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[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Having a beautiful figure is the goal to achieve for many people. Most often, the challenge is to shed a few extra pounds to achieve a slimmer, leaner physique. To this end, different solutions can then be adopted. In particular, it is possible to use food supplements specially formulated to support those who wish to lose a few extra pounds. Eco Slim is one of the products worthy of interest in this context. Here are its specific features, user reviews, its price as well as some tips for optimized use.

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Update : Eco Slim has been replaced by PhenQ, a more effective and better value for money option. If you would like to know more, I invite you to consult my article “PhenQ: reviews, prices and advice” which will provide you with all the necessary details!


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Eco Slim: a slimming product from Native Remedies

Eco Slim

Eco Slim belongs to the large family of slimming products to buy to lose a few extra pounds. It is a product which has the advantage of having a natural composition. Users can therefore be reassured to the extent that it does not contain artificial principles, chemical active ingredients and even less synthetic elements. EcoSlim is then distinguished by the presence of numerous active ingredients which act in synergy to achieve the targeted slimming objectives.

Concretely, EcoSlim is offered by the “Native Remedies” brand. Presented in the form of drops, it poses as an ally of choice in the fight against excess pounds, its action being at the level of the metabolism which it helps to stimulate, in a completely natural way. It should also be noted that this is a product that can very well be followed by people following a strictly vegetarian or even vegan diet.

By using Eco Slim, the following objectives can be achieved:

  • Loss of a few extra pounds;
  • Fat burning and contribution to the elimination of dietary fat;
  • Increased metabolism;
  • Digestive system more efficient and balanced;
  • Regulation of blood sugar or sugar levels present in the blood;
  • Appetite suppressant which reduces urges and unwanted snacking.

With EcoSlim, lose weight with drops

With EcoSlim, it is possible to lose excess weight using drops with slimming properties. Due to its natural ingredients, it is a product that has minimal (if any) side effects. Used wisely, it is a slimming ally thanks to which it is possible to lose weight both quickly and easily. The treatment generally lasts thirty days with a dosage of 0.50 ml taken three times a day.

Buy a homeopathic product

Eco Slim is a slimming product with multiple benefits. One of its many advantages lies in the exclusive presence of natural ingredients, extracted from plants, in its composition. It should also be noted that specialists in the health field contributed to its formulation, doing everything possible so that Eco Slim can help its users lose weight and once again enjoy metabolic balance, all without side effects. . And as is the case with any slimming supplement, it remains essential to have a healthy lifestyle combining a balanced diet and regular exercise. Thanks to the treatment, the digestive system works better and the metabolism is also optimized.

Precisely, with the purchase of Eco Slim, users have the assurance of preserving “normal” functioning of their vital organs. The body is neither harmed nor upset. On the contrary, this slimming product supports metabolism, ensuring that the body benefits from the energy necessary for its proper functioning while ensuring a balanced digestive process. Once again, we must emphasize the always natural nature of the approach.

Slimming pharmacy: EcoSlim, a natural product

As part of a weight loss program, it is common for us to create a real little slimming pharmacy with a few products intended to optimize this process of getting rid of excess pounds. For its part, EcoSlim fits very well in the medicine cabinet, especially since this product is plant-based. It is very possible to consume it as a treatment without risk of unwanted side effects, provided of course that you strictly comply with the specifications of health professionals in this area.

But then, how does it work? The plant extracts present in the Eco Slim product allow you to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. The metabolism returns to normal functioning in the long term. In practice, fats present in the diet are eliminated effectively and the rate of sugar absorption is regulated.

And in order to boost the results obtained thanks to the EcoSlim treatment, there is nothing like having a healthy and balanced diet and putting into practice the following credo: “Move to stay healthy”. In addition to eating well and moving your body, you must also not forget to quench your thirst properly throughout the day, by drinking a minimum of 1.5 liters of water. In addition, it is essential to be emotionally relaxed, removing sources of negative emotions and learning to better manage everyday stress. In particular, you should know that ruminating on dark thoughts is conducive to gaining pounds and promotes a small stomach.

Update : Eco Slim has been replaced by PhenQ, a more effective and better value for money option. If you would like to know more, I invite you to consult my article “PhenQ: reviews, prices and advice” which will provide you with all the necessary details!


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A slim silhouette and a flat stomach with Eco Slim

Eco Slim is a homeopathic solution which has a definite advantage. For those who want to refine their silhouette and make their stomach disappear, this is an alternative that deserves to be tested. Thanks to a few drops daily, the body is remodeled to achieve the set goals, in a healthy way. Exactly, what about the natural ingredients that are present in this product that many are awaiting delivery of?

Know the composition of Eco Slim before delivery

One of the advantages of Eco Slim therefore lies in its beautiful composition, made exclusively from ingredients of natural origin. Which makes it a star product in the medicine box that all people wanting to lose weight would like to have delivered and pay the price. Opinions are also very positive on the subject. Concerning the ingredients of EcoSlim, here are some of them: L-carnitine; chitosan; Indian nettle extract; guarana extract; vegetal glycerine ; bladderwrack extract; succinic acid; caffeine and B complex vitamins (B2, B5, B6, B8, B12). Thanks to these different elements, weight loss is assured and we also have the assurance of not gaining it again, provided of course that excesses are avoided.


Buying Eco Slim involves taking advantage of this natural ingredient which has the particularity of swelling when it is found in the digestive system, thus accelerating satiety and helping to avoid snacking.

Bladder wrack

This sea vegetable is known for its richness in fiber, but above all for its high content of minerals and trace elements, essential for the health of the body. It also contributes to fat burning, for a firmer body.

Succinic acid

This ingredient acts as a slimming accelerator directly at the cell level. It also helps purify the body and rid it of toxins while providing it with a good dose of energy.

Vegetal glycerine

For its part, vegetable glycerin brings the feeling of satiety. At the same time, it contributes to the secretion of glucose.


Present in Eco Slim, ginger is a particularly powerful antioxidant. It provides the body with a good dose of energy while stimulating digestion.

Eco Slim contains ginger
Eco Slim contains ginger, a powerful antioxidant


This element purifies the body. By eliminating toxins, cleavers also helps fight against skin problems.

Garcinia cambogia

This principle belongs to the category of an appetite suppressant whose reputation is definitely well established. Reducing appetite, it is an undeniable slimming ally.

Taraxacum officinalis

This is the scientific name for dandelion which contains active ingredients beneficial for the liver and which contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system. Added to this is a high content of vitamins and trace elements.

Glycorrhiza glabra

Licorice is a booster of the digestive system, promoting the assimilation and digestion of fat.


Guarana is a premium ingredient that people wishing to buy a slimming product often look for. It is the active ingredient that provides energy, essential in a slimming program.


The hawthorn extract found in Eco Slim provides a purifying effect while acting on cholesterol levels which it helps to reduce. It is also a plant with a high content of vitamins (A, C and E), essential for burn fat and to increase basal metabolism.

Update : Eco Slim has been replaced by PhenQ, a more effective and better value for money option. If you would like to know more, I invite you to consult my article “PhenQ: reviews, prices and advice” which will provide you with all the necessary details!


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EcoSlim, results after 3 to 6 weeks

By using EcoSlim, the results can be seen quite quickly. We see effects on the silhouette after only three to six weeks. In fact, the silhouette becomes thinner and lighter. At the same time, the mood is better and the body is more dynamic. To reinforce these results, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet and do regular physical exercises.

Buy Eco Slim: at what price? Buy in pharmacy?

If we look at the price of Eco Slim, it turns out to be particularly interesting, especially if we take into account the results that we can expect from following a slimming treatment based on this product. It is quite possible to buy it from a pharmacy, but if we are to believe the opinion of frequent buyers, the price is generally higher there.

The best alternative is to make the purchase on the Internet to get good deals, but be careful to choose the right address and be sure to buy authentic products (everyone’s health is at stake).

Furthermore, to benefit from the most attractive prices, there is nothing like going to the official website of the brand which regularly offers attractive offers. In addition to having the certainty of benefiting from an original product, the prices are certainly more attractive, with delivery also more attractive since it is faster.

Consumer reviews

Want to test EcoSlim and ensure that it is a good quality product worthy of interest? Numerous consumer reviews are circulating on the Internet to reassure you and to reassure you in your desire to take advantage of this product to fight against excess pounds.

Most (if not all) customers who leave reviews about their EcoSlim purchase show a high level of satisfaction. Their feedback is generally positive and they appreciate the reliability of this slimming solution available to them. Opinions also converge on the fact that this product is natural and involves minimal (if any) side effects. In all cases, the validation of the health inspection is very appreciated and this is reflected in the opinions of Internet users.

Consumer opinions on EcoSlim
Eco Slim reviews available on the internet are generally positive

Some testimonies to share

Reading real user reviews and testimonials will help you make the decision to test and benefit from Eco Slim and its multiple benefits. Here are just a few of them:

“I have already tried different diets, but without much success. I constantly restricted myself, but the results were not there. Or else, I lost a few kilos which came back very quickly. With these experiences, I wanted to abandon the slimming programs. With Eco Slim, I once again have hope of achieving my goals. In just a few weeks, I could already feel the change and the effects are simply extraordinary. With the few daily drops, I was able to lose a few kilos and then maintain the weight obtained. It was very nice to no longer have to completely deprive myself to stay in shape. EcoSlim really helped me a lot and gave me confidence and a smile about the future. In two weeks, I was able to lose 5 kilos. After two months, there were already 15 kilos in months on my scale. I feel very good about myself today. »

Jean-François – 45 years old

“After the birth of my little girl, I kept a few extra pounds that I had a hard time losing. It seemed impossible to get rid of it and it caused real depression in me. I tested all possible formulas. Diets, extreme sports… But nothing helped. It was very difficult to live with and especially to accept, especially since I have always been a delicate woman. I started to complain about my weight all the time and I ended up neglecting my husband and my little daughter a little. Discovering EcoSlim has been a true blessing for me. As if by miracle, my life changed (positively) overnight. I immediately noticed the effects. In just one month, I lost all the extra pounds using these drops. My only regret is not having discovered this solution sooner. »

Stephanie – 28 years old.

“I am a home worker who spends a lot of time in front of my computer screen. I don’t move much and my sedentary lifestyle has meant that I inevitably pile on the pounds. Without realizing it, my figure became much thicker and I found myself with many extra pounds. With my special activities, it was difficult for me to lose weight. Even while following a restrictive diet, I felt like nothing was moving and I was still at the same point. Overnight, I realized that I had really gained too much: more than 20 kilos that I had to lose. It was with sadness that I had to accept the reality: I was obese. Moreover, members of my family as well as my friends started to make comments. Some don’t even hesitate to make fun. I then decided to take the bull by the horns and regain my young girl’s figure, but it was not won. I started following diets inspired by formulas offered on the Internet, but I hardly lost any weight. Then, it was completely by chance that I discovered EcoSlim during my research on the Internet. In just two weeks, my figure began to slim down. I found my figure again after two months. I can only recommend this product, especially since I did not suffer from any side effects during my treatment. »

Geraldine 22 years old

Expert opinions

If users seem unanimous on the beneficial effects of EcoSlim, specialists are not left out and are particularly enthusiastic on this subject. In addition to highlighting the apparent contentment of customers, experts also highlight the obvious benefits of this slimming product. They are also in the best position to express themselves to the extent that they have carried out various batteries of research and studies to confirm the interest of a product such as Eco Slim.

Specialists emphasize the natural composition of Eco Slim. With its ingredients inspired by nature, it is a product that is both more effective and pleasant to use: users do not have to worry about possible side effects. Added to this is the fact that the effects are seen almost immediately after the start of treatment.

Many experts agree that Eco Slim is particularly effective and has nothing to envy of other supplements pursuing the same objective: losing excess pounds and refining the silhouette. With such a product, it is easier to say goodbye to unwanted pounds and get a body that you dream of.

Use Eco Slim correctly

Like other slimming products, it is always preferable to seek the advice of a health professional before taking this or that treatment. Although Eco Slim is based on natural ingredients, the advice of a practitioner remains essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. Consulting a doctor is essential to know the correct dosage, but also and above all to detect possible allergies to the components of EcoSlim. If there is the slightest doubt, it is best to refrain and turn to a doctor to obtain the best possible information.

In all cases, taking EcoSlim is ideally part of a slimming program involving a balanced diet and regular exercise. Thus, alongside the drops to be taken daily, it is essential to adopt healthier menus and regularly schedule sports sessions. It should also be noted that there are still contraindications to take into account when using Eco Slim: this treatment is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Once all examinations and tests have been carried out by a specialist, the Eco Slim treatment can continue with complete peace of mind knowing that the results are undeniably there.

Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, Eco Slim has already brought a smile back to the faces of many users.

Good to know: the recommended dosage

The dosage recommended by doctors for the slimming treatment based on Eco Slim is as follows: this product is consumed daily, three times a day. For each dose, you must take 0.5 milliliters of Eco Slim. The small bottle can then last up to thirty days for a complete treatment.

Want to lose a few pounds naturally, with a product that is safe for your health? Turn to Eco Slim, a slimming supplement based on natural ingredients which is available at a particularly attractive price. Especially since user reviews are particularly laudatory, this is a supplement that is well worth considering.

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