How to lose weight in your shoulders?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Losing shoulders is possible if you have fat deposits at this level. There are H or V body shapes which have more developed shoulders and they are innate. In all cases, excess weight and sagging skin are the direct causes of unsightly deposits at this level. Refining your shoulders involves adopting a suitable diet and targeted exercises. I invite you to get acquainted with effective tips and exercises to do every day.

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Why do the arms relax?

Dangling arms or the bat effect are common among women and men as they age. The skin loses its elasticity and tone over time. It is important to take care of your skin and muscles from the age of 25. Being overweight is the most common cause of fat reserves on your shoulders, arms, stomach, buttocks and even thighs. Lack of cell hydration also causes loss of skin tone.

Lose weight in the shoulders
Fat can accumulate in the shoulders

Dietary imbalance is the primary cause of metabolism disorders. Fatty and sugary foods are stored all over the body as unsightly clumps of fat. If you do not become aware of it at the first signs, you must make efforts to lose weight in your shoulders and arms. In general, the upper body grows just like the lower body with excess weight. However, targeted exercises allow you to gain muscle mass and burn fat in depth.

How to refine your shoulders and arms?

Refine your shoulders and lose weight in arms are two interdependent things. Indeed, exercises that work the upper body also affect the shoulders and arms. However, targeted exercises are not enough to dislodge fat, you need to review your eating habits. There is no point in doing a lot of exercise if you continue to eat junk and other fatty foods. Losing shoulders is all about balancing nutrition and targeted exercises.

I recommend that you seek the advice of a sports and nutrition coach if your bodybuilding goals are important. Each body shape and metabolism is unique. The support of an expert is useful to achieve the silhouette you want in the best conditions. Exercising, especially cardio, is essential for burning fat. I recommend doing cardio before targeted exercises to lose weight quickly.

Furthermore, if you are not overweight, but you have loose shoulders and arms, the exercises are sufficient. In fact, you need to stretch the muscles and increase their volume to refine your shoulders and arms. The intake of quality nutrients is essential for the quality of your muscles. Endurance and strength training exercises without good nutrition will further damage the appearance of your muscles. The latter will be more flabby and can hurt themselves for nothing.

Effective exercises to lose shoulders

Muscular and thin shoulders are aesthetically pleasing. Losing weight in your shoulders is easy if you are motivated and disciplined. You need to work your muscles with intensity if you want to increase muscle mass. The latter burns fat deposits and fills voids. Your shoulders will be smooth and refined in a few weeks. If you need to lose weight, you must follow a slimming diet, do physical activities and targeted exercises. The advice of a coach is recommended in this case.

You need to change your eating habits to avoid yo-yo effects. It is necessary to eliminate fast sugars such as sugary drinks, pastries and industrial foods which contain hidden sugars. Sugars are responsible for storing fat. Water retention is a disorder of the body that promotes weight gain and fatty deposits in the shoulders and arms. Targeted upper body exercises are effective for losing weight in the shoulders.

The pumps

Bodybuilding goals are different for everyone. If you have some unsightly fat deposits, physical activity and targeted upper body exercises are sufficient. I recommend that you seek advice from a coach if you need to lose weight to lose shoulders. A suitable diet and a personalized training program help you achieve your goals.

Do push-ups
Do push-ups

Push-ups are complete exercises to refine your shoulders and upper body. Start with a set of 10 push-ups on the first day and increase to 3 sets by the end of the first week. Building muscle mass requires you to increase the difficulty and number of sets over the weeks. After three weeks, the results will be clearly visible. It is possible to obtain beautiful shoulders quickly thanks to push-up exercises.

If you can’t do the classic push-ups, there are less difficult variations to lose weight on your arms and shoulders. Among other things, countertop pumps are practical.

  • Stand facing a sturdy table or counter
  • Place your hands on the edge of the table
  • Put your feet as far apart as possible, on tiptoes and with your back straight
  • Bend your elbows and do push-ups until your chest touches the table
  • Straighten up to return to the initial position
  • Do 3 sets of 20 counter push-ups the first week
  • Increase sets each week

I recommend that you do physical cardio activities before exercises. Cardio helps you lose weight evenly throughout your body. Targeted exercises are used to strengthen flabby arms and unsightly shoulders. It is also important to eliminate fatty foods from your daily life.

The Dips

Dips are classic exercises for losing weight in the shoulders, arms and upper body. You need a chair or other solid support at a height of at least 60 cm from the ground.

  • Place both hands wide apart on the edges of the chair
  • Imitate the shape of the chair for your starting position
  • Bend your elbows and lower your buttocks
  • Then come back up while pushing your arms
  • Do sets of 10 dips, increasing the number each week

Breathing is an essential element in carrying out your exercises to gain muscle mass. The latter burns fat deposits and develops with intense exercise.

Do dips to lose shoulders
Do dips to lose shoulders

The dumbbells

If you want nice shoulders and well-muscled arms, dumbbells are effective for your upper body. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can use a water bottle for the exercises. There are many variations of dumbbells.

  • Hold the dumbbells in each hand
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart
  • Position your arms alongside your body and slightly bent
  • Stretch both arms backwards
  • Bring your arms forward
  • Do 3 sets of 10 exercises the first week
  • Increase the number of sets and the weight of the dumbbells over the weeks

It is important to follow a dietary rebalancing when you want to slim your shoulders and other parts of your body. We must favor healthy, colorful and varied foods. Reduce animal proteins and favor plant proteins. Eliminate fast sugars and prefer slow sugars in natural foods. Fatty foods should be banned from your diet. You must also hydrate well with 1.5 liters of water per day or even 2 liters of water.

Using dumbbells to lose shoulders
Using dumbbells to lose shoulders

What sports should you practice to strengthen your shoulders?

Refining your shoulders involves working the muscles to obtain muscle mass. Targeted exercises help you achieve your bodybuilding goals quickly. However, you have to practice sports to maintain the whole body. There are sports that work the arms and shoulders. I recommend that you practice them to keep your arms muscular and your shoulders thin.


Swimming is a complete sport to refine your figure. However, breaststroke and crawl are more effective for strengthening the shoulders and arms. Do lap sets 2 to 3 times a week for visible and rapid results.

Swimming to lose weight on your shoulders
Swimming to lose weight on your shoulders

Sports with balls

Tennis, squash and even badminton are sports that work the upper body, particularly the arms and shoulders. You can practice it 2 to 3 times a week to refine your shoulders and lose weight in your arms.

Ball games to work the shoulders
Ball games to work the shoulders

Sports with balls

Losing shoulders involves working the shoulder and arm muscles. Basketball, volleyball and even handball are sports that favor throwing. Practice it regularly! In all cases, sports are good for your figure and health. The muscles are strengthened and help you increase your endurance. Stretching exercises are also essential at the end of each physical activity or targeted exercises to protect your muscles.

Basketball to lose shoulders
Basketball to lose shoulders

To lose shoulders, you must replace fat deposits with muscle mass. Moreover, fat stores are burned by targeted and intense exercises. To achieve this, you must perform the series of exercises correctly and increase them as your training progresses. Targeted upper body exercises are perfect for losing weight in your shoulders and arms. Cardio sports help you to even out your figure. Dietary rebalancing is also essential for your success.