Best Sweating Clothes: Reviews & Comparison

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Do you lack time to read? Here is the most effective sweat clothing: the AQF suit
This combination allows the whole body to sweat, promotes weight loss, improves blood circulation and is adjustable for all types of people.
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Do you want to optimize the results of your sporting activities? Wearing sweat clothing could be a good alternative to achieve your goals more quickly. These accessories have become essential in the sporting world and currently bring joy to many people. Follow this guide to learn more about these products and get user reviews about them.

My Top 3

The AQF running sweat suit

My opinion

I really enjoyed the AQF Heavy Duty sweat suit! It’s perfect for both men and women, and it’s quite sturdy. In addition, I had no problem washing it in the washing machine, because the manufacturer highlights its “super resistance”, which is indeed the case. The outfit consists of a top and bottom, with elastic waistbands at the wrists and ankles, making it easy to adjust according to your own comfort. I liked the slightly baggy appearance because it allowed me to move freely during my workouts. I actually felt the sweating effect of the suit, as I was drenched in sweat after my HIIT session! In any case, I really liked this combination!


    • Very good heat retention;
    • Elastics at the end of the garment;
    • Resistant ;
    • Practical hood.


    • Size small;
    • Top sweatshirt not very practical to put on.

Consumer opinion

Here are some opinions collected, as specified in the disadvantages, we find the concern of the small size:

Bumba says: “Best product I sweat a lot I am satisfied”

HKL says: “Trousers a little too big but make you sweat well in “burning body mode””

Christian explains: “I use it to do my cardio training at the gym. It helps a lot to eliminate body water and quickly burn fat in depth. But it is not very robust or unsuitable due to the half zipper.”

VeoFit sweat leggings

My opinion

Recently, I had the opportunity to test the ‘Veofit’ sweat pants and I must admit that their performance pleasantly surprised me. The quality of its manufacturing is quite good. It is comfortable to wear thanks to its fitted cut, although it can be a little difficult to put on at first. One of the most interesting aspects of these sweat pants is their ability to promote perspiration. It creates a kind of effect similar to a sauna, which contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body and stimulates water loss. When I used it during my workouts, I noticed a significant increase in sweating on my legs and butt (almost like a shower!). I truly believe these pants do their job well, but if your goal is weight loss, it takes some serious effort to get results.


    • Good sweating efficiency;
    • Reduces water retention;
    • Refines the skin;
    • Comfort of use.


    • Size a little tight;
    • Handwash only ;
    • May be odorous.

Consumer opinion

Johnny shares her experience with us: “To begin with: This is my first sweat outfit, I wanted quality. And on this side I’m not disappointed!! Plus the whole thing is very aesthetic! French manufacturing is a big more! I measured myself before ordering, I am on the high measurements of the size I chose. I was afraid of being compressed in it, that it would be difficult to put on and very tight. I was wrong! Fortunately I didn’t take the next size “for safety” because it’s easy to put on, without forcing and I’m very comfortable in it. Even in a sitting position! The pants are wide at the waist, so What’s left of my pregnant belly fits perfectly! And I hope this outfit will help me finally get rid of it!
Then: I mainly do exercise bike, first session in outfit this morning. In less than 5 minutes I had sweated twice as much as without in 30 minutes! Needless to say, after 30 minutes I was soaked! But you don’t feel it, it was by removing the clothes that I realized what I had lost! Impressive !!
Finally: The smell is not unbearable, it will fade with washing. My thighs rub, so I make a paper noise when walking, but since I do sports at home it doesn’t bother me, at worst if I go out with them I would put leggings on them and it no longer makes any noise.
Do not hesitate ! And stick to your measurements, don’t go bigger, both fit very well.

Elodie says: “Perfect, a sheathing effect, warm for the muscles, and which makes you sweat well, I highly recommend.”

The Bracoo sweat belt

My opinion

I am really impressed with the Bracoo sweat belt! It creates a sauna effect that makes you sweat more and burn more calories during exercise. It specifically targets the abdominal region and hips, helping to sculpt the figure and eliminate toxins. What I loved was the light compression feeling it provided, stabilizing my abdomen and back while allowing natural, comfortable movement. The belt is of high quality and has an adjustable strap with velcro closure, which allows it to adapt perfectly to my body and shape. It’s made from neoprene according to the manufacturer, and I haven’t noticed any unpleasant odors. In addition, it is lined on the inside so that it stays in place during training. I tested the belt during muscle strengthening exercise sessions and it stayed in place throughout. I can wear it discreetly under my clothes and it is very easy to maintain. I highly recommend this belt for its exceptional effectiveness and comfort!


    • Available in 2 sizes;
    • Healthy for the skin;
    • Anti-slip lining;
    • Friendly price.


    • Slightly thick belt;
    • Some cases of allergies noted.

Internet users’ opinions

Some shared opinions:

Massenet says: “I use it every day and I see the results coming little by little, very effective back support”

Olivier says: “Very good quality belt, I shine when I do my half hour on the mat and it’s incredible the perspiration that comes out of it.”

What is a sweat suit?

Principle of operation

Sweat clothing encourages its user to perspire. It looks like a normal outfit, but is distinguished by the materials it is made from. It increases body temperature to promote sweat production.

The sauna effect is felt even if you do not practice an activity intense physical. Men and women can find the model that suits them suitable among the many proposals available on the market.

Constituent materials

The materials that make up the fabric are the cause of sweating important. This type of outfit is in fact composed of elements that maintain humidity. They have, among other things, a thermal insulation property. to effectively retain heat.

Sweat suit
Sweat clothing promotes perspiration, among other things thanks to the materials it is made of.

A shorts, a combination, a belt or a sweat vest are mainly made from:

  • Neoprene: this is a rubber synthetic made of polychloroprene promoting lightness and elasticity of the product. It guarantees resistance, thermal insulation and return to size initial of the garment after its use;
  • PVC: it is a thermoplastic polymer which optimizes the resistance of the sweating accessory;
  • Polyamide: it is also a polymer. He reduces the level of friction and adapts to temperature variations bodily.


It is possible to wear sweat clothing to go to the office, going for walks and for sports sessions. The main thing is to combine it physical activity, even light.

Many models are sold on the market so that everyone can find an outfit suited to your activities and tastes. Some products are designed for sports while the others are more practical for walks in town. You can hide some of them under a dress, a skirt or even pants. They are very discreet.

The different accessories of sweating

Sweat belt

The belt helps its user to flatten the stomach and refine the hips by optimizing perspiration. A slimming cream is generally proposed in parallel for a better result. You have to apply it once that you have removed the accessory.

You can wear the belt all day or just a few hours. A belt at the right size and a fabric favoring freedom of movement. movement guarantees optimal comfort of use. Men wear generally this accessory on the stomach while women tend to wear it place at hip level.

Sweat suit

The sweat suit, for its part, is to be worn only during physical activity. You should not put it on every day or on a long duration to avoid significant dehydration. Many sizes are available for this outfit so everyone can find one model adapted to its morphology.

This slimming accessory is put on like a classic jumpsuit. You can of course wear underwear underneath. However, care must be taken ensure that they are thin enough to promote sweating.

Sweat vest

You have the choice between sweat vests with or without sleeves. This accessory is suitable for people who want to optimize perspiration. Wear it with classic pants if you just want to slim down the top of your body.

This type of vest is generally made up of three layers:

  • The first: it optimizes the sweat ;
  • The second: it absorbs humidity;
  • The last: it wicks away sweat.

Shorts and/or sweat leggings

Sweat shorts or leggings are designed for men and women wishing to sculpt their lower body. The length of the shorts hits above knees while the leggings fall to the calves or ankles.

Sweat suit
Sweat shorts help sculpt the thighs

The panty has the advantage of being discreet enough to be worn under a dress or a skirt. Invest in the right accessory size to benefit from optimal comfort of use. It maintains correctly glutes, hips and thighs.

Why invest in clothing sweating?

Eliminating cellulite

Watery cellulite is caused by water retention and poor blood circulation. A lack of physical activity can also make it worse. She affects both men and women.

The materials that make up the fabric of a sweat suit slimming reduce this variant of cellulite. They promote the perspiration by improving the draining function so that a quantity significant amount of water is lost.

Beautifying the skin

Perspiration beautifies the skin by making it smooth and soft. THE pores become clean and enlarge thanks to the sweat evacuated. More the The more sweating, the more satisfactory the results. THE dirt is expelled and removed in the shower.

Using a sweat suit is also a way to eliminate unpleasant blackheads in the T zone of the face (forehead, nose and chin). Sweating reduces the formation of acne because the pores are less clogged by impurities.

The evacuation of toxins

Wear sweat clothes to detoxify your body. He is in important effect that toxins are evacuated to preserve your health. This is why it is important to sweat. It purifies your organization.

You benefit from this advantage, whatever accessory you choose: a combination, a vest or sweat leggings. The main thing is to feel that you sweat profusely.

Optimization of perspiration

It is recommended for people with sweating problems to invest in a sweat suit. The thermal insulation property of the latter pushes the skin to try to cool down by producing a lot of sweat.

The normal temperature of the body is in fact around 37°C. There sweat production is then optimized to regulate the heat generated by the fabric and the absence of contact with air.

Comfort of use

A sweat suit is comfortable if you go for size that suits you and if the fabric is made of the right materials (neoprene, PVC and polyamide). These promote elasticity and flexibility during use. Some models are equipped with a shape memory system and perfectly fit the shape of the wearer.

Freedom of movement guarantees considerable comfort of use. It is practical, even essential, when you play sports. It is advisable to refer to labels for necessary information.

Muscle massage

Certain areas are usually reinforced on a sweat suit. They lightly massage the muscles and exert light pressure to strengthen them. They also stimulate them during muscular work.

Sweat suit
Sweat clothing allows you to work your muscles in a targeted manner

Muscle warm-up

It is important to warm up before starting a workout physical activity to prepare the body for intense activities. The accessory sweat slimmer heats the muscles faster and maintains this temperature to avoid possible injuries and to improve performance.

Acquiring good habits hydration

It is important to drink enough water to maintain your health. This allows you to avoid many problems, particularly pain. headache, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness or even fatigue muscular. Using a sweat suit could help you boost your motivation to hydrate if you are not particularly into it used to. Indeed, you lose a lot of water when you wear your slimming outfit and generally feel the need to fill this gap by drinking.

The practicality of clothing

The sweat suit is practical since you can physical activities and even in daily life. The main thing is to focus on style and model. Opt for sober colors to be more discreet.

Some outfits even have a pocket to place the phone, keys or even headphones. Other models are equipped with a zip to be easy to put on and take off.

The release of endorphins

Endorphins are neuropeptides produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus of the brain. The name is the result of the contraction between two words: endogenous and morphine.

The body produces it during physical activity, particularly during perspiration. Endorphins have analgesic properties and anxiolytic. They reduce stress levels and promote relaxation and well-being. They also reduce appetite and fight anxiety. Finally, they stimulate happiness by making the individual happy.

What are the disadvantages and points of vigilance regarding sweat clothing?

Skin problems

Avoid wearing sweat clothing if you have any skin problem such as fungus, eczema or even wounds. The contact of the skin surface with the fabric may cause irritation consequent. It would be preferable to opt for outfits made up of natural materials.

The duration of use of the garment

You should not exceed 4 hours of shipping time if you have opted for a shorts, leggings, a vest and above all a sweat suit. YOU risk being a victim of significant water loss, responsible for dehydration beyond this period. It is also a way to avoid possible skin problems including skin irritation.

The dehydration

You expose yourself to significant risks of dehydration by wearing a sweating accessory if you don’t drink enough water. That could also lead to various problems such as fatigue, acceleration of pulse, nausea or even vomiting. Of course, the objective is to sweat, but it is important to make up for this loss so as not to harm your health.

Physical activities in complement

It is necessary to practice physical activity to ensure the effectiveness of a sweating accessory. In other words, you need to move so that the body temperature increases. This is the only way you go sweat.

Sweat suit
The use of sweat clothing must be combined with physical exercises to obtain convincing results.

Ineffectiveness in weight loss

Your weight decreases after wearing a sweat suit slimming. But it increases as soon as you hydrate. The difference is in caused by water loss.

This observation allows us to conclude that the accessory which promotes Sweating does not affect weight loss. Sweat being made up of 99% water and 1% mineral salts. There is no trace of grease.

The problem of thermal shock

A sauna effect is felt when wearing the sweat suit. In other words, the muscles and skin heat up. Moreover, this is the desired result. You must therefore wait until the body is warm before removing the garment to avoid possible thermal shock.


Sweat clothing does not have a direct impact on weight loss. Indeed, it remains necessary to adopt a healthy diet and practice regular physical activity to effectively achieve such a goal. Choose the model that suits you and don’t forget to hydrate well to preserve your health.

Your questions

Do sweat clothes really promote weight loss?

Sweat clothing can contribute to temporary weight loss due to the sweating and water loss they induce. However, it is important to note that this weight loss is mainly due to dehydration and is not sustainable. For effective weight loss, it is essential to combine a balanced diet with regular physical activity, as I often repeat on this blog!

Are sweat clothes suitable for everyone?

Sweat clothing is generally suitable for most people who engage in regular physical activity. However, it is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before using them, particularly if you have pre-existing health conditions such as heart or circulatory disorders. It is also important to hydrate properly during exercise when wearing sweat clothing.

How to maintain sweat clothing?

To maintain sweat clothing, it is generally recommended to wash it after each use. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specific instructions, but most sweat clothing can be hand or machine washed at an appropriate temperature. Avoid using fabric softeners or tumble drying, as this can damage the properties of the material!

Can sweat clothing be used for all physical activities?

Sweat clothes can be used for most physical activities, including running, fitness, weight training, yoga, etc. However, it is important to choose clothing suited to the activity being performed. For example, for intense exercises requiring a lot of movement, it is best to opt for sweat clothing that offers optimal freedom of movement.

Are sweat clothing effective in targeting certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs?

Sweat clothing can help generate heat and sweat in different parts of the body, including the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. However, it is important to note that weight loss and refinement of these specific areas depends on various factors such as diet, overall exercise and genetics. Sweat clothes can help with overall weight loss, but they don’t allow you to selectively target certain body parts.