Best Sweat Belts: Review & Comparison

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

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This belt stabilizes your back while providing a “sauna effect” to your body and leading to weight loss.
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A sweat belt is a practical and effective accessory for quickly achieving a flat stomach without having to make any particular effort. Man or woman, it is strongly recommended to combine its use with physical activity for optimal results.

This accessory is generally made of neoprene fabric and polyamide to intensify perspiration. Different options are also available depending on the needs and objectives of each individual. Very easy to use, you can wear this accessory under your clothes at any time, discreetly.

And you don’t have to follow a specific diet to see results. However, it is advisable to have a balanced and reasonable diet to accelerate the result. Find out everything you need to know about this product here, including how to use it and its advantages and disadvantages.

My Top 3

Bracoo, the “sauna” belt

Bracoo sweat belt

My opinion

The Bracoo sweat belt impresses me! It creates a sauna effect to increase sweating and burn more calories during exercise. It isolates the abdominal region and hips, to help refine the silhouette and eliminate toxins. I loved the fact that it “compresses” the body a little to stabilize the abdomen and back, because you also feel supported but without restricting natural movements! I found the belt to be of good quality, with a hook-and-loop fastening strip to adjust according to each person’s body and morphology. According to the manufacturer, it is made of neoprene and does not emit any odor. It also has a lining on the inside which prevents the belt from slipping off the body. I tested it by doing some muscle strengthening exercises and indeed, it didn’t move much. It can be worn comfortably under clothing and is easy to maintain. I would rather recommend this belt!


    • Available in 2 sizes;
    • Healthy for the skin;
    • Anti-slip lining;
    • Friendly price.


    • Slightly thick belt;
    • Some cases of allergies noted.

Internet users’ opinions

Here are some opinions from Internet users:

Pink says: “You sweat a lot even after walking.”

Olivier says: “Very good quality belt, I shine when I do my half hour on the mat and it’s incredible the perspiration that comes out of it.”

Mezzuno, a sweating and support belt

Mezzuno Belt

My opinion

Mezzuno is a slimming belt also in neoprene, it is designed to increase perspiration during your sports sessions. For my part, It also promotes blood circulation, helps burn calories and eliminates toxins. In addition to its slimming benefits, this belt also provides support to improve posture during exercise. It encourages you to maintain an upright posture, which can reduce pain and strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles. It easily adapts to all body shapes thanks to its Velcro fastening system.

The belt is made of high quality neoprene, making it lightweight, comfortable and wear-resistant. Even with intensive use, it maintains its durability and does not slip during your movements.


  • Two sizes available;
  • Free fanny pack;
  • European brand;
  • Stimulates blood circulation.


  • Hand washing ;
  • Air dry only.

Internet users’ opinions

Here are some comments from won over internet users:

Nancy explains: “Very good belt which actually makes you sweat even without sport, I use it at work (am a caregiver) it supports my back and helps me to sweat. I recommend ++++”

Dolmare says: “I use it in addition to sport, it’s amazing, I sweat with the belt and I’ve lost centimeters”

Cambivo, my third choice

Cambivo Belt

My opinion

And for the last one, the Cambivo sweat belt, which I also found effective and which made me sweat (in every sense of the word!) during training. It is suitable for different sports activities such as jogging and yoga. Cambivo says the belt is made of premium SBR fabric with two layers: the inner layer is made of latex-free waterproof neoprene, to repel moisture absorption and increase sweating during training. The belt also provides good support! Putting the belt on and taking it off is pretty easy. You can wrap it around your waist and secure it with the adjustable closure, quite practical and simple.


  • Net offered;
  • Retains heat;
  • Non-odorous.


  • Not machine washable;
  • Air dry only;
  • Smaller than in the pictures.

Internet users’ opinions

Sarah says: “It’s by far the best sweat belt that I’ve tested and that’s not to say. Besides its initial use which is sweating, it serves me very well as a sheath (yes, yes) and I I’m more than satisfied.”

Oceane says: “Gift for my partner, he is very satisfied with it. After 10 uses it still has no smell.”

Presentation of the sweat belt

This accessory helps you refine your silhouette at the waist level. It is available in different sizes, to better adapt to users, men or women.

sweat belt
The sweat belt is a device for slimming down at the waist.

This accessory works by promoting sweating and eliminating toxins. This is how the wrapped area becomes refined.

From a technical point of view, this equipment is made of neoprene and polyamide. It then retains heat well, has optimal elasticity and offers incomparable comfort of use thanks to the materials that compose.

This belt slimming can be worn by everyone and remains invisible under clothes. You can wear it anywhere and anytime. When you do your shopping, when you do your household chores or even when you play sports.

It is worth pointing out that the more you move, the more you sweat and the more results you will get. To optimize results you can supplement its use with a sweat leggings or test the sweat suit.

How to choose the right belt sweating?

Several belt models sweating are available on the market. The choice depends on your requirements and of your goals.

The material

A belt sweat is more effective when it is made with neoprene, polyamide, lycra and polychloride. These materials promote perspiration and therefore allow you to have a satisfactory result.

Ease of maintenance

You will have to wear the slimming belt several times a week. He is therefore recommended to opt for a model compatible with frequent washing, that whether by machine or by hand.

Additional functions

Some belts sweatshirts have small pockets where you can store your phone or an mp3 player for example. Other models, for their part, have the capacity to absorb moisture. This offers even more comfort and limits risks irritation, as the skin breathes better.

Types of sweat belts

There are two main types of sweat belts which are distinguished by their functioning.

The sweat belt for a flat stomach

This type of belt sweating promises you a flat stomach thanks to perspiration and elimination toxins. Place it just at your waist level to enjoy its benefits. This equipment offers you optimal comfort of use and fits your shapes to perfection.

The sweat belt to burn fat

This type of belt is especially recommended for those who want to burn calories additional. It has an anti-perspiration band thanks to which your body temperature is maintained at an optimal value during your exercises. This promotes the elimination of fatty masses. This equipment also improves blood circulation.

How to use the sweat belt correctly?

As with a classic belt, you must wrap the sweating device around your waist to benefit from its benefits. Tighten tightly as if you were putting on a sheath and close with the hook-and-loop fasteners at the ends.

Note that there are also models that you can put on from the top. They are fixed without closing accessories thanks to their elasticity.

You can then carry out your daily tasks or play sports in complete comfort until you sweat. This type of accessory offers you great freedom of movement thanks to the flexibility of the fabric. You won’t even feel its presence.

After a few hours, simply remove it and clean it. It is also recommended to take a shower after wearing a sweat belt.

sweat belt
Proper use of the sweat belt allows you to significantly reduce your waistline.

What are the benefits?

Athletes are increasingly attracted to the slimming sweat belt. This accessory for men and women presents, in fact, various benefits.

A practical accessory

You can put on your sweat belt in just a few minutes. She does not there is no risk of coming off thanks to the presence of scratch. Furthermore, the fabric is light and comfortable. Wearing the accessory therefore does not pose a problem. problem, even in the heat of summer.

Equipment that is suitable for everyone world

This accessory is suitable for both men and women. You can also use the sweat belt that you are sporty or not. You will always see good results. Finally, it does not represent any danger, regardless of your build and your measurements.

A discreet device

The belt does not leave any trace of its presence when you carry. So you can wear it at any time, and for various occasions. This accessory also adapts to all types of clothing. You can put it under a skirt, pants or even a dress. In any case, the daily wearing of this accessory gives you the possibility of losing calories at any time of the day.

A belt that tones the skin

Eliminating toxins improves the quality of your skin. This The latter becomes more and more healthy with use. Your epidermis becomes then softer and smoother. The belt sweating also helps refresh the skin. And it is interesting to note that despite the intense heat you feel, the temperature remains at 37°C. Be careful, remember to drink plenty of water when using this device.

Equipment that promotes sweat

The belt sweatshirt is the perfect item for those who struggle to sweat. She is also useful if you always work seated, or if your state of Your health doesn’t really allow you to move, for example. It helps you to sweat without having to do a lot of movement.

A tool to refine the silhouette

The belt subtly camouflages love handles thanks to the sheathing effect, for visually more harmonious silhouette. At the same time, toxins stored in level of your stomach are eliminated little by little thanks to perspiration.

sweat belt
The sweat belt advantageously refines the silhouette

Several sizes and brands available

The belt Sweatshirt is available in several sizes, ranging from S to 3 XL. YOU You can therefore benefit from its benefits, whatever your body size. On the other hand, several brands have now launched into the sale of this accessory. A wide range of prices is therefore available. Everyone can find a model that suits your needs and budget.

Ease of maintenance

It is recommended to wash the sweat belt by hand using just water and soap. soap. It is a piece of equipment that does not require complicated care. It’s necessary just clean it after each use to avoid unpleasant odors of sweat. Then, air dry your accessory before roll it up in the storage bag. All this guarantees its durability. He Please note that the washing machine and iron can damage this product.

Some disadvantages to be aware of

Risks linked to dehydration

You lose a large amount of water due to heavy sweating even at rest. It is therefore It is necessary to hydrate yourself a lot when using exercise equipment. sweating (belt or others).

Skin irritation

Permanently wearing the sweat belt can cause eczema or pimples if you have fragile skin. The latter lacks, in fact, oxygen to the extent where she remains covered all day. It is therefore advisable to give your skin the opportunity to breathe by removing the accessory from time to time. So postpone its use and do not use it continuously. He is also recommended to remove the belt when you sleep. Finally, make sure it is always clean.

Vigilant point

Wearing a sweat belt is not recommended during the menstruation period. There Heavy sweating could cause discomfort.

It is also prohibited to use this accessory during pregnancy. Heavy sweating can affect the health of both mother and child. It is also recommended to avoid anything that can cause dehydration during gestation. In addition, the stomach should not be tight to ensure the proper development of the fetus.

sweat belt
The sweat belt is available in many models

Internet users appreciate the fact that there are several models available on the market. So they can find the belt that suits them is suitable and fits their budget and goals. She is generally of good quality and is suitable for frequent washing. The colour and elasticity are maintained throughout the washes. On the other hand, the presence A storage bag is very practical.

According to buyers, the fact that it is discreet also represents a major advantage of the belt sweating. The latter remains invisible, even if you wear a top tight. It also adapts to all types of body types. She does not risk no falling when you put it on thanks to the Velcro fasteners. In Plus, it’s comfortable.

The sweat belt is undeniably your ally to have a flat stomach or to burn fats by promoting sweating during a sports session or daily activities. It is generally suitable for everyone, especially men, women, children, the elderly and even sportsmen.

Recent models are even capable of absorbing moisture and are equipped with practical pockets. The result is quick and optimal with physical exercises and a well-balanced diet. However, it is imperative to drink plenty of water. It is, in fact, necessary to compensate for water losses to avoid dehydration. It is also recommended to seek the advice of your doctor before wearing a sweat belt if you have sensitive skin.

Your questions

Does wearing a sweat belt help you lose weight?

There is not enough scientific evidence to support the idea that wearing a sweat belt results in significant weight loss. Increased sweating caused by the sweat belt does not mean you are burning more fat. Any weight lost is usually due to water loss and will be quickly regained once you hydrate again.

Can a sweat belt help slim the waistline?

Sweat belts do not specifically burn belly fat or achieve a flatter stomach. Loss of inches from the waist, if any, is often temporary and related to water loss. To achieve lasting and real results, it is best to adopt a holistic approach including a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Are there any risks associated with wearing a sweat belt?

Wearing a sweat belt may pose certain risks. Excessive overheating of the body can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalances and increased fatigue. Additionally, constant compression around the waist can affect breathing and blood circulation. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before using a sweat belt, particularly if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

Can you use a sweat belt while sleeping to lose weight?

It is not recommended to wear a sweat belt while sleeping. The risk of overheating and electrolyte imbalances is higher during sleep, and this can lead to health complications. Additionally, weight loss from sweating will be primarily due to water loss and will be temporary.

Can sweat belts cause skin irritation?

Yes, it is possible that wearing a sweat belt may cause skin irritation, particularly if worn for long periods of time or if the skin is sensitive. The heat and humidity created by the belt can encourage the growth of bacteria and cause rashes, itching or irritation.