Top 10 fat burning foods

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

At certain times of the year, we are thinking about losing weight. This is particularly the case after the end of year celebrations, with good resolutions, before vacations and wearing swimsuits, etc. However, it is not always easy to lose weight and lose excess weight… Because we lack motivation or because we simply do not have the courage to commit to a diet restrictive. However, it is entirely possible to consume fat-burning foods. This means that these are foods that directly attack fat and make you melt away effortlessly. These foods can be found everywhere, even in your vegetable drawer in your fridge. A quick overview of all these fat-burning foods.

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Natural fat burners

These healthy foods are natural fat burner foods, and you can also incorporate them into your diet in any way you want. Eat these foods to sleep better or lose more weight or melt your belly fat. Here’s how to get started! Research and other studies show that each body has its own clock (the famous biological clock) which influences our metabolism to make us hungry, sleep, etc. Sometimes, however, it malfunctions because our brain or society sends it the wrong signals. Not everyone should eat at the same time or the same foods. We are in a way conditioned and those who do not fit the mold suffer through, in particular, extra pounds.

But, if you go back to respect natural schedules from your body to eat and sleep, you can actually finally say goodbye to your belly.

Beware of the trap of fat-storing foods

A fat storage food is the opposite of a fat-burning food… It is a food which will, basically, make you gain weight due to its principle of action. It balances the balance during digestion and goes to stored fats (in the stomach, thighs, etc.) to be able to provide the body with all the energy it needs. So, if you want to lose weight, you have to avoid them. Among these, you find: breading, semolina, chocolate bars, THE sausages, sauces (mayonnaise, etc.), pastries, quiches, fried foods, crème brûlées.

The best categories of fat burning foods

Milk and dairy products

It turns out that milk can really do your body some good when it comes to belly fat. A study by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that fat was significantly reduced in those who ate foods highest in calcium.

Like magnesium, calcium can also help you sleep if you tend to be awakened by muscle pain or cramps – the mineral, along with calcium, helps relax nerves and muscle fibers.

The best fat burning foods

The list of fat-burning foods is long, even for those at their peak. Obviously, you will only find healthy and unrefined foods in this list. Here is an overview:

  • The lemon : citric acid helps break down proteins more easily and burn fat
  • Eggplant: it has the property of burning abdominal fat and to be able to destroy toxins
  • The apple: natural fat burner food and very effective appetite suppressant
  • Broccoli, cabbage, celery and most green vegetables: they contain very few calories, but require a lot to be digested
  • The sound: it contains fiber which trap fat
  • Pineapple: its stem contains bromelain, the fat-burning enzyme par excellence
  • Green tea: it contains caffeine and tannin which accelerate the melting of fat


Pineapple is an excellent ally for losing excess pounds. Just like lemon, it has properties of powerful fat burners. However, here it is not citric acid but an enzyme which is housed in its stem. This one eat fat and has a very particular action on the cellulite tissues and the elimination of fats.

Pineapple, a fat-eating fruit
Pineapple, a fat-eating fruit

Green tea

Tea, and particularly green tea, is known for its diuretic action. And at the same time, for its action on the urinary system and draining qualities when suffering from infections localized in these areas. However, it also contains fat-burning molecules which increase energy costs. And also help lower blood sugar.

The other positive aspect of green tea is that it contains caffeine. If you choose, doctors will also recommend that you consume it instead of coffee. The same goes for dietitians who see it as a way of blocking the absorption of carbohydrates during digestion.

Speaking of caffeine, know that it is also a fat-burning food. It is also used in the composition of many creams to rejuvenate and firm the skin, as well as in the composition of capsules for weight loss. Proof of this is its effectiveness in this field! So, your green tea or your morning coffee can only do you good… By naturally activating the fat burning !

The green vegetables

Green vegetables are extremely effective in draining your body. Unfortunately, it’s rare that we like this type of food and sometimes we have to force ourselves. Among the best fat-burning vegetables, we find: cabbage, celery, pepper, broccoli, zucchini. They are all rich in vitamins for your recommended daily intake. It is not for nothing that the government regularly launches campaigns to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day or to eat and move.

They are also diuretics to help the body cleanse itself and have anti-oxidant properties which thus preserve the youthfulness and health of your skin. In short, they purify and detoxify your body… Finally, they are generally low calories and their digestion requires that the body make great efforts. In this case, your body will have to burn more calories than digestion will provide. At the top of these, we find cucumber and zucchini!

Broccoli, like many vegetables, is very low in calories. It provides fiber which promotes cleaning of the intestine, providing it with good bacteria. These fibers, called insoluble fibers, require a large energy expenditure. Which makes broccoli an effective belly fat-burning food. The pepper is a very mild and very low calorie pepper. It is diuretic and creates an interesting feeling of satiety as part of a dietary rebalancing. It also helps eliminate some fats and sugars. Final advice: to preserve as much of their virtues as possible, you must opt ​​for steam cooking.

The lemon

Consume lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach is one of the best ways to get rid of fat. In addition, it is much better and less harsh than orange juice on an empty stomach (despite what you might think at first). Juice helps the body get going and To purify ! Lemon allows the body to digest food better and D’activate bile secretion with a view to digestion. The citric acid contained in this fruit is an excellent way to help the body burn and destroy fats and proteins.

Lemon is one of the most effective fat burning foods
Lemon is one of the most effective fat burning foods


Eggplant is the food considered to be the burner champion of fat. Of all the vegetables, it probably comes first when it comes to absorbing fat. Very rich in fiber and pectin, eggplant traps the fats that we assimilate, thus promoting elimination and destruction of toxins, and improving intestinal transit. This is particularly due to its spongy appearance which tends to absorb liquids contained in the stomach. And, to lose weight, it is this sponge mechanism that is used.

Oat bran

There are foods that we don’t think about, for example, oat bran. Little known and little used in the food industry, it nonetheless remains an astonishing rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber. These will naturally trap and capture part of the ingested fats. Thus, it ensures good intestinal comfort and above all has a satiating property, like whole grains. Oat bran also allows you to regulate your appetite and prevent you from eating too large portions, while eliminating fat.


The apple is also an excellent slimming ally. This is the fruit you need to lose weight, not to mention that it is a fruit that grows in our latitudes: you can therefore favor short circuits. The apple is a fruit known for his satiating properties. It contains pectin, which, like eggplant, helps trap fat in the stomach.

The best option is to eat it daily in its original form. Indeed, if you opt for apple juice or even compote, you lose a lot of its qualities. Excellent appetite suppressant, it helps fight against unwanted snacking while satisfying your stomach and forcing it to work hard to digest it (it is low in calories). Moreover, for maximum efficiency, opt for Granny Smith low in sugar.

Depending on each person, we peel the fruit or eat the skin. Know that it can be consumed and that it reveals itself rich in fiber and vitamins.


We have always known that fish is an excellent food for the body, particularly thanks to its Omega 3. Our need for this element is due to properly regulating our sleep-wake rhythm. Otherwise, the gland in our brain which governs this cycle is no longer able to properly manage the melatonin production, the sleep hormone.

But, fish is above all a rich source of protein. And, protein keeps you full. Moreover, to digest proteins, you have proportionally need more energy than if you were digesting carbohydrates or fats. They therefore make you consume more calories compared to other foods. The same goes for red meats, even if they are less rich in protein and above all much less good for your body. To get your daily dose, simply eat foods rich in omega. This is the case of sardines, of salmon, halibut, but also nuts (we’ll come back to that right after), linseed, etc.

Sardines are rich in omega
Sardines are rich in omega


Nuts are another way to burn fat easily. Here, it is not the proteins, but the magnesium who is at the origin of the process. This magnesium stimulates the mood and thus the sleep-wake rhythm which I spoke to you about a little above; always with the same hormonal imbalance. In the animal kingdom, an increase in magnesium is what tells animals it is time to hibernate.

A 2010 study by USDA researchers, published in Magnesium Research, found that magnesium supplementation can help people who have trouble sleeping drift off peacefully during the night.

To get your daily dose of magnesium, you must opt ​​for foods rich in magnesium which are also extremely favorable for weight loss : fish (we told you just now, the nut (walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, etc.) lentils, THE soy and the Black beans, as well as grains rich in fiber such as bran.