Take care of yourself to lose weight

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

This might seem surprising, as it is so ingrained in our habits that losing weight rhymes with deprivation, frustrations and liters of sweat eliminated in suffering. Losing weight means first listening to your body and its eating sensations. It’s taking the time to connect with yourself. It’s taking care of yourself.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

How TO DO ?

Take self-care while preparing your plate

That does not mean going to the market at all costs, buying fresh vegetables, wash them, peel them, cut them…

Preparing your plate means making sure it is full of foods that you like and that complement each other. Proteins, starchy vegetables. Fruits, dairy products, good oils… herbs, spices… Tastes, colors, simplicity.

Balancing your diet means eating everything, including starchy foods, at every meal. At least two meals out of three. At breakfast and lunch, so you don’t have cravings at the end of the day. In moderate quantity. But that’s where the difficulty lies, in moderation.

Balanced dish

Take self-care in front of your plate

Moderate your diet does not necessarily mean reducing your size of their plates, nor reduce the size of portions. It is taking time to eat slowly, to be in connection with yourself and to listening to your feelings. Listening to the pleasure of eating and to satisfy his hunger, but above all to listen to the little one signal, very discreet, too discreet, of his satiety.

In Indeed, our body sends us strong signals when it comes to alerts. And often, we only feel the warning of “too much full”, when our body shouts Stop!! And it is already too late. We leave the table heavy, without energy. When this phenomenon repeats itself, this means that at each meal, we we ate more than necessary, and therefore, in the end, the excess pounds will settle in.

There feeling of satiety arrives 20 minutes after the first bite or the quantity consumed. The slower we eat, the less quantity will be significant during these 20 minutes. You will have the assurance to leave the table nourished, satisfied, but without too much, without difficulty digesting, without a post-meal hit. And little by little small, the excess pounds will fly away.

Eat of everything, to avoid deficiencies but also frustrations. Treating yourself to a sweet dessert, without fake sugar or 0% will bring a much more satisfying pleasure than no dessert at all, or the hyper-light, which sooner or later, will push us to fill this restrained desire, sometimes with a much greater demand to fill, than that of the small pleasure initially satisfied.

agree from time to time a meal a little too rich, like raclette with friends, will not disturb our balance. do it from time to time and not daily, will make the pleasure more intense, and allowing yourself to do so will avoid giving up on everything one day forced to feel frustrated.

Take care of yourself and your body

Register at the gym and suffering on the machines or in classes who we don’t like, in the sole hope of losing weight, without pleasure and only in suffering, will only alleviate your bank account. Once you have passed the good resolutions, if the pleasure is not there, the regularity essential for long-term effects won’t be there either.

The activity physical is as necessary for his body as for his head. Because yes, moving our body while enjoying ourselves makes us happy, and more after a while, thinner. But that’s the pleasure he we have to search, finding the activity that suits us, well before the result. The result can be irregular, sometimes the weight loss is taking steps, and if it’s our only motivation, it will disappear.

Find pleasure in moving alone or with friends. Dance, walk, do yoga, tennis, cycling, horse riding, swimming, karate, walking your dog beyond the single block… take the time to think about what would do us good and then take this moment of physical activity as a moment for yourself, a moment that we agree to and not a constraint that we is required.

Take the opportunity to listen to music, or an interesting podcast that you wouldn’t have had time to listen to if you hadn’t taken this time. Take the time to see the seasons pass by walking outside, to rediscover your neighborhood. Take the opportunity to find a group or a friend who would do this too if she wasn’t the only one doing it… Disconnect for an hour from your stress at work or at home to better connect with yourself.

physical activity to take care of yourself

Take taking care of your self-esteem

Lose really extra pounds that can endanger our health is an essential goal, a necessity.

But setting goals that are too high, wanting to fit into a size 36 when our body is naturally cut for 40 will endanger our metabolic balance and our self-confidence. Because a excessive objective is not an objective, but a trap. A sooner or later inevitable failure with the consequence of a loss of self-confidence and a disruption of our metabolism.

Acceptance of his body with its defects which make it unique, and not only stereotyped to resemble an imposed image, is also a way to take care of yourself and achieve your weight natural.

Take self-care means finding and accepting your healthy weight. The one who is less difficult to achieve and maintain, our weight natural.

OUR body whatever its age or appearance is our home. The special one and the only one in which we will live all our lives.

Let’s take in care for what it is and the countless services it provides us returns. Let us make the necessary efforts to make it better. possible health, without mistreating it by underfeeding it or by on feeding, by exhausting it to make it slim, or by forgetting him bent over backwards on a sofa, a car, an office.

Let’s feed him at best, let’s move it as best we can and it will return it to us with regained energy and health!