Can you lose weight with protein?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Do you want to lose weight ? Does protein for weight loss mean anything to you? Indeed, proteins can help you lose weight. Find out how.

Before reading on

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In food, we find animal and vegetable proteins. These have multiple functions in the body. Find out everything there is to know about protein for weight loss.

Protein characteristics

Proteins are the major structural elements of all cells in the body. These are chains of amino acids that can integrate the structure of muscles, skin, nails, hair and blood. The latter are also the basis of multiple hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Proteins also contribute to the growth, repair and defense of human tissues.

Here are the specificities of the proteins:

  • Essential to life;
  • Made of amino acids, essential or not, which characterize the quality of the protein;
  • There are animal and vegetable proteins;
  • Multiple roles in the body (enzyme, transport and tissue composition);
  • And finally, protein needs change throughout life.

What protein to lose weight quickly?

Here is the list of proteins that help you lose weight quickly.

Food spring

This is one of the best-known protein brands in the world. The designers of the Foodspring group only offer high quality products which come almost 96% from their country, Germany. I particularly recommend Whey, abundant in amino acids and gluten-free. The latter is ideal for bodybuilding and endurance. Expect a price of around thirty euros for a 750 gram box.

I can also recommend the Shape Shake. It is a mix of Whey and 25% casein. This product is ideal for slimming down or maintaining shape. Also count a price of around thirty euros for a 750 gram box.

Natural Mojo

Here is a brand that is a little less known but still has a good reputation. This SME appeared in Germany ten years ago. Nutritionists and experts from this group design product ranges designed in Germany, combining extremely high-quality, natural, tasty, innovative foods without any additives. I recommend that you take advantage of Naturel Mojo’s entirely vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free products.


This French company was founded by Anthony Bourbon. Thanks to the expertise of around fifty nutrition specialists, the Feed company offers nearly a million meals each month in around fifty countries. Without any gluten and without any lactose, vegan and without GMOs, discover these protein ranges, to eat in bars or to drink in drinks.

The “Original” range offers balanced meals ready in just thirty seconds. The “Light” range offers low-calorie, low-calorie meals abundant in superfoods. And finally, the “Sport” range allows you to enjoy high-protein meals with no added sugars.

Does protein reduce appetite?

One of the most relevant strategies to reduce your appetite is to consume more protein. These are satiating and 50% of their calories are burned during the digestion phase. Ingest them especially when you eat (morning, noon and evening). During your meal, eat your share of raw vegetables or vegetables, then finish with starchy foods.

Protein is known to be the food for satiety (feeling of gastric fullness). It helps increase the percentages of appetite suppressant hormones GLP-1, PYY and CCK and reduces the production of ghrelin. By optimizing your daily intake of foods abundant in protein, you would naturally reduce your hunger and also increase your satiety level. So, you will need to use protein for every meal, from breakfast to dinner. You’ll find that you’ll snack less between meals and feel fuller (and better) much faster.

How much protein per day?

For an organism with good health and a properly functioning immune system, it is strongly recommended to consume proteins at least twice every day. 2 times per day. I recommend one source of animal protein and one source of plant protein each day (one portion is worth 120 to 150 grams of meat or 150 to 200 grams of fish or two eggs or five to six tablespoons of legumes). If you are athletic, especially if you practice physical activities related to strength, the recommended intake must go beyond this.

How to make a natural protein diet?

As for so-called “high-protein” diets, it is possible to eat as much lean meat, fish and eggs as you want, but also vegetables. Be sure to eat fruits and oilseeds in moderation. On the other hand, I’m telling you right away: say goodbye to cereals and legumes!

Such a diet consists of four stages as follows:

  • The attack or starter (abundant in proteins), the diet itself (we include vegetables), the transition (we alternate between classic and protein meals) and stabilization (gradually returning to normal). In the first phase, focus on protein and water at all five meals and snacks. This will cause what we call ketosis: this is the use of stored fat as a major source of energy.
  • Second step: use proteins during major meals and include fruits and vegetables, or even starchy foods.
  • Third step: you will have to integrate all types of foods. However, quantities are restricted. It is possible to have a high-protein meal sometimes during the week.
  • And finally, last step: the return to classic food. So, you have to increase the calories compared to your needs. It is possible to keep one or two meal replacements if you slip up.