Lose weight in your knees: how to lose weight in your knees?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Although knee fat does not have a dangerous effect on your health, it can be a source of problems, so much so that it restricts the type of clothes you can wear. Knee fat can also make legs appear disproportionate. But it is possible to lose it with the right exercises, eating habits and other methods. I will tell you about all this in this article.

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Where does knee fat come from?

There are several methods to lose weight in your knees. But to know which one to adopt, you must start by identifying the source of the problem.

Lose weight in your knees
There are various reasons why fat accumulates in the knees

Why do we have fat on our knees?

Often this is due to excess weight. Sometimes, it also comes from lack of physical exercise and poor diet…

  • Weight gain: this is often the main reason for fat around the knees. And it’s completely natural, because when you gain weight, fat accumulates everywhere in the body. This varies from one person to another, depending on their body shape. For some, fat is stored in the stomach, others on the hip and there are those who have it on the knees…
  • Age: as we age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity. Which leads to sagging skin. It’s a natural process that really can’t be avoided. On the other hand, you can take collagen to preserve the youthfulness of the skin a little longer.
  • Lack of physical exercise: sometimes swollen knees are not due to fat, but to muscles that were not toned or strengthened.
  • Excessive physical exercise: on the other hand, too much physical exercise can make the area above the knees appear larger. These are not fats, but just muscles swollen from physical exercise. Sport should also be practiced in moderation.
  • Water retention and poor blood circulation: which leads to the storage of cellulite in the knees

What sports to refine your knees?

In reality, there is no special knee-refining sport. Losing weight in a specific part of your body while keeping the others intact is not possible. To slim your knees, you have to think about losing weight. However, there are some exercises that promote fat loss in the knees, but that does not mean that they will be the only ones to lose weight.

Exercises to refine your knees

Cardio exercises are highly recommended as well as muscle strengthening exercises.

Squats to lose weight on your knees

It consists of first standing upright, then bending your knees as if you were going to sit on a chair, then getting up. Repeat the movement ten times during the first days then increase little by little. Squats target the quadriceps, legs and glutes.

Squats to lose weight on your knees
Squats to lose weight on your knees


Swimming is beneficial for the whole body. It is also considered a cardio exercise since it improves heart rate and oxygen levels in the body and is effectively effective in burning fat. Swimming strengthens and works all your muscles.

Swimming to slim your knees
Swimming to slim your knees

Jumping rope

It is an exercise that helps burn calories quickly. The key lies in technique. Try to jump with as little bending of your knees as possible. You should also not jump too high and land with only the tips of your feet. It is also best to practice on top of a mat instead of jumping directly onto a rigid surface. Since skipping rope is very effective, 5 to 15 minutes of exercise per day is more than enough.

Skipping rope to burn calories
Skipping rope to burn calories

The slots

They work the glutes, quadriceps and behind the legs. They consist of putting one foot forward, and the other far behind with only the toe on the ground. Then go down until your knees form a 90° angle, with your body remaining straight, then go back up. Repeat the movement ten times then switch to the other foot.

Lunges to lose weight on the knees
Lunges to lose weight on the knees


Jogging is effective for burning fat. In addition, it works the legs and helps strengthen the knees. 30 minutes of jogging a day is already enough.

To jog
To jog

Ride a bike

Not only does cycling work the knees a lot, but it is also good for heart health since it is considered a cardio exercise. In addition to the knees, fat from the thighs, hips and buttocks will also be eliminated.

Ride a bike
Ride a bike

How to refine your knees quickly?

The result is not immediate if you opt for sports and diet. Additionally, it is not always guaranteed. But you don’t have patience, and you want to ensure an effective and guaranteed result, then it is possible to resort to surgical or non-surgical methods. Moreover, with these methods, you can be sure that the other parts of your body will remain intact.

Cryolipolysis to lose weight in the knees

Cryolipolysis or “coolsculpting” is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It consists of destroying fat cells through intense cold. Many studies have shown a reduction of between 15 to 28% in fat four months after the first treatment session. However, you can already notice changes after three weeks. A single session may already be enough, it all depends on the level of fat on your knees.

The advantages of cryolipolysis are that there is less risk of infection as there are no incisions. Side effects are minimal such as swelling, some pain and redness. Also the fat cells are destroyed completely. On the other hand, obese and overweight people cannot use this technique.

Only a plastic surgeon has permission to perform cryolipolysis. Please note that the second treatment session (if there is one) can only be carried out eight weeks after the first session.


Liposuction is a surgical technique for fat removal. During the procedure, which lasts 30 to 45 minutes, the patient will be under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon begins by injecting your knees with saline solution and medications to reduce blood loss. Then the skin will be exposed by ultrasound to destroy the fat cells. Then, he will make a small incision to be able to insert a tube linked to a vacuum machine. The latter will then suck up the fat.

Liposuction can only be performed by a cosmetic surgeon. Like criolipolysis, it is not suitable for overweight people. The downside of liposuction is that the risk of infection is higher compared to the non-surgical method.

Food: eat well to lose weight in your knees

Sport alone is not enough slim your calves, you also need a healthy and suitable diet. The key is to follow a low-calorie diet to the point where the body will be in deficit. By practicing sport regularly, the body will need calories. But since it is lacking, fats will be its sources of energy. Avoid the consumption of processed foods, fried foods and sugars.

Eat healthy
Eat healthy

On the other hand, favor the following foods:

  • The vegetables ;
  • Whole grains: corn, whole oat groats, brown rice, wild rice, barley, quinoa, buckwheat, bulgur;
  • Lean proteins: lentil, egg, beef, chicken, turkey;
  • Unsaturated fats: they are found in nuts, olive, sunflower, rapeseed and flax oils;
  • Low-fat dairy products.

Tips & tricks: massages

To optimize the result, it is preferable to accompany physical exercises and diet with massage. There are three massage techniques ideal for slimming knees.

The palpate-roll

This massage technique has been proven to be very effective and is also best known for losing knee fat. Not only does it help reduce fat on the knees, but it also helps fight cellulite on the knees. It is recommended to do the massage with a specialized oil. It consists of making a small skin fold between the thumbs and fingers and bringing it up. You can do the massage yourself.


The technique consists of making a large fold using the palms of the hands then kneading deeply and moving up. Kneading helps get rid of fatty deposits, but it also stimulates lymphatic circulation and helps soothe muscles.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is especially recommended if the swelling is caused by cellulite in the knees or water retention. It is also recommended to have a massage from a professional, as it requires good knowledge of the lymphatic area. Lymphatic drainage consists of gentle, slow and repetitive movements to lose knee fat. It is done without oil, because the skin must be stretched in order to widen the lymphatic vessels and expel the liquids in the direction of evacuation. All this will have the effect of deflating the knees.