6 seeds to lose weight quickly

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

One of the best ways to lose weight is to use seeds. If you are looking for a seed to lose weight quickly, listen to my advice!

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Do you know that there are seeds that help you lose weight quickly? These can be real allies for solid health. They also offer the possibility of quickly losing weight. Discover the best seeds to use if you want to lose weight!

What seeds make you lose weight?

In addition to seeds allowing you to lose weight, you must also integrate nutrients, reduce the level of calories ingested and consume more calories. The majority of seeds are made of fiber and minerals. They will allow you to integrate nutrients and feel satisfied more quickly. Being a big consumer of seeds, I have chosen the best seeds for you if you want to lose weight. You can consume these seeds at any time of the day. Discover my TOP 6 seeds and their specificities: pumpkin, hemp, sunflowers, flax, quinoa and chia.

Gpumpkin groves

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best seeds to use if you want to lose weight. They have a multitude of benefits. These are real health foods incorporating significant quantities of zinc. This is a mineral that can manipulate the hormone ghrelin, which is the cause of these urges to eat in the middle of the night. It offers an action of real appetite suppressant and can help you lose weight. Another quality: it also optimizes lean muscle mass and maintains a stable percentage of sugar in the blood.

Pumpkin seeds also contain iron and magnesium, which are essential for your energy levels and to keep anxiety, stress and fatigue at bay. They also offer many benefits for the digestive tract and are abundant in protein. This allows the development of lean body mass and satiety. Next seed that I will introduce you to: hemp. And guess what? It is ideal for losing weight!

Ghemp seed

Hemp seeds have two positive effects in relation to weight loss. With three tablespoons of these seeds, you consume around twelve grams of protein and that’s not all! You also ingest good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which can effectively break down fat in the body.

Hemp seeds optimize alkalinity, just like pumpkin seeds. They also help fight inflammation. These seeds are also a very good source of energizing and calming magnesium as well as iron in order to stay toned and keep your energy high. Hemp seeds also contain zinc and a lot of potassium. They help reduce the occurrence of bloating. Last point: these seeds are full of fiber, which has a blood sugar regulation function and also optimizes regularity.


Sunflower seeds are very good seeds for losing weight. They are also excellent to eat. For my part, I consume it with milk. I also sometimes use it during my meals as a snack. These seeds are abundant in vitamin E. It is an antioxidant that is extremely effective in fighting toxins and inflammation. However, for this, you must ingest the seeds raw and not roast them. Another advantage: these seeds are a significant source of magnesium. The latter helps combat anxiety and helps avoid any excess cortisol.

At the same time, magnesium supports a healthy nervous system and gives you energy to consume more calories. Additionally, sunflower seeds provide excellent amounts of fiber, protein and B vitamins, which are essential for burning calories and feeling that much sought-after satiety.


If you are looking for another seed to lose weight quickly, take flax seed. This is one of the best slimming allies. They have the specificity of being abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. This is why this seed should be included in your slimming meals. These are fatty acids having a vital role for your body, optimizing the breakdown of fats by stimulating anabolic hormones. Thus, the latter allow the metabolism to consume calories. This is called lipolysis.

Flaxseeds are also abundant in soluble fiber. They help reduce the feeling of hunger quickly and over time. Fiber requires a lot of water, swells and remains in the stomach for a long time. Thus, the brain is fooled and will not ask for food.

These seeds are also abundant in essential nutrients. They offer the possibility of not suffering from vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiencies. In addition, they have a lower energy density. They are low in calories if you prefer.


Quinoa is a seed and not a grain! It is called pseudo-cereal because it is actually a seed. However, it is cooked as a grain. Thus, it is defined as such.

Quinoa provides all essential amino acids, fiber, protein, magnesium, zinc and more surprisingly… healthy fats! It is a little more abundant in carbohydrates compared to other seeds since it has starch in the same way as cereals. However, the majority of these excess carbohydrates are consumed for energy and are not used for storage. Do not be worried ! Quinoa is one of the best allies if you want to lose weight. Only a quarter of a cup is enough to benefit from the many benefits of quinoa.


Chia seeds are extremely practical in daily life. In addition, their neutral and mild taste is extremely pleasant. For the most creative individuals, know that it is possible to use chia seeds in a thousand and one ways in multiple and varied recipes.

Their appetite suppressant effect

Chia seed is abundant in protein and fiber. Its high fiber content offers a satiating effect when hydrated. Its richness in mucilages (plant elements swelling with water and becoming viscous) causes a significant increase in size, thus creating a gel when water is added. You should know that dry seeds have the specificity of absorbing more than seven times their weight in water.

Integrated into your food or drinks, these seeds offer the possibility of obtaining a rapid feeling of satiety and therefore an appetite suppressant effect. This is how they play an essential role for your diet. Finally, know that the rich fiber in chia seeds also optimizes intestinal transit.