These foods that make you gain weight… or not!

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Each food provides a defined amount of nutrients to your body. Given their nutritional values, certain foods can make you gain weight. Concretely, you must be wary of foods high in calories and limit your daily consumption. In all cases, we must keep in mind that “Any excess is harmful”. Here are 10 foods to watch closely in your diet.

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Cheese is an interesting source of protein, calcium and even vitamin A, B2 and B12. Regular consumption of this food protects you from certain cancers and also osteoporosis. Many types are available on the market, to choose according to your preferences. Furthermore, you have the choice between a product made from cow’s milk or goat’s milk.

These foods that make you fat.
Dried cheeses should be avoided because of their high fat content.

It is especially dry cheeses that make you gain weight because of their high fat content. It is therefore recommended to consume them as little as possible, or even avoid them, if you are following a slimming diet.

100 grams of cheese provides 100 and 400 calories. 100 grams of cottage cheese contains around a hundred.


Milk is rich in protein, particularly leucine, an essential amino acid. It is also recommended to drink it after physical exercise if you want to effectively gain muscle mass.

These foods that make you fat.
Milk, consumed in moderation, does not make you gain weight.

It is therefore advisable to drink a moderate quantity when you are expending little energy, especially at breakfast, to avoid gaining weight.

100 g of skimmed milk provides around forty calories.

The bread

Bread is high in carbohydrates and low in fat. It is composed, among other things, of iron, vitamin B1, proteins, magnesium and even dietary fiber. It provides the dose of energy necessary to face the day and to avoid fatigue.

These foods that make you fat.
It is best to opt for wholemeal bread.

Note that an industrial baguette tends to increase blood sugar levels and causes fat storage in the abdomen. In addition, it creates a sensation that encourages the consumer to take more and more. It is therefore not recommended for losing weight. Instead, opt for wholemeal bread (around 300 calories per 100g) to eat healthily.


Eat potatoes to benefit from their supply of magnesium, carbohydrates, fiber and even potassium. This vegetable only promotes weight gain when you eat it fried.

These foods that make you fat.
Eating potatoes in the form of salad is recommended for weight loss.

100 grams of potato contains around 80 calories (around 180 for fries!). Regular consumption of this food balances a diet if you accompany it with other healthy ingredients and provided you do not overdo it. In any case, it is best to eat it in the form of a salad.


Shrimp, lobsters and even squid are excellent sources of protein composed of amino acids similar to those in fish. Seafood also has an interesting content of vitamin B12, which is essential for helping the body produce red blood cells to fight against anemia. They also contain vitamins B3 and B6.

These foods that make you fat.
You should avoid excessive consumption of seafood.

Regular consumption could promote weight gain, however, eating it occasionally keeps body mass constant. You should therefore avoid cooking seafood more than once a week. Also favor steam cooking and avoid fried foods as much as possible for a healthy diet.

100 grams of seafood provides around 100 calories.

The banana

Banana contains fructose, sucrose, glucose, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, fiber and even proteins. This rich composition makes this food an essential ingredient to ensure the proper functioning of the body. And it provides enough energy to strengthen the human body in case of fatigue.

These foods that make you fat.
Banana is recommended in a weight loss diet.

Its sweet taste suggests that bananas make you gain weight. This idea is false and this food is even suitable for a slimming diet. However, you should avoid donuts and fried foods to avoid gaining weight. Instead, prefer to consume them in plain form or in a smoothie to benefit from its benefits.

100 grams of banana contains around 90 calories.

Cooked meats

Cold meats come in several varieties: sausages, bacon, hams, ham, mortadella, chorizo ​​and many others. You can incorporate them into countless dishes. They are composed, among other things, of vitamins B1, essential in the processing of carbohydrates assimilated by the body, and B3, important in the production of energy.

These foods that make you fat.
It is advisable to moderate the consumption of cold meats.

Daily consumption of cold meats increases body weight and exposes you to chronic disorders such as cancer or hypertension. It is best to eat it occasionally.

100 grams of cold meats provide around 280 calories.


Eggs contain proteins, several vitamins and even iron. 60 grams of this food provides a fifth of the human body’s daily protein requirements. The amino acids it contains also contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

These foods that make you fat.
The egg consumed as such does not make you gain weight.

Eggs provide a satiety effect and are generally used as an appetite suppressant. Regular consumption does not make you gain weight, but using it to prepare cakes, pasta or even donuts could lead to weight gain. Instead, opt for simple cooking, particularly in the boiled or hard boiled form.

A medium egg contains around 90 calories, but this proportion can increase quickly depending on cooking and preparation.

Dry vegetables

Many use pulses as alternatives to meat because of their high protein content. They contain, among other things, fiber and magnesium contributing to muscle synthesis. Consumption of these foods also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

These foods that make you fat.
Pulses strengthen the cardiovascular system.

It is recommended to eat enough legumes once or twice a week to benefit from its benefits without risking weight gain.

100 grams of cooked dried vegetables provide on average 100 calories.


The energy value of chocolate essentially depends on its composition. Black is the least caloric given its low fat content. Furthermore, the cocoa it is made from is a good source of magnesium. It is much better for your health than the fancy versions (milk, filled, etc.).

These foods that make you fat.
You should avoid eating chocolate in large quantities.

Around 30 grams of dark chocolate, equivalent to three standard tiles, contains around 100 calories. This is the recommended amount to avoid gaining weight.

All foods are essential, even those that are known to make you gain weight. You just have to consume them in moderation.

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