How to grow hips?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

We know thathave butt and larger, defined hips give our body a much more sensual and attractive feminine appearance. This is why all women want to have these attributes. However, it is important to keep in mind that genetics significantly influence the shape of our hips. However, don’t be discouraged. There are several ways to grow hips safely, easily and quickly.

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How to grow hips with exercise?

Physical exercise is the key to growing hips. A proper exercise program will help you develop muscle tissue in the hips.

how to get bigger hips
By practicing an adapted sport, you will not only get bigger hips, but your hips will also have better definition.


Squats are a beginner-level strength exercise that targets the hip muscles. Over time, exercisers who regularly perform squats may begin to notice an increase in the size of their hip muscles.

Experts agreed that this is a fairly complete and effective exercise, which works practically in all areas of the body. You can do it without weights to start, then add weight so that the muscle gradually grows. The best way to do this is to stand in front of a mirror. This way you can correct errors.

Stand with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart and your toes facing forward. Keep your back straight and your feet completely on the ground, without raising your heels. Then bend your knees until your legs are parallel. Return to the starting position and perform 10 repetitions.

The slots

This is a great option for growing hips. As with squats, lunges promote muscle mass gains in the hips and can lead to the appearance of a weight gain in this part of the body.

You can do lunges without weights. However, to get better results and grow fat quickly hips, I recommend working with dumbbells or a barbell. The exercise involves taking long walks, pressing your glutes at each step.

Weight lifting

For this exercise, the use of dumbbells or a barbell is necessary. Simply stand up with your legs hip-width apart, then bend your knees slightly. Lower the weight to the floor and return to the starting position. Depending on the weight you use, you can do 10 to 15 repetitions.

Lateral leg raise

It’s a pretty simple exercise, but once you do it every day, you’ll notice the difference in your hips. You should lie on your side on a padded surface, keeping your back straight, then you should raise the right leg until it is parallel to the body and keep it like that for 5 seconds. Return to the starting position and perform 15 repetitions with each leg.

The bridge

This is an excellent exercise to achieve hip widening in a fairly easy way. This exercise works many muscles and its effectiveness is noticeable in a short time.

Lie on your back on a mat, with your legs hip-width apart and your arms extended at your sides. Bend your knees, gently lift your pelvis and stay in this position for 4 seconds, before gently returning to your initial position. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Training the adductors with the ball

It’s a fairly simple technique. You only need one ball to perform it. Lie on a padded surface, face up with your legs shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and place the ball between them. The idea is to squeeze the ball with your knees for 6 seconds. This exercise works the adductor muscles and it also increases the size of your hips.

Hip abductions

Lateral hip abductions are a beginner-level exercise that targets the hips and can be done virtually anywhere, even in bed or on the couch. People who have little endurance for resistance training may therefore be able to increase hip size with minimal physical effort.

Lie on your right side with your legs extended. Slowly lift your left leg, until your hips begin to tilt, and return to the starting position. Perform the exercise on both sides of the body for optimal results.

A good exercise routine is essential to having well-shaped hips. However, it is necessary to accompany this routine with an adequate diet.

How to grow hips with diet?

To achieve the desired results in a short time, I present to you the most recommended foods to get those hips that you want so much.

To achieve rapid muscle growth and recover energy after your physical training, there are the following foods:

  • eggs
  • fish
  • poultry
  • beans and legumes
  • lean red meat
  • whey protein powder

Among the foods that will benefit your body and especially your hips, thanks to their vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content:

  • broccoli
  • nuts
  • the tomato
  • green leafy vegetables
  • oatmeal
  • sweet potato
  • quinoa
  • berries

Adding green vegetables to your diet will provide you with a healthy dose of natural protein needed to build muscle and improve your body shape and curve. The combination of green leafy vegetables and lean meat as a proper diet will help you significantly.

Mixed nuts are a great solution because they contain carbohydrates and saturated fats which are essential for your body. They also promote healthy muscle building and improve cognitive and brain function.

How to grow hips with smoothies?

Shakes are very important when doing physical activities. These are food supplements that contain proteins necessary to improve the body’s performance during exercises. In addition, they promote the increase of muscle mass in the buttocks, hips and legs, which is a great idea to make you much more attractive.

Among the ingredients that a good protein shake may contain are milk and whey powder. You can incorporate cooked egg whites and you can add the following products to give it more vitamins and flavor: strawberries, cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, banana, apple or plum.

Your smoothie can also be accompanied by cookies or whole wheat bread. You can also add sweetener or honey to improve its flavor. You can take it before training to have more energy and later to regenerate muscles. Remember that you should also drink plenty of water and natural juices to hydrate your body after training.

How to grow hips with yoga?

Tight hips are one of the most common conditions in Western culture. This is largely due to the fact that we sit in chairs for long periods of time. Yoga can help you remedy this.

The low lunge is one of the best poses you can do to open your hips. This posture effectively reverses the normal hip position when sitting in a chair, which is exactly what most of us need, especially if you work in an office environment.

Start in a normal lunge position, then slowly lower your back knee to the floor. From there, you can push your hips forward to the degree that’s comfortable for you. Breathe and drag, then practice on the other side.

Yoga can help you get the hips of your dreams.

Are there any products, medications or creams to enlarge your hips?

Yes, there are products to enlarge your hips. These medications which are usually in the form of creams and ointments contain vitamins that increase and stimulate the adipose tissue, which helps in making the hips bigger. These products are formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera, maca, coconut oil and guarana. All of these natural ingredients have been tested and proven to enhance body curves and encourage fat production wherever they are applied. These products promise noticeable and long-lasting results in just a few months of use.

There are also supplements for hip enlargement. These supplements contain natural ingredients that are laboratory tested and approved. These herbal ingredients work together to reorganize fat in places where the female body actually needs fat. Women are naturally expected to have fat reserves in their hips for reproductive reasons. These pills balance hormones. So fat is stored where it is supposed to be stored.

Injections are also available for those who wish to enlarge their hips. Be careful, these injections are illegal in many parts of the world. Some of these injections contain hyaluronic acid but others contain silicone or hydrogel. However, the materials or substances commonly used in these injections can travel to other parts of the body, causing lumps. Other complications include infections, disfigurement and scarring. In some cases, a stroke may occur.