How to lose weight in your cheeks?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

The face, like the body, has several muscles that you must work and tone to avoid wrinkles and to firm the skin. If you neglect the muscles of your face, you risk having big, flabby cheeks and a particularly unsightly double chin. To protect yourself from this, get into the habit of doing facial exercises, especially if you want to lose weight on your cheeks. Adopting a suitable diet is also essential. Do you want to slim your cheeks and have firm skin on your face? As a nutrition specialist, I suggest you follow my advice, which I invite you to discover in the following lines. You will succeed in sculpting the contours of your face and losing cheeks.

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Why do we get bigger cheeks?

Cheeks can get bigger for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it can come from poor food hygiene, which can lead to excess weight. If your cheeks increase in volume, this may indeed be due to overconsumption of fatty foods. Which can increase the carbohydrate and salt content in the body. Hence the enlargement of your face, and in particular your cheeks, as well as your stomach, legs and even buttocks.

How to lose weight in your cheeks?
The face, like the body, has several muscles that you must work and tone to avoid wrinkles and to firm the skin.

Additionally, swollen cheeks may indicate that you are not getting enough water into your body. This tends to lead to water retention. To counter this, drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Furthermore, a chubby face may simply be a hereditary factor. If your parents have big cheeks, you might be predisposed to having them too.

Lose weight in the cheeks: how to do it?

Large cheeks are generally a sign of being overweight. This is when your cheeks are oily and your face becomes rounder. If you start to have a double chin, it may mean that you are becoming obese. To refine her cheeks and lose your double chin, you will first have to get rid of the fat on your cheeks, but also that contained throughout the body.

To remedy this, here are the most effective solutions. They will be more so if you combine them:

  • Change your eating habits to slim your cheeks and eradicate a double chin;
  • Practicing sporting activities helps refine the face: jogging, zumba, swimming, etc.;
  • Perform facial gymnastics exercises on a regular basis;
  • Smiling: it makes your cheeks lose weight.

Some very simple exercises can therefore prove effective. I will present them to you in more detail later in the article. For now, I suggest a few additional recommendations that will help you eliminate fat from your face and thus lose cheeks:

  • Provide good hydration to your face;
  • Clean your skin daily;
  • Adopt a balanced diet;
  • Prohibit the use of compact foundation;
  • Do not touch the pimples on the face;
  • Be careful in the sun, good protection is essential.

By following these tips, I guarantee that you will have less fat on your face. Which will allow you to lose weight on your cheeks.

What exercises to slim your cheeks?

As I mentioned previously, I will talk in more detail about the small exercises to perform to slim down the cheeks effectively. This basically boils down to engaging in facial gymnastics exercises. Facial gymnastics is an easy-to-perform technique for working the facial muscles. The few exercises that I cite to you below will allow you to firm, tone, but also contract the facial muscles. If you do it every day, it will help you lose weight in your cheeks and lose your double chin.

How to lose weight in your cheeks?
Chewing a piece of chewing gum, preferably without sugar, can promote thinning of the face, as well as the loss of a double chin and cheeks.

First exercise: suck in then swell the cheeks

The first exercise involves puffing and suctioning your cheeks. When you suck them in, purse your lips at the same time. Hold this pose for about ten seconds. After that, puff up the cheeks for ten seconds as well. Repeat this sequence 15 times. To refine your cheeks, this exercise will be of great help.

Second exercise: smile, smile and smile

Smiling helps to exercise the muscles located in the cheeks. When you give a smug, ear-to-ear smile, and if you hold it for ten seconds, it will help to make your cheeks look droopy. While smiling, bring your cheeks up towards your eyes as much as possible. Hold this position for about ten seconds before releasing everything. Repeat both exercises 15 times in a row.

Third exercise: chewing sugar-free gum

Chewing a piece of chewing gum, preferably without sugar, can promote thinning of the face, as well as the loss of a double chin and cheeks. In reality, the recurring chewing movement helps strengthen the jaw. Which will further strengthen the face. For example, you can chew your gum after eating lunch. This will give you some good facial gymnastics. A tip: chew gum once a day. And during the exercise, keep your mouth closed, otherwise your stomach may swell.

Fourth exercise: pronounce the sound “A”

Just like the previous exercises, pronouncing the “A” sound is effective for slimming the cheeks and making the face thinner. To do this, simply open your mouth wide and pronounce the letter “A”. Hold the pose for ten seconds, then relax. Here again, repeat this movement 15 times.

Fifth exercise: touching the nose with the upper lip

To perform this exercise and thus refine your cheeks, stand in front of a mirror. Then try to touch the nose with your upper lip. To do this, push your lip forward and lift each corner of your lips. Are you able to do it? Then hold the pose for ten seconds and release. Repeat the exercise five more times.

Last exercise: pronunciation of the letters “O” and “X”

Say “O X” out loud and enunciate well. Do it fifteen times in a row. Take a break for a few seconds before repeating the exercise three times. This will definitely help you work out your jawline and slim down your cheeks.

Food: adapt your diet to lose cheeks

Very often, as I have already stated above, when you notice fat gain on your face, this is a sign that you are overweight, due to a poor diet. I would also like to point out that even if you diligently apply yourself to perfectly targeted exercises, this will have no effect unless you adopt a healthy and balanced diet. You will combine this with sufficient daily energy expenditure.

So, to lose weight in the cheeks, just as for other areas of the body, it is fundamental to keep an eye on your diet, making sure to eat balanced and varied foods. In short, to refine your cheeks, sometimes you just need to change your habits. A few tips are also effective. If you find your face a little too chubby for your liking, it is not necessarily overweight.

How to lose weight in your cheeks?
Fruits and vegetables contribute to hydration and prevent water retention in the cheeks.

In some cases, you may just be retaining water. To remedy this, you just need to get rid of this water accumulated in your cheeks. Drink more water and make sure your water intake is at least 1.5 liters per day. On the other hand, know that sugar and salt are favorable to water retention. If you’re used to eating processed foods, it’s time to stop because they contain significant amounts of salt and sugar. Instead, choose fresh foods that you prepare yourself. You will then be able to measure the salt and sugar as required.

To slim down the cheeks, dietary fibers are excellent allies. Also, to complete your diet, don’t forget to eat vegetables, fruits and cereals: cucumber, celery, pineapple, lemon, artichoke, melon… Thanks to their richness in water, fruits and vegetables contribute hydration and prevent water retention in the cheeks. Also favor foods full of calcium, such as natural yogurt and cottage cheese. Finally, consume alcohol moderately, if at all, especially if you want to lose cheeks! Also remember to consume enough protein.

Products and treatments to slim down the cheeks

If slimming creams can reduce the waistline by a few centimeters, certain treatments specially designed for the face can be effective in slimming the cheeks. For night care, opt for night face slimming creams which will help you firm up the face and refine the cheeks thanks to its lifting and draining effect.

For day care, several major brands compete in ingenuity to offer you good products. Certain creams with a lifting action not only reduce wrinkles, but also smooth the skin. Anti-aging treatments are indicated to correct the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin. Finally, you have contour creams or serums to tone the face and make the cheeks less flabby.

To apply your treatments, add a small amount of the product to your fingertips. Then apply it to your cheekbones, massaging lightly towards the edges. Repeat this gesture at least 10 times so that the treatment penetrates deep into your skin. For the chin, coat your hand with cream, then warm it between your palms. Send your head back then gently massage your chin using the product. Start at chin level and finish above the chest.

Was my advice helpful to you? In any case, always remember that to lose fat, regardless of the area of ​​the body concerned: cheeks, face, legs, stomach, etc., it is essential to combine regular physical activity with good nutrition. . Refining your cheeks will then be child’s play!