cayenne pepper, coffee and L-Theanine.

This principle of increasing metabolism quite simply makes it possible to transform the food absorbed into energy rather than fat. We know that some slow metabolisms are unable to process all foods quickly, which leads to the storage of “surplus” and therefore the appearance of fat. Foods that increase metabolism help fight against this.

You have more energy

Numerous studies have examined the causal link between fatigue, stress and weight gain. This link has been highlighted and it has become a commonly acquired fact. Also, current food supplements always take this parameter into account. This is also the case for PhenGold.

Among the different ingredients that help fight fatigue or reduce stress, we find rhodiola and vitamin B12. The latter is part of the vitamin B cocktail. It is mainly responsible for the proper use of energy by the body. It must maintain a constant level throughout the day. A B12 deficiency therefore creates ups and downs with bouts of fatigue. And so eat something, snack, to give yourself some energy.

Rhodiola is a plant that grows at altitude and is believed to have anti-fatigue properties. It also offers better mental performance and better concentration.

To this we must also add green tea and coffee, whose ability to give a boost and make us more dynamic is well known.


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What is the dosage of PhenGold?

PhenGold has a very simple dosage which is similar to other food supplements. According to the manufacturer’s advice, a course of PhenGold involves taking 3 capsules per day. Which explains why I often referred to a weight for 3 capsules, the daily dose, rather than per capsule!

The duration is not determined by the manufacturer. But I can only advise not to carry out treatment that is too long. A month, for example. If necessary, restart a treatment after a break of a few weeks. The advantage of this solution is twofold.

First of all, we reduce the risks with side effects. Although there are not many of them, high doses of caffeine are not good for the body. Then, as with athletes and bodybuilders, break periods offer the body a respite to integrate the new functioning and the advances.

On a daily basis, it is recommended to take:

  • 2 capsules in the morning. At the same time as breakfast so that it is not too heavy on the stomach. This also avoids having the effects of caffeine in the evening and not being able to sleep. I remind you that fatigue is counterproductive as part of a diet.
  • 1 capsule at midday with a meal or just before a workout. As part of a sports session, PhenGold will provide a little more motivation to the body so that the session is more intense.
PhenGold is taken with your meal. For athletes, this can also be before a workout or a hearty meal to maximize effort and energy expenditure.

Where to buy PhenGold and at what price?

PhenGold – 3 bottles

The easiest way to buy PhenGold is to go to the manufacturer’s official website. It can be purchased without a prescription because it is a food supplement. Compared to other references on the market, the price is correct and reasonable.

Note that the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee. Also, if you are not satisfied with PhenGold during your treatment, it is possible to request a refund of the purchase price. The latter does not apply to delivery costs, however. However, it remains a guarantee of seriousness and confidence in the product to offer such a guarantee.

PhenGold is purchased in the form of a treatment, which corresponds to approximately one month.

  • €54.39 for a one-month treatment
  • €108.78 for two months + 1 month free
  • €154.80 for three months + 2 months free

Delivery is fast and simple. Once the order is paid, it is shipped to the address provided. Delivery goes through a delivery company to go faster. However, delivery time depends on where you live. It is necessary to count

  • 3 to 20 working days for France and European countries
  • 3-10 working days to UK
  • 5 to 21 business days for other destinations

Are there any side effects?

As I wrote above, the ingredients in PhenGold are natural. This means that possible side effects can come from two sources:

  • A intolerance or a hypersensitivity to a compound. For example, some people are very sensitive to caffeine and would have difficulty handling a large dose. I am thinking in particular of pregnant women who are advised not to consume too much caffeine.
  • A overdose which could either be because you were taking too many capsules on purpose or your body does not need 3 capsules. Simply refer to the manufacturer’s advice on the matter or reduce your daily dose yourself or with the advice of your doctor.

The most common side effects are gastrointestinal disturbances and sleep disturbances. If symptoms persist beyond a few days, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

My opinion in detail

My overall rating: 4.1/5

When I test products, I evaluate several important criteria. Here are some things I take into consideration:

  • Composition: I pay particular attention to the composition in terms of micronutrients and macronutrients, as they play a crucial role in my weight loss and overall health.
  • Notoriety: the reputation of the brand is an essential criterion for me. It is difficult to trust an unknown brand that does not have a media presence, especially when it comes to this type of product.
  • Price: the cost should be reasonable so that I can use it regularly as a meal replacement, without jeopardizing my financial situation.
  • Dosage: the simplicity and practicality of daily intake are important elements for me. I am looking for use without constraints or difficulties.

Here I present to you my slightly more detailed opinion on PhenGold.

The composition: 4/5

As for the composition, I find it very powerful. Several of its ingredients are present in very large quantities. I am thinking of green tea, coffee, cayenne pepper among others. This powerful formulation will have a real effect on the body of the person who wants to lose weight. And above all, the effects should appear quickly!

Notoriety: 4.5/5

On the popularity side, PhenGold is widely recognized and enjoys a solid reputation in the bodybuilding field, and even among experts. Although its initial use is intended for athletes, PhenGold is ideal for people who want to sculpt their figure and refine their physical appearance. This openness gives way to great notoriety among the general public.

The price: 4/5

The bottle of PhenGold costs €49.99 and contains 90 capsules for a one-month treatment, then €99.99 for 2 months of treatment plus one month free, finally for €149.99 for 3 bottles, PhenGold offers 2 months free. The prices seem a little expensive but the decreasing prices allow you to make great savings: where the bottle purchased alone costs €0.54 per unit of capsules, the latest offer offers a price per capsule of €0.33 l ‘unit. In addition, as a dietary supplement, its dosage is very simple and is not a burden. You will therefore not necessarily feel demotivated over time at this level.

Consumer opinion

Here are some testimonials that I also read on the website:


Christina, I felt that I had more energy and better concentration. And for me, it was exactly the kick I needed to move forward. I’m so glad I didn’t give up because I lost 9, like 5 kg over a period of four months! This was the magic number for me because it meant I was finally back to my original weight!


  • Free delivery
  • Up to 2 months free treatment
  • 100-day money-back guarantee

Order PHENGOLD now on the official website


As a nutrition enthusiast, I find that PhenGold has many benefits while remaining affordable compared to some renowned programs. As a food supplement, its dosage is simple and does not constitute a constraint, which avoids any demotivation over time.

As for its composition, I consider it extremely powerful. Several major ingredients, such as green tea, coffee and cayenne pepper, are present in significant quantities. This powerful formulation is likely to have a real impact on the body of those looking to lose weight. In addition, the effects should be felt quickly!

I have also read different user reviews on various forums, and they all seem unanimous about the benefits of PhenGold.

Finally, I would still like to remind you that following a course of PhenGold takes on its full meaning when you adopt other complementary measures. This includes regular physical activity, such as playing a sport, as well as a healthier diet rich in vegetables and fruit, and low in processed foods, fat, sugar and salt!

The alternatives

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