How to grow buttocks?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A growing number of men and women are going under the knife to give their butt a boost. Unfortunately, these procedures are not only expensive but also painful. Complications range from bleeding and infections to scarring, asymmetries, fat necrosis and fluid accumulation. Fortunately, there are healthy, less risky and less painful techniques to get that plump butt you’ve always dreamed of. Follow this guide to find out how to grow your butt with complete peace of mind.

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A few words about the buttocks and their constitution

First, make sure you understand how your glutes work and what their role is.

The three gluteal muscles
The buttocks are made up of three muscles that work in synergy.

Gluteal muscles and their functioning

These include:

  • largest muscle in your body and the main hip extensor: the gluteus maximus (gluteus maximus or gluteus maximus);
  • gluteus medius (gluteus medius or gluteus medius), which wraps around the front of your hips;
  • gluteus minimus (gluteus minimus or gluteus minimus), a small muscle located under the gluteus medius.

Each of these muscles has a different role.

Gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus contributes to the appearance and shape of your hips and acts as an extensor of the hip joint.

You use it when climbing stairs, running, squatting, kicking your leg backwards, etc.

Gluteus medius

The gluteus medius allows you to flex, rotate and extend your hip. It is the only gluteal muscle visible from the front. If you want to enlarge your butt, you will need to work this muscle more often.

Simple exercises, such as seated hip abductions, side walks, and side lunges, can help strengthen the gluteal muscle, which, in turn, will make your butt look bigger.

Gluteus minimus

The gluteus minimus is a fan-shaped muscle that helps with flexion, abduction, and extension of the hip.

Despite its small size, it functions similarly to the gluteus medius. It allows you to lift and rotate your thigh, stabilizes the pelvis and hip and acts as a flexor.


Like most parts of your body, your butt has a layer of fat. This fatty tissue covers your gluteal muscles. Women generally have more fat in the posterior region than men due to their high estrogen levels.

Fat distribution varies from individual to individual and depends on genetics, hormones, lifestyle habits and other factors. Certain ethnicities, such as Latinos, tend to store more fat in the buttocks. This type of fat can actually enhance your posterior and make it more attractive. On the other hand, too much fat will have the opposite effect.

How to tone and enlarge your buttocks through exercise?

Getting a firm and round buttocks involves developing muscles in the posterior region. To do this, exercise is your best ally.

The squat, to grow your buttocks

The exercise consists of bending the legs while keeping the back straight, always facing forward and the legs slightly apart with the tips of the feet turned outwards. Bend slightly below knee level and slowly rise. Do at least 10 repetitions.

exercise to grow buttocks
This is a very important multi-joint exercise for enlarging the buttocks. The technique is not easy to learn, however, and for the first few times it would be best to get help from an expert instructor.

Variations of the squat

The squat is the most famous exercise in the world for adding volume to the buttocks, but there are dozens of variations. One is to take a dumbbell and hold it in front of you, then perform the same movement, slowly lowering and raising again. Very effective, it acts on the quadriceps muscles and the buttocks. Do at least 10-12 repetitions 3 or 4 times, without excessive weight.

Rear lift, shaping the buttocks

This is a great exercise that anyone can do. It consists of bending the legs back one after the other, or with a weight around the ankle or directly with a special machine. It stimulates the buttocks a lot and helps to grow fat quickly. Always do plenty of repetitions, at least 10-15 per leg.

Side elevations

This exercise can be performed sideways, both upright and lying on the floor on one side. In both cases, you need to lift your legs sideways one at a time.

You can do it without weights or with a weight around your ankle to increase their effectiveness. You can use cable machines in the gym, selecting an appropriate weight to perform at least 10 repetitions per leg.

Basin elevations

Pelvic raises are one of the best butt exercises. You should lie on the floor on a mat with your stomach facing up. Position your bent elbows for lateral support and begin to raise your pelvis until you are in a straight position with the rest of the body.

Then, lower the pelvis still very slowly, but without touching the ground and come back at least 8 to 10 times. After a few weeks you can place weights on the stomach to increase the intensity of the exercise, protecting the abdomen with a rubber mat.

Pelvic flexions

This is by far the most effective exercise for having a firm and toned butt. To do this, stand with your legs slightly apart, bend your torso forward without bending your knees, then slowly rise back up until you return to the starting position.

If you can, use dumbbells or a weighted barbell, but avoid bending your back. The exercise will increase the stimulation of the gluteal region obtaining excellent involvement of the muscle.

How to grow buttocks through diet?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that your butt is made of muscle. To build your glute muscles, you will need to eat calories and protein. If you’re working out every day (which you really should if you want them bigger), calories and protein are essential.

If you work out regularly, you should always be careful not to lose your muscles because if you work out without giving the right energy to your body, you will become skinnier and your butt will become smaller.

What foods to enlarge your buttocks?

Several foods allow your muscles to develop and therefore make your butt bigger and more toned. These include, among others:

  • dried fruits: cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts (peanuts), etc.;
  • eggs;
  • seeds: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds;
  • Humus;
  • tempeh;
  • tofu;
  • Chicken breast;
  • shellfish: shrimp, scallops, crabs, etc.;
  • fish: salmon, tuna, tilapia, mackerel, etc.
  • protein shakes (whey, egg, soy, casein, pea, etc.);
  • protein bars;
  • organic beef.
hand in pocket
Eating well-selected foods can help you gain weight in your buttocks.

Here’s an example of what your daily meal plan should look like

Breakfast : 5 egg whites, 1 slice of bread and half a grapefruit or protein pancakes with egg whites.
Snack : a protein shake or a glass of Greek yogurt and berries

Lunch : 1 grilled skinless chicken breast on a bed of spinach, with a side of vegetables.
Snack : peanut butter on a slice of bread

Dinner : 1 salmon fillet, 1/2 bowl of quinoa, 1 asparagus garnish.
Snack : a protein shake or a cream cheese with berries

Are there any products, medications or creams to enlarge your buttocks?

Yes, there are drugstore products that allow you to quickly enlarge your buttocks.

Food supplements

If you are unable to enlarge your butt with diet and exercise alone, you can always help yourself with natural food supplements. Many women use them to increase the effectiveness of workouts. They give excellent results. Of course, it is advisable to always consult your doctor or a nutritionist, for advice on the best product.

There are several dietary supplements on the market that can make you gain weight in your buttocks. Prefer supplements based on amino acids and those based on proteins. Vitamin complexes, mineral salts and essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6 are also excellent supplements.

Protein supplementation helps increase muscle strength and size, suppresses appetite and aids in fat loss. Compared to fats and carbohydrates, this nutrient has a higher thermic effect, causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day.

Creams to enlarge buttocks

While some people are naturally blessed with dream butts, others have to work hard to achieve them. Butt enhancement creams can help you enlarge your buttocks. However, these creams are not magic. You will have to work your butt off. These creams will simply make your job much easier.

Creams play a fundamental role in toning the buttocks and improving their aesthetic appearance. These creams help tighten your skin and make it firm to make your butt look more toned. When combined with exercise and a proper diet, enhancement creams can give you the best results. Many divas like Kylie Jenner sponsor and recommend volumizing creams.

Now you know how to grow buttocks. If your goals concern another part of your body, the page Gain weight & gain weight should be able to guide you.