7 foods to avoid when you want to lose weight

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

We all know that losing weight is a long-term job, and you will need a lot of motivation and determination to achieve your goals. But to lose weight sustainably and effectively, it will take time. Yes, losing 10 kilos in two months is possible, but you will gain them back immediately, because your body will be out of whack and will no longer be able to assimilate the food you consume.

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Today, to help you in your quest for the ideal weight, we give you 7 Foods to avoid when losing weight. Are you ready ? Let’s go ! And stay well until the end, we give you two bonus tips!

The alcohol

Yes, alcohol is caloric, and it is one of the “foods” which will prevent you from losing weight properly if you consume. One milliliter of alcohol provides 7 kcal, so imagine it number of calories in a glass of wine or a pint of beer !


We stick to drinks, with sodas. As with alcohol, sodas are very high in calories. So if you can’t do without it, opt for diet or zero sodas, where the sugar is replaced by sweeteners. However, for better results, we advise you to drink water, of course!

Woman drinking a soda
Say goodbye to sodas of all kinds


THE spreads are, in addition to being very sweet, very fatty, they should logically be limited or even eliminated if you want to lose weight effectively. If you know how to be careful in quantities, you can of course consume it. Try to vary brands and find one of good quality, without oil palm and containing less sugar!

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Desserts and pastries

Obviously, how not to talk about desserts and pastries, your enemies when losing weight! We are not going to ask you to eliminate these foods, because they bring pleasure, and this would frustrate, but simply to reduce and manage the quantities that you will consume!

YOU obviously know it, but these are foods far too rich in sugars and calories to help you lose weight effectively, this is why it is advisable to reduce their contribution, without however removing them. For what ? Because if you don’t take more pleasure in eating, you will suffer what is called the yo-yo effect, that is to say that after losing weight, you will pick it up again in a very short time, and you will even be able to gain a few extra pounds. This is why it is important to know how to enjoy yourself when you lose weight, because it will be much easier to lose weight by eating foods that you like !


NOW that we talked about everything that is sweet products, we can introduce fatty products!

Cheese is a very fatty product, so it will be advisable to reduce your quantities, or to opt for less fatty cheeses. If you want to obtain good results, unfortunately you will have to make some sacrifices…

Reduce your quantities of cheese

The cold cuts

There charcuterie is the enemy of weight loss, because it is a assortment of extremely fatty products. And even if there is good fat, the vast majority of fat in cold meats is a set of fatty acids and cholesterol…

The hidden fat

This is not a food strictly speaking, but a set of products containing hidden fats, which will prevent you from lose weight correctly. It is found in breaded products, fried products and in particular industrial products. To decrease your fat intake, you can reduce the amount of butter you you put on your toast or the quantity of oil in your vinaigrette sauce…

NOW, time for tips!

Don’t snack between meals!

THE The most important advice is not to snack between meals, because otherwise all your efforts will come to naught. While eating between meals, you will disrupt the hormones of hunger and satiety, namely ghrelin and leptin, and your body does not will understand more about the way you eat. So stay at 3 or 4 meals a day, and hold on to the shock!

Watch your portions!

Often, the problem for people who have gained weight is the quantity consumed food. If your portions are too large, it is logical that you gain weight, because your body will store it. He you will therefore need to reduce your portions in order to lose weight on the long term !