Everyone adopts a specific daily eating routine for a good reason: to gain or lose weight, to keep in shape or simply to eat healthily. Following a special diet can help you achieve your goal. But it’s important to choose the right formula.

In this section, I invite you to discover different types of diet, to be selected according to the goal you set yourself. Please note, however, that it’s not a question of picking a diet at random and trying it out. There are many criteria to consider. In fact, the advice of a health professional is welcome to make sure you make the right choice.

The different types of diet

First of all, I’d like to point out that there are different categories of diet, which can themselves be broken down into different types:

  • The protein diet is based on a high protein intake;
  • The soup diet involves eating a soup prepared with carefully selected ingredients;
  • The low carb diet consists of eating less sugar (or none at all);
  • The hypocaloric diet is a well-known formula that simply consists of drastically reducing the calories consumed on a daily basis in order to promote weight loss;
  • The ketogenic or keto diet is a true sugar-free diet involves a high consumption of fats, a small amount of proteins and a great limitation of carbohydrates;
  • The Paleolithic diet invites us to return to our roots by eating a diet similar to that of our ancestors, based on unprocessed foods (fruits, vegetables and meat);
  • The gluten-free diet therefore bans all products containing gluten;
  • The vegetarian diet is based on exclusive consumption of fruit and vegetables, as well as animal products (dairy products, eggs, honey);
  • The vegan diet excludes all animal products;
  • Monodiete means eating only one type of food (fruit, vegetable, meat);
  • The dissociated diet is quite similar to the monodiet, except that it recommends eating one category of food at a time (proteins, fats, carbohydrates);
  • Intermittent fasting involves eating only during a certain period of the day (for example, only between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. or between 6:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.);
  • The chronoregime proposes eating certain foods at specific times to optimize their effect on the body.

Some diets to discover

The “oatmeal” diet

Among weight loss diets, the oatmeal diet allows you to lose up to 4 kilos in just 7 days, and achieve a slimmer figure. Oat flakes are a high-quality food, providing an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, fiber and protein. What’s more, it offers a host of general health benefits. Best of all, it’s an appetite-suppressant that stimulates the feeling of fullness, thanks to its high fiber content.

Like any other slimming diet, the oatmeal diet should be combined with exercise. This promotes weight loss. Also, remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. And as this is a low-calorie diet, you must not exceed the recommended duration, and do it only occasionally.

The Yogurt Diet

The yoghurt diet is still little-known. And yet it’s an advantageous diet, enabling you to lose over 5 kg in a week. This makes it the most slimming diet on the market today. A low-calorie diet, the yoghurt diet helps you lose weight in no time. This is achieved by limiting the number of calories consumed.

As its name suggests, the yoghurt diet is based on a diet consisting mainly of yoghurt, but not exclusively. The diet also includes vegetables, fruit, lean fish and meat. During the diet, you should ingest up to 1 kilo of yoghurt a day, i.e. 8 pots throughout the day.

The Vegetable Diet

If you want to lose weight, a healthy lifestyle is essential, as is regular physical activity. Combined with a suitable diet, this lifestyle will help you to shed unwanted pounds quickly. To optimize weight loss, I recommend the vegetable diet.

As you no doubt already know, vegetables and fruit are the star foods in many slimming diets. Thanks to their high vitamin content, vegetables are ideal for weight loss. What’s more, as they are 100% natural and contain fiber, they speed up the feeling of satiety while simplifying digestion. While helping you shed those extra pounds, the vegetable diet also detoxifies the body. This diet promises a loss of 5 kg per month.

Of course, for the vegetable diet to be effective, certain vegetables should be favored more than others, such as green salads, cucumbers, asparagus, green beans and many others.

The Montignac diet

Developed by Michel Montignac, the Montignac Method is based on two principles. The first is to separate foods, i.e. not to combine certain foods during the same meal, and the second is to avoid foods with a high glycemic index or GI. GI is the ability of a food to raise blood sugar levels after ingestion in isolation.

Like other slimming diets, this one is both hyperlipidic and low-calorie. As well as helping you shed excess pounds over the long term, this diet can also prevent diabetes and the onset of cardiovascular problems. There are a number of other points to bear in mind before embarking on this type of diet.

The Scarsdale diet

If you want to lose weight very quickly, up to 7 to 9 kilos in 15 days, the Scarsdale diet diet is for you. This two-week, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet will enable you to lose 500g a day. When the Scarsdale diet was first developed in the 1950s, it was designed to help heart patients lose weight.

The Scarsdale program is available in a number of variants: the vegetarian diet, the gourmet diet, the exotic diet and the economy diet. They all have one thing in common: they last 4 weeks. The first two weeks are made up of very specific menus, while the last two weeks, known as the “stabilization” weeks, include more foods.

The detox diet

With fast food in full swing, some people tend to neglect the nutritional value they gain from it. And with industrial meals, even more waste is ingested by the body. With the detox diet, you can evacuate all this waste accumulated in the body.

The detox diet is based on the consumption of vegetable and fruit juices over a period of 1 to 7 days. The advantage of this slimming diet is that it presents no risk of deficiencies. The key to this diet is to eat in such a way as to detoxify your body.

Fractional dieting

If your goal is to gain weight and muscle mass, the split diet is the perfect choice for you. This eating pattern doesn’t respect the three-meals-a-day rule. In fact, to build muscle mass, you may need to eat up to 7 meals a day.

If you want to put on weight, increasing your calorie intake and eating just three meals a day would be too much, especially where digestion is concerned. With the split diet, meals are divided into 6 to 7 intakes per day. This is more beneficial and more effective for rapid weight gain.

Suivre son horloge biologique

What is Chrononutrition?

Chrononutrition is a dietary method based on chronobiology. It consists of eating at the right time, during the day or according to your biological clock. This method avoids submitting to deprivations or prohibitions associated with overly restrictive diets. This eating method allows you to benefit from good health and lose weight without depriving yourself of

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