Best natural and powerful diuretic: Review & Comparison

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

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Diuretics are mainly used as a treatment for fluid retention in the body, as well as kidney stones, glaucoma or hypertension. It is important to note that, apart from synthetic drugs sold in pharmacies, certain foods naturally offer these same benefits and therefore present less risk of producing side effects. In this article, we will learn about some of these natural diuretics.

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What is a diuretic?

By definition, a diuretic is a substance, natural or synthetic, which induces a significant increase in the quantity of urine produced and excreted from the body. To better understand the benefit of a diuretic, it is important to understand the normal functioning of the kidneys and the weakness of kidney function.

In a normal human body, the kidneys are responsible for filtering sodium and potassium from the blood. They remove water from the body and turn it into urine. Through a complex series of processes, the kidneys are able to keep some fluid in the bloodstream and nutrients at an even level. Any extra fluid is sent to the bladder and exfiltrated from the body.

With certain illnesses or medical conditions, kidney function weakens. This may be due to lack of blood flow to the kidneys or problems with the kidneys. When this happens, the body may need extra help eliminating fluids.

In these cases, doctors may give their patients a strong diuretic to help the body function properly. Some common medical conditions that cause fluid retention include high blood pressure, liver disease, or heart problems.

Water Away, natural supplement and powerful diuretic

My opinion

Water Away, powerful diuretic

Water Away is a diuretic supplement that I have found to be equally powerful, 100% natural too, that can help combat water retention in the body. Fluid retention can occur throughout the body, including the face, hands, legs and feet. Which can unfortunately cause weight gain and an unpleasant feeling of bloating and swelling, because the body can store up to 4.5 liters of excess fluid!

According to the manufacturer, Water Away contains eleven vitamins and minerals, which will help fight water retention and expel excess fluids. I had the opportunity to test this product which worked quite well for me! I embarked on the adventure because I felt safe. Indeed, the manufacturer has specified that to guarantee the best quality with this supplement, it is developed according to very strict standards in the United Kingdom. So reassuring for me.



Potassium is an essential mineral that maintains the balance of fluids and electrolytes in our body. It acts as a diuretic by promoting the elimination of water and toxins in urine.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps maintain hydration balance by regulating water and sodium levels in the blood. It can prevent water retention and reduce tissue swelling. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve possible symptoms associated with the use of diuretics.

Buchu’s leaf

Buchu leaf, which is found again, is used to prevent inflammation of the urethra, urinary tract and urinary infections. It can help treat kidney stones and rheumatism by removing bacteria and excess water from the body.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps combat the effects of dehydration by stabilizing potassium levels in the body and removing excess fluids.


Dandelion helps cleanse the kidneys by removing excess water and unwanted salts. It is used to reduce water retention in the feet, legs and hands.

Natural ingredients can help eliminate water retention, but we must not forget that it is also thanks to good nutrition and regular exercise that it is possible to restore the body’s water balance. Water Away therefore constitutes a healthy and safe method to combat water retention which bothers the lives of many people!


    • Natural ingredients;
    • Combination of appetite suppressant and fat burner;
    • Rich in minerals and vitamins;
    • Fewer or no side effects;
    • Good value for money ;
    • Suitable for both men and women;
    • Accessible without a medical prescription.


    • Not available in pharmacies;

Consumer opinion

H.B. says: “The product is excellent, I feel less bloated. I have just started the result is perfect. Thank you”

Stephanie :”Great product in one week already results in reduction of swelling in the feet, ankle and waistline I continue to take the capsules which for me had a very positive effect I recommend this product!!”

Lucile says, “I had a lot of problems with bloating, and it’s much better now.”


  • Helps reduce water retention
  • Natural diuretic
  • Helps combat excess fluids
Water Away, diurétique puissant

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Retenix Advanced, powerful and natural diuretic

My opinion

Retenix Advanced, a natural diuretic

Water retention can spoil your mood through uncomfortable bloating and body fatigue. To relieve yourself of such a situation, there is nothing like Retenix Advanced. This supplement is the best way to eliminate this excess fluid accumulation in the circulatory system, body tissues, or body cavities to achieve well-defined muscles and a toned body.

What makes this diuretic interesting is that it takes a comprehensive approach to combating fluid retention. In addition to helping eliminate excess water from the body, it contains powerful antioxidants that protect our cells. This combination of beneficial effects makes it a versatile product, ideal for those looking to improve their overall health.

I of course also appreciated its formulation without artificial stimulants or potentially harmful ingredients, all natural! This means that it does not contain harsh chemicals that could have adverse effects. This more natural formulation makes it a safe option, especially for people who prefer to avoid chemicals or have particular sensitivities.


These advanced diuretic capsules contain a combination of herbal extracts, fruit extracts, vitamin B-6 and essential minerals to regulate the body’s water and mineral balance:

  • Juniper berries : they help regulate blood sugar levels and purify the liver and kidneys. In addition, they improve digestion, reduce fatigue and treat urinary system problems.
  • Buchu leaves : originating from South Africa, they treat water retention, urinary system problems and are beneficial for the joints. They also promote the circulation of fluids in the body.
  • Dandelion : tonic and depurative. It cleanses the liver, kidneys, urinary tract and gallbladder. It is also used to fight cellulite and promote weight loss.
  • Vitamin B6 plays an important role in fat metabolism and the feeling of satiety.
  • Green tea : recognized for its fat-burning and appetite-regulating properties. It stimulates the body’s energy expenditure and acts on hormones which influence the feeling of well-being and the regulation of appetite.
  • Apple cider vinegar has satiating effects and stimulates fat burning. It also acts as a detoxifier and blood glucose regulator, reducing sugar cravings and promoting healthy metabolic functioning.
  • Cranberry : it purifies the urinary system thanks to its diuretic and antibacterial properties.
  • The corn beard : used for its diuretic effects on water retention and its prevention of diabetes.
  • The watermelon : which promotes the elimination of toxins. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular and immune health thanks to its citrulline content.
  • Asparagus : rich in flavonoids, has antioxidant and prebiotic properties beneficial for the intestinal and digestive system.

You don’t have to worry about vitamins and minerals lost when temporary excess body water drains. Some of these ingredients may also help with healthy kidney function and increase thyroxine levels. In addition to these benefits, one can also see a considerable amount of weight loss in a safe and natural way.


    • Natural ingredients;
    • Combination diuretic and weight loss;
    • Presence of a secret ingredient that makes the difference;
    • Oral administration;
    • Fewer or no side effects;
    • Suitable for both men and women;
    • Accessible without a medical prescription.


    • Result a little long;
    • Available only on a few sites;
    • Price a little high.

Consumer opinion

Here are some consumer reviews on the Retenix Advanced:

Qosmio89 explains: “Very good natural product in addition, effective on bloating, stomach swells overall I feel much better since I took it, light legs, less fatigue, being a diuretic, trips to the toilet are very frequent so to take at the start of the day. too bad for the price it’s still not cheap, but the effects are there.”

Chantal says: “Effective against swelling, increases diuresis. This product suits me perfectly.”

Sarah C says: “I started a week ago and my legs are less swollen.”


  • Vegan product
  • 100% natural diuretic
  • Relieves the discomfort of bloating
Retenix Advanced, un diurétique naturel

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Water retention, Forté Pharma, the ash-based diuretic

Complementary Water retention

As a consumer, it is important to choose a product that meets your needs and expectations. The Water Retention diuretic from Forté Pharma laboratories is formulated with natural products and aims, as its name suggests, to remedy water retention, a common health problem. It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning and at midday. For optimal effect, it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day during the treatment. The usual duration of treatment is 2 weeks minimum. This diuretic is not recommended for long-term use due to the risk of impaired electrolyte balance.

Personally, I find that the product is quite good, despite its somewhat high price, because it costs around €30 for 4 weeks of treatment. I noticed visible results from the third week of use, which is very encouraging. It was particularly effective in treating my water retention, and I recommend taking it in a well-controlled setting, because the pills are quite powerful and still require a quick visit to the doctor!


The composition of Water Retention is rather natural on the overall level, here is the detail:

  • Birch, orthosiphon, heather and quackgrass: Composed of diuretic and depurative plant extracts such as birch, orthosiphon, heather and quackgrass, this diuretic offers a natural alternative to synthetic medications. Its diuretic properties make it possible to increase urine production and therefore the elimination of excess water in the body.
  • Blackcurrant and ash, for a draining slimming action;
  • Green coffee, for a slimming and burning action;
  • Pomegranate, for anti-aging action;
  • The Water Retention diuretic from Forté Pharma laboratories also contains hydrochlorothiazide, a thiazide diuretic which acts by inhibiting the reabsorption of sodium and chlorine in the renal tubules. This leads to increased urinary excretion of sodium and water, helping to relieve water retention.


  • Effective evacuation of excess fluid and salt in the body;
  • Relief from unpleasant symptoms of water retention such as swelling, heavy legs and circulation disorders;
  • Helps stabilize blood pressure by reducing blood volume;
  • Generally well tolerated, with few side effects when used short term and at the recommended dosage.


  • Can lead to dehydration and decreased potassium levels if one does not drink enough water or follows a salt-free diet;
  • It can also cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

User reviews

Here are some user reviews that I have seen on this subject:


  • Eliminates excess water from the body;
  • Effectively combats swollen legs;
  • Helps stabilize blood pressure.
Complémentaire Rétention d'eau

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How can natural diuretics help with water retention?

These supplements are designed to reduce the amount of water or fluid in the body. This is done by encouraging the kidneys to send more fluid to the bladder. Ultimately, this water is released in urine. In cases of high blood pressure, it can remove fluid and associated pain. Most people prefer to use natural versions because they are easier to purchase. They can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription at many health food stores or grocery stores. People also choose to use these remedies when water retention is caused by temporary sources like diet or PMS.

What are the benefits of natural diuretics?

The obvious benefit is that they reduce water retention. They help relieve pain and swelling that are normally associated with fluid retention. They can also be a great addition to a low sodium diet. For people without health insurance, these natural remedies can be a great solution. The cost of visiting a doctor and paying for a prescription can be difficult for many people. Particularly in cases of minor fluid retention, it is often easier and cheaper to purchase an herbal or tea supplement. Typically, they are chosen because of the low frequency of side effects associated with them.

A diuretic reduces water retention
A diuretic reduces water retention

What are the side effects of natural diuretics?

Every medication or herbal supplement has certain side effects. The biggest side effect associated with these natural products is dehydration. As they reduce the amount of water available in the body, they can cause dehydration if used for a long period of time.

Heavy use of strong diuretics can also change the level of electrolytes like sodium and potassium in the body. Without these essential nutrients and fluids, the body can develop kidney damage, reduced liver function, and heart problems. If electrolytes remain low, individuals are at higher risk of sudden heart failure or death.

These side effects can be avoided. These remedies should never be used for long periods of time. Since most symptoms only appear after excessive use of diuretics, this prevention technique can reduce the risk of side effects.

Can natural diuretics reduce water retention and help with weight loss?

Certain herbs and dietary supplements, such as dandelion, ginger, parsley, hawthorn, and juniper, may have a diuretic effect that can help with sodium and water retention. But you should proceed with caution before taking supplements.

First, fluid retention can be caused by a number of medical conditions and certain medications. It is therefore important to talk to your doctor about possible causes of water retention before trying to treat it yourself. Second, some herbs and supplements can make medical problems worse or interact with medications you’re taking.

In theory, they can help relieve water retention by making you urinate more. But there is little or no scientific proof of their effects. Those hoping to lose weight as part of a weight loss goal should instead focus on eating a healthier diet and getting plenty of exercise and activity, without taking diuretics.

People concerned about menstruation-related water retention, again, would be better off making some simple lifestyle changes, such as reducing salt in their diet. You should always inform your doctor of any dietary supplement or natural herbal supplement you plan to take.

Your questions

Are diuretic supplements safe?

Diuretic supplements may pose health risks if used inappropriately or excessively. They can cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and kidney problems. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before starting any diet or diuretic supplementation, a very important thing!

Do diuretic supplements help with weight loss?

Although they may cause temporary weight loss due to reduced water retention, diuretic supplements do not promote long-term fat loss. This weight loss is often quickly regained once normal hydration is restored.

Are diuretic supplements recommended for detoxifying the body?

Diuretic supplements are not necessarily recommended for detoxification of the body. Their use for detoxification purposes is not supported by solid scientific evidence. It is best to focus on a balanced diet, adequate hydration and healthy lifestyle choices to support the overall health of the body.

Are diuretic supplements safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It is recommended not to use diuretic supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding, except on specific medical advice. During these times, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional for advice tailored to the situation, as some ingredients in diuretic supplements could have adverse effects on the health of the mother and baby.

Do diuretic supplements interact with certain medications?

Yes, diuretic supplements may interact with certain medications, including those used to treat high blood pressure or kidney problems. It is important to inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are considering taking diuretic supplements, to check whether there are any potential risks of drug interactions.

Caffeinated foods and drinks as natural diuretics

Beverages that contain caffeine, such as tea and coffee, are natural diuretics. Caffeine, in addition to being an energy booster, encourages the body to urinate more frequently. Caffeine is found naturally in fruits and seeds including kola nuts, cocoa beans and is considered safe for regular consumption.

It is also manufactured synthetically and added to sports drinks and some types of pain and flu medications. In traditional systems of medicine, tea, with its natural caffeine content, was used as a stimulant. Tea leaves are processed to make black, green, white and oolong tea. The recommendation is that adults consume no more than 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine per day.

Coffee and tea to a lesser extent contain caffeine, which is responsible for the stimulating effects of the drinks. Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic in the body, triggering the kidneys to expel more urine and eliminate excess salt. The effects are most pronounced for those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine and not for habitual drinkers. Caffeine will exert a diuretic effect to varying degrees depending on the dosage and the caffeine tolerance of the person ingesting it.

Fennel: a powerful remedy for water retention

Several studies have identified the properties of this anise-flavored plant. “Fennel tea is a natural diuretic that reduces excessive water storage,” explains physician and nutritionist Michelle Storfer. It is a very healthy way to prevent bloating and you can see results in just a few days. Those, who are not too fond of herbal teas, can enjoy the fennel bulb as a vegetable, or can try flavoring their meals with the seeds and fronds.

Fennel is effective against water retention
Fennel is effective against water retention

Asparagus: a powerful diuretic

Out-of-season asparagus isn’t cheap, but it can be worth it if you suffer from water retention. A 2010 study published in the West Indian Medical Journal demonstrated the diuretic properties of asparagus, confirming the results of previous research. Asparagus contains an amino acid called asparagine, which stimulates and supports kidney function, helping rid the body of excess water and salt.

Dandelion leaves

Dandelion has been used for centuries in folk medicine as a means of removing excess water and salt from the body. A study, published in 2008 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, found that the herb increases the frequency of urination. Dandelion leaves contain vitamins, minerals (including potassium), and other powerful compounds that boost healthy urinary flow


Many people have probably noticed that they urinated more often after eating grapes. This fruit boasts impressive properties and contains significant amounts of potassium, a mineral that balances salt levels in the body and stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine. A handful of grapes or a couple glasses of grape juice several times a week should do the trick and help keep one’s fluid levels in balance.


Ironically, this salty sea vegetable is helpful in ridding the body of excess sodium and water. Salicornia acts as a powerful natural diuretic. A popular remedy for swollen joints since medieval times, samphire has been used for centuries to treat edema. The vegetable was once hard to find and could only be found at farmers markets. Fortunately, fresh salad can be found in most major supermarkets these days.

The watermelon

A fruit extremely rich in water, minerals and plant sugars, watermelon is a very effective diuretic. Its 92% water content promotes more frequent urination, while the mineral and sugar content of the fruit triggers an increase in urine volume, thus enhancing the effect. Those who don’t want to snack on huge slices of watermelon should try the fruit puffed into a smoothie or added to a refreshing salad.

The celery

This vegetable and its seeds contain a powerful, unique chemical called butylphthalide, which research shows has strong diuretic properties, stimulating the kidneys to excrete more urine and flush out excess water and salt. The compound, which gives celery its distinctive taste and aroma, has also been shown in clinical studies to have the ability to regulate blood pressure and may even protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Garlic: an effective treatment for water retention

Vegetables in the lily family such as garlic and onions are loaded with sulfur. This essential mineral regulates metabolism and supports kidney function, which helps modulate water and salt levels in the body. If you’re not a big fan of strong-tasting garlic or onions, you can try a milder alternative like spring onions or chives, or consider taking an odorless garlic supplement.

Garlic, like onion, helps regulate metabolism
Garlic, like onion, helps regulate metabolism


Watercress is rich in potassium, which helps control excessive salt levels in the body. Watercress is also full of substances that effectively promote circulation and frequency of urine. It’s also super-low in calories. It can be tried mixed into a healthy soup, wilted like spinach, or served raw in a salad, sandwich, or flavorful smoothie.

Lemon: an exceptional diuretic product

One of the best things you can do for your health is to start drinking lemon juice in the morning. Lemons not only make water taste better, they also help reduce high blood pressure, alkalize the body, remove harmful toxins, and nourish the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

For those who aren’t big fans of lemons, there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need whole lemon wedges to reap their incredible health benefits. Rather, the power comes from the juice. You can add a little lemon juice to warm the water, add a little organic honey and drink the mixture. Once we start drinking lemon water, we’ll make more trips to the bathroom.

Oats: a plant with unsuspected virtues

Many people link oats to heart health because they can lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. However, what many don’t know is that oats are also considered a natural diuretic. That’s because oats are rich in water-soluble B vitamins as well as potassium, a mineral that regulates water levels in the body. It works by competing with sodium to ensure the body stays hydrated.

Certain cereals, such as oats, have unsuspected virtues
Certain cereals, such as oats, have unsuspected virtues

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts contain powerful nutrients that benefit the body in more ways than one. They help fight cancer, protect the heart, improve digestive health, alkalize the body and act as a natural diuretic. Just a cup of Brussels sprouts tea will help meet the daily requirement of vitamins C and K. They are also rich in beneficial minerals such as manganese, folic acid, B vitamins and potassium. It is thanks to these nutrients that this vegetable helps stimulate the kidneys and pancreas, eliminate excess fluids and purify the body.

Anyone who can’t stand the thought of a pile of Brussels sprouts as a side dish can try mixing them with other vegetables or incorporating them into a main dish.