Lose belly fat: 6 tips to apply every day

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Much more than a question of aesthetics, losing belly fat also responds to a desire/need to be in good health.

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A waist circumference of 80 cm for a woman, 94 cm for a man represents the minimum threshold for abdominal obesity. In such a situation, not only does the victim have difficulty bearing the weight of the gaze of others, but she is especially exposed to around ten chronic and metabolic diseases.

The worst, the constraints linked to the presence of fatty masses in the stomach stimulate even more fat storage. How so get rid of it easily? Successfully losing belly fat is the result of individual effort on a daily basis.

There is no need to impose drastic diets on yourself, you just need to adopt definitely a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that great effort Physical fitness matters less than good nutrition when it comes to lose weight in the stomach. To achieve your goal, apply these daily tips that guarantee you a flat stomach.

Change your eating habits

Is it necessary to get used to a low-salt diet?

The body needs 5 to 8 g of salt, or approximately 3 g of sodium per day for its proper functioning. But like food already contain a large quantity of sodium, this daily threshold perhaps easily reached or even exceeded.

You must reduce salt consumption to 2g per day to lose belly fat effectively.

However, sodium can disrupt your system digestive, cause water retention in the tissues and store then the fats at the level of the abdominal belt. So if you have the habit of eating too salty, you will never be able to lose weight from your stomach.

So limit your daily salt intake to 2 g. If you can do without it from time to time, it’s even better. In the case where it is difficult for you not to add salt once at the table, use it diet salt, also called substitute salt or false salt. False salt contains flavor enhancers in place of sodium chloride, however, It is not recommended to take it with foods rich in potassium.

Why consume fat to lose belly weight?

In both men and women, high insulin levels promotes the accumulation of fat in the stomach. And good fats keep insulin at a low level. Additionally, when you eat foods containing good cholesterol, the feeling of hunger disappears and you You will avoid cravings without constraint.

To eliminate excess fat in the belly area, introduce in your daily diet foods containing good fat, including avocados, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil. THE oily fish, especially mackerel, sardines, salmon, herring, tuna, contribute massively to the burning of lipids and reduce quickly removes fatty masses.

How to manage breakfast?

If you do physical exercises in the morning, do them at fasting, and then eat a breakfast rich in carbohydrates. Your meal replaces the glucose eliminated during your activities. It also attributes to your liver and your muscles the amount of sugar needed for the day. This process of combustion and recovery happens the same in men and women.

On the other hand, without morning physical effort, you absolutely must deprive yourself of a carbohydrate breakfast. Instead, eat protein. fried fish, meat steak, fried egg… But the best thing is to skip from time to time this first meal of the day. If you deprive yourself breakfast 2 or 3 times a week, you give free rein to the morning phase of fat burning. And you will reach your flat stomach goal.

However, you must also make the effort not to eat anything until noon, not even the little cravings. In this case, don’t worry about your tone, your body will use your lipid reserves as a source of energy.

How to balance calories consumed and calories spent?

The principle is simple, the body draws its energy from sugar and lipids provided by food. Then it eliminates calories obtained during the combustion phases. You must therefore seek to balance those calories you consume with those you expend for lose belly fat quickly. How should you go about it?

You need to know how to balance calories consumed and calories spent.

Firstly, you should be aware that the amount of calories consumed during a day are added. If your body receives 600 kcal during a meal, he receives the same with 200 kcal distributed in three meals. The amount of calories burned during the day will therefore be the same in these two cases. In fact, taking energy foods at several times will not help you lose weight. You really have to go Consider the amount of calories included in your diet.

Next, you need to consider the natural phenomenon of combustion. When your body releases sugar, fat burning stops and Conversely. There are some tips for mastering the balance between these two phases to reduce abdominal fat. If you were able to complete at least 7 hours of sleep at night, your body will go into mode fat burning in the morning. We must therefore not slow down this process by consumption of glucose present especially in sugary cereals and in processed carbohydrates, including cakes, candy, soft drinks, pasta, bread, rice…

Processed foods can also contain hidden sugars and accumulate belly fat. When you feel hungry, choose foods fat burner such as apples, lemons, etc. For the main meals of the day, choose foods rich in fiber and micronutrients, especially fruits, green vegetables and nuts. Homemade meals are particularly recommended if you want to lose belly fat quickly.

Quench your thirst with slimming drinks

Why deprive yourself of soft drinks?

The carbon dioxide inside soft drinks makes increase the level of ghrelin, this digestive hormone stimulating appetite. He It is therefore clear that sparkling water and soda do not help you lose belly weight.

A sugary soft drink is doubly harmful to your health. In addition to activating ghrelin, it introduces sugar into the pancreas. A Excessive insulin production follows, and fat stores are intensifying. Sodas and obesity therefore go hand in hand. So, if you want to lose belly fat, the consumption of soft drinks should be excluded completely out of your habits.

How does lemon water help you lose belly weight?

Squeeze a lemon with its white skin in a food processor. Pour then the juice obtained in 1.5 l or 2 l of lukewarm water. White skin lemon contains a soluble fiber called pectin which has the property of slow down the insertion of fats and sugars into the body.

Your lemon water also suppresses the appetite. If you drink half a liter before each main meal, it quickly leads you to the feeling of satiety. You can also choose to drink your lemon water all day and you will voluntarily refuse your usual little cravings.

Which fat-burning juices help flatten the stomach quickly?

If you like lemon water less, you can take black coffee to lose weight on your stomach. The caffeine contained in this drink has a lipolytic action, that is to say it can completely uproot the fats that accumulate in various places of the body. Black coffee grants a body temperature favoring the combustion of fats shortly after consumption.

Lemon water, coffee, green tea and ginger juice are fat burning drinks

Green tea is also another alternative if you want drink a natural slimming drink. It firstly has a calming virtue thanks to its antioxidant property. Reducing stress is already one way safe towards belly loss. But this drink is above all classified among the effective fat burner thanks to its polyphenols, which are likely to burn up to 200 calories per day, in addition to those eliminated by normal combustion process.

There is also ginger juice, a little spicy, but very effective for slimming the stomach. You need to add a thin slice of ginger in water and boil for about 4 minutes. You can also make a ginger-pineapple or ginger-lemon infusion to slightly accentuate the fat burning effect.

Do physical exercises to reduce abdominal fat

How to workout Does fractional training help you lose belly fat?

Physical exercises only cause 20% of your belly loss. But associated with good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, they can speed up the elimination of your abdominal fat.

However, you must know how to do it correctly by avoiding keep the same pace and intensity of effort from start to finish of a session. This bad practice burns your calories 7 times less than interval exercises. It is therefore a question of alternating the phases of activity intense and recovery phases. This principle promotes the abundance of muscle masses and the elimination of fatty masses. It therefore helps you to lose belly fat quickly.

Why should we focus on abs, hula hoop and leg extensions?

Abs and leg extensions are exercises that target directly to the stomach muscles. They are therefore more effective than any what other workout to eliminate excess fat around.

The hula hoop practiced in interval training allows you also to keep or obtain a flat and firm stomach. Turning the hoop around the waist contracts the abdomen and helps reduce fat naturally the stomach and thighs. Interested in taking up hula hooping mainly women who want to have a wasp waist, but Men can also do it to keep in shape.

Why cardio, running Are walking, cycling and walking less effective for losing belly fat?

If some people complain of not having succeeded in losing weight with cardio is completely understandable. Cardio, including running, walking, cycling, certainly help you burn calories.

On the other hand, this type of exercise lowers hormone levels. of fat burning, called testosterone. In addition, it causes a massive production of the anti-stress hormone called cortisol, a phenomenon favoring even more the accumulation of fat in the stomach.

Men and women can lose belly weight with simple gestures and treatments

Massage to lose belly fat

Self-massage step by step

First of all, it should be noted that the belly massage can be done daily (every evening before sleeping, for example). Make circular movements using the palm of your hand in a clockwise direction. Continue for a minute while exerting firm pressure on the stomach.

Massage helps lose belly fat

Massage both sides of the hips, this time with open hands, directing the movement towards the lower abdomen. You have to do it very slowly with only 3 series of the same movement. This session will also take you 1 minute. The third phase of the ventral massage is used to press the hand in from the solar plexus to the navel. You must also repeat the same movement for 1 minute.

Pinch roll or palpate roll

If you find these steps a little complicated, you can simply apply the pinch roll or palpate roll technique for 5 minutes a day. It involves pinching the cellulite and rolling it upwards. This massage is used to encourage fat cells to eliminate fat, and to facilitate venous and lymphatic circulation.

Massage using a slimming product

Carry out your abdominal massage with a natural slimming product and organic. It is more advantageous to use creams and oils based on lavender or lemon if you want to lose belly fat faster.

You can also compose your own massage cream based on essential oils. In this case, pour a drop of essential oil clary sage, tropical basil and lemon in your body lotion. To have the texture of the usual massage oil with these oils essential, simply mix them with argan oil.

A beneficial daily gesture

Once you decide to embark on this abdominal massage daily, do not stop halfway to avoid the yo-yo effect. It’s necessary really find 5 minutes a day to do it. If you have more than time, there is no disadvantage to performing an abdominal massage in the morning and evening. In addition to eliminating extra pounds, it helps you at the same time to have good digestion and to limit bloating.

Cold water to firm the stomach?

For your morning shower, choose cold water. Your body will automatically produce internal heat to cope with the cold. He uses therefore belly fat to warm up, and the burning phenomenon of fats is triggered.

Also get into the habit of using cold jets of water to finish your shower. You should only target the fatty belly. The effect of jets of shower stimulates the production of testosterone, responsible for the combustion of fats. So if you use this cold water technique every mornings, you will quickly reap the fruits of your efforts.

In case you can tolerate a cold bath, it’s a lot more efficient. Only, you have to take it in less than 5 minutes to avoid cold-related illnesses. Whether for men or women, dealing with abdominal fat using cold water always remains a little effective tip.

Relax from time to time

Why should you take relaxing breaks?

With the intense pace of everyday life, it is difficult to find time to relax. But we must strive to seek out these moments of relaxation to relieve stress. Indeed, this negative emotion stimulates the production of the anti-stress hormone called cortisol, promoting the accumulation of fat, especially in the stomach.

Take relaxing rests from time to time

If your goal of losing belly fat is important to you, find ways to achieve it. At work, take relaxing breaks doing a calm activity that you enjoy. Or simply by taking a little nap if possible.

At home, relax by watching a less sad and thrilling film, a kind of entertainment that makes you laugh without restraint. If you have a other hobby that allows you to fully escape and which is not binding, reserve a small part of your day for this activity.

How to lose belly fat with breathing exercises and meditation?

Have you ever heard that it is possible to lose belly fat? while breathing? You have no reason to doubt it, it’s absolutely effective. This is a deep breathing composed obviously of inspiration and expiration. This so-called ventral breathing is both relaxation and physical effort. If you take 5 minutes per day by repeating the exercise in question 10 times, you will quickly lose weight belly. How to practice these breathing exercises?

Breathing on the back

Sit in a lying position with your lower back against the floor. You inhale deeply while inflating your stomach, then you exhale slowly for 5 seconds while trying to bring your stomach in. This breathing movement should be repeated for approximately 5 minutes.

Standing breathing

If you prefer belly breathing while standing, it You have to choose the right positioning of the body and limbs. So you move forward one leg by transferring the weight of your body to it. You inhale slowly and at the same time you raise your arms, you keep them in this position until the end of an exaggerated, slow and contracting expiration. Repeat the exercise breathing for 5 minutes.

Seated breathing

You can also do belly breathing in position seated. In this case, choose a chair without a back. Keep your back strong right, then follow the same principle as that of the other two exercises: you inhale while inflating your stomach, then you exhale while pulling it in. Between two breaths, you can relax the stomach, then resume the exercise.

The benefits of meditation

As for the exercise of meditation, it serves to relieve stress and stay in perfect harmony with oneself. He grants great inner serenity which helps avoid a high rate of cortisol. Like the breathing exercise, it just takes a few short minutes of your time while still giving you a good result.

It is firstly about concentrating the mind when you enter into meditation. If you are at your first experience, it would be better to go in a center which will then give you an exercise to do at home. THE sessions accompanied by gong are more effective to immerse you easily in great concentration. The sound emitted by this instrument makes it easier to transition to meditative phases.

When you can meditate every day at home, you will feel a feeling of well-being permanently. Your sessions meditations will constitute psychological brakes on your weight gain involuntary. So how can you have a relaxing session at home? There posture is simple: sitting position, legs crossed, back straight and hands on knees. You take it in a very quiet place and you you immerse yourself in a world of trust. You have to stay in this position for 15 to 30 minutes while breathing properly.

Meditation helps relieve stress

Get enough sleep to have a flat stomach

Does sleeping cause you to lose calories?

The human brain burns around forty calories per hour during sleep. The less you sleep, the more fat you gain abdominal. So if you want to lose belly fat quickly, get in the habit to eat early in the evening and sleep early as well. Try to complete at least 7 hours of sleep and you will see the result after several weeks.

Why does sleeping well cause fat burning?

If you don’t consume anything for 6-8 hours, which is the time spent in bed, your body will burn more fat afterward. It is recommended not to eat after 8 p.m. and to go to sleep between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Your body will expend more energy when you wake up, provided you got enough sleep at night. You must allow this phenomenon to occur freely and your body will eliminate part of your abdominal fat, in addition to the calories burned naturally during sleep.

If you have a problem with insomnia, you need to remedy it to be able to lose weight. Lack of sleep and belly loss do not go hand in hand.