Can you lose weight with hypnosis?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Therapeutic hypnosis is an increasingly fashionable alternative medicine. Among its many benefits, did you know that it helps you lose weight? Find out everything there is to know about hypnosis to lose weight while sleeping.

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Losing weight leads to a change in lifestyle, the practice of sporting activities but also a change in diet. However, changing your eating habits is not easy. To do this, you need to have a strong mind. It is in this case that hypnosis can help and thus allow you to lose weight. Hypnosis to lose weight while sleeping is not a myth!

How walk hypnosis?

Where sports practice and diet will have positive consequences on caloric intake and therefore weight loss, hypnosis gives the possibility of impacting the results. In fact, it allows you not to give up. So, just like me, you will be able to achieve your goals.

During a diet, it is often difficult not to break down, give up sport or not follow a food program to the letter. Hypnosis can allow you to optimize motivation and view your body differently. It will impact your relationship with food, your appetite, the way you see your hunger but also your motivation. During your hypnosis sessions, the expert will focus on your voice. Its mission will then be to create, solidify or change the images and perceptions that you have. The professional can also, as he did for me, discuss with you in order to unblock deep-rooted concerns within you. An awareness of potential serious problems such as addictions may also arise.

How to lose weight with hypnosis?

The method of hypnosis impacts behavior. Hypnosis can be used in addition to a slimming program as a technique located between medicine and spirituality. The latter offers real help to the patient and allows their brain to more easily accept a healthier lifestyle. This will make it easier for you to adopt a balanced diet.

So, hypnosis will not directly make you lose weight, but will be a real help in losing weight since it will improve your mind. The sessions can offer patients the opportunity to have more motivation and to better understand and accept their physique. By improving balance, well-being and making it easier to get through a period of diet, the hypnosis technique can be a real help for individuals wanting to lose weight.

Focus on the virtual gastric band

The virtual gastric band, as its name proves, is not a reality. It is a perception that your body receives. So, without having undergone surgery, you have a gastric band… even if it is fictitious! The goal is to force your mind to comply with the constraints that a real ring would have generated, and to obtain identical results. Obviously, the motivation and determination of the individual are essential points.

It is an imaginary tool that can represent real help for the individual in relation to their dietary transition. During a session, the professional will install a fictitious ring under hypnosis. The latter will interfere in the unconscious of the individual. In this way, the subject’s appetite will decrease over time via this imaginary help.

How to self-hypnotize to lose weight?

Self-hypnosis allows you to perform hypnosis without help and on yourself. It requires significant practice and a lot of mastery. This is why it is not recommended for novices. This method requires great concentration and determination. The purpose of self-hypnosis sessions is to change body perception and optimal control of appetite.

Self-hypnosis can be carried out via audio tracks to listen to at home, which aim to stimulate the subconscious in order to create mental images. These should allow the patient to generate auto-suggestions and change their behavior. Therefore, self-hypnosis is a real support and a real psychological aid to rely on during a diet.

Tutorial: lose weight with hypnosis

Hypnosis, like self-hypnosis, are practices of impression, not expression. Falling into a state of hypnosis requires pausing the mental processes that are usually at work. People are strongly advised not to describe or study retrospectively what they feel when they are under hypnosis.

This practice is a kind of “enchanted parenthesis”, a place where there is no longer any pressure and where stress no longer exists. Thus, it is as if the triggers for undesirable eating habits are no longer active. Lose weight with hypnosis, it’s possible ! Unlike slimming diets, hypnosis is not a restrictive technique. The latter has a real effect on food perception and the link with tastes. It helps curb cravings and snacking habits.

How many pounds can you lose using hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a scientifically reputable method. It integrates alternative medicine techniques, opposing traditional medicine. The majority of the effectiveness of this method is based on self-persuasion and the placebo effect.

Therefore, motivation and desire are essential if you want to lose weight via hypnosis. I can assure you: this method offers the possibility of focusing on yourself but also of optimizing self-control and your appetite. In order to have positive results, hypnosis must be carried out on an individual certain of its effectiveness, alongside a relevant diet and an effective physical fitness program (various sports activities or muscle strengthening for example).