Lose weight and lose weight after pregnancy

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

It is completely normal to gain ten pounds or more during pregnancy. You normally lose them little by little after giving birth. However, some people still remain overweight a few months later. So, how do you get back on track? Here are some tips in this regard.

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Take time to rest

Pregnancy and childbirth are trying stages in a woman’s life, whether physically or psychologically, even if you don’t necessarily feel it. Your body underwent a considerable change over 9 months to give birth to a man’s child.

lose weight after pregnancy
Pregnancy and childbirth are delicate periods in a woman’s life

Certain muscles, particularly those of the perineum, were heavily used and sometimes even brutalized during this period. They should therefore not be rushed prematurely to avoid more or less serious problems such as incontinence. In addition, you also need to give your uterus time to recover.

On the other hand, it is also important to give yourself the opportunity to adapt to your situation as a new mother. Breastfeeding, lack of sleeping or taking care of the baby sometimes leads to fatigue emotional and physical. This is therefore not the right time to reduce diet or expend energy by playing sports if you want you and your child stay healthy.

So, when considering taking necessary steps to lose weight?

The ideal time to act before losing weight generally depends on your body. It is therefore recommended to seek advice from your doctor before starting physical activities to lose weight or lose belly fat.

You must normally carry out several perineal rehabilitation sessions so that the muscles gradually regain their flexibility and tone. It is only after this stage that you have the right to gradually return to sport.

Doctors generally advise waiting at least the equivalent time of pregnancy (9 months) to consider taking measures to lose weight. In addition, your weight may return to its normal value without you having to make any effort.

Finally, it is important to note that rapid weight loss is often not sustainable and healthy. This also applies to everyone, men and women, whatever the period of life concerned.

The sport

It is known that sport is an effective way to lose weight effectively and quickly and adjust your silhouette, especially at the stomach level. This is still the case after the birth of your baby, but you just need to take certain precautions to preserve your health.

Walking to start slowly

Your physical capacity has surely diminished after the long period of rest. Taking care of the baby can also be tiring. It is therefore advisable to start with simple and gentle exercises to limit the risk of injuries and to ensure that you will always have the strength to take care of your child after the sessions.

At the beginning, walk at average speed (or slow, depending on your condition) on a long duration is sufficient. Stop when you feel exhausted. It is also effective for losing belly fat. Take the opportunity to take your baby to a short walk in the park or to go shopping, for example. Increase your pace as you feel your strength returning. Walk faster, start running and/or exercise more and more more intense.

In short, the most important thing is to move without forcing too much. The process is often long, but you have to be patient to guarantee weight loss durable and which does not affect your health and that of your child.

Swimming and/or aquagym

Swimming is an almost complete sport. It allows you to work almost all of the muscles in your body. In addition, it is soft and does not expose you to the risk of injury. Your joints are not harmed since you are in the water.

lose weight after pregnancy
Swimming and aquagym are recommended activities to lose weight after pregnancy

Favor the backstroke for a postnatal sport. It effectively reduces back pain and helps you lose belly fat. On the other hand, avoid breaststroke, the movements of which place too much stress on the spine, which should nevertheless rest after pregnancy and childbirth.

You can also opt for aquagym if you don’t swim. This activity improves your blood circulation in addition to helping you lose weight after childbirth. It is therefore also effective in combating feelings of heavy legs.

Moreover, aquagym is also recommended for pregnant women, but only under the assistance of a professional.


Also encourage yoga if you want to regain your beautiful shape after pregnancy. The movements are gentle, easy to perform and effective. In addition, this discipline acts on your mind and helps you relax. This is ideal for young women who are often stressed by their status as a “new mother”.

Yoga also helps you improve your posture affected by pregnancy. This is important to prevent chronic back pain, for example. Finally, this practice teaches you to breathe better and control your emotions. In short, it is beneficial both physically and spiritually. When you have the approval of your doctor, it is advisable to start with hatha yoga for example. It is also highly recommended to request services of a professional to guide you if you have never done yoga beforehand to ensure your safety.

Seek professional help

You can also seek help from a sports coach for you help you lose weight the right way and lose belly fat after pregnancy. This professional has followed specific training thanks to which they are able to offer you training adapted to each stage of the period postnatal. He knows the intensity and duration of exercises that promote lasting results without exposing yourself to the risk of injury. Some guides will even be able to provide you with an appropriate meal plan.

Depending on your arrangements and means, you can either register in a gym, either hire a personal trainer at home, or follow sessions via the internet. It is advisable to opt for meetings physical so that the professional can assess your condition more effectively. It is therefore also safer.


It is also recommended to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. to lose weight after the arrival of your baby. Then how eat ?

Avoid crash diets

You should not deprive yourself of anything when you are breastfeeding. You just have to control the balance of foods to lose weight. You actually have to do full of energy to be able to properly care for your baby. But Above all, it is essential to ensure that your diet is rich in essential nutrients so that your child develops well. A lack could lead to serious health problems either for him or for YOU.

lose weight after pregnancy
After pregnancy, the diet must be balanced and you should definitely not deprive yourself excessively.

On the other hand, it has been proven that strict diets and Restrictive measures are generally not effective. This practice leads to fatigue, deficiency and frustration. It is therefore preferable to eat everything in just controlling quantity and quality.

What are the foods to to favor ?

Here are the foods to favor as part of a diet food to lose weight after childbirth.

The fruits

Fruits generally contain essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to ensure good health and for you and your baby. You can eat it before meals and mid-morning or in the afternoon as a snack. It is recommended to consume them fresh to preserve all their contributions.

If you prefer fruit juices, it is recommended to prepare your own. Products sold on the market do not contain sufficient quantities of essential nutrients. In addition, the majority of them are composed of preservatives and/or other chemical substances dangerous to health.

Consume the drink as soon as it is ready so as not to lose nutrients. You can also prepare a compote. Avoid adding sugar as much as possible and stop cooking as soon as the fruit is soft enough to retain as many nutrients as possible.

Consume around 3 fruits per day. It should be noted that 2 mandarins, 3 plums, 2 kiwis or even 3 clementines count as one fruit.

Starchy foods

Many choose to remove starchy foods from their diet as part of a postnatal diet. However, these foods are necessary to avoid snacking, the number one enemy of weight loss. They provide the amount of carbohydrates needed for a day.

So consume around 100 to 150 g of starchy foods per day after pregnancy. Your needs may increase due to breastfeeding. You have the choice between rice, pasta, potatoes or even sweet potatoes. Vary as much as possible.

The vegetables

It is advisable to eat at least as many vegetables only starchy foods for lunch and dinner. It is from these foods that you get the minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber necessary for the healthy development of your child when you breastfeed.

Vary the preparations and ingredients: steam cooking, soup, raw vegetables, pie or even juice. It should be noted that steam cooking and raw vegetables are the most recommended for losing weight.

Fatty substances

Fats guarantee the proper functioning of the body. Their consumption is therefore necessary, especially after pregnancy. You just have to be careful not to overdo it if you want to lose weight. It is advisable to take around ten grams of butter for breakfast.

Also add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your lunch and dinner. Olive and grapeseed oils are the most recommended.

Dairy products

It is important to consume enough dairy products to stock up on calcium when you are breastfeeding, even as part of a diet. This is important to ensure the healthy growth of your child. Consume it 2 or 3 times a day.

Lose weight after pregnancy
Dairy products are essential for a breastfeeding woman

You have the choice between milk, cottage cheese or even yogurt. Choose low-fat products to promote weight loss. However, it is allowed to eat 25 to 30 g of normal cheese per week.

The proteins

Proteins participate in the renewal of cells and tissues. They also promote the feeling of satiety and therefore allow you to avoid snacks as much as possible. It is important to consume it.

You generally find them in meats (red and white), eggs or fish (also a source of omega 3). It is advisable to eat one portion at lunchtime and another at dinner. Vary your foods and favor organic products as much as possible.

Which drink should you prefer?

Water is the only drink recommended as part of a diet to lose weight after childbirth. It is also necessary for the proper functioning of your body.

However, you can vary the tastes by adding lemon or ginger, for example. You can also prepare herbal tea. However, you must first make sure that it is suitable for the baby if you are breastfeeding. Avoid carbonated and alcoholic drinks as much as possible.

What about pills for to lose weight ?

You can also opt for diet pills if you want to lose weight without putting in much effort. Many powerful appetite suppressants And effective fat burners are available on the market and are aimed at both men and women.

However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting treatment after pregnancy. Your situation is indeed delicate. Most of these medicines are not suitable for breastfeeding women. On the other hand, it was previously said that you need to stock up on energy. So now is not the best time to reduce the amount of food you eat.


A healthy, balanced diet combined with a little physical activity is generally effective in losing the pounds you gained during pregnancy. However, it is essential to ask your doctor about the ideal time to start so as not to damage your health.

When it comes to food, don’t deprive yourself of anything. You just have to be careful not to overdo it to promote weight loss. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. You can also use an abdominal belt, when the doctor authorizes you, to lose belly fat quickly.