Welcome to CheckFood

Welcome to CheckFood

Envie2Maigrir.com, the benchmark in nutrition, has become CheckFood to better support you.

Because we all have a good reason for wanting to lose a little, a lot, … To get back in shape. For your own sake. For how others look at you.

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On this site, we’ve brought together the very best to support you in your quest for mind-body balance. Whether you want to lose weight or rebalance your diet. For a healthier life.

What you'll find on the site


It’s not always easy to obtain relevant, clear and uncompromising information on the various products that can help you lose weight. Our reviews are here to enlighten you and help you find the supplement that’s right for you. So, are they fat burners, appetite suppressants or compulsory dietary rebalancing?


It’s not always easy to get a comprehensive overview to help you lose weight. Between the multitude of blogs and sites dedicated to the subject, but often dealing with partial information, the research phase can be long and time-consuming. Discover now our complete and exhaustive guides on the different solutions available to you to get back to your ideal weight.


To help you get back on track, our teams have put together some simple, balanced recipes to help you get back on track. If you think you have a recipe that could help you lose weight or detox, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

The reasons for losing or gaining weight are generally aesthetic and health-related. Whatever the case, it can be difficult to find a program that’s right for you. What’s more, the tips and products available on the web are not always healthy. The CheckFood team offers you professional, effective and practical solutions that have already proved their worth many times over.

Who we are

I created CheckFood in 2016 (under the initial name “Envie2Maigrir” until the end of 2020) with the aim of helping people who want to lose weight to effectively achieve their goal. Today, I collaborate with renowned dieticians and nutritionists, as well as sports coaches, to share the best advice with web users on an ongoing basis.

We are now tackling a more general theme: weight control and nutrition. The entire team presents a variety of articles:

Effective weight-loss programs adapted to every situation;
Foods to choose or avoid depending on your goal;
The various dietary supplements that can help you and those that put you at risk;
Interesting recipes and diets.

You can also contact the team if you’d like to share practical tips and effective recipes to help you gain or lose weight. Finally, I invite you to follow us on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Our professional team regularly publishes interesting content.


Weight loss treatments & solutions

You’ll find dozens of articles on the most effective weight loss solutions in the “Treatment & Solution” section of CheckFood-us.com

Food supplements

Doctors generally prescribe dietary supplements to remedy essential nutrient deficiencies caused by poor diet. Weight loss is also generally associated with dietary restrictions or reduced daily food portions. These non-medicated substances are therefore often relevant allies for people following a weight-loss diet, filling any gaps that may be observed. In other words, they enable them to achieve their goal while staying healthy and in top shape!

The best-known dietary supplements

In this section, you’ll also find numerous articles on today’s best-known weight-loss supplements. You’ll discover the characteristics, dosage, effects, advantages and disadvantages of each product.

For example, you can read our review of PhenQ to find out whether these slimming pills are really effective and healthy.

Appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressants are also among the most popular solutions for rapid weight loss. These non-medicated substances induce a feeling of satiety. They help you reduce the amount of food you eat. They also help curb mid-day cravings.

I’d like to introduce you to some excellent appetite suppressants of proven effectiveness and potency. The products on this list are all of natural origin. So they won’t harm your health, although side effects may occur in some cases.

Fat burners

Fat burners, on the other hand, stimulate the metabolism to eliminate body fat more quickly and efficiently. These substances, for example, are useful for achieving a flat stomach in record time. The results are all the more amazing if you combine them with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise.

It can be particularly difficult to compare the fat burners available on the market due to the multitude of products on sale. Here, I present the most powerful and effective of them to help you make your choice. Please note that, once again, I only offer products made from natural ingredients to protect your health.

Sweat garments and belts

As their name suggests, these accessories promote sweating. They help eliminate toxins and refine the waistline in specific areas. Sweat belts and garments can be worn for sports, jogging and walking.

And you can wear them every day. Beware, however, of various fabric allergies or intolerances. It’s also essential to drink plenty of water to limit the risk of dehydration. Discover a selection of the best sweatshirt accessories, among which you’re sure to find the one you need.

Lose weight

In the “Losing weight” section, you’ll discover the different methods available to help you shed those extra pounds. I’ve also decided to divide this category into 4 sub-categories to help you easily identify the method best suited to your situation or the goal you’ve set yourself.

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Event-driven weight loss

Sometimes, weight gain is the result of a significant event in your life, such as pregnancy, menopause or advancing age. In these cases, I offer weight-loss programs tailored to each of these situations. I take into account the changes taking place in your body, your physical capacities and any precautions you need to take to preserve your health.

I also present a dozen exercises that you can easily do at home to shed those few extra kilos and maintain your ideal weight over the long term.

Lose weight by method

You’ve probably guessed it! You have a choice of several methods for shedding unwanted pounds. These include fasting, hypnosis and listening to your body. Good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle are also essential for effective weight loss and avoiding the yo-yo effect.

It’s even possible to lose weight without exercising, thanks to a few tricks of the trade. Find out more about each of these methods in the “By method” sub-category of the “Losing weight” section.

Lose weight by goal

Sometimes it’s best to choose your weight-loss program according to the goals you’ve set for yourself. The intensity of physical activity, the dietary habits/restrictions or even the supplements, appetite suppressants or fat burners to be favoured will vary according to the number of kilos you want to lose in a given timeframe.

I therefore propose practical and effective solutions for eliminating 5 to 20 kg between one week and 3 months. However, I do warn you of the risks involved in losing weight too quickly, despite the effectiveness of these methods. I’ll also help you identify possible reasons why you’re having trouble shedding those extra pounds.

Losing weight by body part

Do you want to get a flat stomach, get rid of your love handles or eliminate cellulite from your arms? Discover my top tips to help you achieve your goal quickly and effectively in the “By body part” sub-category. Note that the accumulation of fat on the abdomen can lead to more or less serious disorders of the cardiac system, or conceal underlying illnesses such as diabetes.

Diet to lose weight

It is also possible to lose weight by following an adapted diet. However, you must ensure that your diet provides you with the essential nutrients your body needs to function properly. This is the only way to guarantee your health.

I’d like to give you my opinion on a few popular diets: soup, low-carb, Montignac and dissociated. You’ll also find the corresponding menus and how each program works. Our dieticians will also tell you about the risks of adopting this method to lose weight.

CheckFood is THE place to go for professional advice on the various weight-loss methods available. You’ll also find expert advice on how to gain weight effectively on the site. Finally, I’d like to remind you that you should always drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, eat a variety of fruit and vegetables and take regular exercise to maintain your health, whatever your goal.

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