Gain weight

There’s a lot of talk about slimming down and losing weight. Yet many people would like to gain a few kilos without ever succeeding. It’s a real obstacle course to gain even one waistline. Are you one of them? It’s important to follow certain rules to ensure that fat doesn’t accumulate in the wrong places, and to preserve your health. Here are a few tips to help you gain weight.

Defining a goal

There are many reasons to gain weight: to tone up, to return to your normal weight after an illness, or following a long period of stress. However, it is advisable to take your time so that your body can adapt to the change, whatever your reason.

A sudden gain in weight could lead to a number of problems, such as abdominal pain. According to nutritionists, a gain of 500 to 700 g per week is more than sufficient.

It is important to set specific goals before embarking on a weight gain project.

Don’t skip meals

It’s important to eat three meals a day if you want to gain weight quickly and effectively. To achieve this, opt for a high-calorie breakfast and dinner containing mainly protein and starchy foods. Having a slice of cheese after each meal will also help you achieve your goal. It’s also important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to maintain your health.

Eat more

Increase the quantity of your meals to gain weight quickly and effectively. Focus on high-calorie foods to fill your plate. Choose avocados, seafood, pasta, bananas and eggs, for example. You should also have at least two snacks a day. However, to stay healthy, avoid potato chips and other industrial products that contain too much salt and unhealthy fats. Instead, opt for yoghurts or cheese, for example.

Opt for larger plates

Studies have shown that the bigger your plates, the more you eat. So, if you want to increase the amount of food you eat and put on weight quickly, it’s best to opt for larger meal containers. However, make sure you fill them with a variety of foods (color, consistency or shape) to whet your appetite. Specialists also suggest bringing dishes to the table, so you can refill as often as you like.

Organize more meals with family and friends

Evidence shows that you eat more when you’re in the company of loved ones, because you’re relaxed. So it’s a good idea to organize regular family meals, at least once a week, if you want to lose weight fast. Tell them to come early, prepare a variety of appetizers and snacks, cook a hearty meal and drink some wine. But be sure to have everything ready before they arrive, so you can make the most of the good times and the food. You can also choose to go out to a restaurant, for example.

Playing sports

Sport helps you burn off energy and is therefore one of the best ways to boost your appetite. Regular physical activity is also important, even if you want to gain weight, to avoid numerous health problems such as poor circulation and cardiovascular disease. It’s also a good way of gaining more muscle than fat. Choose a light activity such as walking or swimming for healthy weight gain.

Indulge in desserts

Regular consumption of carbohydrate-rich desserts such as pies and cakes is important for rapid weight gain. In fact, these foods are more effective and healthier than the excess fat in fast food or pizza for putting on weight. However, it’s important to eat them in moderate quantities, especially if you’re at risk of diabetes, for example.

To gain weight, allow yourself a dessert now and then

Taking breaks and vacations to relax

Stress, fatigue and work overload generally cause you to lose weight and hinder your attempts to gain weight. It’s therefore advisable to take regular time out to relax if you want to put on weight effectively. Avoid overtime, stop thinking about work evenings and weekends, and go on vacation at least once a year.

Quitting alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco consumption reduce appetite and impair the body’s ability to function properly. You need to stop smoking to eat more and gain weight. On the other hand, it’s good for your health and saves you from many respiratory illnesses of varying degrees of severity.

Taking food supplements

Weight-gain supplements are available on the market. In most cases, they must be taken in conjunction with a specific diet to ensure optimum effectiveness. In addition, their use is prohibited for certain at-risk individuals. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor or nutrition specialist before starting any treatment.

There are plenty of easy-to-follow methods for gaining weight effectively. However, it is important to be careful about excessive sugar consumption if you are diabetic, or overeating if you have gastric problems. In short, it’s always advisable to have a medical check-up before adopting a weight-loss diet, to find out about your state of health. Finally, hydration remains important.

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