Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Le Havre and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

It is important to adopt a balanced diet for a healthy life. Dietitians/nutritionists are there to support you with this. These are health professionals who have followed training on nutrition and diet. Many of them have their own practice where they see patients in order to offer them effective techniques and advice to remedy their problems and (re)find balance. If you live in Le Havre and its region, discover the 4 best dietitians/nutritionists in this sector in this article.

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I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

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Frédérique Moy, dietitian nutritionist in Le Havre


Frédérique Moy is an experienced dietician. She cares for a wide category of patients (men/women, seniors, children, athletes, etc.), all with health problems relating to their diet. This dietitian uses science to provide a personalized slimming program for each case. Its objective is to avoid diets that are too heavy and difficult.

Dietitian nutritionist in Le Havre
Dietitian Frédérique Moy

Frédérique Moy offers her services to people wishing to eat better who are located in Le Havre, but also in Montivilliers, Caen, Rouen or even Normandy.


His office is located at 55 rue Paul DOUMER 76600 LE HAVRE. Consultations can be done individually or in a group. An assessment is carried out during the first session to understand where does the problem come from. It does not exceed 45 minutes. Then there are the follow-up consultations during which Frédérique Moy assesses the evolution of the situation. If the goal is not achieved, or if you are having trouble keeping up the program, it offers other, more effective alternatives.


Name: Frédérique Moy
Website : https://www.diet-moy-regime-autrement.fr/
Telephone: 02 35 55 98 76

Aurélie Méliot, Dietician-Nutritionist on Le Havre


Aurélie Méliot is a dietitian nutritionist with a degree in Biological Engineering, dietetics option. She takes care of patients of all age categories. She works with young and old, sedentary or active. Its objective is to improve everyone’s lifestyle through solutions that take into account each profile. It therefore offers personalized feeding programs.

Dietitian Aurélie Méliot


Consultations at Aurélie Méliot are by appointment only and this dietician-nutritionist travels if necessary. First, you talk about your eating habits and your daily life in general. Thanks to this step, this professional can understand where the weight problem comes from. Then, she develops a specific dietary program, accompanied by very specific objectives to achieve. She then ensures regular monitoring of each patient and can adapt the program if necessary.


Name: Aurélie Méliot
Website : https://visidiet.fr/dieteticienne-nutritionniste-le-havre-76620-1042
Telephone: 02 30 03 96 26

Fanny Nouet, specialist in psychonutrition and micronutrition


After expanding her knowledge, Fanny Nouet is today an independent dietitian/nutritionist working in her office. She specializes in two very distinct fields: psychonutrition, a practice in which she evaluates everything behavioral, and micronutrition where she highlights the scientific side. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Micronutrition and a Symbiofi master’s degree in Emotion Management.

Best dietitians Le Havre
Dietician Fanny Nouet

By supporting people who want to make a change in their eating habits, its objective is to ensure that things go smoothly, particularly weight loss.


His office is located at 2 rue Emile Encontre 76600 Le Havre. During the first session, she carries out an assessment to be able to identify the causes of the problem in order to propose appropriate solutions. She then regularly monitors the evolution of the patient’s condition and checks whether the objectives are achieved or whether it is necessary to change approach. The consultations can take the form of a workshop at the person’s home or at a partner’s home.


Name: Fanny Nouet
Website : https://www.psychonutrition-micronutrition.fr/
Telephone: 06 18 15 65 09

Linda Coesme, dietician trained in Haven


Linda Coesme pursued specific studies leading to a BTS in dietetics. She also has qualifications in sophrology and Ericksonian hypnosis. She also holds a diploma from the Academy of Psychotherapy and Sophrology – Paris Ve.

Dietitians in Le Havre
Dietitian Linda Coesme

For several years, she has been practicing in her office in Le Havre and receiving patients from throughout the region. It mainly supports people who want to lose weight in the long term, but who have some difficulties. Its objective is to offer effective solutions to improve everyone’s living conditions. All this accompanied by work on yourself.


Appointments are made online. During consultations, Linda Coesme uses hypnosis to easily talk to patients and thus find the real source of the problem. Then, she establishes a food program adapted to the case. You can see its availability on its official website.


Name: Linda Coësme
Website : https://www.somatea.fr/
Telephone: 06 12 78 00 31