Natman diet: the complete French-speaking guide

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Based on the consumption of vegetables and meat, the Natman diet, which is intended to be low-calorie and slimming, allows you to lose 3 to 5 kilos in just 4 days! Does this seem unrealistic to you? And yet, rapid and effective weight loss. If you want to lose weight quickly, this 4-day diet is ideal if you follow certain rules. But what does this diet consist of? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Find all the answers to these questions in this article.

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What is the Natman diet?

Also known as the flight attendant diet, this slimming program surprises with its results. The Natman diet allows you to lose weight quickly with an average of 3 to 5 kilos per week. It is both low-calorie and high-protein. Its goal is to make you consume foods rich in protein to lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass. This diet should not last more than 4 days, but can be done once a month if you wish.

Stewardess taking care of passengers on an airplane
The Natman diet, which makes you lose 3 to 5 kg in a week, is also called the flight attendant diet.

Like most diets that promise rapid weight loss, the Natman diet is high in protein. On the menu, we find fish, lean meats or eggs, as well as fiber. You can also eat vegetables as long as they are cooked without fat. On the other hand: carbohydrates, lipids, dairy products and especially alcoholic beverages are completely prohibited.

No butter, margarine or fat. Certainly, he there are good and bad fats, but during the Natman diet, you ignore all fats, whether good or bad. Every meal, you consume dietary fiber, which will allow you to make full, improve intestinal transit and reduce the risk of constipation.

What are the basics of the Natman diet?

During the Natman diet, you will need to adopt a healthy and balanced diet and ban certain food categories: carbohydrates, lipids and dairy products. Only vegetables, fruits and meat are allowed. Of course, these must be cooked without any fat. Snacking between meals is also prohibited.

For conclusive results, it is important to follow the basics of this diet. It is also essential to follow the phase of stabilization for a week at the risk of regaining your lost pounds.

Who is the Natman diet for?

The Natman diet is officially intended for people who only have a few pounds to lose. It is not a method designed to overcome overweight or obesity problems.

Person measuring the size of their belt
The Natman diet is intended for people wishing to lose 2 to 5 kg. This diet is not designed to combat overweight and obesity.

It is designed for anyone who wants to lose some pounds quickly, without dieting for months. But be careful, for any weight loss greater than 5 kilos, the Natman diet is not recommended. Beyond four days, it can lead to deficiencies that can be dangerous for the health.

Because of prohibited foods, the Natman diet can cause deficiencies and therefore risks of fatigue and weakness. Certainly, they are less, compared to other diets, but this diet is not recommended for people with health problems.

In short, man or woman, this program is for you if you want to lose weight quickly and if you are able to self-discipline.

Natman diet: how does it work?

The Natman diet is both high-protein and low-calorie. Here’s how it works.

High protein diet

Inasmuch as high protein diet, this diet modifies the levels of several weight-regulating hormones. Higher protein intake actually increases levels of satiety hormones, while reducing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. In addition, the digestion and metabolization of proteins burn calories.

Due to the high thermogenic effect and several other factors, high protein intake tends to boost the metabolism. This makes you burn more calories, including during sleep. High protein intake has been shown to boost metabolism and increases the amount of calories burned by approximately 80 to 100 per day.

Protein reduces appetite and makes you consume fewer calories. Many studies have shown that when people increase their protein intake, they begin to eat fewer calories. A high-protein diet reduces cravings and reduces the desire to snack late at night.

Low-calorie diet

Inasmuch as low-calorie diet, this diet boosts your weight loss. Most people can lose weight if they limit the number of calories they eat. Low-calorie diets, especially very low-carb diets, can lead to significant weight loss. A 2015 review found that high-protein, low-carb diets may offer a slight benefit in weight loss.

Although this remains controversial, many experts believe that low-carbohydrate diets have a metabolic advantage. In In other words, low-carb diets increase your spending energy.

The main explanation on weight loss effects of low-carb diets is likely their powerful effect on the appetite. It is well established that when people lack carbohydrates, their appetite decreases and they automatically begin to consume less calories.

The goal of low-calorie diets is to force the body to use fat as its primary source of energy. When this happens, the person produces ketone bodies to fuel parts of the body that cannot use fat for energy, the brain, and red blood cells, in particular.

Blood cells
The goal of low-calorie diets is to force the body to use fat as its main source of energy. To fuel parts such as the brain and red blood cells that cannot use fat, the body produces ketone bodies.

Benefits of the Natman diet

The Natman method has it all: it’s a diet express, simple and free. Rapid weight loss and very short duration of deprivation (which still remains draconian) largely explains its great appeal.

Each diet has its own goal. For its part, the Natman diet is a quick program that promises to help you quickly lose 4 kilos in just 4 days. It’s an idea that never ceases to surprise many people, because losing so much weight in record time seems unimaginable. However, this diet does not cheat: studies and surveys show that it is effective. Many expert nutritionists endorse its authenticity and effectiveness.

The diet only lasts four days. The risk of frustration is therefore limited. Without forgetting that weight loss is very rapid: no need to wait months to see the result.

By following this slimming program, you are not subject to any restriction on the amount of food to be ingested. So the frustration that you might feel is nothing compared to that produced by others nutrition plans.

Even if you only consume protein, you can eat as much as you want during the main meals. Of Plus, this program only lasts 4 days. You will be deprived of lipids, carbohydrates, of minerals and vitamins for a short time, but the risks of The deficiency it generates is practically zero. By including supplements food in your program, your health will be preserved in a way optimal.


The system of government Natman, like all fast-acting slimming diets, has some negative points. First, as it is a rigorous program based on an exceptional principle, it is essential to respect the rules.

Then, when the period of your slimming diet is finished, you are not safe from a yoyo effect, from the moment your body is subjected to a new regime. However, the duration of this program is so short that such risks are also reduced. So be sure to follow the stabilization protocol to avoid the yoyo effect.

To prolong the effects of your diet, simply to impose new daily habits. For example, play a sport which helps you stay in shape. However, sport is excluded for the duration of your diet.

A feeling of fatigue, digestive problems or even intestinal transit problems may appear when you follow this slimming program.

Practicing a sport such as cycling, swimming or brisk walking allows you to stay in shape after a Natman diet. However, doing sports is strictly not recommended during the 4 days that this diet lasts.

The slimming program to adopt during your Natman diet

This quick diet includes 3 meals per day. In order to lose weight quickly, you will have to respect this rule for the 4 days. Also note that the breakfast menu is the same throughout the period. The menus are composed of very small portions of meat, fruit and vegetables. It’s a low-calorie diet. Meals also include many grilled meat.

First day

This program offers to have a cup of tea or coffee, without sugar and half a grapefruit every morning. The first day, for the lunch, your menu will include grilled steak, tomato salad, lettuce and an apple for dessert. For dinner, eat a dish of green beans and two hard-boiled eggs and the other half of your grapefruit dessert.

Second day

For breakfast, you will eat a grilled steak with lettuce and a large glass of tomato juice. At dinner, you have the choice between a dish of green beans, cauliflower and zucchini. You will have sugar-free applesauce for dessert.

Third day

Halfway through, your slimming menu is composed as follows. At lunch, you will have a grilled steak accompanied by a salad of celery and lettuce, then an apple for dessert. For dinner you will eat chicken grilled with stewed tomatoes. In addition, you are entitled to a large glass of prune juice.

Fourth day

At midday, you will eat a dish of green beans and two hard-boiled eggs. You can also treat yourself to tomato juice. In the evening, you will have a grilled steak with a portion of lettuce, accompanied by pineapple juice, always without sugar.

Tomato juice
On the second day of the Natman diet, have a large glass of tomato juice for breakfast after eating grilled steak and salad.

Foods and behavior prohibited during the 4 days

it is absolutely forbidden, throughout the duration of the Natman regime, to consume dairy products, yogurts, dessert creams, fats, margarines and butter. It is also prohibited to drink the alcohol. To carry out your diet successfully, avoid sports and avoid snacks between meals.

Menu to follow during the stabilization phase of the Natman diet

At the end of the 4 days of diet, you will enter a phase called stabilization. During this phase which lasts 7 days, you will be able to reintroduce prohibited foods (carbohydrates, lipids, etc.), but in small amounts quantities. The goal of this phase is to help you stabilize your weight and not to gain back your lost pounds.

Over a 7-day period, you will adopt a diet low-calorie food and you can have snacks in addition of the 3 usual meals. For both men and women, the choice is offered between daily diets of 1200 kcal, 1500 kcal and 1800 kcal per day.

The first ration is particularly recommended for women. It will have to be replaced by the second when your sensation of hunger will increase. Men will start by adopting the 1500 kcal menu, then will follow the 1800 kcal menu as soon as their feeling of hunger increases.

The typical menu for the 1200 kcal diet

For breakfast, have a tea, herbal tea or coffee without sugar, then a fat-free yogurt and a slice of bread topped with margarine. One fruit is allowed. For your snack, take 100 g of cottage cheese, accompanied by a cup of tea, herbal tea or coffee without sugar.

On the lunch menu, you will have 150 g of red cabbage accompanied by a vinaigrette, 150 g of salmon à la papillote, 150 g of green beans, 100 g of cottage cheese and a piece of fruit. As a snack, have a fat-free yogurt accompanied by a cup of tea, herbal tea or coffee without sugar.

For dinner, you are entitled to 1 bowl of vegetable soup, a slice of bread, 150 g of salmon à la papillote, then 200 g of broccoli with margarine and fruit.

The typical menu for the 1500 kcal diet

Breakfast is the same as the 1200 menu kcal. For your first snack, have some fruit. At lunch, you have the same meal as the previous menu, plus 100 g of cooked potatoes steam. Your snack and dinner are the same as those offered in the previous menu type.

The typical menu for the 1800 kcal diet

The recommended types of meals are as follows. To the little lunch, take the same thing as what is offered in the menu of 1200 kcal. Treat yourself to a slice of bread. Your two snacks and your lunch are the same as those on the 1500 kcal menu. As for your dinner, it is composed of the same meal as that of the 1200 kcal menu, accompanied by 100 g of puree potatoes and a piece of light cheese.

Rules to follow to successfully complete your slimming program

No carbohydrates or lipids, or very little

Its principle is to consume more protein. It is therefore a fast-acting high-protein diet. During these 4 days, you are invited to exclude lipids and carbohydrates from your diet.

No snacking between meals

To make your diet more effective and faster, take certain steps to preserve your figure. Do not snack between main meals. However, because you eat plenty of protein, your cravings are reduced, which helps resist temptations.

Eat whole vegetables, no alcohol

You are allowed to eat vegetables, but you must eat them whole. Discipline will be your watchword to achieve your goal. Alcohol will also be banned from your program.

4 day diet (no more) and only once a month

You should not extend your diet beyond the four days. You should also not use it more than once a month. THE doing so could be dangerous for your health. Take advantage of this to reduce the amount of salt you consume without excluding it from your meals.

Furthermore, the authors of the Natman diet remain anonymous. When you follow this type of weight loss program, your body draws the necessary energy from fat and sugar reserves that your new diet does not provide. It is this main mechanism that promotes your weight loss. In addition, since it is a high-protein diet, it does not cause muscle wasting.

Eat at the table and take time to chew food

To make your diet program truly effective, while reducing your frustration, adopt the right attitudes. First of all, act normally, as if you were not on a weight loss diet. Then have your meals at the table. This will make you more calm and ready to chew slowly.

Drink a lot of water

Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day, because this type of diet has the particularity of mainly promoting the loss of water and proteins in all the tissues of the body, these being first used to fill the energy expended during this rapid diet.

Additionally, you don’t need to weigh yourself every morning. Remember that your diet only lasts four days and promises to lose 4 kilos when you follow the recommendations to the letter. Another tip: prepare your meals, avoid precooked dishes as much as canned foods.

Mineral water
During the Natman diet, you should drink up to 2 liters of water per day to replenish the recorded water loss.

Other practical tips to avoid the yoyo effect

After the four days of the Natman diet, you can reintroduce carbohydrates, fats and dairy products in your diet, but in small quantities to avoid the yoyo effect. The next three weeks This slimming program corresponds to what is called the stabilization phase:

You must therefore be careful not to consume foods that are too fatty or too sweet, otherwise you will quickly regain the lost pounds. The Natman diet prohibits any form of snacking: a good habit to adopt regardless of the diet to avoid gaining weight.

To avoid gaining weight again, limit yourself to 3 meals per day and avoid skipping a meal as much as possible. When you resume your usual diet, learn to limit the amount of food you consume.

Consume 25% fat, 50% carbohydrates and 15% proteins. Next, eat more fiber, which will help your digestion and assimilation through the intestines. Respect the daily calorie intake recommended based on your age and gender. It is recommended not to not exceed 2,000 kcal for a woman and 2,500 kcal for a man.

Of course, during holidays or special occasions, a little bending of the rules is allowed. However, you will need to learn to control your hunger (possibly consider best appetite suppressants to help you at the beginning) so that excesses are not frequent.

Precautions to take

The draconian deprivation of the Natman regime is not viable beyond 4 days. After this short circuit, this regime becomes an act of torture dangerous for health.

Dieting for more than 4 days could lead to major nutritional deficiencies, intense fatigue and generalized weakness. It could also lead to major eating disorders, such as compulsive cravings and intense cravings.

My opinion

This diet is a godsend for people who want to quickly get rid of 4 excess kilos without weighing down for a long time slimming program. It also represents an opportunity for those who want avoid the risk of not achieving their goal in the long term.

It’s called the “flight attendant diet” because its duration is equivalent to the number of stopover days of which the latter benefit between two flights. And these hostesses are well known for keeping a wasp waist all year round.

In addition, this quick diet is above all a method which simplifies your life. Certainly, this is an express and quite drastic diet, but its results are quick and its bases easy to apply. And in the Since it only lasts four days, the sacrifices it requires are more easily tolerable.

If you have a medical history, consult consult a doctor first to make sure the Natman diet is right for you. Note also that this diet is not recommended for children, people elderly, pregnant women, diabetics as well as people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.