Can homeopathy have an appetite suppressant effect?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A gentle treatment method, homeopathy makes it possible to treat various pathologies in individuals by integrating different states of the patient (physical, mental state, pace of life, personality, environment). This therapy has the merit of personalizing its treatment despite a similarity of pathologies in two distinct patients. It is in this context that many men and women seek homeopathy in their quest to lose weight.

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Homeopathy: appetite suppressant effects that are still little known

Many of you now turn to homeopathy to help you lose excess pounds and control your weight. In truth, homeopathy is a simple and effective alternative available to you to regulate your excess weight. Its appetite suppressant effects are as follows:

  • Homeopathy cuts hunger and attacks the root of the problem you suffer from: excess weight;
  • It helps regulate your appetite;
  • and saves you from the usual cravings to get you back in shape as quickly as possible.
Homeopathic appetite suppressant
Several homeopathic preparations have appetite suppressant effects.

The benefits of homeopathy in terms of appetite suppressant

Good news, using a homeopathic appetite suppressant presents no danger or contraindication for you. It does not cause any adverse effects. You are safe from any dependence or drug interaction. There is therefore no interference with allopathic treatment.

Sometimes presented in globules or in the form of sugary drops, your slimming ally is also indicated for children and very easy to swallow.

If I want to talk about a drawback in your homeopathic treatment, I would rather say that you need a dose of patience. Patience is required to determine the ideal dosage to recommend to you, because the treatment is personalized. In addition, it may happen that your treatment is temporarily unavailable from your approved provider. So, no worries with the effectiveness of the product.

What homeopathic remedies to lose weight

Know this, your first obstacle to overcome to lose fat and refine your figure is snacking. To achieve this, follow the following tips:

  • Antimonium crudum 9 CH and Ignatia amara 9 CH, excellent appetite suppressants (2 granules 3 times a day) to stop these crazy cravings and make your stomach wait until the next meal;
  • Sulfur 9 CH will suit you if you have a weakness for sugar (cakes, candies and other sweets);
  • Conversely, if you cannot resist salty treats and are constipated, then your ally will be Natrum muriaticum;
  • Calcarea carbonica 9 CH against stubborn snacking that attacks you all day long;
  • If instead, you are torn by hunger or suffer from its jolts, Anacardium Orientale granules in 15 CH will soothe you;
  • If unfortunately, you are a glutton, don’t panic, Antimonium Crudum is the ideal appetite suppressant. Also good to know, Sulfur 12 CH and Sulfur 9 CH also suppress the appetite.
  • But if after having contained the snacking, you are concerned about your figure, Vegetalis 5 CH, Lycopodium 5CH or China Rubra 5CH are indicated to improve intestinal transit and put an end to bloating due to digestion, to flatten your stomach;
  • For a perfect waistline, I recommend Pilosella drops (20 drops 3 times a day);
  • For your hips, take Thuya occidentalis in granules (3 times/day for 1 week each month);
  • Your natural remedy based on Natrum sulfuricum 5 CH or Thuya occidentalis 5 CH (2 granules 3 times / day) to dislodge the stubborn fats which deform your thighs and hips, the back bases of cellulite.

Note: there is no miracle appetite suppressant, even among the best appetite suppressants. I highly recommend that you take care of what you consume. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, without forgetting regular physical activity, for a convincing homeopathic treatment.