How to eat less, or even stop eating (temporarily)?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Are you aware that overconsumption of food is bad for your health and weight, but you don’t know how to eat less? Here are simple and effective long-term tips that have already proven themselves to many people. However, it is important to note that you need to be patient and perseverant to see good results.

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1. How to stop eating at all hours: learn to listen to your body

One of the most important steps in learning to eat less is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. To do this, you must stop systematically eating snacks for fear of being hungry. Instead, wait until you really feel the need to consume anything. Typically, you know your body is crying out for food when you feel weak and/or dizzy or start to get irritable.

How to eat less, or even stop eating (temporarily)?
Learn to listen to your body.

You must also learn to differentiate between physiological hunger and psychological hunger. It is indeed possible that you want to eat because you are bored or because you cannot control your emotions (positive or negative). So the best thing to do when you feel the need for food is to take a moment and see if the situation you are in could be causing it. Occupy your mind with another activity (physical exercise, cleaning or even music) if this is the case and eat if you find no connection.

Please note that it will take time for you to effectively understand the message that your body is trying to send you. But it is entirely possible and you will see with patience and perseverance that you will end up making a difference instantly.

2. How to eat less: opt for smaller plates

You’re probably wondering how eating on smaller plates could help you reduce your food intake. In fact, opting for a smaller but full container makes you feel like you’ve eaten enough. Studies have even shown that adopting this habit would help you reduce the quantity of each of your meals by 15 to 30%.

The same goes for sugary or alcoholic drinks which are the biggest enemies of diet and good health. The principle is not to deprive yourself of it to avoid being frustrated. This would ultimately ruin all your efforts. You just have to opt for smaller glasses and be careful not to refill to consume less.

Finally, it is also recommended to use medium-sized spoons and forks. This means you take smaller bites and finish your meal more slowly. Indeed, you may feel like your food is insufficient if you finish it quickly, which could make you want to eat more.

3. Keep temptations away from you

How can you reduce the amount of food you eat if you continue to keep cookies, chips or cakes in your cupboards? Knowing that you have snacks in stock makes it even easier to feel hungry, especially when you’re bored or going through a difficult time. So avoid buying them when you’re stocking up, or at worst, take low-calorie fruits and vegetables.

How to eat less, or even stop eating (temporarily)?
Stay away from any temptation to snack.

Along the same lines, learn to prepare enough meals to avoid leftovers. This might tempt you to stock up again. However, you don’t have to change your habits if it is more convenient for you to cook in one go for the whole day or for several days. You just need to freeze the leftovers after serving so you don’t have to use them again. It is also recommended to leave dishes in the kitchen during the meal.

It is also advisable not to buy sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchups and any other flavor enhancers. The flavors they bring might keep you from stopping eating. Finally, avoid restaurants while you get used to your new lifestyle to avoid all temptations.

4. Eat the Right Way

Professionals generally recommend drinking two large glasses of water before eating or starting the meal with a light soup. This helps you reduce the portion you take. Furthermore, your body only feels the feeling of satiety around fifteen to thirty minutes after the start of your meal. It is therefore necessary to take your time to avoid going overboard. Chew your food well and take short breaks regularly.

Additionally, it is recommended to focus on the food and savor the tastes during meals. Turn off the television, put down the newspaper and your cell phone and avoid getting into a big discussion, especially if it could affect your emotions. However, you should not completely isolate yourself if you are used to eating with friends, family or even your colleagues. You just have to learn to eat and stop occasionally to talk.

5. Take an appetite suppressant

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You can also take appetite suppressant pills if you are unable to control your eating habits and urges on your own. These supplements help you significantly reduce your appetite thanks to their components. However, it is recommended to consult a specialist before taking it in order to preserve your health. He will be able to prescribe the best appetite suppressant as well as the correct dosage after a careful examination of your general condition.

It is advisable to opt for supplements based on natural ingredients like Zotrim to maintain the balance of your body in the long term. This allows you to keep up the pace for a long time. Furthermore, this appetite suppressant is suitable for vegans. In other words, it does not contain any products of animal origin. It also underwent clinical testing before going on sale and received expert approval. Finally, the brand fully refunds your purchase in the event of dissatisfaction.

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