PhenQ: my opinion after 7 weeks of treatment

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

The confinement got the better of me! After almost a year and a half of confinement and a pending divorce case, I have to my credit a weight gain of 6 kg!
The confinement is over, my divorce is finalized very soon…It’s time for me to get my act together.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Eager to know the result? Here is my monitoring table throughout the weeks of treatment with PhenQ.
I have overall lost a few centimeters and a few kilos, I am quite satisfied to have lost 10 centimeters in my stomach. Weight-wise, I went from 70 to almost 67.5kg. A rather nice result, as you will see in the article, I was not very regular either!

Before starting to take PhenQS+6
Chest size95cm94cm
Bust measurement82cm81cm
Weight70 kg


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What solutions to lose these kilos?

I know I can’t do it alone. Several solutions are available to me:

  • See a dietitian to learn how to eat well,
  • Play sports
  • And/or go on a diet.

The problem is that I’m not the type to go on diets (I like to treat myself too much, without gobbling up everything in my fridge), but above all I’m not at all the type to play sports. In short, I don’t pay attention to myself at all.

Learning to eat properly is tempting but it is quite expensive from what I have seen on the internet, not to mention the appointments I have to go to and my time does not allow it.

So here I am looking for a solution…. I tried detox based on spirulina…. without effect and twice. Isn’t there a miracle cure (even if I don’t really believe in it) that could at least help me to have a breakthrough and succeed in letting go of those extra pounds that are ruining my life?! Through discussions, I discover PhenQ. I then came across this site. The information is rather limited but clear.

What is PhenQ?

Pills of natural origins. There is little risk of side effects. It won’t be any worse than the detox I did a few months ago.

Price-wise, it’s quite affordable. Being very motivated, I started ordering a 3+2 pack…and yes, I think this is the kind of action to do in the long term. On the other hand, I have no intention of going on a major diet….I actually want to put this program to the test. I’m going to test it under various programs:

  • without change for 2 weeks (totally arbitrary choice of time),
  • by drinking more water for 2 weeks (I’m a real camel, I barely drink 2 glasses of water a day at the moment)
  • by putting more vegetables in my diet (I’m more of a fast food type with pasta, rice and potatoes)
  • by doing a little sport (at least 1 to 2 sessions per week…if I can do it)

After all this, I tell myself that I could have a real vision of what PhenQ provides, how it works and how to optimize the results. This must be my scientific side….

And there you have it, I ordered PhenQ!

So here I am waiting for my 5 bottles of PhenQ for the modest sum of 175 euros…. i.e. 5 months of treatment (1 month per bottle). Much cheaper than the detoxes I did recently (180 euros for a month).

It took me 10 days from my order to receiving these little wonders full of promise. And surprise on the cake, the package is completed with a magazine (in English) “Muscle and health”… I know I’m not going to read it, not only because I don’t like reading but even less stuff on bodybuilding and what’s more in English! But it’s always nice to have a little something extra.

Oh yes, with my 3+2 pack, there is also a free bottle of ADVANA….It’s a spirulina-based supplement. I already know spirulina having used it during my previous detoxes.

I’ll post some photos for you to see what it all looks like.

Before any scientific experiments, it is important to know the starting data. So here I am, setting up a monitoring spreadsheet with the necessary big data:

  • Measurements
    • chest size
    • bust measurement
    • belly circumference
    • hip size
    • thigh circumference
  • Weight

Please note that I am not at all an expert in taking measurements. Quickly looking online, I found little diagrams that showed me how to do it. This is the one I used and which will serve me throughout my experience, which I hope will be a success. Obviously, I am not going to use “high” measurements.

To be completely honest and transparent, I will communicate my measurements to you over the weeks.

Objective: take stock of my measurements and weight every Saturday (please don’t judge them, they weigh me down enough already (pun intended, that said in passing)).

First data on 06/26:

Chest size95
Bust measurement82
Arm circumference26.5
  • Dosage: 1 capsule every morning
  • Methodology: No behavioral change for 2 weeks
  • Equipment: A tape measure, my bottle of pills and my scale

Week 3

Daily intake of PhenQ capsules

Report after 2 weeks of treatment

I have been using PhenQ capsules for 2 weeks. As indicated on the box, I take 2 capsules per day.

I admit that I am not very diligent in taking it. At first, I took one pill in the morning and another at lunchtime. I happened to forget to take the lunch one. Therefore, I took it in the evening.

In fact, it is not specified whether they should be taken at specific times. I think that it depends on each individual and that it should not change much in the goal of losing weight with PhenQ.

60 PhenQ capsules per bottle

The behaviour

No change in my eating habits

During this period, I did not try to change my eating habits. I also took a certain pleasure in not changing anything and therefore continuing to have aperitifs, etc. This strategy has the simple objective of seeing if there was already weight loss thanks to PhenQ, without changing my habits.

And the cravings?

I can’t really answer this question. I was on vacation and was on the move more than normal. Indeed, the activities with the children and the family allowed me to not be glued to the cupboard containing all the cakes which normally constantly call my name.

Besides that, I did not feel the need to eat outside of meals during these first 2 weeks of taking PhenQ pills.

No physical exercise

Given the fact that I really wanted to test the effectiveness of the PhenQ treatment on my diet, I took great pleasure in not doing any sporting activity. During these two weeks, the only activity I did was a few walks or bike rides around town. We are therefore very far from physical activity necessary for weight loss during a diet.

Taking measurements

It’s Sunday and it’s been 2 weeks to the day that I’ve been using PhenQ capsules to lose weight without having behavior worthy of any diet worthy of the name.

In order to see the evolution from week to week, I still took my measurements after a week of treatment.

I provide you with the data below so that you can see for yourself the effectiveness of PhenQ pills after 2 weeks of treatment and without changing my habits.

Please note, I am not an expert in taking measurements.

Note that I did not have my tape measure to take my measurements during the second week

Before starting to take PhenQS+1S+2
Chest size95cm93cm
Bust measurement82cm81.5cm
Weight70 kg69 kg68.5 kg

We can still see a nice evolution. Unfortunately, I lost a little chest. I still lost 1 cm in waist size and 1.5 kg in 2 weeks.

After these first two weeks of “diet” with PhenQ capsules, I lost 1.5kg and got a little slimmer, all without any physical effort or dietary change.

I hope this continues…

Now I’m going to attack the two weeks by trying to drink 1.5 liters of water per day…. As a reminder, I drink very little. I know it’s not right!


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Week 5

Daily intake of PhenQ capsules

Report of the last 2 weeks of diet

As a reminder, I aimed to change my habits by forcing myself to drink a 1.5 liter bottle of water every day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed at all in this challenge. In addition, I increased my consumption of aperitifs. It’s hard to resist the sunny holiday atmosphere with family and friends…

Therefore, I decide to postpone this challenge for the next 2 weeks.

I also unfortunately forgot to take my two capsules every day. In fact, I had to take just one PhenQ capsule instead of 2 for about 4 days over the last two weeks.

PhenQ capsules, I'm counting on you

The behaviour

My eating habits

I have changed absolutely nothing in my eating habits…although…I have started eating some fast foods again. A little from time to time is always nice even if I know it goes against my weight loss goal.

However, I think that a diet should not necessarily be synonymous with deprivation at the risk of literally throwing yourself on all the junk food that you can find after a period of diet. The worst thing to do!

I also haven’t included more vegetables or fruits in my diet. This will be the goal for another two-week period.

And the cravings?

During this period, I returned to work…teleworking…face-to-face with the kitchen cupboards.

Then we can ask ourselves the question of what a craving really is. Is being stressed, bored and taking revenge on children’s little packets of smarties considered a craving?!

I can eat astronomical quantities of cakes and other sweets without feeling hungry…I can even be totally nauseated but finish an entire bag of M&M’s…I’m addicted to sugar!

Physical exercise

True to myself, I didn’t do any physical activity. Everyone tells me to do it but I can’t do it. I think the more people tell me, the less I want to do it.

I don’t even take the 6000 steps recommended by my phone. Every day it shows me that I am very far from this daily goal.

Given the fact that I absolutely want to see the real effectiveness of the PhenQ pills, I make it a point of honor not to help him with sports…Yes, it was me who invented all the possible excuses not to not do sports. It’s about my reputation with my friends after all (I’m kidding obviously).

Taking measurements

Here we go, 4 weeks of PhenQ capsules for weight loss. And as usual I made no effort to lose weight. Didn’t even follow my initial goal for the last two weeks, which was to drink a bottle of water per day. I believe I followed this goal 3 days out of the last 15 days. I am ashamed !

Here is the table of my measurements updated after these 4 weeks of diet with PhenQ. I shouldn’t say diet since I don’t really diet. As a reminder PhenQ is mainly a fat Burner. Let’s see what this gives:

Before starting to take PhenQS+1S+2S+3S+4
Chest size95cm93cm93cm92.5cm
Bust measurement82cm81.5cm81cm81cm
Weight70 kg69kg68.5 kg68.9 kg68.6 kg

We can see that there is still a nice evolution especially in the stomach and hips. I still hope not to lose any more chest. If this continues I won’t have any more (lol).

Concerning the weight loss, it is less marked than the measurements but note in recent days I have overindulged a little in aperitifs (alcohol) and fast foods. We can therefore assume that my weighing should not be taken into account over the last two weeks. Or we can also think that PhenQ pills reduced weight gain given the context.

The good news is that I feel less tight in my underwear and I have fewer marks. I can therefore say that the consumption of PhenQ capsules already brings me good points in my “weight loss” objective, from a physical point of view. This must be linked to the fat burning aspect of this treatment.

Starting tomorrow, I will definitely set up the daily consumption of a bottle of water for the next two weeks.

To remember to drink, I just set alerts in my phone. I set a goal of 8 glasses of water per day. But I will use my water bottle that I have on hand, that is to say a 1.5l bottle.

We’ll see you in two weeks to see if that changes anything at least on the weight!


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Week 7

Daily intake of PhenQ capsules

Report of the last 2 weeks of diet

Over the past two weeks, I had to consume more water than I normally would. Like all habits, it is difficult to change them. So I had a lot of difficulty drinking the famous 1.5 liters of water per day. I still lasted a good week doing this. I was able to see a nice change in my skin (this is not linked to PhenQ). Why haven’t I been able to maintain this habit? It seems that it takes 22 days to change a habit and establish another….given that I only did this for a week, I was not likely to succeed in changing this habit. I quickly get lost in my professional and personal life instead of focusing on what is good for me. Maybe one day I’ll get there.

I still thought about taking my 2 PhenQ pills every day. I take them in the morning and at midday, usually before eating. So I just finished the first box and started the second box of PhenQ capsules.

Since I started, I’ve been in pretty good shape, I’m very active and don’t feel any signs of fatigue or anything else. On top of that I don’t want to snack. I actually tried to drink water instead of eating something between meals. Which allowed me to drink more water than usual.

Opening my first bottle of PhenQ
New bottle of PhenQ in sight!

The behaviour

My eating habits

Given that we are in the middle of the summer period, there are still a few evenings with friends and families being organized. It’s hard not to drink a little alcohol or even nibble on the famous aperitif cakes, sausages and other appetizers that always accompany our aperitifs.

Still no dietary gap between meals and I am more than delighted and surprised. I am certainly very influenced by my desire not to distort the test results.”Lose weight with PhenQ”.

So I managed to integrate a balanced diet a little more by reducing pasta, rice and potatoes which are foods that are simple to prepare and financially accessible.

Since I eat a little more balanced, I am far from making all my balanced meals, I still feel better and I see that my body is changing a little. Which is visible when I take my measurements.

I admit that I still allow myself some fast foods but I am working on myself to reduce them a little. I eat it not because I’m a huge fan but because it’s so much easier than making a full meal.

And the cravings?

As I told you earlier, cravings are almost completely a thing of the past. Especially since I replaced the little craving I have with a few sips of water.

I’ve heard that snacking is about needing to have something in your mouth. It is not hunger or a real desire to eat but a message from the brain that needs reassurance or something similar (like a child sucking its thumb). And so by taking water we respond to this message without stupidly gaining weight.

I still snacked a few times but I tried to eat things with less calories than sweets, chocolates and the like which are disasters for our diets.

As I write, I realize that I am learning on my own how to establish a balanced diet. So I’m not talking about deprivation or anything else but I try to balance my contributions by responding to my desires.

Physical exercise

Still no physical activity other than moving from room to room and working in my chair. Unfortunately for me, I work remotely and have done so for over 4 years today. Needless to say, I have gained quite a bit of weight since then. I can actually tell you, I gained around 7 kilos easily.

Like many of us, I’m counting on the start of the school year to get more active, join a sports association… am I going to do it? will I do it AND stick with it for the long term? The future will tell me. Isn’t the hardest part having the will?!

Taking measurements

I have been taking 2 PhenQ capsules per day for 6 weeks. I make little effort but I evolve and learn to eat better overall. So I am very proud to spend time with you and PhenQ. I learn about it every day and I love it! What an adventure !

Here is the table of my measurements updated after these 6 weeks of using PhenQ. As a reminder, PhenQ is a food supplement and a fat burner. Let’s see what this gives:

Before starting to take PhenQS+1S+2S+3S+4S+5S+6
Chest size95cm93cm93cm92.5cm94cm94cm
Bust measurement82cm81.5cm81cm81cm81cm81cm
Weight70 kg69kg68.5 kg68.9 kg68.6 kg67.8 kg

Why is there no weight in week 6? Because I was on vacation and I didn’t take the scale with me. Don’t blame me, I know you don’t take yours on vacation either. So instead of giving you a false measurement, I don’t put anything… it’s pretty honest, right?!

There is something else that we may find strange: the measurements. I honestly think that I am not the queen of taking my measurements. If you can have it done, it should avoid this “worry”. Afterwards it still gives an interesting idea and it still remains motivating.

If we want to draw a conclusion from these last 2 weeks of dieting with PhenQ, there is still a loss of centimeters and weight. I see it in the mirror, I get more refined. This is visible in the abdomen and my arms….