TOP 15 most filling foods

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Almost at every consultation, one question remains unavoidable: what can I eat without gaining weight?

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

While there is no magic, calorie-free food, some have a greater or lesser capacity to satiate us. For example, green salad can fill the stomach for a little while but will not at all satisfy real hunger.

It is therefore best to favor foods rich in protein and/or fiber as much as possible.

Why protein and fiber?

Proteins take a long time to digest and provide rapid satiation (the fact of no longer feeling hungry) and long-lasting satiety (the feeling of not being hungry between 2 food intakes).

Fibers, especially soluble fibers, when combined with water, swell in the stomach while being very low in calories, on average 2 kcal/gram of soluble fiber. They therefore ensure good satiation.

They slow down the digestion of food, which logically significantly improves satiety.

And a little bonus: consuming foods rich in fiber keeps your blood sugar level (blood sugar level) from going on a roller coaster and therefore prevents you from cravings between meals.

In discussing with my patients and according to my own personal experience, among the many foods rich in protein and/or fiber, here are 15 that I particularly like for their aspect that is both filling and satiating.

Here are my 15 stars fullness, it’s up to you to choose the ones you prefer!

#1 Baby carrots

Ideal when you want to snack or vent your nerves on food. Because you have to chew them for a while. Very rich in vitamin A and fiber, chewable without moderation with a little fromage blanc-mustard sauce.

#2 The underripe banana

If it is small, it will even be less caloric than a large apple while staying with you for much longer: when unripe, it contains a lot of resistant starch which is in fact a type of fiber. Easy to take away too!


#3 Small pink shrimps

Very rich in protein, you can buy them already shelled and cooked, they will be just as good in hot dishes: tagliatelle, risotto, fried vegetables, buckwheat pancakes… as in mixed salads!

#4 Wild salmon

Wild, fresh, frozen or smoked salmon has half the calories than farmed salmon, while offering just as much protein. A good aperitif idea: wild smoked salmon, fresh cheese, garlic and fine herb rolls.

#5 Grilled poultry and veal escalopes and chicken breast

The must to order meat at the restaurant, not breaded of course. Accompanied by green beans and a baked apple, they will be the heart of a very filling meal rich in good quality proteins.

#6 Pork hams without rind, bacon, poultry hams and pastrami

Perfect for sandwiches, appetizers (bites with fresh cheese, garlic and fine herbs for example) and quick, protein-rich salads.

#7 Unground beef steak, rump steak

Lots of iron and vitamin B12, a perfect anti-fatigue duo. Also good choices at the restaurant. With a baked apple and green beans, they are significantly lower in calories and more filling than the mixed salads classically chosen to ease the conscience but often drizzled with sauce.

#8 Hard-boiled chicken and quail eggs

Ideal in salad for chicken eggs and as an appetizer for quail eggs. To peel and eat…It takes a while! The egg is the reference protein in diet, do not deprive yourself of it, even if your cholesterol is higher than normal. Dietary cholesterol limits the production of endogenous cholesterol, made by the liver.

#9 Seitan or wheat protein

A relatively little-known alternative to tofu, which has the merit of having a texture close to meat, very filling and ideal in spicy slices in a tortilla with salsa sauce.

#10 Little Swiss at 0%, Kvarg (low-fat Swedish white cheese) and 0% cream cheese in individual squares

The stars of satiation among dairy products because they are real protein concentrates. Just 1 pot of Kvarg contains more than 3 times the protein of a classic yogurt! These dairy products are used for dessert with, for example, 2 small Swiss cheeses, a square of chocolate cut into shavings and slices of banana; as in a savory version in zucchini and pepper roulades…

white cheese

#11 Buckwheat pancakes

The traditional “complete” creperie is ideal for not leaving you hungry thanks to its richness in soluble fiber. Try it in a sweet version, butter and brown sugar, original and very filling. A perfect dessert for those with gluten intolerance!

#12 Oat bran cookies with no added sugar

In the diet section, these biscuits are much more filling than ordinary biscuits, 3 or 4 to be accompanied by a large non-caloric drink to boost their soluble fiber.

#13 Crispy toast with rye, wheat bran and sesame

These are the toasts richest in soluble and insoluble fiber in the rusks section. For fresh cheese and ham toasts, delicious for a quick snack.

#14 Konjac “pasta”

Shaped like pearls, tagliatelle or fine spaghetti, ultra-rich in soluble fiber, they are very interesting to use in Ramen-type soups. Without the calories pasta of rice or soy which they resemble.

#15 Wheat bran cereals in sticks

Did you know ? Insoluble fiber has a caloric value set at 1 in many countries such as Canada which distinguish the 2 types of fiber, soluble (2 kcal/g) and insoluble. Wheat bran is the richest food in the world in insoluble fiber, so you understand the benefit of consuming this type of cereal for breakfast or as a healthy snack. Better in taste than flaked wheat bran, you can make a very pleasant bowl to enjoy with a few tablespoons of bran cereals, a few slices of banana and a veil of coconut grated.

Now, I challenge you to include 1 or 2 of these foods every day, or even at every meal for incomparable satiation and satiety.

It’s up to you, enjoy your meal!