Best Sweat Shorts and Leggings: Review & Comparison

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

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Sweat shorts and leggings are accessories that have been specially designed to support people who want to refine their figure. They work to promote sweating, thus helping in weight loss.

But are they really effective? Continue reading to find out everything about this type of clothing, its presentation, its uses, its advantages, its constraints, without forgetting user reviews.

My Top 3

My #1 choice: VeoFit sweat leggings

My opinion

I recently tried the ‘Veofit’ sweat pants and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. The manufacturing quality of the pants is quite good. It is comfortable to wear thanks to the fitted cut, but a little hard to put on at first. One of the most interesting aspects of these sweat pants is their ability to increase perspiration. It creates a kind of sauna effect, which helps remove toxins from the body and stimulates water loss. When I wore it during my workouts, I noticed more sweating on my legs and butt (almost a shower!). I sincerely think that the pants do their job well but if you are aiming for weight loss, you really have to push to see results.


    • Good sweating efficiency;
    • Reduces water retention;
    • Refines the skin;
    • Comfort of use.


    • Size a little tight;
    • Handwash only ;
    • May be odorous.

Consumer opinion

As I explained in my opinion above, I think that weight loss is more complicated to achieve but the pants remain advantageous, here are some testimonials:

A client explains: “I took a size larger to be safe, fortunately it just fits too tight at the shins because the small size on the leg doesn’t reach my ankle plus cropped pants and at the waist a drawstring would have been nice. been better
I’m 1m70cm tall. However, after an hour of step, I’m wet. It works, refines the legs and erases the cellulite appearance.”

Stef31 says: “I bought a pair of sweat pants to lose centimeters on my legs. They are very good quality and don’t really have a smell. I wore these pants for running, I felt like I was sweating a lot but I didn’t feel anything in my pants.
When I took it off I was soaked and so were the pants. On the other hand, I didn’t lose any centimeters or kilos with these pants. I took it to try it without believing it. But I still use it even though there is no effect on my body. For me, these pants are a placebo even if they do their job because you sweat a lot and they have an effect on cellulite.”

My #2 choice: Chumian sweat shorts

My opinion

For these sweat shorts, I tried them in a setting where they were touted for their benefits during sports. I decided to go ahead and buy it. So I used it a few times during my muscle strengthening sessions. In my case, I must say that it fulfills its function of making you sweat and creating feelings of heat. My experience with these sweat shorts is mostly positive. I felt some benefits on my skin and in particular the exfoliation of the thighs, but I think you have to use it daily to have real long-term results.


  • Good sauna effect;
  • Good support for thighs, stomach and buttocks;
  • Light material.


  • Size a little tight;
  • Handwash only.

Consumer opinion

Faustine says: “I’m super delighted with this one and I recommend it. With it I sweat more, which is what I was looking for. I wear it for walking, cleaning or working outside. I’m happy with it (even underneath jogging, it is discreet).”

Jeremy says: “I use it for sports, it’s comfortable and the size is perfect. It does its job. I’m quite satisfied.”

My #3 choice: Yoga Slim Fit cropped leggings

My opinion

These sweat leggings are made of neoprene. As with the other two sweat stockings, it is effective for perspiration with this composition. It is also very comfortable to wear, I was not restricted in my movements during exercise. The leggings also have a little extra: a pocket that allowed me to store my cell phone and keys during training. This is a nice little extra for outdoor training!


  • Absorbent effect;
  • Good heat preservation;
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Smelly shorts;
  • Slightly noisy friction.

Consumer opinion

Qitop says: “I just bought this product and I am delighted after only a few days of trying it. I suffer from back problems and have to perform daily exercises and above all not gain weight and shape my stomach. These pants allow me to “improve results without making noise or hindering movement during exercises. It really increases body temperature and leads to significantly more sweating. Toxins are thus eliminated more quickly and you feel much better afterwards. I highly recommend this product !”

Karine explains: “Very good product… Totally does its job! As soon as I ride my bike I’m soaked, really effective. I highly recommend it. I can’t do without it! Trying it means adopting it!”

What are sweat shorts or leggings?


Sweat shorts or leggings are made of specific materials to promote sweat production. it is, among other things, composed of PVC, neoprene or even polyamide. It looks like a classic piece of clothing at first glance. Visually, it is impossible to tell the difference. It’s when you wear it that you really realize it.

Sweat shorts
The sweat shorts allow you to refine the thighs through a phenomenon of perspiration

The shorts reach above the knees while the leggings stop at the ankles. These accessories are suitable for men and women. They are equipped with a shape memory system coupled with an insulating property.


Sweat shorts or leggings promote perspiration thanks to manufacturing materials. To do this, they increase body temperature.

This is how body temperature rises before falling again to normal, i.e. around 37°C. Don’t worry if you have a slight feeling of heat on the lower body since this is the effect discount.


These sweating accessories like the belt have the advantage of adapting to several occasions. Use them to go to the office, for a walk or during a sporting activity. Women have the option of wearing the shorts under a skirt or dress while men can wear them under work pants. Just make sure it doesn’t stick out to avoid ruining your look.

Many models are available on the market. You can even find leggings that perfectly replace pants to avoid giving the feeling of doing sport. However, you must prepare yourself mentally and materially, because you will sweat while wearing it.

Size guide

The size guide is a criterion guaranteeing user comfort. Shorts or sweat leggings adapted to your body shape allow you to benefit from its multiple advantages. You usually have a choice between :

  • Size S: for those under 1.60 m having a weight below 60 kg;
  • Size M: for people between 1.60 at 1.70 m with a weight between 60 to 70 kg;
  • Size L: for individuals between 1.70 at 1.75 m weighing between 70 to 75 kg;
  • Size XL: for men and women over 1.75 m who weigh more than 76 kg.

Shorts or leggings sweating: what to choose?

These two garments are effective, but the choice essentially depends on comfort level and goals. Some people are comfortable having the calves covered. Leggings are also recommended for those who wish to refine this area. Also opt for shorts if you are targeting particularly the thighs, glutes and stomach.

The season of purchase of sweatpants also influences the user choice. Shorts are more popular in summer and leggings are more appreciated in winter.

What benefits do you get from sweat pants?

You get many benefits from investing in shorts or slimming leggings. Find the benefits of these clothes in the sections following.

A slimmer silhouette

Wear sweat shorts or leggings if your goal is to refine your silhouette more precisely at the lower body level. These clothing covers this part to achieve the desired effect. All the covered areas including the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and the calves are affected.

Sweat shorts
The silhouette becomes more refined as you use the sweat shorts

The fabric performs a sort of massage to ensure a result optimal. So don’t hesitate to wear them every day.


These slimming accessories also help you lose weight. YOU achieve such a result when you wear the shorts or leggings in practicing physical exercises. Water loss is in fact optimized under such conditions, which implies the difference in weight.

Evacuation of toxins

Toxins are harmful to the body, especially if their accumulation is important. It is therefore essential that they are evacuated to avoid the Water retention. The latter harms your state of health and your silhouette. The use of a sweating accessory is effective in treating this type of problem.

In fact, the natural emunctories are saturated and no longer fill their role as a toxin evacuator. Wearing shorts or leggings stimulates lymphatic and venous function. The harmful substances are then redirected outwards by sweat.

Improved blood circulation

The problem of poor blood or lymphatic circulation causes many victims. Several factors can be the cause, including heredity, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking or even being overweight. THE Pregnant women are among those most affected by this case.

Protect yourself from these diseases and their consequences by wearing shorts sweating for example. Opt for slimming leggings if you suffer from this problem in your legs. Note that models adapted for pregnant women are available in the market.

Optimization of perspiration

Invest in this type of pants if you have problems sweat. It is lighter and more comfortable than the sweat suit. In fact, your body is entirely isolated with the latter.

On the other hand, it is important to note that sweating is a good means of evacuating body heat to bring down the temperature of the body at approximately 37°C. It is therefore important to move to sweat.

Many models available

Several models of leggings or sweat shorts are available on the market. Everyone can find the one they need. Some clothes are discreet. You can wear them under a skirt, a dress or even pants without anyone notices it.

Sweat pants, for their part, should be favored in winter and in summer. They cover you, warm you and contribute to your weight loss if you put them on under another item of clothing. Finally, various styles and colors are available so that everyone can find clothing that suits their tastes.

Reduction of cellulite and saddlebags

Saddlebags are usually caused by a buildup of cellulite or water retention problems. It is located below the hip. This unsightly appearance harms the appearance. One of the best ways to correct it is to regularly wear sweat shorts or leggings slimming.

Sweat shorts
Say goodbye to cellulite with sweat shorts

These accessories optimize sweat production sufficiently to overcome water accumulation and cellulite that accumulates.

A comfortable accessory

Sweatpants are comfortable as long as you wear the right one. size. The materials also play an important role in making you feel comfortable in this type of clothing. The fabrics are sufficiently elastic to better shape memory. They refine the silhouette without presenting a “too tight” effect. They are also slippery so you can easily put on leggings or shorts.

These pants also offer more freedom of movement. It is for this reason that they constitute important allies during the activities physical exercises requiring bending, for example. Choose the model that suits you makes you feel comfortable. Also take into account thickness and softness.

Limitations of sweat leggings and practical advice to adopt

Rules to follow when wearing sweat clothing

Investing in a sweat accessory (shorts, leggings or other) with an unsuitable size is ineffective – especially if it is large. So make sure that the shorts or leggings fit well and fit your body perfectly to better promote perspiration. A tip is to opt for a model that is a little tight compared to your measurements. It is advisable to refer to the size guide proposed previously to find the model you need.

Also avoid wearing several layers of sweat clothing on the same part of the body in order to optimize their effectiveness. In other words, put on either leggings or shorts.

An accessory that proves ineffective in certain cases

Simply wearing sweatpants is insufficient to benefit from the benefits mentioned in the previous section. The only real way to benefit from it is to wear it while performing physical exercises. However, you do not need to do an extreme sport or even a marathon.

A simple walk or a few strength exercises are enough to refine the silhouette and lose weight. These activities already promote sweating is the source of all the benefits of these clothes.

The importance of hydration

The body loses water during activities due to sweating. It is therefore important to fill this gap because the body needs water to function normally.

On the other hand, dehydration is dangerous, because it leads to excessively concentrated urine, headaches, increased heart rate, nausea and even dizziness. Your body eliminates toxins better when it is sufficiently hydrated.

Sweat shorts
Good hydration is essential when using the sweat shorts regularly

The sensitivity of certain types of skin

It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin and those prone to fungus from wearing these types of pants. Risk of irritation increases when the perspiring skin area rubs against the fabric material. Refer to the label to find out the materials the garment is made from.

Also avoid using sweat shorts or leggings if you have any skin problem or injury on the part covered by the fabric to avoid making the situation worse. Ask a dermatologist to find solutions if you insist on using the pants.

Caring for sweat pants

Cleaning in the washing machine harms the quality of the fabric and reduces thus the effectiveness of the pants. Therefore, choose to wash by hand with cold water and soap after each workout. It’s a good way to stay clean by extending the durability of your assets.

It is also advisable to read the label carefully to find out the appropriate drying method. Let the garment air dry naturally if no mention is made.


The advantage of leggings or sweat shorts is that they target specific areas. This is a major advantage for someone who only wants to refine their lower body. Hydrate well and eat fruits and vegetables to make up for energy losses and avoid possible problems. On the other hand, it is advisable to opt for a sweat suit or one clothing of sweating if you want to refine your figure in general.

Your questions

How do leggings or sweat shorts work?

Sweat leggings or shorts work by retaining body heat and increasing the temperature of the area where they are worn. This stimulates sweating and promotes increased thermal activity. As a result, you may lose more water through sweating, which can temporarily make you look thinner and help eliminate toxins from your body.

Do sweat leggings or shorts really help you lose weight?

Sweat leggings or shorts may contribute to temporary weight loss due to water loss through sweating. However, it is important to note that this weight loss is mainly due to temporary dehydration and not actual fat loss. For lasting weight loss, it is essential to combine the use of these garments with a balanced and regular diet, as well as a suitable exercise program.

Can you use sweat leggings or shorts outside of exercise?

Yes, it is possible to wear leggings or sweat shorts outside of physical exercise. Some people use them during daily activities to benefit from the feeling of warmth and increased sweating they provide. However, it is important to ensure you stay hydrated and not overly prolong their use, as this can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Are leggings or sweat shorts suitable for all types of physical activities?

The sweat leggings or shorts can be used for a variety of physical activities such as running, fitness, yoga, walking, cycling, etc. However, it is important to choose the right model depending on the activity being performed. Some models are specifically designed for running, for example, with additional features such as pockets for storing keys or a phone.