Slimming Ring for Foot: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

In ancient times, many civilizations used magnets to cure certain diseases. The ancient people of China, Greece and Egypt believed that magnets could restore natural balance and harmony to the body’s systems. Archaeologists have found traces that testify to the use of magnets for healing. Similarly, natural magnets were used during the time of Cleopatra in Egypt. It is said that these were made using cooled lava, a material containing iron and magnetized by limestone rocks.

Since the dawn of time, proponents of magnetic therapy have promoted the power of magnets in restoring bodily balance. Combined with the fluctuation of blood and oxygen, this action stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. In fact, fluctuating blood flow and oxygen promotes cellular respiration. The latter, in turn, stimulates caloric metabolism to burn more calories. You will have understood: magnetic therapy offers reliable and effective healing, despite the various debates on the real cellular effects of this method. Its main tool is the magnet which helps align the magnetic fields in the body. This pseudo-scientific practice has caused a lot of ink to be spilled, because its effects are sometimes confirmed and sometimes criticized. Many people turn to this alternative medicine to relieve persistent pain and treat certain illnesses. Furthermore, many believe that magnets have the power to modify cellular physiology. This aspect of magnetic therapy has made it increasingly popular among people who want to lose weight.

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What is a slimming foot ring?

Slimdoo Stop slimming ring

Before getting to the heart of the matter and giving you my opinion on the weight loss ring, it is important for me to know the definition of this slimming device! Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and the Japanese orthopedic ring, the slimming ring is a slimming ring to attach to large toes. The magnet contained in the ring activates the body’s meridians in the same way as acupuncture needles. The slimming ring is often made of a flexible material, which allows it to adapt to the size of the big toe. Discreet, it causes no discomfort during your walks and can be worn every day.

Generally speaking, toe slimming rings are made of plastic or silicone, very comfortable materials that perfectly match the shape of your toes. Some manufacturers even offer transparent versions that are not noticeable when you go for a walk in summer wearing open sandals.

How the toe ring works is very simple: you just need to place it on the big finger of your foot and wear it all day. The action of the ring results from the magnetic field exerted by the contact between the ground, the ring and the meridian points.

Toe slimming ring: how does it work?

Working on the method of magnetotherapy, the slimming ring is a type of therapy commonly called alternative medicine. Still poorly known or even refuted by traditional medicine, magnetotherapy forms, with acupuncture and alternative medicine, a new treatment method whose benefits are considerable.

It should be noted that the action of slimming rings lies in its main component: the magnet. It is this which, through magnetotherapy, allows us to benefit from the multiple advantages of magnetic therapy with each step taken. The magnets are placed under the big toe, right on a particular acupoint, which is the starting point of several meridians in the body. The action of the magnets then makes it possible to relieve stress, regain physical balance and increase the body’s vital energy. Taken from ancient Chinese medicine, the use of the slimming ring is also very popular as part of a slimming diet. Indeed, stimulating the acupressure points under the big toes leads to a reduction in appetite in a natural and risk-free way. Offering visible results within weeks of use, the foot slimming ring is well known for accelerating the weight loss process. However, it should be noted that this ring must be used in addition to other methods for greater effectiveness. I am talking here, among other things, about a diet and regular physical activities. And as a reminder, the foot slimming ring does not only contribute to weight loss! Indeed, it is also recommended by doctors to relieve stress, to increase vital energy, reduce sensations of pain, improve physical functions and regain body balance.

The toe ring, a supporting tool

The slimming ring is above all a diet aid to increase your chances of losing weight and promote the elimination of fat in a natural way. The mechanism of the slimming ring is based on the principle of the magnetic field which will be used for therapeutic purposes. There, I’m talking about magnetotherapy. According to the opinion of specialists in this therapy, the toe ring exerts pressure on the big finger of the foot in order to apply magnetism to the body and promote weight loss. More technically, the magnet contained in the ring applies pressure on the acupuncture points linked to the meridians distributed throughout the body. It is therefore the interaction between the magnet and these meridian points which, with the action of the magnetic field thus created, will act as appetite suppressant in the body.

wear the Slimdoo

According to the opinions of researchers from the University of California, a foot ring works in three ways on the weight loss process. Above all, its appetite suppressant property allows you to regulate your appetite without the need for a food supplement. The slimming ring therefore reduces the feeling of hunger by working on the acupuncture point relating to appetite. At the same time, the magnet of the toe ring promotes the natural elimination of fatty acids contained in the body. Fat is actually evacuated from organs and tissues instead of being stored by the body. Finally, researchers from the University of California have also revealed the power of the slimming ring in eliminating stress. Furthermore, this orthopedic device is well known for its positive effects on vital energy.

Why use a slimming ring?

Sold for a few dozen euros, the toe ring offers each user three main therapeutic virtues:

  • An ideal appetite suppressant to stop the appetite and eat as little as possible;
  • A fat-burning effect which helps eliminate excess pounds and therefore promote rapid weight loss;
  • An anti-stress virtue that eliminates anxiety and worry about your diet.

Suffice it to say that the effects of the slimming ring are not limited only to appetite-suppressing, fat-burning and anti-stress powers. Indeed, the reports of certain users of the Slimdoo Stop ring, 100% French manufacturing, allow me to say that this type of slimming device has many other unsuspected benefits:

  • Rapid weight loss,
  • Relief from anxiety,
  • The refinement of the silhouette,
  • Relaxation and positive mind,
  • Sleep regulation,
  • Relaxation and rest assured.

In France, more than one in three people are obese or overweight, according to the INSEE study. This figure is all the more frustrating given that many French people have turned to numerous slimming methods whose effectiveness does not always live up to their expectations. Overweight people try multiple diets in turn without sparing themselves their dreaded “yo-yo” effects, without achieving their ultimate quest: the elimination of fat and excess pounds. You should know that people who turn to slimming diets often come up against a major obstacle, namely the lack of time to do physical exercises. However, like a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity is a necessary condition for trying to lose weight.

So, why choose toe rings rather than yet another food supplement? Suffice it to say straight away that a slimming ring has practically no negative effects on health, unlike supplements which are becoming more popular but whose side effects are not always known. In addition, magnetic rings are space-saving and discreet enough to be worn throughout your daily travels. Whether you put on a pair of ballet flats, pumps or sports shoes, you will have no trouble walking with these slimming devices. The rings are often transparent to go unnoticed when you go out with friends! Made from flexible plastic or even silicone, they have the advantage of being adjustable: you will have no trouble wearing them, whatever the size of your feet. Finally, day or night, you will not feel any discomfort wearing them to bed, to the office or to the market!


  • Regulates appetite and acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Provides a “relaxing effect
  • Placed discreetly on the toe
Anneau minceur Slimdoo Stop

Take advantage of the Slimdoo Stop slimming ring now!

The benefits of the toe ring

I already know that the benefits of the slimming asset lie at the heart of the magnet itself. In fact, this magnetic component accelerates metabolism to help you lose weight quickly. However, I still emphasize that the success of these magnets cannot be dissociated from the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular physical activity, both of which promote the elimination of excess pounds. Furthermore, the toe slimming ring is known to contribute to the elimination of fatty acids, which helps combat stress and anxiety while increasing vital energy, known as “chi”. in Chinese medicine. In the management of pain, the weight loss ring is also as often recommended as drug treatments. It helps improve the physical functions of the different organs. Due to its stimulating function on the feet themselves, the toe ring also helps improve blood circulation, for maximum well-being and relief.

Magnetic toe rings

Zoom on the slimming function of the toe ring

After wasting too much time in conventional slimming methods, many people have turned to magnetotherapy which, against all expectations, seems to offer a much better alternative to medications. Sold at a price often cheaper than fat burner supplements, the slimming ring provides all the advantages of alternative medicine for the treatment of obesity and overweight. Some toe ring manufacturers even offer additional offers allowing access to slimming recipes, self-coaching techniques, individual advice for managing your slimming diet, an electronic food diary, to slimming software as well as forums and frequently asked questions.

Where to buy a slimming ring?

Like skin patches and food supplements, purchasing a toe ring involves a carefully considered decision that will have significant consequences on your well-being and your health. This is why I strongly recommend a consultation with your dietitian or at least consult the advice of a fitness coach. Equipped with the opinion and informed opinions of these experts, you can better choose your slimming ring in a physical store or on the Internet.

Buy your slimming ring in a fitness store

Fitness centers and shops often offer equipment and devices for their subscribers. If you are a member of such an establishment, ask the manager if they can offer you slimming rings for your feet. And although toe rings are generally adjustable, don’t hesitate to try on a few styles to make sure your ring fits your foot exactly. Manufacturers most often offer ring kits that also include paper guides and tips.

Buy your slimming ring on the Internet

This is the perfect place to find your dream toe ring! According to buyers’ opinions, the easiest way is to go to the manufacturer’s website which will offer you several variations depending on the colors or finishes. You can also go to online pharmacies to find toe rings certified by pharmacies. Likewise, online stores specializing in fitness also offer this type of product.

Be careful though! On the Internet, some stores offer poor quality products or even counterfeit products! And it is the same for foot slimming rings: the magnet must be of good quality to produce a magnetic field strong enough to stimulate the meridians. So don’t hesitate to choose a reputable brand and take out a money-back guarantee to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Connected watch
Physical activity remains a necessity to stay in shape


  • Regulates appetite and acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Provides a “relaxing effect
  • Placed discreetly on the toe
Anneau minceur Slimdoo Stop

Take advantage of the Slimdoo Stop slimming ring now!

Toe ring: what are the advantages and limitations?

From the first weeks of use, you can expect edifying results which can be measured in the number of pounds lost. Often made using soft, non-toxic materials, slimming rings generally have no harmful effects on health. If you are following a diet plan, toe rings will also help you because they allow you to eliminate feelings of hunger. Indeed, it is the latter that often encourage you to indulge in sweets or snacks during your diet periods. Without limiting your nutrient intake, you will have a less appetite and will not worry about your diet. Thanks to these rings and after a few weeks of use, you will see your stomach gradually become slimmer and your cellulite disappear without leaving any trace.

Weight loss aids, including patches, belts and even food supplements, only seem effective in combination with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. And the slimming ring is no exception to this rule because it will not offer the expected results without these two prerequisites. Far from being considered as a slimming method in its own right, these rings are rather positioned as a support device for a slimming process.

Furthermore, many slimming diet coaches recommend toe rings only for healthy people who do not suffer from any pathology. If for pregnant women, the use of the slimming ring is simply not recommended, the same is true for patients suffering from physical or psychological illnesses.

Benefit now from the Slimdoo Stop slimming ring

Toe ring: are there any side effects?

According to the opinions and testimonials of toe ring users, this type of device does not have serious side effects. But you still need to be careful because wearing a slimming ring for more than 24 hours in a row could expose the user to a magnetic field. There, the notable side effect consists of a temporary dizziness which occurs particularly in sensitive people.

Let us also remember that the benefits of the slimming ring are not available to everyone. The orthopedic device is also not recommended in the following cases:

  • The pregnancy ;
  • Monitoring treatment using a pacemaker or cardiac pacemaker (these tools can be disrupted by the magnetic fields diffused by the slimming ring);
  • Wearing skin patches. The contents of the skin patches may be absorbed more quickly by the blood vessels dilated by the slimming ring.
  • The presence of bleeding disorders and arterial hypotension. Here again, the toe ring risks dilating blood vessels and disrupting blood circulation.
Pregnant woman
A toe ring should not be used by a pregnant woman

My opinion in detail

My overall rating: 3/5

When I evaluate products, I take into account different parameters that are important to me. Here are the criteria that I carefully observe:

  1. Composition: I pay particular attention to micronutrients and macronutrients, as they are essential for weight loss and maintaining good health. I want to ensure that the products offer quality nutritional elements.
  2. Notoriety: Trust is essential for me. I favor recognized and publicized brands, because they have already proven themselves. I rely on their reputation to ensure product reliability, especially in this specific area.
  3. Price: I ensure that the cost of the products is reasonable in order to allow regular use without having to face excessive financial constraints. I look for value for money to ensure products are affordable and effective.

If you would like to discover the evaluations of the slimming ring for the foot in detail, I invite you to consult the complete information just below!

The composition: 2/5

The Slimdoo slimming ring is an innovative product designed to help with weight loss. This ring, to be worn around the foot, is designed to stimulate certain areas of the body to optimize the fat burning process. The composition of the ring is silicone with 2 small magnets for fat burning, nothing natural therefore, although the relief aspect seems apparent.

On the other hand, the composition of the ring allows a certain comfort when worn.

Notoriety: 3/5

Overall, Slimdoo Stop has a fairly good reputation online although consumer reviews are more or less mixed. Most consumers report being satisfied with the product.

The price: 4/5

The slimming rings are sold for €28.95 for 2 copies, which comes to around €15 per ring. Knowing that the rings can be kept and not only used once, the price is rather reasonable.

Reviews and testimonials from slimming ring users

The slimming ring is the perfect ally for anyone who wants to lose excess weight without resorting to food supplements. Using a powerful magnet, it gives you all the benefits of magnetotherapy without hindering your travels. A perfect ally for a slim silhouette, the foot ring increases the body’s metabolic capabilities while refining every curve of our body. Flat stomach, firmed thighs and stable heart rate are all advantages that I have learned from the reviews posted by users who have purchased toe rings.

However, like any other slimming device, the miracle only occurs in addition to other slimming methods, namely: the adoption of a healthy and balanced eating behavior, as well as the practice of sufficient physical activity. Presented in the form of a discreet and transparent ring, the slimming ring brings you all the benefits of alternative medicine without the discomfort of traditional slimming diets.


  • Regulates appetite and acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Provides a “relaxing effect
  • Placed discreetly on the toe
Anneau minceur Slimdoo Stop

Take advantage of the Slimdoo Stop slimming ring now!


The toe slimming ring is an ideal technique for losing weight quickly and without much effort. For around twenty euros (average price collected from user testimonials), you have the ideal tool to combat excess weight, provided you practice physical exercise regularly and adopt a healthy diet.

Do you not have enough time to go to a gym or do daily jogging? Have you not always managed to eliminate your extra pounds using traditional slimming methods? Wearing a simple silicone toe ring allows you to push the limits of your slimming program and achieve positive results in just a few weeks.

Furthermore, the slimming ring itself allows you to rebalance your diet and change your lifestyle. Additionally, you can say goodbye to stress and anxiety thanks to the balancing power of the magnetic field; or at least, the magnet allows you to better control your anxiety in order to provide you with optimal well-being in all situations.

My final verdict: although slimming rings are not a perfect solution for all of life’s problems, they are nevertheless a valuable aid in losing weight and rebalancing your lifestyle.

The alternatives

You don’t like the slimming ring technology? There’s no problem! Other ways to lose weight are always possible, notably with cures or meal replacements. Here are some alternatives: