The best detox and slimming recipes for the month of January 2020

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

For the New Year and because after the holidays, it is time to make good resolutions, I have selected the best deto recipesx and web slimming.

Before reading on

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The easy-to-prepare detox juice by “Amour de cuisine”

Detox juice allows our body to remain well hydrated to ensure the functions of cleaning toxins and waste that clog cells.

Ingredients :

  • Pears: full of vitamins and minerals that preserve health;
  • Pineapple: rich in vitamin C, pineapple helps strengthen the immune system, helps our body to better digest proteins and reduce bloating;
  • Lemon: rich in vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 and E, proteins and trace elements.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

Pear detox juice from the blog Amour de cuisine

Vegan detox soup by Julia

On Julia’s blog “Healthy Julia”, you will find 100% healthy recipes that are good for your health. Today Julia shares her detox soup recipe with us.

Rich in vegetables, fiber and detoxifiers. You can find seasonal white vegetables: turnip, white leek, white-fleshed sweet potato and celeriac.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

Deetox healthy julia soup
The detox soup from the Healthy Julia blog

Johanna’s Buddha detox bowl

To rest your liver and your body, Johanna from the blog “Mon Petit Cloud” shares with us her vegetarian boudha bol recipe. It involves preparing a complete and healthy dish in a bowl by combining cereals (white rice, quinoa, bulgur, etc.) with raw, marinated or cooked vegetables, legumes and oilseeds (chickpeas, lentils, avocados, cherry tomatoes). , hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, etc.) and fresh herbs.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

recipe-detox-boudha-bol my little cloud
The boudha bowl from the blog My little cloud

Detox salad with white cabbage and Sandrine’s ham

Sandrine Leroux has been a dietitian since 2000. She shares many tips for healthy and balanced eating on her website. For the end of year celebrations, Sandrine offers you a recipe rich in vitamins, fiber and low in calories. The recipe is perfect for a light dinner, made with white cabbage, bean sprouts, ham, shrimp, apple and carrots.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

white cabbage detox salad sandrine leroux
Sandrine Leroux’s detox salad

Christophe’s galette des rois

After the end of year celebrations quickly comes the galette des rois. Christophe offers us a recipe for galette des rois with frangipane. Its objective: to remove or reduce certain ingredients and replace them with healthier ingredients which will provide a better nutritional balance.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

galette de rois easy slimming recipe
Christophe’s galette des rois

Erwann’s detox soups

Erwann offers you on site not one recipe but 4 detox soup recipes! Among these recipes, you will find ingredients with many virtues:

  • Kale: excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. Rich in fiber, it also contains many minerals such as magnesium and trace elements.
  • Butternut squash: source of minerals such as potassium, but also of vitamin A and beta-carotenes, which makes it a great ally for your skin.
  • Cauliflower: ideal for weight loss, it reduces blood sugar levels and prevents it from being stored as fat

To discover the complete recipes, go to here.

fitnext detox soup
The detox soup from the Fitnext site

There express smoothie recipe by Laurie

Laurie shares with us many easy and healthy recipes through her blog “Only Laurie”. Here it is a healthy-looking and antioxidant smoothie. With ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals, such as beetroot, lemon, raspberry, banana and orange.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

The smoothie from the Only Laurie blog

Estelle’s detox juice and soup

Estelle shares with us in her blog “Le Lab’ by Estelle” her post-holiday detox day. She presents two recipes based on organic fruits and vegetables, to help her body recover after big end-of-year meals. On the menu: celery, fuji, kale, apple, beetroot, carrot, lemon, orange and many other healthy ingredients with multiple virtues!

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

detox juice la lab by estelle
The detox juice from the blog Le Lab’ By Estelle

Mushroom noodles from Kiss My Chef

Kiss My Chef is two fervent gourmets, Constance and Philippe, who share their common passion. To start the year, they present a delicious detox recipe for mushroom noodles. For this you will need konjac, oats, mushrooms, garlic, parsley and of course noodles.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

kissmychef mushroom noodles
Mushroom noodles from Kiss My Chef

Vanessa’s green mango smoothie

Vanessa is a photographer and food stylist. She shares her passion and numerous recipes on her blog “Vanessa Cuisine”. Its green mango smoothie is delicious and nourishing, made with fresh and organic products. Among the ingredients, parsley, an herb rich in vitamins A, C and B9 and iron.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

green-mango-smoothie vanessa cuisine
The green mango smoothie from the blog Vanessa Cuisine

Sandra’s spinach green dome

Sandra is a vegetarian and vegan cooking consultant. She shares her sweet and savory recipes through her blog “Un billet pour Sandra”. For the new year, she presents a light and tasty recipe based on spinach. This food is rich in vitamin K, magnesium, calcium and potassium, it is a real ally for strong and healthy bones! But also a slimming ally because spinach has a high satiety index coupled with a low caloric density.

To discover the complete recipe, click here.

spinach dome a ticket for sandra
Spinach dome from the blog A post for Sandra