Lose weight and lose weight during menopause

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Gaining weight during menopause is a constraint deplored by many women. Furthermore, getting rid of the pounds gained after a few decades is a real challenge. What should you do to sculpt your silhouette during this delicate period?

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There is no question of putting your body through a harsh and monotonous diet. All you need is a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and a dose of food supplements. Conform to a pace of life compatible with your condition. With the addition of high morale, you will end up losing weight and losing weight during menopause.

Lose weight with low calorie diet

Limit the fats and pastries

Reduce Caloric intake is the best way to lose weight during menopause. It’s about eating to your full content, but paying attention to the quality of the food that make up your plate. Consume less fat by avoiding crème fraîche, butter, and oils. The rare times you took it, opt instead for oils extracted from vegetable seeds including rapeseed, olive, etc.

lose weight during menopause
A reasonable diet is essential to lose weight during menopause

THE foods with a high caloric intake should absolutely be banned from your food. Forget cakes and tarts, cold meats, goat cheese, cow or sheep… The diet that will help you lose weight at menopause will mainly consist of cereals, dried beans, lentils and beans.

Consume green vegetables and lean meats

The vegetables, especially those with a dark green color, as well as lean meats such as Fish and poultry have very few calories. These foods provide plus, fiber, vitamins and calcium, and also quality proteins.

This which helps you eat enough without the risk of gaining weight. They You also help slow down the aging of your cells and organs menopause. It would be more interesting to consume them during meals main points of the day to avoid feeling hungry.

YOU You can also have one snack per day if you feel like it. On the other hand, the snacking, especially in the morning, will certainly prevent you from losing weight and will make you heavier from day to day. day.

Opt for one diet rich in protein and calcium

Lose weight without risk with lean proteins and vegetable proteins

THE quality proteins, that is to say lean proteins, are found in large quantities quantity in white fish, lean meats and eggs. These foods therefore help you to increase your protein intake to avoid fatigue and deficiency during menopause.

THE Plant proteins are also beneficial for firming mass muscle and maintain vitality in the face of disruption caused by changes hormonal. Lentils, chickpeas, green beans, broad beans, Soy are among the foods that contain the most.

Stock up on calcium

You need to stock up on calcium to get through menopause with great strength and hope of losing weight. This mineral prevents you from bone fragility which often appears during this period.

YOU You will therefore be protected from osteoporosis, fractures and joint problems. Calcium is also a natural appetite suppressant that helps you limit yourself to 3 main meals. To increase your calcium intake, consume non-fat dairy products such as sugar-free yogurts, cottage cheeses, the faires…

THE calcium also abounds in calcium waters, canned sardines, and certain vegetables including broccoli, leeks, peppers…

Cross the menopause with less sugar

Avoid taking stomach by limiting fast sugars

For lose weight during menopause, you are required to do without your desires to treats and sweets. There are simple sugars, also called fast sugars, which quickly cause the accumulation of fat in the level of the stomach and hips.

lose weight during menopause
Ban fast sugars from your diet

These Sugars are mainly found in sugary drinks, including juices. industrial fruits, nectars, carbonated juices, iced tea, syrup… The light mention does not exclude not necessarily the presence of sugars in drinks. All sweet foods are also to be limited to keep the figure or find a good figure.

Do therefore a cross on confectionery, including fake candies. Also reduce the consumption of honey, jams, pastries and chocolates other than more than 80% black. For desserts, avoid frequently eating creams and chocolate mousses or fruit mousses and prefer fruit natural.

Get up to speed sugar level in the meal

If you are used to finishing your meal with a good dose of sweet, it It’s time to do things differently. First, fruit salads and Industrial compotes are not good desserts.

THE fruit mousses and chocolate mousses should only be taken at rare occasions. Dessert creams, too fatty and too sweet, are also less recommended. Then, for breakfasts based carbohydrates, if you have done sports on an empty stomach in the morning, you have the right to enjoy a little, but in moderation. In this case, do not consume any more sweet foods for the rest of the day.

Without intense activities in the morning, limit yourself to breakfast based on lean proteins and whole grains including eggs, rice, wholemeal bread, etc. For natural fruits, do not exceed 3 servings per day. Also be careful of processed foods and their hidden sugars.

To deprive certain spices, stimulants and alcoholic beverages

Use less than salt

The opinion on the effect of salt on weight gain is divergent, but to help your body to react well to the various changes related to menopause, choose for a low-salt diet. This flavor enhancer has the particularity of stimulating appetite, which would not help your body lose weight.

THE salt is also the enemy of certain diseases which often come with age including high blood pressure or water retention… These diseases would disturb metabolism to the point of causing an obesity problem.

To reduce salt consumption, start by eliminating salt at the table and only use two or three pinches when cooking. You must also take into account the presence of salt in prepared meals and also in certain foods such as cheeses, cold meats, appetizers and bread. You can also consume alternatives to salt !

Avoid hormonal shakers

If you have difficulty getting used to the taste of foods low in salt, you have the possibility of using certain spices and herbs such as parsley, chives, cumin or even coriander.

By against, avoid seeking flavors using pepper as much as possible or chili pepper. They risk further destabilizing your hormonal rhythms and even cause you a problem with insomnia.

With an addiction to tobacco and alcohol, it is impossible to lose weight menopause. If you are a victim of any kind of addiction to these agitators hormonal, first seek help from a detox treatment specialist. You can then adopt a new, healthier lifestyle to regain fitness and health at menopause.

Restorative sleep to lose weight during menopause

Insomnia and awakenings nocturnal due to hormonal disorders

With the hormonal disorders that accompany the cessation of periods, the body has difficulty treat yourself to a good restful sleep. This is one of the reasons why Women easily gain weight during menopause. However, a sleep no peaceful causes excessive production of the hunger hormone.

lose weight during menopause
Good sleep is essential to lose weight during menopause

This which means that after a troubled night, the body tends to fill the lack of sleep through food. This promotes fat storage and weight gain. With a problem insomnia or waking up at night, it is therefore impossible to lose weight.

The conditions of a good sleep

For avoid insomnia or remedy it if it is already getting worse, you must conform to certain habits. First, avoid sleeping late. If you you go to bed after 9 p.m., you risk finding it difficult your sleep. Also avoid the screen and blinding light including TV, computer, phone, before sleeping.

Take a shower with lukewarm water and a cup of hot herbal tea, without good sugar sure, before going to bed. It is also important to sleep in a comfortably ventilated room and turn off the light completely. Another one little less known tip, lightly massage the sleeping point which is located behind your ears, this accelerates falling asleep and immerses you by the followed by restful sleep.

Stay active to lose weight in menopause

THE sport is always beneficial when it comes to staying in shape. For the less sporty, it would be difficult to get used to it at menopause. What whatever it may be, it is necessary to maintain a certain rhythm of physical activities to supplement the benefits of a healthy diet.

If you move more, you will maintain your muscle mass and you will avoid at the same time bone problems linked to menopause and weight gain. He there is no point in making too much effort, exercises of 30 minutes a day would be more than enough to lose weight.

Swimming, walking, hiking, cycling, gymnastics are the best adapted physical activities for women who want to lose weight at menopause. If you are more motivated, you can you go for a run, a jog or even a fitness activity? weight training alternated with cardio activity.

Lose weight with help food supplements

The benefits of food supplements for menopause

If you take food supplements during menopause, you help your body to cope more easily with the various disorders of menopause, in particular, hot flashes and accumulation of fat on the abdominal area.

He therefore helps you find a flat stomach if this part of your body begins to let go. Food supplements also help you lose weight gradually and promise you lasting results. This prevents you from the appearance of wrinkles if you lose weight.

A effective fat burner eliminates fat which is lodged particularly in the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. As for appetite suppressants, their role is to reduce your appetite to prevent you from becoming obese.

The best food supplements

Se getting help from the best food supplements is a good idea to limit weight gain at menopause. To recognize them among the many products offered on the market, refer to their composition.

lose weight during menopause
Food supplements can help you lose weight during menopause

Fat burners and powerful appetite suppressants containing ingredients extracted from plants are the best. They have fewer side effects and also contain minerals and vitamins that provide your body with a micro-nutritional balance.

For fat burners, PhenQ remains the most effective and can be consumed without risk. This dietary supplement is suitable for both women and men. It particularly acts on the fat in the adipose tissues of menopausal women to give them a flat stomach and a well-sculpted silhouette.

Others benefits of the best food supplements

Some dietary supplements contain vitamin D to build mass skeletal and avoid fracture and deformation of bones in women menopause. If the medicine formula contains soy mixed with lemon balm, it used to reduce hot flashes.

A slimming capsule composed of vitamin B6, magnesium and other extracts of Plants can reduce stress. These components are mixed with iodine, selenium and zinc in cases of hypothyroidism.

For PhenQ, the ingredients are varied, the most interesting of which are the acid amino L-cantinine which transforms fat into energy and cysteine ​​which takes care the burning of fat mass. This slimming capsule particularly helps to avoid obesity at menopause. There is also PhenQ for men who want to lose weight.


Losing weight during menopause requires adopting new daily habits. The main thing is to reduce stress and disorders caused by hormonal changes. A treatment of several weeks using a better food supplement would also be of great help to avoid weight gain after your periods stop. In any case, men and women must have a healthy lifestyle for better health.