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[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Forskolin or forskolin is a supplement that, along with Garcinia cambodgia and some similar wonders of nature, also has its place in the group of miraculous weight loss supplements. According to professionals, the main strength of forskolin is that it melts fat and leaves lean muscle mass unchanged. But does it really live up to these expectations? In other words, does forskolin work for weight loss? These are the questions that we will attempt to answer in the following lines.

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Origin of Forskolin

Extract from an Indian plant called Coleus forskohlii, Forskolin is a chemical compound that has been used for centuries in various forms of natural medicine. According to historians, Coleus forskohlii was used in Brazil, East and Central Africa, India and other Asian countries. Coleus forskohlii, or Indian coleus, is often considered an important part of Ayurvedic medicine, an age-old healing science that emphasizes whole-body integrity and health. Forskolin has been used to treat heart problems, digestive disorders, skin damage (such as burns or cuts), skin conditions (such as eczema and psoriasis), urinary tract infections, asthma, and various other conditions. In recent years, forskolin has become a popular dietary supplement due to its positive effects on weight loss and other conditions.

The popularity of pure Forskolin has increased in recent years. It is true that this supplement is new to the market and that few people from Western cultures know how it works once in the body. According to experts, forskolin is not a new discovery. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India, it is among the main compounds used to maintain a healthy lifestyle and combat many diseases. Many people confuse the effects of Forskolin with the benefits of garcinia cambogia, as both supplements have similar benefits. Since they both aim for weight loss, their effects are slightly identical. However, Forskolin is different in many other aspects.

Forskolin: one of nature’s best kept secrets

Forskolin is a relatively new weight loss supplement to the Western world. It can definitely be said that the hype about it has just started, which is why many people claim it to be one of nature’s best kept secrets. Thanks to mainstream media, we were introduced to Forskolin, an ingredient that is one of the leaders when it comes to natural weight loss products that really work. In nature, forskolin is found in the roots of Indian coleus, a tropical plant with bright colors and exotic appeal. The most important part here is that pure forskolin is an extract of this plant and a versatile aromatic herbal ingredient.

In Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine, this bargain-priced extract has gained prominence over the years, helping people not only lose weight but also fight disease and prevent serious disorders, thanks to its properties. antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. In the opinion of doctors, great pharmacological benefits have been discovered in this extract. Forskolin is found in locations in the Eastern Hemisphere which include the countries of India, Thailand and Burma as well as Brazil and parts of Africa.

In its original sphere, Forskolin is used for the treatment of various kinds of diseases and disorders, including cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, respiratory diseases and disorders, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, skin problems, allergies, infections, boils and eczemas. According to science, this is all due to an ingredient found in Forskolin: cyclic AMP.

Cyclic AMP: Forskolin’s secret weapon

There is a lot to write about cyclical AMP. This enzyme stimulates the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which leads to a series of health and disorder-fighting benefits. Some of the most eye-opening effects of cyclic AMP include reducing inflammation and blood pressure. In the opinion of specialists, this moderately priced substance also intervenes in the prevention of platelet aggregation, the stabilization of lung health and the establishment of a positive intropic action in the heart.

One of the most important benefits of this enzyme is the fact that cyclic AMP stabilizes and stimulates the hormones that activate all fat burning mechanisms in the body, hence its link to the incredible weight loss benefits. weight. This is why pure forskolin is used in many weight loss formulas. With its structured cyclic AMP, it not only helps the body defend itself against many dysfunctions, but it also triggers the weight loss process and activates all fat burning mechanisms inside the body.

Coleus forskohlii
The famous Indian plant Coleus forskohlii

Cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP is a molecule derived from adenosine, a nucleotide that is also part of DNA and RNA. It activates several proteins, including protein kinase A, an exchange protein, and AMP-AMP. Thanks to these proteins, cAMP determines how cells respond to hormones and maintains energy balance. It has also been reported to be involved in immune reactions. In part, it is an extremely complex process, most of whose mechanisms are not completely understood.

How forskolin works

Forskolin has been touted as a miracle weight loss supplement by figures such as Dr. Oz. Much of its popularity has been based on the misunderstanding that it is a form of “magic” pill that can be taken to lose weight regardless of the patient’s lifestyle. This is categorically false, as are most advertising claims. That said, forskolin has shown a marked ability to affect muscle-to-fat ratios in the body, regulate lipid levels, promote healthy hormonal levels, as well as many other positive changes in the body.

At its most basic level, forskolin is known to cause spikes in the levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP for short. In the opinion of nutritionists, this compound is involved in the regulation of many vital functions in the body, and is known to provide benefits in the treatment and prevention of many major diseases. For a better understanding of how forskolin works, it is useful to take a look at this energetic compound.

Forskolin is known to have many powerful benefits as a natural treatment for many health conditions. The rigid association with weight loss is simply a recent side track of this supplement, which has been used for ages. For example, cAMP levels are known to regulate many vital functions in the body, and forskolin is known to increase cAMP levels. These peaks may suggest that forskolin may well be able to impact the regulation of these many vital functions through its regulation of cAMP.

Who can take Forskolin?

Aside from breastfeeding or pregnant women and children under the age of 18, Forskolin is recommended for any average adult without serious health conditions. Mainly, it is a big fat burner that burns fat and maintains lean muscle mass while helping to shred a few pounds.

However, it is also a great promoter of stable health and a product of nature, introduced by Indian Ayurvedic medicine which has used it for centuries. Although forskolin is not a magic bullet that can give you a muscular body in a few weeks, it is certainly a natural and effective way to achieve the figure of your dreams.


  • Regulates fat storage
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Controls weight
  • 100% natural

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Effects of Forskolin on weight loss

One thing to know when it comes to weight loss is that the extract does not cause weight loss. Instead, it increases testosterone levels, triggers all fat-burning structures, and improves body composition, all of which are ways the body loses fat while increasing muscle mass.

According to studies, forskolin stimulates the release of fat stored in fat cells, whenever the body needs to use body fat as an energy source. However, this release of stored fat is usually not enough to promote weight loss. For this reason, it must be accompanied by a calorie deficit. According to users, forskolin helps you lose weight only when energy expenditure exceeds your energy intake. Forskolin effectively supports calorie deficit and therefore makes fat burning and weight loss possible. It does this in three ways.

It suppresses appetite, reduces digestion efficiency, increases metabolic rate and burn more fat. The results of using forskolin as a weight loss supplement are really promising. It promotes fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

The health benefits of forskolin

According to doctors, the effects of this supplement are not limited to weight loss. Unlike some weight loss supplements, the intake of which is accompanied by a host of side effects, forskolin has, in addition to its slimming power, numerous health benefits. Forskolin helps in the relaxation of arteries and other smooth muscles, including the heart. Cellular cyclic AMP (cAMP) is increased with forskolin supplementation. This leads to a wide range of effects, one of which is relaxation of all arteries, which leads to stable blood flow in smooth muscles. Thus, the forskolin formula positively affects the muscles apart from keeping them lean.

This supplement is also beneficial for asthma and allergies. There are many medications that are used to treat allergies and asthma. Most of them are designed to increase cAMP levels, something that forskolin does naturally. Therefore, forskolin can be used alone to prevent and treat many types of allergies, including asthma. In addition to the fact that the forskolin formula is effective in relaxing the arteries, these benefits lead to bronchodilation, a process that increases the respiratory capacity of the lungs, making them healthier, while preventing many disorders.

Forskolin has been used since time immemorial to treat cardiovascular disorders. From hypertension to congestive heart failure and even angina, forskolin lowers blood pressure while increasing contractility of the heart, leading to relaxation of all arteries and increased contraction of the heart as than muscle. Blood flow is also improved, as is post-stroke recovery.

Relaxation of the arteries
Beyond these slimming benefits, the virtues of forskolin are varied: relaxation, benefit on allergies, asthma, etc.

Increased intraocular pressure is a condition that affects many people. This eye condition can lead to complete blindness if left untreated. On the other hand, glaucoma is a cause of visual loss that is characterized by nerve damage and results in visual field loss, glare, and even pain in the eyes. It is very common and one of the leading causes of blindness in older people. Forskolin eye drops have been shown to be effective in treating both of these eye conditions.

Used topically, forskolin can help relieve psoriasis. This disorder begins when there is a decrease in cAMP, relative to another messenger known as guanine monophosphate (cGMP). Forskolin alleviates psoriasis by normalizing these levels and balancing cAMP levels.

Depression is another ailment that can benefit from taking forskolin. This supplement relieves this disorder by balancing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. It acts on either serotonin or dopamine. Forskolin affects neurotransmitters in a positive way and prompts the body to produce the hormones needed to treat depression.

People suffering from excessive thyroid hormone production can also benefit from the therapeutic benefits of forskolin to stimulate the release of thyroid hormones. Basically, this mechanism improves metabolism and further promotes weight loss.

A Brown University study confirmed that forskolin is a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation and also a potent inhibitor of tumor colonization. Studies conducted on mice have shown very positive results, making forskolin an effective means of preventing tumor metastasis.

The antioxidant properties of forskolin promise stronger immunity and a shield against all contagious pathogens. Forskolin extract activates macrophages and lymphocytes, leading to a powerful improvement in the immune system. In addition to this, it makes the skin stronger and healthier, making it a natural shield that protects the body from many diseases and conditions.


  • Regulates fat storage
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Controls weight
  • 100% natural

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What is the right dosage of Forskolin?

According to experts, the best way to start supplementation is to start with a dose of 25 mg to 60 mg per day. In this way, the body adapts to the dosage and gets used to it, so that it can be increased over time. Most forskolin supplements come in 124 mg or 250 mg capsule or tablet form.

However, a majority of these supplements only contain a small percentage of pure forskolin extracts. Many other ingredients are usually combined in the capsule or tablet. Therefore, it goes without saying that one should be careful when choosing forskolin supplements. Priority should be given to supplements free of additives, fillers or chemicals.

How to take Forskolin?

Forskolin has the ability to amplify the activity of cellular receptors. This way, it can help other fat burning supplements work more effectively. According to some bodybuilding experts, Forskolin works well in combination with tribulus terrestris, D-aspartic acid, vitamin D3, phosphatidyl serine and DHEA to boost high testosterone levels and hormonal response.

Many who have tried Forskolin claim that they have seen positive results with this revolutionary weight loss supplement, but that the results are even better when it is combined with other ingredients.

How to buy Forskolin in pharmacies?

Those who feel that forskolin has the potential to help them achieve their personal health goals should consider which products to purchase. Pure Forskolin is a popular supplement, it is an isolated form sold in powder form. Many herbal forskolin supplements are tinctures or dried Coleus roots, made into a powder-like form and encapsulated. Forskolin is also available from many supplement brands under the name Coleus Forskohlii.

No matter your preferences, there are many considerations to make before making a purchase. Vitamins and supplements can vary in quality from brand to brand, and you should only buy supplements from brands you know and trust. These brands trust medical professionals to produce powerful and consistent results. These brands also ensure that the buyer gets value for their money, which is especially important when these supplements come with a fairly high price tag.

Many supplements sold on the market contain little or no active ingredient, or are formulated with a plethora of other harmful ingredients. By going to renowned brands, you are guaranteed to have the best forskolin supplements. These products are sold under several different names, including “forskolin,” “Coleus,” and “Coleus Forskohlii.” The important thing to note is the amount of actual forskolin listed on the label, which is usually in the 10% range.

A 100 mg capsule of Coleus standardized to 10%, would effectively provide a 10 mg dose of forskolin. Another type of forskolin supplement available is a combination supplement, where forskolin is offered with many other ingredients. Typically speaking, forskolin is usually found in thyroid support supplements, which offer several other herbs and compounds known to help promote healthy thyroid function.

Points of sale and delivery

Opting for the best brands is not enough, you still need to contact the right seller. The supplement industry is plagued by counterfeits of all kinds. Contacting reputable brands is essential to avoid being fooled. It is absolutely necessary to avoid unreliable websites that sell supplements at ridiculous prices. For online purchases, it is better to contact the official websites of the manufacturers.

Buying in pharmacies is the ultimate solution for having quality supplements. Unlike other sellers, pharmacies are subject to strict regulations and tend to be more reliable. You can also have it delivered by an online pharmacy. All of these solutions allow you to have your supplements delivered to your home.


  • Regulates fat storage
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Controls weight
  • 100% natural

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Opinions on the potential side effects of Forskolin

According to numerous studies, in particular that carried out by theInternational Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Research), forskolin is partially toxic, but in a good way. In other words, the toxicity of forskolin is insignificant. However, forskolin is effective in lowering blood pressure in adults who take at least 150 mg per day. This is why it is of utmost importance to consult an expert or doctor before taking this supplement. Additionally, any use of forskolin with other medications should be discussed with a doctor. The bottom line is that consuming forskolin is generally safe. However, some patients may experience mild dizziness and nausea.

My opinion in detail

My overall rating: 4.3/5

When evaluating fat burning products, I considered several criteria to assess their overall effectiveness:

  • Composition: I paid particular attention to nutrients, both micronutrients and macronutrients, because they play an essential role in weight loss and maintaining good health. It is essential for me to ensure that the fat burner provides the necessary nutrients.
  • Reputation: Trust is of utmost importance. So, I checked the reputation of the product as well as the reliability of the brand. I enjoy choosing products that meet consumer expectations.
  • Feeling full: Nothing is more unpleasant than feeling early cravings. That’s why I’m looking for a fat burner that provides a lasting feeling of fullness, allowing me to stay energetic and avoid snacking.
  • Price: Of course, price is also an important criterion. I want the fat burner to be affordable so that I can use it regularly without having to worry too much about my budget.
  • Dosage: The simplicity and practicality of taking it are a considerable advantage for me. I like it when the daily dose is easy to take, without requiring complex logistics.

Taking all of these things into account, I was able to thoroughly evaluate fat burners. I found a product that meets my criteria and gives me confidence in its effectiveness to support my weight loss goal.

The composition: 4.5/5

Coleus forskohlii root extract is a key ingredient. Each serving contains 500 mg of extract, including 50 mg of forskolin, which is often associated with beneficial effects for weight loss. On the other hand, Coleus forskohlii root extract is mixed with maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate derived from starch), which is disappointing for those who prefer supplements without additives!
Regarding the other ingredients, the capsule of plant origin is a good alternative for people concerned about their consumption of animal products.

Notoriety: 4/5

Nutrimea is a renowned brand in the field of dietary supplements, offering a wide range of products focused on health and well-being. The company stands out for its commitment to the quality of its products, using natural formulations and high quality ingredients. It has acquired an excellent reputation among food supplement enthusiasts and experts.

The price: 4.5/5

Regarding the price, Forskolin from Nutrimea is currently offered at €18.90. This is a very affordable price for a one-month treatment. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and the recommended dosage is to take 2 capsules per day, before each meal.

Consumer opinion

Here are some opinions on Forskolin from Nutrimea:


  • Regulates fat storage
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Controls weight
  • 100% natural

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Forskolin is a supplement that benefits health, in addition to helping with weight loss. It promotes relaxation of the arteries, lowers blood pressure, improves breathing in people with asthma, relieves psoriasis, balances neurotransmitters to treat depression, stimulates the production of thyroid hormones, prevents tumor metastases and strengthens the immune system.

Forskolin contains an extract from the roots of Coleus forskohlii, known for its beneficial effects on weight loss. The Nutrimea brand, specializing in food supplements, enjoys a good reputation thanks to the use of high-quality, natural ingredients. Additionally, the product provides a lasting feeling of satiety, which helps prevent cravings.
I have found that Forskolin inspires confidence in its effectiveness in achieving my weight loss goal!

The alternatives

Still not excited about Forskolin? I have listed some alternatives with other compounds and other brands: