PhenQ or Phen375

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

PhenQ and Phen375 are food supplements intended for weight loss. These slimming capsules are entirely composed of ingredients of natural origin. Furthermore, they do not contain any trace of Phentermine, a substance considered psychotropic since 2012. Discover the similarities and differences between these products.

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Their composition

The compositions are presented in table form for easy reading.

α-LACYS RESET®: secret ingredient and registered formula;
Capsimax powder;
Chromium picolinate;
Calcium Carbonate Granules;
Caffeine: Chromium Picolinate;
Citrus Aurantium Extract;
Chili pepper capsaicin.
PhenQ or Phen375
PhenQ and Phen375 are food supplements for weight loss.

What do PhenQ and Phen375 have in common?

The appetite suppressant virtue

These food supplements contain Chromium Picolinate. This substance of natural origin is known for its ability to reduce the feeling of hunger. It is therefore useful for limiting small cravings in the middle of the day and for reducing the quantity consumed at each meal. It also regulates the sugar level in your body. These slimming capsules also contain other appetite suppressant elements:

  • PhenQ: NOPAL cactus;
  • Phen375: chili pepper capsaicin.

The fat burner virtue

These food supplements contain specific ingredients that promote fat burning by stimulating metabolism. This leads to rapid and effective weight loss but above all helps you to have a dream body in no time. Here are the elements responsible for the fat-burning virtue of each slimming capsule.

The innovative component α-LACYS RESET®; Caffeine; Capsimax powder; L-Carnitine.Calcium Carbonate; Citrus Aurantium Extract; Caffeine; L-Carnitine.

The energy booster virtue

It is common for weight loss to be accompanied by an intense feeling of fatigue. This is generally due to diets or even more or less sudden changes that take place in the body. Their ability to boost your energy is another point in common between these two slimming capsules. Caffeine and L-Carnitine are the main culprits.


The recommended dosage for PhenQ and Phen375 East :

  • 1 capsule before breakfast;
  • 1 capsule before lunch.

The side effects

These food supplements normally do not represent any health hazard due to their 100% natural composition. However, allergies to ingredients remain possible. See a doctor immediately if unusual symptoms appear to prevent the situation from getting worse. It is also strongly recommended to respect the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer.

PhenQ capsules, I'm counting on you

What are the differences between PhenQ and Phen375?

Difference in effects

It is sometimes difficult to manage your mood during weight loss. Some individuals can even fall into depression. This is mainly due to reducing the number of calories you consume. It’s quite disturbing for those around you and for yourself. PhenQ contains elements that can improve your mood throughout the process.

The capacity of the box and the minimum duration of the cure

Number of capsules in a bottle6030
Minimum treatment duration2 months3 months

PhenQ VS Phen375: Summary

Appetite suppressantYesYes
Fat BurnerYesYes
Energy boosterYesYes
Improved moodYesNo
Side effectsNoNo
Risks of allergies to ingredientsYesYes
Satisfied or refunded guaranteeYesYes
Medical prescription ?NoNo
Capacity of a box60 slimming capsules30 slimming capsules
Minimum duration of treatment2 months3 months
Dosage1 tablet before breakfast;
1 tablet before lunch.
ContraindicationsChildren under 18 years old;
Pregnancy and breast feeding ;
Diseases: cancer, AIDS or other autoimmune diseases.

Which food supplement wins the duel?

At first glance, these slimming capsules seem to have the same effects on the body: appetite suppressant, fat burner and energy booster. PhenQ’s secret ingredient, α-LACYS RESET®, however, makes the difference in terms of effectiveness. Its presence would in fact lead to the loss of more than 7% of fat according to studies carried out during the development of the formula (Source: The effect of this food supplement on mood is also a big plus that should not be overlooked when it comes to losing weight in good conditions.

Finally, PhenQ is more economical. A difference of a few euros may be observed, but a bottle of Phen375 contains half as many capsules. In addition, the treatment is longer with the latter. It is therefore ultimately PhenQ which wins the duel.


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3 bouteilles de Phenq

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