Top 10 apps to lose weight

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Looking for help to lose weight? Well done ! If you are here, it is because you have taken a new step towards your goal. Here I offer you a top 10 applications to support you in your slimming program.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Between programs that measure your calorie consumption and those that help you lose them, I especially favor solutions that encourage you to exercise. In fact, I find them more effective! So say goodbye to slimming pills and others fat burners !

For people who prefer a video format, I made a short 5-minute video that talks about the 10 applications mentioned in this article. It’s right here:


8fit — Fitness & Nutrition — Urbanite Inc.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: iOS & Android;
  • Size: 63 MB;
  • Number of users: more than 125,000;
  • Number of installations: More than 10 million.
application to lose weight
8fit, nutrition and fitness

A personalized diet

8fit changes your life by guiding you in your daily menus and in the management of your body throughout the daytime. You are guided in your diet through nutrition advice and you even change your lifestyle. Indeed, Urbanite Inc’s bet is to help you eat well without gaining weight.

The app helps you do your shopping and offers you various menus. Depending on your choices, the Food will be distributed during the week so that you do not exceed one certain level of calories while meeting your needs.

An exercise program

This application to lose weight ensures the effectiveness of your exercises. A few movements programmed here and there in your schedule changes everything. When getting out of bed or going to work, you will learn to exert effort without equipment.

The exercises offered can adapt to your current weight and the app notifies you of changes in your body as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. Thanks to this tool, you will no longer need to go to the gym.

Runtastic Running, walking, cycling, fitness — Runtastic

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: iOS & Android;
  • Size: varies by device;
  • Number of users: more than 850,000;
  • Number of installations: more than 10 million.
application to lose weight
Runtastic: running, walking, cycling and fitness

A sports coach at your disposal

Runtastic makes sure you be motivated and offer you a coach to encourage you throughout your practices. Instead of just looking at numbers, you’ll know little by little close to where you are, especially when the coach tells you that you are there almost !

A place for sharing and competition

This application to lose weight also connects you with other people who have downloaded Runtastic. Compare your results or share them to encourage others to run any further.

Optimized for Android Wear 2.0

It is inconvenient to run by having to constantly look at your phone. Runtastic takes you away the thorn in your side and gives you the possibility to connect to your bracelet Android Wear 2.0.

Predefined routes

The GPS of your smartphone activated, you will find routes already taken and programmed according to your level. So you will no longer wonder if descents and climbs count really, the weight loss app will tell you. Please note that you can save your routes to share them with those around you or even interested Internet users.

FizzUp — Sports coaching, Nutrition & Meditation — Fysiki

What you eat, your types of exercises, your performance, all this is displayed on FizzUp.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: iOS & Android;
  • Size: 67 MB;
  • Number of users: More than 25,000;
  • Number of installations: More than 1 million.
application to lose weight
Fizzup: sports coach, nutrition and meditation

A 6-week program to lose weight weight

Lose more than 10 kg in less than 3 months! If other Internet users can do it, why can’t you? Follow original sports programs and periodic training schedules with FizzUp. The recommended menus guarantee you will achieve the results of your efforts from just 6 weeks of use.

Free programs and regular updates

FizzUp offers several free workout programs so you can more easily achieve your goals. Furthermore, the application is updated regularly taking into account user habits.

Basic-Fit Online – Virtuagym Professional

The application offers sessions complete workouts to keep fit and stay healthy.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: Android;
  • Size: 25 MB;
  • Number of users: more than 15,000;
  • Number of installations: more than 500,000.
application to lose weight
Basic-fit online: fitness and community

Join a real community

Presented as a very varied and very complete, Basic-Fit trains you and advises you connecting to other users in the same situation as you. You can then gauge your skills against those of your friends. Become member and replace your social networking site with a community that helps slim your body.

A wide variety of exercises

You will find many types of exercises to choose according to your starting abilities and your equipment, if you have it. For complete experience and results, go to to the professional version.

Running to Lose Weight, Running, Walking — FITAPP

This application to lose weight proves to you that GPS is not just for finding your way. Thanks to his multiple features, FITAPP offers you to have fun while losing weight.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: Android;
  • Size: differs depending on the device;
  • Number of users: more than 21,000;
  • Number of installations: more than 1 million.
application to lose weight
Fitapp: exercises with GPS

An app that motivates you

FITAPP offers you exercises which are integrated into your daily life. It makes you lose weight while running and while walking, gives you a report of your daily activity and informs you on what to change or improve based on your goal.

Indeed, whatever your mode physical movement, walking, cycling or even rollerblading, it informs you of the number of calories spent and encourages you to do more in order to to lose weight.

FITAPP also helps you to monitor your weight according to your goals. Excess calories will be notified by the body mass index and the application guides you in this what you should do.


Several applications are used of your mobile’s GPS, but FITAPP does it effectively in order to help you show what you have accomplished and record it to remind you of what you are capable. Nothing more motivating

6: Running and Jogging — Zeopoxa

You will see your performance across different counters.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: Android;
  • Size: 4.8 MB;
  • Number of users: more than 15,000;
  • Number of installations: more than 1 million.
application to lose weight
Zeopoxa: jogging and running

A light but complete application

It is one of the rare applications to lose weight which is completely free. While being reliable, it ensures that your Android device does not heat up thanks to its minimal disk space usage.

Set a goal and observe your personal performance. You will see how much you have progressed since your first use.

Full-screen information

Race statistics and distances, duration and speed without forgetting the number of calories burned, everything is displayed to inform you about your “performance” in the part of your slimming program.

Ultimate Workout Nutrition – Insplisity

Insplisity combines diet and exercises and offers you a free solution to refine your figure.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: Android;
  • Size: 4.6 MB;
  • Number of users: 931;
  • Number of installations: More than 500,000.
application to lose weight
Ultimate Workout Nutrition: the app for nutrition

Effectively combine sport and hygiene eating

This application to lose weight suggests a specific diet so that your sessions sports are effective. It then offers food programs, pre and post-workout foods, in addition to melting fat.

Program adapted to lifestyle

The application guarantees you a quick and consistent result in relation to your lifestyle. She you also learns how, what and when to eat. Unfortunately, the ads are quite insistent on the interface. Despite everything, this does not prevent its efficiency.

Keep – The home sports coach

This application for doing sport at home is very popular with Internet users.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: Android;
  • Size: varies by device;
  • Number of users: 64,671;
  • Number of installations: more than 5,000,000.
application to lose weight
Keep: your home sports coach

Free training exercises

Countless exercises are offered by this application to lose weight and they are all free. Of the workouts are scheduled so you can perform your weight loss planning.

Keep workouts can can be done anywhere as long as you have a little time. Of this way, your goals are achieved much more quickly.

In the same perspective, you have the ability to personalize your exercises. Choose what you want work out while monitoring your calories.

Sessions for all levels

Thanks to different video supports, you will be able to train and follow the recorded movements. You will change as you progress.

7 Minute Workout App – Lose Weight in 30 Days! –Workout Apps

Take 7 short minutes of your daily life to lose weight. Become the conscious decision maker of your physical health and burn excess calories.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: iOS & Android;
  • Size: 26 MB;
  • Number of users: 1,039;
  • Number of installations: more than 50,000.
application to lose weight
7 Minutes Workout App: lose weight in 30 days

Complete and certified exercises

Workout Apps has compiled workouts studied in collaboration with scientists. All your body is put to the test, of course, but the result is guaranteed and the “torture” only lasts a few minutes a day.

A trainer who supports you

Throughout your experience at through the application, you will be supported and encouraged. The videos show you what to do and how while programmed voices guide you and encourage you.

Lose weight in 21 days – Fit apps

This application to lose weight is one of the simplest, but among the most effective.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating system: iOS & Android;
  • Size: 11 MB;
  • Number of users: more than 28,000;
  • Number of installations: more than 1 million.
application to lose weight
Lose weight in 21 days: simple and effective

A countdown of 21 days

Fit Apps contacted professionals to establish exercise plans for a period of 21 days. The modus operandi is very simple: you must choose a level and follow the daily rhythm proposed to you.

Complete exercises

Instead of suggesting exercises to do on the fly, the application programs your schedule and reminds you to practice. It also displays your progress in the weight loss over the 21 days of training.

Weight loss applications dedicated to recipes

Beyond the applications that mainly support you in your physical exercises, I also offer you some programs that focus on recipes. Remember that the secret to lasting weight loss is to change your eating habits while exercising regularly.

Recipe for easy diet dishes 2018 — bino-apps

The recipes presented there are classified by type of diet or by calories. This application recommends the best menus based on your goal.

Easy healthy slimming recipes 2018 — Tiptop-Apps

This recipe app is more or less identical to the previous one, but much more appreciated because how it works and the amount of precise information revealed.

Health and Diet – Lose weight & Weight counter Calorie – DROID INFINITY

To lose weight, DROID INFINITY allows you to monitor your sleep hours and your Supply Mode. With a very practical and ergonomic interface, it shows you what your body needs thanks to different meters displayed, from the water gauge to calories.

These weight loss applications are effective provided that you respect the established rules, particularly in terms of pace. Since most of them are free, they sometimes display unpleasant advertisements. However, you can pay a certain amount to avoid them. Finally, I advise you to use a maximum of two applications. One which is mainly interested in nutrition, another which is focused on physical exercises.