Who are the best nutritionists/dieticians in Nancy and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

The job of dietitian nutritionist consists of detecting, treating or even preventing nutritional disorders, imbalances or even diseases. It takes care of all problems such as overweight, obesity, chronic thinness, as well as diet-related pathologies such as diabetes, high cholesterol or food allergies. If you suffer from one of these problems and if you are in the city of Nancy or the surrounding area, discover a selection of the 8 best dietitian nutritionists in this region.

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Pierre Allory, sports coach and naturopath/practitioner in Nancy


Pierre Allory is above all recognized as being a sports coach before being a dietitian. He has been practicing gymnastics for many years as well as bodybuilding.

Apart from artistic gymnastics, he also gets into street workouts, weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Today he shares his passion to the general public by instilling in them the love of sport mixed with perfect balance of life and healthy eating. The importance of this the latter also pushed him to do specialized studies with a view to become a nutrition consultant and naturopath.

He has a diploma trainer trainer specializing in women’s artistic gymnastics, teacher of fitness, muscle development and strengthening, sports consultant and coach, nutritional advisor and naturopath.


As a naturopath and nutrition advisor, he listens to the smallest of your problems regarding your diet. The majority of disorders linked to malnutrition can be taken care of by Pierre Allory.

Ranging from overweight to obesity, going through stress-related bulimia, he implements his skills coupled with its experience in the field of sport to provide you with tailor-made treatments tailored to your problems.

It also supports people who are in good health and who wish to maintain this state, or even improve their physical performance, especially in the case of high-level athletes.


Name: Pierre Allory
Website : https://nancy-naturopathie.fr/
Telephone: 06 24 56 11 39

Aline Mougenot, food science engineer


Based in Nancy since 2011, Aline Mougenot is a dietitian nutritionist as well as an engineer in food science graduate in these respective fields.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
The journeys of dietician Aline Mougenot.

She follows training regularly in order to constantly improve one’s knowledge and offer patients the best possible quality of service. Among other things, it strengthens his skills through courses on how to conduct interviews in a relationship help to understand and listen to everyone as best as possible and identify their problem precisely.

She also practices psychonutrition hypnosis to help patients open up completely to the practitioner and reveal their problem in detail. Finally, its study on eating disorders makes it possible to provide solutions that are as personalized as possible.


Its services are intended to all people regardless of age, gender, physical and mental state regarding food, desires and needs. That you suffer from extreme or slight overweight, thinness, diabetes or cholesterol, which you are a pregnant woman or an athlete, you can call Aline Mougenot to help you resolve your eating problems.

During the first consultation, you will get to know each other more in order to have an overview of what you really expect and the reasons that motivate you to see a nutrition professional.

Thanks to its various techniques, you will obtain treatment adapted to your case without forcing yourself to a drastic diet while bringing you lasting change.


Name: Aline Mougenot
Website : http://ma-nutrition.fr/
Telephone: 06 02 04 09 68

Claire Rebussi, qualified dietician


Claire Rebussi is a dietician nutritionist graduated in BTS dietetics at the Notre Dame school of the Angels in Belfort. For a time she worked in collaboration with other dieticians as advisors to guide young mothers in the diet of their children until the age of 3.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
About dietician Claire Rebussi.

She then worked in Bar-Le-Duc hospital in the diabetology and nutrition department. She took care of diabetics and overweight people and obese.


It offers its services to children, adults, pregnant or breastfeeding women, suffering from disorders and diet-related pathologies (obesity, overweight, bulimia, anorexia, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) or not.

The first consultation consists of to get to know the patient and take stock of the real motivations which push him to use his services.

The other consultations are then intended to offer adequate treatment, to take stock of the progress of your situation and to make the necessary adjustments result. In the end, you will always get the results you want.


Name: Claire Rebussi
Website : http://www.claire-rebussi-dietetique.fr/
Telephone: 06 35 25 17 15

Nicolas Aubineau, dietitian from Nancy


Nicolas Abineau is a dietician practicing in Nancy for many years at the Center Cardiac Rehabilitation Cardiocean in La Rochelle, a dietitian nutritionist for the Nutratlétic range of products intended for high-level athletes 2008 to 2016 and a dietitian nutritionist at the rehabilitation center pulmonology of the Red Cross in La Rochelle since 2010.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
About the dietitian Nicolas Abineau

He also wrote numerous works on nutrition and its world. Finally, he leads numerous conferences during sporting events and at specific centers.


The first stage of treatment consists of identifying the problems associated with food encountered by the patient. A well-provided questionnaire is enough to identify all the details about its lifestyle, eating and sporting habits.

Thus, the other consultations will be based on food adjustment measures without necessarily switch to deprivation, monitoring and control of the patient’s condition on the medium and long term.


Name: Nicolas Aubineau
Website : https://www.nicolas-aubineau.com

Chrystel Beaufils


Christel Beaufils spent many years as a chemical engineer before retraining as a dietitian nutritionist. She studied at the University of Nancy before obtaining a DUT diploma in Dietetics in 2016.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
Dietitian Chrystel Beaufils.

Having lived more than 10 years in the region, she also moved there with a view to becoming a dietitian liberal. She offers home consultations throughout Nancy and its surroundings.


The first session is the most important in his approach. This involves carrying out a nutritional assessment during which a food program is established after a long discussion on the reasons that led you to choose a dietitian nutritionist.

The program is 100% personalized and perfectly adapted to your situation. You can be sure that each method is unique, without any deprivation.


Name: Chrystel Beaufils
Website : https://cbeaufilsdieteticienne.wordpress.com/
Telephone: 06 20 03 53 97

Clélia D’angelo


Clélia D’angelo is a dietitian nutritionist who also practices hypnosis. Exercising in From a distance liberal background, she makes her profession a true passion. In its programs, it offers patients a method that is specific to it: find a body and mind at peace with themselves.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
Dietitian Clélia D’angelo.

It is very visible on the social networks, given that she wants to share her passion as much as possible and his knowledge regarding balanced and healthy nutrition. It’s a opportunity for her to give recipes, advice and tips practical for Internet users.

She has a diploma in Degree in Psychology at the University of Aix en Provence, a BTS in Dietetics with Prépadiet and the CNED, and she is a Hypnosis practitioner in Metz, at Hypnosalys.


She practices hypnosis to support patients during their treatment. Far beyond the problem food and nutrition, this method also allows the evacuation of stress, to quit smoking, alcohol and drugs, to face phobias…

For those who wish to lose weight, its basic idea is not to lose weight at all costs, but to improve relationship with food, to eat with pleasure without deprivation, but with adequate quantity and quality.


Name: Clélia D’angelo
Website : http://nutri-lia.com/
Telephone: 06 15 13 65 71

Karine Hypolite


Karine Hypolite is a dietitian nutritionist who takes care of children’s nutrition, adolescents, adults, athletes and pregnant women through office consultations.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
Dietitian Karine Hypolite.

She also carries out individual consultations for dietary education for people in good health health, victims of eating disorders, overweight, intense thinness…

It also offers training to nutrition professionals, particularly cooks for communities, carers…


With the help of his consultations, she will be completely attentive to you in order to identify the problem and offer personalized solutions.

Throughout the program, she guides you, gives you advice and motivates you. She offers you a specific nutritional strategy that will not deprive you of any food and enjoying the sensations of pleasure that food provides.


Name: Karine Hypolite
Website : http://dieteticienne-nancy.fr/
Telephone: 09 80 74 75 48

Caroline Lavigne


Caroline Lavigne is a qualified dietitian nutritionist since October 2006. She followed a training in BTS dietetics in the city of Montpellier. She got her diploma in child and adolescent dietetics at the faculty of medicine from Nancy in 2016.

The best nutritionists in Nancy and its region
About dietician Caroline Lavigne.

She becomes a dietitian liberal in 2007 by offering home consultations. At the same time, she also offered nutrition courses at the training center in Reims.

It was only in 2009 that she opened her office in Sedan, allowing her to devote herself fully to her activity. In 2012, she moved to the Lorraine region and settled there permanently.


The first consultation is a moment of exchange and sharing between her and the patient. It allows you to target precisely the expectations and needs of each patient.

So, your pace of life, your eating habits, your physical activities, everything is scrutinized in order to offer you a program perfectly suited to your personality and your needs.

Other follow-up consultations are spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart to allow you to implement the program. You take stock together, she motivates you and encourages you to progress while making adjustments as you progress from the program.


Name: Caroline Lavigne
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-lavigne-nancy.com/
Telephone: 06 73 85 51 49