Goji berries: 15 reasons to get started immediately

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Goji or Goji berries is a commercial name for the common lyciet and the Chinese lyciet. This fruit is a small, elongated red berry with a delicately sweet and slightly acidic flavor. It is found in the form of dried extracts, juice, powder or capsules. There are at least 3 types of goji berries:

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  • Lyciumchinense: it is found in most Chinese markets, it has the particularity of being rich in nutrients, of being very bitter and therefore not very pleasant.
  • Lyciumtibéticum was apparently invented for marketing purposes.
  • Lyciumbarbarum has the 4 rare polysaccharides. Its properties are in greater quantity than other lyciums.

The name goji was first used in 1975 by a North American ethnobotanist, Bradley Dobos. It is a product originating and mainly produced in the autonomous region of Ningxia in China. The small province of Ningxia is also recognized as the world capital of goji berries because it produces the best and in large numbers. Its soil is rich in mineral salts, its particular climate and its waterways favorable to the irrigation of goji berry crops.

#1 Goji berries, allies for memory

Goji Berries Diet-Food - Goji Berries

Goji berries improve cognitive abilities. They promote concentration and are the solution for unstable children, with a fluttering mind or suffering from a tension deficit. It is for this reason that goji berries are recommended for children suffering from autism, even though goji alone does not cure this condition. Consumption of goji is also good to help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

#2 Goji, an undeniable ally against neurological disorders

Goji is highly recommended against Parkinson’s disease. We have seen cases where, thanks to goji, the spectacular tremors, symptoms of this distressing disease, have considerably reduced. Multiple sclerosis, this debilitating disease, can be very well treated with natural products, magnesium chloride, organic silicon administered as a supplement. Goji is also good for slowing down negative development.

#3 A blood purifier?

Goji regulates cholesterol levels and blood circulation. It improves blood oxygenation, treats anemia and raises hemoglobin levels in a few months. Combined with an appropriate diet, Goji prevents high blood pressure. Consumption of Goji helps to normalize cholesterol levels in a few months. Cardiovascular accident can also be prevented by consuming this fruit. The tingling sensation in the legs, varicose veins, heavy legs will gradually decrease with the intake of goji. Goji polysaccharides also regulate what we call glycemia, that is to say the sugar level in the blood. Goji is therefore the solution to diabetes.

#4 Facilitator of intestinal transit?

Goji has positive effects on digestion, stomach and colon. Goji alkalizes the body. It is the solution in digestion problems like stomach aches, bloating, heartburn, flatulence, colic and foul breath. Goji berries help relieve constipation. It is advisable to intersperse the doses of goji with doses of blond psyllium, which has the property of contributing to the evacuation of waste in the colon.

#5 An ally for the eyes

Goji nourishes the eyes because the carotenoids act favorably on visual acuity, which has been known in traditional Tibetan medicine for millennia. It is also a way to protect against macula (retinal degeneration) and cataract (clouding of the lens).

An ally for your eyes
Goji berries are a precious ally for your eyes

#6 Eat goji berries to cure infertility in men and women

Goji berries are a recognized solution for treating infertility in both sexes. For humans, in particular, whose fertility is currently threatened by pesticides. Goji polysaccharides protect the cells of the testicles and increase the quantity and quality of sperm. It also helps with painful periods as well as getting through the menopause period more pleasantly. Goji berries are recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding as they promote the intellectual development of the child.

#7 Stimulation and strengthening of the immune system

Consuming Goji berries can help boost immune function. In one study, drinking 100 ml of goji berry juice concentrate per day for 30 days helped improve immune function. More specifically, it stimulated lymphocytes, the white blood cells responsible for protecting the body against harmful bacteria and viruses. In the opinion of researchers, Goji berries can help boost the immune system by increasing white blood cells responsible for protecting the body against harmful bacteria and viruses.

It is known as an immuno-regulator. As a result, it prevents allergies. It is also recommended in cases of mononucleosis, the urinary system, and the kidneys. Consumption of Goji can allow you to space out mixes during the night in cases of prostate hypertrophy. In case of kidney failure, Goji is the solution to obtain improvement in a few months.

#8 Goji berries to relieve liver disease

The antioxidants in goji berries regenerate damaged liver cells, making goji a valuable aid in cases of liver cirrhosis. It is also indicated against liver cancer. But these benefits must necessarily be confirmed by several studies.

#9 Eating Goji Berries Can Help With Weight Loss

Due to their low glycemic index and their high fiber content, Goji berries can help with weight loss. The glycemic index value of a food indicates the effect it will have on your blood sugar levels once you eat it. Foods with a low glycemic index release sugar more slowly into the bloodstream. As a result, they provide a feeling of satiety and reduce cravings.

Goji berries can aid in weight loss by increasing metabolic rate. In one study, overweight men and women consumed 120 ml of concentrated goji berry juice. Their ability to burn calories one hour after taking the beverage was 10% higher than that of those who did not consume it. Additionally, the waist circumference of participants who consumed goji berry juice for 14 days decreased by an average of 4.7 cm compared to the control group. However, these studies are small and more research needs to be done to determine whether consuming goji berry juice definitely results in weight loss.

#10 Increased Antioxidant Levels in the Body

In one study, antioxidant markers increased by more than 8% in 50 healthy adults who drank 120 ml of concentrated goji berry juice per day, compared to those who did not drink it.

A study in healthy elderly men and women found that taking goji berry drink daily for 90 days increased concentrations of the antioxidant zeaxanthin by more than 25% and increased overall antioxidant capacity by more than 50%. %. This is good news, as antioxidants consumed through diet are considered important for health and protection against chronic disease.

#11 Fight against premature aging

Antioxidants like those in Goji berries can help fight aging by preventing free radicals from damaging collagen in the skin. Some small studies have also shown that Goji berry extract may help delay the aging process in cells. A study in mice showed that goji berry extract inhibits glycation, a process that ages the skin.

Another test tube study found that goji berry extract stimulated DNA synthesis in certain cells, protecting them against aging due to DNA damage. Consuming a wide range of antioxidant-rich foods can help protect against premature aging. These preliminary results are promising, but human studies are needed. Goji berry extract is indicated to protect against cellular damage in animal studies. This may protect against premature aging; more research is needed to confirm this virtue in humans.

Young woman lying in the grass
Stay young and fight premature aging

#12 More energy and well-being thanks to goji berries

Concentrated goji berry juice extract has been linked to better physical health, resulting in more energy and well-being. In one study, mice given a Goji berry extract adapted more quickly to particular exercises. Goji berries provide improved performance and better recovery after a stress test. According to several researchers, Goji berries can improve the creation of muscle and liver glycogen, a form of glucose storage that helps you maintain physical activity. Eating these fruits also promotes the elimination of blood urea nitrogen, a waste product produced by your body after intense exercise.

Similar results have been found in humans. In a controlled study, 34 healthy men and women consumed 120 ml of concentrated goji berry juice for 14 days. They reported increased energy, better physical performance, better sleep quality and less fatigue. They also reported feeling happier than before. Regular consumption of Goji berry extract may improve energy levels, physical performance and overall sense of well-being.

In 2008, a company that markets goji berries in the form of food supplements, conducted two clinical trials in the United States to prove the virtues of this plant. She asked these researchers to carry out a preliminary trial with 34 healthy people. This study demonstrated that after two weeks of consumption of half a cup or 120 ml, goji juice improved the general well-being of the 34 people, that is to say the quality of sleep, energy level and even mood.

Since the participants were former goji consumers, they were able to differentiate between the taste of goji juice and placebo. Which cancels the validity of 1er test, because it should be done blind. Likewise, the small number of participants, the subjectivity of the questionnaire and the short duration of this trial were arguments for its questioning.

To correct the situation, a second trial was carried out in 2009 by the same researchers on 50 healthy adults. They drank 120 ml of Goji juice per day for 30 days. This study also indicates an improvement in well-being as well as a reduction in cholesterol levels (LDL) and an increase in good cholesterol levels (HDL) in the body of the 50 participants.

#13 Help in the fight against asthma

Carried out in China in 1989, a study of 35 recovering asthmatics showed that goji can help fight asthma. This study took place over 10 weeks, during which the patients took a decoction made from 7 plants including the goji berry. The said decoction is a traditional remedy called “Invigorating Kidney”. At the end of 10 weeks, a reduction in airway obstruction was noted in the patients.

#14 Food with high nutritional value

Goji berries contain a range of powerful antioxidants including carotenoids, lycopene, lutein and polysaccharides. There is almost as much vitamin C in these berries as in fresh citrus fruits (oranges, lemons). They’re also high in protein and fiber, two nutrients that can help keep you from feeling hungry and avoid cravings. Goji berries are also rich in minerals essential for the proper functioning of organs, protecting cells and optimizing metabolism. These include copper, iron, selenium and zinc.

Oranges and vitamin C
Goji berries are rich in vitamin C, just like oranges.

The nutrient content of Goji berries varies greatly depending on the type, freshness, and how they are processed. As an indication, 1/4 cup or 85 grams of dried Goji berries contains approximately:

  • Calories: 70
  • Sugar: 12 grams (g)
  • Protein: 9 g
  • Fiber: 6g
  • Vitamin A: 150% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA)
  • Copper: 84% of the RDA
  • Selenium: 75% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 63% of the RDA
  • Iron: 42% of the RDA
  • Vitamin C: 27% of the RDA
  • Potassium: 21% of the RDA
  • Zinc: 15% of the RDA
  • Thiamine: 9% of the RDA

#15 Probable anti-cancer activity

Goji Berries Diet-Food - Goji Berries

Goji berry extract has been associated with anticancer activity in animal and human studies. In vitro studies have shown that goji berry extract hinders the growth of cancer cells, preventing them from spreading and even destroying them. A study in rats showed that a regular diet of goji berries inhibited tumors. Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries provide the same benefits.

The potential inhibitory effects of Goji berries are likely due to their ability to increase antioxidant levels and reduce inflammatory cytokine levels. 8 in the blood. A study of 79 people with advanced cancer found that those who received immunotherapy plus concentrated goji extract had a 25% higher rate of cancer regression than those who received immunotherapy alone. It should be noted, however, that most of these studies used only extracted and concentrated parts of the berries, and not just Goji berries.

In 1994, a study by Chinese researchers included 75 people with various advanced cancers. At the end of this study, the researchers noticed that the combination of purified goji berry juice with an immunotherapy treatment called LAK lymphocytes was beneficial for these people. However, this result does not confirm that goji berries are effective for the treatment of these cancers. You just have to stick to the fact that they can help anti-cancer activity.

Warnings, consumption advice and possible side effects

If the virtues of Goji have convinced you and you want to get started quickly, don’t forget that goji is not a pharmacy remedy, but a food. It does not act as quickly on a specific organ as would a pharmaceutical specialty whose primary function is to fight a disease. However, the positive effects of Goji on health are observed in the long term.

Goji can be consumed to maintain the body, lose weight, help overcome a disorder, etc. In each case, respecting a suitable dosage is necessary. Thus, to prevent a disorder, the average dosage is around thirty Goji berries per day. However, it must be adapted to the weight and state of health of the person consuming it. In case of illness, the prevention dose can be doubled or tripled per day.

However, there are side effects that must be taken into account. Very rare cases of nausea and severe stomach aches, headaches and constipation may be observed. These effects are explained by an accelerated evacuation of toxins. To overcome these side effects, it is advisable to consume fruits and drink water regularly.