How to gain weight and gain weight quickly?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

While many people are trying to lose weight, a small segment of the population is trying to gain weight and gain weight. This problem arises among many people with very varied profiles, such as, for example, convalescent people seeking to recover their figure. There are, of course, various more or less rapid means of achieving these ends. In this article, I outline the different ways you can gain weight. From natural ways such as changing your diet to products, medications or creams that help you gain weight.

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Why and why do you want to gain weight quickly?

There are many reasons why we want to gain weight and gain weight. In these cases, we plan to create a high-calorie diet to provide the body with more calories than what he can consume. This results in calories being stored as fat and ultimately allows you to gain weight. There is of course a way to modulate weight gain with exercises and others so that the calories are partly transformed into muscles.

To gain weight quickly, you have to prepare to eat a lot to gain a few pounds

One of the most common cases of weight gain remains preparation for surgery or the consequences of an illness. Indeed, heavy treatments, such as chemotherapy, often results in a general weakening of the body. Ipso facto, the weight also decreases, because the appetite is suppressed by the drugs, we feel more nauseous, etc. However, at the end of treatment, we do not appreciate always the image reflected in the mirror. We then seek to find its morphology before. And that’s where high-calorie diets come in.

There are other reasons, of course. We can cite the weight gain for athletes high level. The most obvious example is that of sumo wrestlers who quickly gain weight in anticipation of their championship. But there are also all athletes who fall into weight categories: light, medium, heavy, etc. like in boxing, judo or karate. Gaining weight allows you to jump from one category to another.

What is fast metabolism, number 1 reason for a deficit weight?

Every person is different. This is a well-known observation. And this also applies to the metabolisms of each individual. In some people, metabolism is faster than others. This means that the Calories are burned faster compared to a slow metabolism.

A person’s metabolism is defined by several factors, notably genetic heritage. We inherit the latter from our parents and it is impossible to influence it. He you have to deal with your whole life.

The rate of metabolism is also influenced by external factors. The variations of Temperature influences how quickly the body burns calories. He the same goes for stressful situations, the consumption of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, theine, etc. These substances tend to increase the rate of metabolism.

In addition, we can cite the many cases of illness that impact a person’s weight. This is the case for cancers, burns suffered by the body, hyper- or hypothyroidism. The organism is attacked and tries to defend itself, which leads to a faster metabolism.

Finally, we can lose weight unintentionally due to certain illnesses. These cause dysfunctions in the absorption of various nutrients. Poor digestion is then the source of insufficient weight. These diseases mainly affect the digestive system at one or another level of digestion: ulcers, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colic, celiac disease, etc.

What are the recommendations prior to the next taking of weight ?

Know how to gain weight is as complicated as losing it. Even if we often underestimate the risks associated with playing with our weight. When you want to gain weight quickly, the goal is to do it evenly and not localized on the abdominal belt. However, a rich and poorly controlled diet, one could say anarchic, will undoubtedly lead to storage in the form of abdominal fat.

To gain weight successfully, you must already accept the fact that it is a process that takes place over time and weight gain occurs gradually.

To improve your pace, you can follow good practices that would be like the negatives of the principles of weight loss:

  • we stimulates appetite rather than using appetite suppressants
  • Rather than a calorie deficit or attempt absorb more calories
  • we consume energy-dense foods rather than lean meats or low-calorie foods
  • Some food are always avoided
  • THE sport is practiced moderately and not intensively

What foods have high energy density?

By high energy density, we are talking about foods that are very high in calories when we relates to a unit of measurement. Here, the gram. How to find these foods? It remains easy, and their consumption makes it possible to increase the intake of calories without increasing the quantity of food ingested.

Overall, it is essential for people wanting to gain weight quickly, to consume these foods. But above all, this will make mealtimes easier with less distaste for food or overeating of food.

This type of high energy density food is found in all categories of food. Here are some examples:

  • Fruits : dried fruits in general, fruit nectar, avocado, mango, banana, grapes, olives, etc.
  • Vegetables : potatoes, sweet potatoes, all legumes, parsnips, pea family, lentils, soya, etc.
  • Cereals : cereal bars, wholemeal breads, olive/cheese/nut breads, etc.
  • Products dairy : whole milk, soy products, cream, cheese.
  • Meat and similar products : beef, pork, lamb, all fatty fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, etc.) eggs.
  • Others : chocolate, hummus, vegetable oils, oils and butters from oilseeds (peanut butter, for example), etc.
Some vegetables and other foods have high energy density

To gain weight quickly, you need to stimulate your appetite!

When you decide to gain weight, you must be aware that it will you have to eat a lot and often. Also, stimulating the appetite is a unavoidable. Because you also have to want to eat. Without this want, eating will become an obligation. And feeling forced never helped anyone to persevere in the effort. On the contrary, it makes you want everything give up, even if it means having traveled part of the way for nothing.

Stimulating the appetite can be done by different ways, Everyone will find his account. There is as much importance of having well-prepared meals, which please the eye, that a conducive environment for eating.

It is possible to stimulate digestion even before starting to eat. Drinking a glass of water before a meal is an example. To open appetite, orange or lemon juice or any other acidic fruit will help to stimulate the appetite.

As for external incentives, we can cite:

  • Do a ride in the fresh air beforehand or another physical activity. To walk or swimming are activities that whet the appetite.
  • There weather report, when it allows it, you can eat outside
  • Setting the table. Eat in beautiful plate, on a decorated table makes you want to eat more than slouching in your couch
  • Her state of spirit. Eating and digesting is easier when you are relaxed and has no problem in mind. Being relaxed makes it easier to eat food
  • Eat in good company. We don’t look at generally not in quantities when eating with people you like.

On the plate side, we can cite:

  • The colors on the plate. THE colorful foods give more desire to eat, just like the aromatics and spices which enhance the taste of the flat.
  • THE food which please. If we have favorite foods, we can focus on consumption of these, because we tend to eat more of them than those which we don’t like.
  • Next to the plate, there are also the drinks, a glass of wine accompanies very good many dishes

How to increase calories in food volume?

To be able to ingest more calories over the same period of time, and above all to avoid making gargantuan meals, it is necessary to review the diet. Calorie intake must therefore increase while keeping the same type of plate. And to have a high-calorie meal, it Several factors must be considered:

  • It’s necessary add fat after cooking. That is, vegetable oil in vegetables, butter or cream in spinach, cream in soup, etc. This will increase the number of calories in the same serving.
  • You have to eat meat and fish with a sauce oily.
  • Systematically, when a dish is light, one or more foods with high energy density must be added. For example, adding cheese or nuts to a salad, adding honey to a pastry, adding egg yolk to dishes, etc.
  • Just as it should avoid low-fat foods which remove fat. For example, whole milk for skimmed milk.
Eating rich, in sauce, increases calorie intake

Increase the number of meals

However, it is not necessarily necessary to make changes every time. meal. Of the snacks or some in case are enough. But they owe everything likewise be rich and satiating in order to continue to supply the body with calories. These numerous meals can be found in the programs training for high-level athletes and bodybuilders. That allows you to ingest more calories on the same period.

In addition, it prevents the body, the stomach, from shutting down. He is in activity, in non-stop digestion. This is one of the factors that scientists may have been noticed in overweight people. Without a clear line between the times when we eat and when we remain fasted, the body tends to store more calories.

Again, these snacks must be very high in calories. This is, for example, the ideal time to eat nuts and other oilseeds, cheese or a full-fat dairy product. It’s easy to eat while still being very high in calories!

High doses of sport should be avoided.

Sport is the best way to burn calories. Also, we would be tempted to stop it completely in order to avoid consuming too much and delay weight gain. However, to gain weight quickly, you need everything even maintain physical activity, even if it can be moderate.

And this for two reasons. Firstly, because sport stimulates the appetite as he has already been highlighted in this article. Then, because physical activity is necessary to stay healthy And maintain strong muscles, bones, etc. Without sport, gaining weight would amount to gaining fat!

However, you should avoid doing intensive sports. Too much physical activity could create a calorie deficit that would need to be filled in addition to having a high-calorie diet.

Sport is necessary to maintain good physical condition, but in moderate doses

Are there products, medications or creams to gain weight quickly?

In the creams and products section, there are many solutions to gain weight quickly. As for medicines, they do not exist at the moment current specific medication to gain weight. Even though many laboratories are looking into the question. To date, weight gain is rather the side effect of the active ingredient in the medication. Besides these 3 possibilities, there are also food supplements that allow to gain weight quickly

Medications to gain weight quickly

To date, there is no medication specifically designed to grow quickly. Medication-related weight gain is considered a side or undesirable effect. However, this is not enough in the prescription of a medicine, because this would divert its main use.

Of course, there are many molecules that cause weight gain. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Antidepressants. Antidepressants and neuroleptics that cause weight gain are tricyclics found in medications such as Deroxat, Prozac, Trofanil, etc. But also known neuroleptics such as haloperidol, risperidone, clozapine, etc. In the instructions, we can read that an average weight gain of 10 to 15% is probable.
  • THE corticosteroids. Patients undergoing treatment with corticosteroids may gain a few pounds during their treatment. And the more intensive it is, the greater the catch. This rapid weight gain is the result of water retention that these medications promote.
  • Insulin. Insulin is used to fight diabetes. And it was noticed that patients suffering from type 1 diabetes were often thin. Weight gain is therefore without risk.
  • Contraceptive pills. It is well known that certain birth control pills contribute to weight gain. Many women complain about it. If you need to gain weight and also need an oral contraceptive, then it is possible to opt for a pill of 1time generation. Those of 2th generation induces less weight gain.

How to gain weight with creams?

In a few moments, it is possible to find numerous creams that promise to gain weight. However, not everything is necessarily TRUE.

What is true is that certain plants or flowers when ingested or used as a balm allows you to gain weight. This is particularly the case for fenugreek. Used in the form of a cream, it allows you to target one or another area of ​​the body. We think in particular of the chest or buttocks in women. This is not the only case.

However, they do not allow general weight gain in time and duration. The effects last at best for a few weeks or even a few months and are not taken into account for overall weight gain. That said, they can be consumed in powder or capsule form. They are then to be compared to food supplements.

Spirulina is an excellent supplement for gaining weight quickly

How to gain weight with food supplements?

There are many so-called food supplements on the market. appetizers. This means that they make you want to eat. They allow, the opposite of appetite suppressants, to whet the appetite and eat more. From food supplements of this type, there are those based on:

  • Spirulina. This algae has many benefits, including being very rich in nutrients. It is considered one of the foods richest in protein and amino acids of the planet. It is recommended both for people who want to lose weight and therefore have an alternative to classic foods only for people wishing to gain weight by allowing them to consume more food.
  • Ginger. THE ginger is often used in dietary supplements as a stimulant natural. It contains gingerols which stimulate the production of enzymes digestive. Here too, cures over several weeks are necessary to so that the body can see benefits.
  • Harpagophytum. Originally from Africa, it regulates the appetite by stimulating it. This plant does not cause weight gain, but allows you to eat more and more easily. Like many plants, its effect is not immediate, and it is necessary to follow a treatment over several weeks to see a real lasting effect.

Grow fat quickly, but smartly!

Grow quickly, when it fits into an aspect therapeutic, is done intelligently. If we don’t think about how, we comes to have an anarchic diet where no rules exist. He there will then be at best weight gain with a gain in abdominal fat, at worse it will be a vain attempt. Because, when we seek to have a diet hypercaloric, this must nevertheless exclude all foods hyper calories like soda, processed foods, etc.

Avoid certain low-calorie foods

Unlike traditional diets, you don’t have to rely so much focus on vegetables and fruits which are low in calories. It’s the case lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, to name just a few. He is leaving the same for fish and lean meats such as white fish (eg. cod) and poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.). We favors legumes and roots which are much more nourishing and rich. And if you still have to eat vegetables at low energy density, it is made into a soup to be able to consume starchy foods at the same time.

Light products

Generally speaking, low-fat products are of little interest. Even in a classic diet. And for good reason, they contain substances replacing sugar and fat even though these are not necessarily the worst enemies. However, if you need to gain weight, it is better to avoid anything that is yogurt and low-fat dairy products, diet sodas or even low-fat sauces.

Junk food is of no interest if you want to gain weight quickly

Empty calories

There is a category of products that do not represent any interest, even if they have a lot of calories. That’s what we call commonly empty calories. They are most often found in all hyper-processed products :

  • Sodas and other carbonated sugary drinks
  • Frozen or industrial meals
  • Sweets and confectionery
  • Fast food and similar

All these products contain a lot of sugars, fats and of salts. And even if this represents an interest in terms of calories that this brings to the body, the disturbances they cause are not compensated by the contribution.

In fact, they impact the digestive system. It functions less well, so it digests less well and assimilates less of the nutrients ingested. Blood sugar levels also vary greatly. However, a blood sugar level with strong fluctuations is one of the factors in localized weight gain in the abdominal area.