Everything you need to know about organic silicon: Dangers, benefits and characteristics

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Organic silicon is a trace element that has been the subject of debate for a long time. Is organic silicon dangerous? If so, what are the dangers of organic silicon? Before answering these questions, I will tell you more about its characteristics.

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You are certainly familiar with the mineral silicon. It is a trace element in the body. However, have you ever heard of organic silicon? What are its strengths and specificities on health?

What are the characteristics of organic silicon?

Silicon is a trace element in the body. It is also present in a multitude of plant-based foods. The symbol for silicon is SI while 14 is its atomic number. It is made of 25% of the earth’s crust. There is no naturally occurring free silicon on the planet. However, it is extremely abundant in the form of oxides. In its natural state, it looks like a dark gray solid element.

Silicon is not one of the essential trace elements. However, it has benefits for bone health and immunity. There are two kinds of silicon: mineral and organic. By default, silicon is mineral. It is organic when an attachment to a carbon atom takes place. This occurs when silicon is integrated into a living organism, such as plants.


During the 1990s, a French geologist, doctor of science in sedimentology and forensic expert in micro-analysis named Loïc Le Ribault designed the G5 molecule, with what he called “organic silicon”. For this purpose, it is based on the studies of Norbert Duffaut, an organic chemistry expert from the University of Bordeaux. This specialist synthesized an organic silicon molecule in 1957. He achieved its stabilization using salicylic acid. Finally, some claim that G5 organic silicon was created by Norbert Duffaut while others attribute this work to Loïc Le Ribault.

Food supplements that contain organic silicon are available as capsules, gels or drinkable options. Most of the time, they are recommended for individuals with joint or bone problems. It is also highly recommended for seniors to combat bone demineralization. Before using it, I recommend that you contact a doctor, because of the contraindications to its use.

Composition and dosage

The ingredients of organic silicon are not the same depending on the product. Here is an example of composition: reverse osmosis water, vegetable glycerin, stabilized orthosilicic acid, choline chloride, natural flavor, zinc and copper gluconates and finally sweetener (steviol glycosides).

The entire human body has seven grams of silicon on average. Silicon is present in the blood (five milligrams per liter). However, the vast majority of it remains in multiple tissues of the body such as in the thymus. The latter is essential in terms of the actions of the immune system, vascular walls, adrenal glands, bones, skin covering and other organs such as the liver, spleen and pancreas.

There is organic organic silicon sold in capsules or liquid, in 500 ml or 1 liter. This product can be mixed with plants such as nettle (organic silicon nettle). It also exists in organic silicon gel G5 or others. Typically, this type of silicon is mixed with essential oils.

Organic silicon: the dangers

Organic silicon has been a trace element that has been the subject of debate for many years. While some see it as a miracle product, others say it is useless or even harmful. Currently, there is no proven risk of organic silicon on the body. Experts have not discovered any danger linked to the consumption of real organic silicon: this is monomethylsilanetriol (MMST).

The only risk identified is linked to the trace element silicon itself. In fact, excessive long-term consumption of poorly assimilable silicon can cause the danger of kidney stones. Consequently, using a lot of food supplements abundant in silicon and revealing a lower percentage of assimilation (below 20%) over a extended period of time can cause an increase in this danger.

Therefore, using substances with a high content of mineral silicon and therefore not assimilable can increase this risk. To avoid this, choose options using true organic silicon (MMST), which is nearly 70% assimilable by the body. Avoid orthosilicic acid solutions with an average assimilation percentage of 12.5%.

Finally, organic silicon currently reveals no real contraindications except for cases of renal insufficiency or dysfunction. Thus, it is possible to use it regardless of the treatments already taken and your current state of health. The best thing to do is to go see a doctor. Before you take it, I highly recommend it. Organic silicon is still a critical product today. So, be careful and don’t use it haphazardly.

What are the benefits of organic silicon?

Here are the many advantages obtained thanks to organic silicon.

For the bones and joints

Vitamin D and calcium are essential for good bone growth. They also guarantee strength and flexibility to the bones. These are made of different minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Certain elements require other elements in order to attach to the bones, this being the case calcium. Therefore, calcium absorption is only possible with silicon (or silica if you prefer). It is therefore essential to guarantee sufficient intakes of organic silicon (diet or supplementation) in order to remineralize degraded bones.

Organic silicon optimizes the healing of bone-related fractures and injuries. It can also reduce the time it takes to heal a fracture. In addition, this mineral offers the possibility of combating osteoarthritis when mixed with a balanced, quality diet. Silicon organism is also an effective anti-inflammatory.

In relation to immunity and skin

Organic silicon acts on the design of antigens and antibodies. For this purpose, it offers the possibility of perfectly preserving B lymphocytes into T lymphocytes (LB into LT). It also has a primordial function in relation to the functioning of the immune system.

You should know that the skin is one of the most effective protective organs. The collagen present creates elasticity and strength of the skin. Connective tissues use carbohydrates, mucopolysaccharides and elastin. These allow the skin to retain its moisture and maintain the elasticity of the connective tissue. Obviously, the skin offers relevant protection against premature aging and attacks from the outside. And all of these molecules are made of a significant quantity of silicon.

Silicon supplementation in a deficient individual is necessary. This helps maintain optimal health of hair, gums, teeth and skin elasticity. Silicon also optimizes healing.

His features on the brain

Silicon levels decrease with age. Silicon supplements can therefore increase over the years, and be extremely high for seniors. Experts have long supported the possibility that aluminum accumulated in the brain represents the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Consequently, adequate silicon intakes must offer the possibility of significantly reducing aluminum levels in the brain. Same thing for bones, liver and kidney. Silicon makes it possible to optimize the elimination of aluminum via urine.

Sfor cardiovascular protection

Organic silicon inhibits the consequences of coronary heart disease. Indeed, it allows blood vessels to solidify. As we age, silicon fades from the aorta, weakening critical connective tissue. Therefore, it causes an increase in cardiac danger. Therefore, necessary contributions of organic silicon offer the possibility of consolidating and maintaining vital lung tissues, allowing them to combat the consequences of pollution.

On hair and nails

Organic silicon is relevant for hair loss, also called “alopecia”. In many situations, it would be linked to a diet lacking in essential nutrients. Silicon could allow the return of beautiful hair. It allows for better hair growth, while optimizing its natural shine and luster.

And finally, facing aging

The body’s stores of silicon decrease with age. This slight and regular drop in silica levels causes a continuous decline in general health accompanied by constant fatigue. Thus, taking organic silicon would optimize healing and fight against this constant fatigue linked to aging. Thanks to a supply of organic silicon, the body can more easily find a certain threshold of comfort, fullness and well-being. Finally, organic silicon acts positively against aging, on the entire body: skin, nails, hair, teeth and even cartilage.

Where can you find organic silicon?

Silicon is a trace element present in the body and in several foods of plant origin. Even if it is not present in the “essential” type trace elements, it is an essential aspect in relation to the immune system and in order to maintain optimal bone health. Silicon is mainly present in drinking water.

Here is a list of drinking waters abundant in silicon (per liter and in mg):

  • 110 for Chateldon
  • 72 for Salvetat
  • 35 for Badoit
  • 31.7 for the Volvic
  • And finally, 15 for Evian.

Silicon is also present in whole grains, beer, dates, bananas, coffee and tea. In larger quantities, there are plants which have the ability to take direct samples from the soil in order to integrate it into their leaves or stems: grasses, wheat, oats, barley, horsetail, nettle, bamboo, which bends but does not break, via silica.

For organic silicon, you can find it on the web (organic silicon G5 in particular) or in certain pharmacies.

How to take an organic silicon cure?

You can carry out an organic silicon treatment at any time of the year. Organic silicon can be used orally (I recommend taking it on an empty stomach), when it comes to galenics to be ingested or drunk, or externally when it is gels.

As a general rule, an intensive silicon treatment lasts between one and six months depending on the problem and the situation. I advise you to carry out long and regular treatments in order to obtain the best possible results.