PhenQ or Anaca3

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Fat burners seem to be effective if you are suffering from excess weight. PhenQ and Anaca3 are among the best known in this category of slimming capsules. What are their active ingredients? Which would be the most effective among these two food supplements? Discover in this article the similarities and differences between PhenQ and Anaca3 through their composition and their action on the body.

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The composition of PhenQ and Anaca3

PhenQ is a product from the Bauer laboratory. It is a fat burner made from a patented ingredient called α-Lacys Reset and other natural ingredients. α-Lacys Reset is a set of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine ​​and magnesium, sources of vitality. For the other components, you will find:

  • Chromium picolinate regulates blood glucose levels;
  • Capsimax bringing together euphoric elements including piperine, capsicium and vitamin B3;
  • Caffeine warming the body for significant slimming;
  • Nopal, promoting significant weight loss by slowing the absorption of sugars;
  • L-carnitine, another slimming agent;
  • Copper sulfate for its regenerative properties.
PhenQ or Anaca3
PhenQ and Anaca3 are food supplements for weight loss.

As for Anaca3, it is a product from the Nutravalia laboratory, made from natural components. Like PhenQ, Anaca3 also contains Nopal, the sugar blocker, but in smaller quantities. This is Opuntia ficus indica, a dry extract of Nopal cladode.

Anaca3 is free from α-Lacys Reset and replaces this component with magnesium salts of fatty acids with an anti-caking effect. This dietary supplement also uses caffeine from kola nuts to stimulate calorie expenditure. The ingredients specific to Anaca3 are as follows:

  • Prickly pear acting on intestinal transit;
  • Cynara scolymus artichoke leaf extract also improves digestion;
  • Maltodextrin which would replace sugars.

PhenQ vs Anacas3: action on the body

The common effects of these two food supplements

These slimming capsules both reduce the feeling of hunger. Anaca3 is limited to its role as an appetite suppressant and seems less effective in slowing down the formation of fat. As for PhenQ, its combined fat burner and appetite suppressant action makes it a little more powerful.

These two food supplements improve general metabolism thanks to the presence of caffeine in their composition. They provide a boost of energy to the body and help prevent fatigue. Which forces you to increase your energy expenditure with more sustained physical activity.

These common effects of PhenQ and Anaca3 make them more effective in overall body slimming. Each of these products helps you get back to your healthy weight.

The difference between PhenQ and Anaca3 at the body level

PhenQ improves your mood in addition to its slimming power. As for Anaca3, it is characterized by its detoxifying effect and improves your intestinal transit. PhenQ stops the formation of fats and at the same time eliminates accumulations of fat mass. Its long-term action helps avoid the yo-yo effect.

PhenQ is then more powerful than Anaca3 and its slimming effect is much faster. This natural fat burner has already satisfied more than 190,000 consumers (Source: and continue to be of interest to those who suffer from overweight.

PhenQ vs Anaca3: dosage and duration of the treatment

You only need 2 PhenQ tablets per day divided over breakfast and lunch to lose around 1 kilo per week. Two boxes of 60 pills then allow you to follow a 60-day course, which would provide a more palpable result.

As for Anaca3, you need 2 bottles of 90 capsules for a 60-day treatment. You then take 3 tablets per day at the time of the 3 main meals of the day. PhenQ like Anaca3 are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

NatureAppetite suppressant and fat burnerAppetite suppressant
Common IngredientsCaffeine, Nopal, magnesium
Specific ingredientsα-Lacys Reset, chromium picolinate, L-carnitine, copper sulfateCynara scolymus, prickly pear, maltodextrin
Joint actionElimination of the feeling of hunger; Slimming effect; Increase in energy expenditure and reduction of fatigue.
Specific actionElimination of fats; Improvement of mood.Improved digestion.


PhenQ, both an appetite suppressant and a natural fat burner, is more effective than Anaca3. In addition to your beautiful figure, you will have a bonus of good humor and energy. However, remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and play sports to optimize results.


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