Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Reims and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A dietician and/or nutritionist is a health professional who is responsible for prescribing a healthy dietary program rich in essential nutrients adapted to the case and needs of his patient. Everyone can benefit from its services: sick or in good health. I have selected for you the eight best in the field in Reims and its region.

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Coraline Fort-Naud: dietician-nutritionist working in Reims and its region


Coraline Fort-Naud, who is a member of the AFDN or French Association of Dietitian Nutritionists, has followed studies on disorders of the eating behavior at Paris Descartes University, where she obtained her diploma. This dietician from Reims is also part of ANPAA 51 or National Association for Prevention in Alcoholology and Addictology.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
Dietitian Coraline Fort-Naud.


Establishing a program to lose weight is Coraline Fort-Naud’s specialty. Her qualifications and skills also allow her to prescribe a diet adapted to a specific situation: pregnancy, weight gain, illness, etc. His consultations are generally divided into two and take place in his paramedical office. The first is making contact, that is to say an exchange so that she knows the lifestyle of the patient and can find a solution adapted to their case. The others, for their part, are follow-ups. They are spaced about two weeks apart.

Name: Coraline Fort-Naud
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-reims.fr/
Telephone: 06 32 71 17 93

Virginie Burette: versatile dietitian


Virginie Burette is a versatile professional. Before exercising the profession of dietician-nutritionist thanks to the BTS dietetics diploma, she worked as a teacher at CFA Pasteur. It also offers services as a sports coach for interested patients. However, she leaves this position a little aside to concentrate on his current work.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
Dietician Virginie Burette.


Remotivating patients is its main objective. This dietician from Reims adopts effective techniques to help people tempted to give up and make efforts to overcome their trouble. His training in coaching allows him to have ideas on the approach adequate. It is possible to contact her if you wish:

  • Losing weight ;
  • Treat diabetes, cholesterol, disease ;
  • Adopt the right diet for a pregnancy ;
  • Adopt a good sports nutrition method.

This health professional adapts the program according to the patient’s age. On the other hand, it is up to him to choose the frequency of consultations to avoid any constraints.

Name: Virginie Burette
Website : http://www.virginieburette-dietetique.fr/
Telephone: 06 61 22 26 54

Myrétha Guibert: dietitian nutritionist


Myrétha Guibert operates in the field of dietetics and nutrition from a decade. She is certified in Therapeutic Education of patient and has a DU in sports nutrition. This dietitian from Reims has followed paramedical studies and 5 years of marketing training international. Afterwards, she works in nutritional marketing aimed at adults and children.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
About dietician Myrétha Guibert.


Myrétha Guibert masters management, communication, management, and organization. Its services target several categories of people even those who practice high-level sport. The first consultation lasts about an hour and the others, about forty minutes. She offers a change of diet for those who wish to:

  • Address excess weight;
  • Adopt a pre- or post-pregnancy nutrition method;
  • Eat the correct foods as part of a surgical treatment;
  • Benefit from a specific program for sport competition.

Name: Myrétha Guibert
Website : https://www.dietetique-reims.com/qui-suis-je/
Telephone: 03 26 48 20 36

Nathalie Genêt: experienced dietitian


Nathalie Genêt has been a dietitian-nutritionist for around 14 years. It currently operates in Reims. She is president of the APICEMN Association in Champagne-Ardenne, Burgundy and Franche-Comté. She is a member of several groups such as:

  • The Technical and Scientific Council of the network CAREDIAB health;
  • The Support Association for Professionals of the Health ;
  • The ADDICA health network.
  • The Diet-France network.
The best dietitians in Reims and its region
Dietitian Nathalie Genêt.


Children, adolescents, adults, elderly people and athletes are the welcome to his dietetics and nutrition practice located in Reims. THE Nathalie Genêt’s dietary programs are based on studies scientists. They are personalized according to the patient.

Name: Nathalie Genet
Website : https://www.nathaliegenet-dieteticienne.fr/
Telephone: 03 26 86 32 18

Mathilde Demonceaux: liberal dietician


Mathilde Demonceaux is a liberal dietitian-nutritionist state graduate. Previously, she worked in hospitals. Se describing as someone efficient, sensitive, lively and motivated, curious would also add to its qualities. In fact, this dietician from Reims continues to train to be up to date on the strategies that can be used beneficial in establishing programs.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
Dietitian Mathilde Demonceaux.


Apart from his activities in the world of volunteering, animation and training, Mathilde Demonceaux generally spends her time in her cabinet. Anyone wishing to adopt a diet correct ones are welcome. His consultations are carried out in two stages. The first is reserved for dietary assessment where she learns to know her patient, on all points. The others are intended for follow-ups. They are carried out every 2 to 3 weeks.

Name: Mathilde Demonceaux
Website : https://demonceaux-nutrition.com/
Telephone: 06 59 05 72 23

Sophie Tisseront: state-certified dietitian


Dietician-nutritionist Sophie Tisseront is state-certified. His experiences allow him to guarantee a worthy result. patient’s expectations. She has a lot of experience, particularly with children, adolescents, adults and women. speakers. This dietitian from Reims offers better education innovative but effective nutrition.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
About the dietitian Sophie Tisseront.


She supports her patients throughout their process to:

  • A better nutritional balance;
  • Losing weight ;
  • Repair the damage caused by the problems weight ;
  • Adopt a diet for treatment diabetes, intolerance, functional colopathy etc.

She offers her services following the request of your doctor or under your own initiative. The first consultation is dedicated to the assessment nutritional. This is a detailed interview so she can learn more about you on the physical, emotional side and even your daily rhythm. There second, all the following ones are follow-ups.

Name: Sophie Tisseront
Website : http://www.reims-nutrition.fr/
Telephone: 06 85 19 02 23

Cassiopée Guillemain: competent dietician


Cassiopée Guillemain works as a dietitian-nutritionist after obtaining her BTS dietetics diploma in 2010. A year later, she specializes in sports nutrition but knows how to adapt to various cases. Moreover, she is a member of the French Society of Sports Nutrition. In 2016, she underwent training on behavioral bowel syndrome at a Behavioral Dietetics Center.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
About dietitian Cassiopée Guillemain.


This dietitian from Reims offers her services not only to individuals but also to groups of people such as communities or businesses. It allocates its skills and know-how to establish a program with balanced menus respectful of health. It is possible to take advantage of your consultations to find out which foods are suitable for pathologies, to lose weight etc. During the first session, she performs a nutritional assessment in order to identify the program that suits the patient. The following are for follow-up purposes.

Name: Cassiopeia Guillemain
Website : https://cassiopee-dietetique.net/
Telephone: 06 17 97 37 43

Vincent Prevot: dietician in Reims


Originally from Reims, Vincent Prevot decided to operate as dietitian-nutritionist in his hometown after obtaining a BTS dietetics in Strasbourg in 2001. A year later, he obtained a diploma university of Sport and Nutrition in Paris 13. It reinforces the theories received during training while working in hospitals in Reims and Paris.

The best dietitians in Reims and its region
About dietitian Vincent Prevot.


This dietitian from Reims has been carrying out consultations in his office since 2003. He helps people who wish to achieve a specific objective or who want to prevent a pathology or problem. For the first contact with his patient consists, he seeks to know him better. He then educates him, gives him advice and prescribes a nutritional program.

Name: Vincent Prevot
Website : https://vincent-prevot-dieteticien.com/
Telephone 03 26 03 34 75 / 06 72 88 47 91