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[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Guarana is a fruit native to the Brazilian Amazon. It is traditionally used by indigenous people as a natural energizer. It has been popularized in Brazil since the turn of the century for its natural therapeutic properties. Produced by a shrub called Paullinia cupana, it is used as a food supplement, due to its stimulating, aphrodisiac and toning properties. Due to its high content of guaranine, a compound related to caffeine, this fruit is now widely used by the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of weight loss supplements. It is found in the formulation of many energy drinks across the planet.

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What is guarana?

An ingredient from the Amazon rainforest, guarana is the fruit of Paullinia cupana, a tree belonging to the Sapindaceae family. It is a shrub found in South America, in countries such as Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Genre Paullinia was named by Carlos Linneo in honor of Simon Paulli, a German physician and botanist. The name “guarana” is a derivative of the word “waraná” which, in Tupi-Guarani, means “fruit similar in the eyes of the people”. These tribes believed, in fact, that the fruit had magical powers for healing intestinal diseases and that it was a way to regain strength.

It is a climbing woody plant, which can reach a height height of 12 meters in its original sphere. The alternate leaves are 20 to 35 inches long and divided into petiole and blade. The petiole and rachis are hollow, convex and slightly striated. Pinnate leaves leathery and glabrous are not paired. The upper parts of the leaves are oblong and the lower part ovate. The stipules measure 2 to 3 millimeters long. The relatively small unisexual flowers are zygomorphs. The five free sepals are approximately 3 mm long, while the five white petals are approximately 5 mm long.

The fruits have yellow, red or orange bark. When ripe, their white pulp and seeds look like eyes. The seeds contain an identical substance with caffeine, guaranine. The seed is spherical, blackish and a little brilliant. The fruit is a dehiscent capsule with 3 valves, inside which there is only one seed. The capsule of Paullinia cupana, once fully matured, partially opens, revealing the seed.

Nutritional value of guarana

Tannins and many vitamins are present in fruits. In their number, we include vitamins PP, E and A, as well as the vitamin complex of group B. Guaranine is found there in large quantities, as well as zinc, sodium, magnesium and manganese. You will find useful elements there and rare such as saponin, theobromine and theophylline. Content The plant’s nutrient content is: 0.1% protein and 6.5% carbohydrates. Fats are completely absent. We have around 25 to 26 kcal per 100 g of product.

guarana for slimming

In what forms is guarana available?

Guarana comes in different forms. In its most natural form, it is a dry paste made from the seeds of the plant. It is found in the trade in the form of:

  • syrups,
  • extracts,
  • tablets,
  • capsules,
  • supplements,
  • additives for energy drinks.

The peeled and dried seeds are ground into a light brown powder, suspended in water and consumed with honey. The drink has a similar effect to coffee and stimulates hunger. From the extracts of the plant, many Brazilian beverage manufacturers, including Antarctica, Brahma, Kicos and Kuat, make Guarana, a refreshing drink typical of Brazil and similar to lemonade. The proportion of tannins is approximately 25%, which delays and prolongs the effect of the caffeine contained therein. This supplement has a very bitter taste, which is why it is usually not consumed pure, but added to various foods. Guarana is often used in many products because it is recognized as effective, particularly in meal replacements.

When incorporated into weight loss products, guarana is usually combined with ephedrine, another weight loss supplement. Powder is the most concentrated form of this supplement. It should be consumed with caution, as it can cause palpitations. Consult a healthcare professional for more information about available forms and their dosages. People with a family history of heart problems should take particular care.


  • Reduces fatigue
  • Stimulates memory and concentration
  • Helps manage stress
  • Gives energy and vitality

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What is the dosage?

This natural supplement is usually ingested in the form of powder. The powder can be consumed directly. Another way to consume, and one of the most practical, is to use capsules. In In this case, the recommended amount is two capsules per day. Guarana in its different presentations can be purchased in a natural products store.

The daily amount of powder consumed should be between 0.5 and 2 g, which is equivalent to 1 to 4 teaspoons divided during the day. This remedy should always be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water or juice. For those who need more energy, it is possible to take one more dose in the early hours of the afternoon. It is not necessary However, do not exceed the recommended dose to avoid side effects.

What are the properties of the plant?

By stimulating the release of dopamine and adrenaline in the blood, guarana powder is ideal for giving vigor and sleep. It is widely used by students and professionals who must work long hours work. It also prevents cramps, migraines, gastrointestinal problems and even atherosclerosis.

In addition to caffeine and theobromine, it contains vegetable fibers, starch, tannic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine and vitamin A.

As properties, it:

  • stimulates cell renewal,
  • provides more energy,
  • facilitates the ability to concentrate and reasoning,
  • helps reduce excess glucose and cholesterol,
  • acts as an intestinal regulator,
  • relieves migraines and headaches by general,
  • acts as an invigorating tonic and rejuvenating,
  • helps reduce appetite,
  • contributes to healthy weight loss,
  • detoxifies the digestive system,
  • relieves symptoms of bloating and constipation.

Guarana, like other antioxidants, controls the entry of glucose into the cell, which is the first step in preventing people from becoming obese. It helps control weight.

Weight control
Guarana is a valuable aid in weight control.

Guarana, powerful energy provider

It is known for its ability to provide the body with large amounts of energy in a very short period of time. He must this property to its main active ingredient, namely caffeine. This compound is found, in fact, at even higher concentrations than in coffee. We find 2 to 4.5% caffeine in guarana, while its content is 1 to 2% in coffee beans. A study carried out in the University of Tasmania, showed that a cup of coffee provided energy for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes, while the caffeine contained in this product could last up to 150 minutes.

This makes guarana the best natural stimulant to benefit from an intake stable and long-term energy. It may be more effective than coffee in regarding energy, as guarana is released more slowly into the body to provide sustained energy. The plant directly stimulates the central nervous system and can be taken in small doses to combat fatigue and increase activity level.

A natural aid for weight loss

It is an excellent aid for people who want to lose weight. Consumption of this ingredient encourages the release of fats into the blood and their transformation into energy allowing physical activities to be carried out.

In a 2001 study, patients received a blend of guarana extract, while others received a placebo. Those who had received guarana lost a greater amount of weight compared to the group that received the placebo. This fruit is also known for its appetite suppressing properties.

It has been used for centuries to make teas that help to suppress appetite in order to get rid of excess weight. He enters in the composition of certain energy drinks and weight loss supplements weight, due to its ability to curb hunger.

Guarana effectively promotes weight loss by giving a boost to the system nerve to induce lipolysis. This metabolic process involves the release fats into the bloodstream so they can be used as a source of energy during exercise. Taking this product stimulates activity physical and endurance. It can boost metabolism so that efforts are more productive.

Certain flavonoids and saponins present in the powder are known to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

Strength and endurance with Guarana
Athletes who use guarana notice increased endurance and strength during their physical activities.

Valuable help against stress, tension and anxiety

In addition to the aforementioned properties, guarana soothes the body and reduces tension, stress and anxiety. Regular consumption extract of this supplement can help you reduce your stress levels and to improve your mood. The enormous amounts of caffeine contained in this fruit are good for the body. Beyond the alertness it provides, it relieves pain and relaxes the muscles.

A powerful antioxidant

A study carried out at the University’s Faculty of Public Health from São Paulo has proven that guarana was an important source of catechins, substances with antioxidant properties. Catechins can reduce oxidative stress, slowing the onset of disease neurodegenerative and cardiovascular. The use of this supplement allows including preventing diseases such as diabetes and cancer. This ingredient helps in particular to fight against premature aging, cell death and other conditions detrimental to health and well-being.

Other antioxidants in this fruit include caffeine, theobromine, tannins and saponins. Antioxidants are important because they neutralize free radicals, potentially dangerous molecules.

A very effective anti-inflammatory

Researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Federal University of Minas Gerais discovered that guarana seed extract was capable of inhibiting TNF-alpha, one of the main molecules involved in acute and chronic inflammatory processes. Ultimately, it could be used for the production of drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and psoriasis, among others.


  • Reduces fatigue
  • Stimulates memory and concentration
  • Helps manage stress
  • Gives energy and vitality

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A product capable of boosting intelligence

This fruit facilitates learning ability and improves performance intellectuals. Guarana has the potential to improve blood circulation, thereby promoting better mental health. Better blood circulation is a sign of relief from migraines and headaches. Foods rich in omega 3 and in omega 6, like guarana, are excellent promoters of brain development and health.

Good fats guarantee the proper functioning of nerves and the preservation of memory. Sufficient amounts of good fats can prevent memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and nerve-related disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. It can reduce fatigue and improve concentration.

It is best known for being an ingredient in popular energy drinks. It is an excellent source of caffeine that helps maintain focus and mental energy. Caffeine works by blocking the effects of adenosine, a compound that helps the brain relax. It binds to adenosine receptors, preventing their activation.

Guarana and mental activity
Among its users, guarana improves health and mental abilities.

Guarana, a libido enhancer

This fruit is known throughout the world for its natural aphrodisiac properties. The presence of caffeine in this fruit increases libido. Thus, regular use can help the user to lead a happy sex life, including in old age. Guarana helps to have longer erections. The reason is that it is a vasodilator which causes an effect similar to that of Viagra. On the other hand, it causes a strong increased libido in both men and women, and increases testosterone levels.

A powerful diuretic and painkiller

It is a powerful medicine that does not contain any components chemical or artificial. Its seeds were already used to treat a a number of illnesses such as arthritis, headaches and all kinds of muscle pain. It is also very useful to take it for treat flu-like illnesses or even high fever. Else Besides, it should also be noted that this plant is a powerful diuretic. It is therefore an excellent ally for all people who retain fluids and want to lose weight in a healthy and healthy way natural.

Where to buy the Guarana food supplement?

A plant with a thousand and one virtues, guarana is a very popular supplement whose reputation has long gone beyond the borders of its original sphere. We no longer count the health food stores and the websites that offer for sale. A simple Google search and you find yourself with thousands of results supplements. Faced with this imbroglio, the caution must be exercised.

Various types of supplements are available in the market, but the one to look for is organic guarana. This variant is not cultivated, but harvested directly in the Amazon rainforest by indigenous tribes. Organic guarana is processed according to ancestral processes to produce a premium quality supplement. We do not find in its composition, nor chemical product or additive. It is also the form which provides the most effects beneficial, while being devoid of the adverse effects that we observe with adulterated supplements.

There is no shortage of sites selling this product on the web, but it is preferable to contact reputable brands with a reputation Street. These stores deal directly with official distributors installed in the original sphere of this plant and you are assured of having the best quality.

Pharmacies also constitute a reference when the time comes to purchase this supplement eating. They are highly regulated and are managed by professionals highly qualified. They rely on distribution networks of high reliability who only deal with official structures. In pharmacy, you can also benefit from the expert advice of the pharmacist to get the most out of the product you are purchasing. Another way to acquire this supplement safely is that of online pharmacies approved.

Authorized online pharmacies combine the security of physical pharmacies with the convenience of online stores. The products they sell are strictly regulated and you can order your dose from the comfort of your living room. Very fast, delivery takes place after 24 to 72 hours, rarely beyond except during holidays or weekends. This delivery is made in anonymized packaging, so that no one knows what you have ordered.

Buy guarana from an approved online pharmacy
When you place your order with an approved online pharmacy, professionals will take care of it diligently in order to ship the guarana to you as quickly as possible.


  • Reduces fatigue
  • Stimulates memory and concentration
  • Helps manage stress
  • Gives energy and vitality

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What are the side effects ?

Very beneficial for health, guarana can be consumed in different shapes. It is a powerful energizer that helps with concentration, reduces stress and improves fat burning, thus allowing loss of greater weight in people following a diet. However, it is not free of side effects. A large part of these effects are attributable to the caffeine it contains

  • Insomnia is the most common effect, when consumed in high doses. This lack of sleep can unfortunately have other consequences, such as irritation, anxiety, nervousness and bad mood.
  • Another effect of caffeine is stomach acid which can cause symptoms such as vomiting and a feeling of faintness. In addition, this acidity can also lead to other disorders of digestion, like constipation and diarrhea. Headaches are also likely if the patient has consumed large doses of this product.
  • Excess caffeine can also cause cardiac arrhythmia, although this side effect is not very common. Users, who experience palpitations, shortness of breath or chest pain, should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Caffeine is an addictive substance. Therefore, if you stop using this product for a period of time, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.
    It can cause a headache and can also become terribly annoying, making daily activities impossible. Some studies suggest that guarana may cause bleeding risks. Glaucoma can be caused by the high doses of caffeine present in this dietary supplement.

Large doses can have many effects secondary. however, if consumed in moderation it is a supplement very healthy.

To benefit from its benefits, you must take it at a daily dose between 250 and 1200 mg (between 20 and 200 mg of caffeine). Those who consume it in the form of capsules or pills should take 2 per day. In any case, you should not consume more than 300 mg of caffeine per day.

What are the drug interactions possible?

Guarana should not be taken simultaneously with stimulants such as cocaine, amphetamines, ephedrine and nicotine. The caffeine contained in this supplement accelerates the nervous system. Taking guarana with these medications could cause problems such as increased heart rate and pressure arterial.

It should also not be taken with blood thinners and antibiotics such as :

  • quinolones
  • cimetidine (Tagamet)
  • disulfiram (Antabuse)
  • fluvoxamine (Luvox)
  • verapamil (Calan, Covera, Isoptine, Verelan)
  • fluconazole (Diflucan)

Taking guarana with these medications may reduce the rate at which caffeine is broken down by the body. It can also increase side effects such as tremors, headaches and palpitations, among others.

The administration of guarana is not compatible with the use of various substances. These include, for example, nicotine contained in cigarettes, cocaine, amphetamines, certain antibiotics and anti-coagulants.

What are the contraindications of guarana?

Guarana is not recommended for pregnant women and young children. Taken during the pregnancy, it can lead to premature delivery or low weight at birth. People who also use ephedrine should avoid it, as it can cause arrhythmias and heart attacks. In In general, this supplement is not recommended for people suffering from:

  • sensitivity to caffeine,
  • hypertension,
  • cardiovascular illnesses,
  • kidney diseases,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • kidney disease,
  • glaucoma,
  • diabetes,
  • osteoporosis.

My opinion in detail

My overall rating: 4/5

When I evaluate the products I try, I consider several important parameters. Here is a small list of the elements that I take into consideration:

  • Composition: I pay special attention to micronutrients and macronutrients because they play a crucial role in my weight loss and health.
  • Notoriety: This criterion is crucial for me, because it is difficult to trust an unknown brand without any media presence, especially when it comes to this type of product.
  • Price: The cost of the product should be reasonable so that I can use it regularly as a meal replacement without putting myself in a difficult financial situation.
  • Dosage: The ease and practicality of daily intake are important to me. I am looking for use without constraints or difficulties.

I’ll let you discover a little more precision on the guarana criteria.

The composition: 4/5

Overall, the ingredients are rather natural: guarana, rice flour, vegetable cellulose (which makes the capsule shell), a good thing for the main composition of the product. On the other hand, we have two components which are chemical: magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide which are synthetic. One is used to prevent the ingredients from sticking together, the other serves as a thickener to improve the texture of the product.

Notoriety: 4/5

I am satisfied with WeightWorld, a brand that specializes in weight loss and slimming programs. They offer a wide range of products and treatments suitable for this purpose. What I particularly like is the credibility of the site, reinforced by TrustPilot certified reviews and solid partnerships. This gives me real confidence! The only downside is that WeightWorld is not yet widely known, it is only known among people who are really interested in the subject of weight loss and dietary supplements.

The price: 4/5

In terms of price, a bottle costs €23.99 for 180 capsules, or 3 months of treatment, which results in €0.13 per unit. The price is not excessive given that it is 3 months. The advantage of Weight World is that the prices are decreasing upon purchase: 10% less for 2 bottles (€43.18) and 20% reduction for 3 bottles (€57.57). The price is therefore reasonable from my point of view.


In conclusion, this natural supplement is really great! The main ingredients, like guarana, are completely natural, which I really like. Sure, there are a few chemical components like magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, but they’re there for a good reason, like preventing everything from sticking together and improving the texture. WeightWorld is a brand specializing in weight loss, with certified reviews and strong partnerships. The prices are affordable, especially if you take several. Just be careful to follow the recommended doses to avoid side effects. Overall, I’m really happy with Guarana and the WeightWorld brand.

The alternatives

If you are still not convinced by the effects of guarana or if you are simply looking for other benefits, I present to you other products that can help you lose weight: