Appetite suppressant: the opinions of consumers and nutrition professionals

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Overweight people are often looking for solutions to lose weight. Some resort to diets, others strive to control food intake. Faced with the failure of these different strategies, many of these people turn to natural slimming aids or appetite suppressant food supplements to get rid of excess pounds. The effectiveness of these weight loss aids is at the heart of debate and gives rise to mixed opinions and opinions within the various discussion forums on the internet. While some consumers extol the virtues of these slimming products, others, on the other hand, believe that they have no appetite suppressant effect. Furthermore, the weight-loss benefits associated with these appetite suppressants are not unanimous within the community of nutrition experts or the medical profession, which instead calls for vigilance with regard to these products.

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What is an appetite suppressant?

An appetite suppressant is a slimming ally that comes in several forms. On the market, there are appetite suppressant food supplements in various forms (tablets, capsules, etc.). According to their manufacturers, they curb appetite by inducing a feeling of fullness which reduces your desire to eat. In other words, by consuming them, you will be able to minimize your daily calorie intake and stop snacking between meals in order to maximize weight loss.

appetite suppressant and diet
By reducing your appetite, they allow you to limit unwanted food cravings and lose weight more easily. So, appetite suppressants can greatly help you with your diet.

Consumer reviews on appetite suppressants

Several platforms allow Internet users to express their opinion regarding certain slimming products. Some who have used these products share their experience with appetite suppressants. The satisfaction of some sometimes gives rise to positive testimonials or opinions; the disappointment of others leads to negative opinions.

Positive reviews

Several brands or manufacturers market appetite suppressant food supplements that are particularly popular with certain consumers. The latter do not hesitate to praise the results obtained, including significant weight loss, after using these products. These feedback highlights the effectiveness of appetite suppressants with regard to weight loss.

Testimonial from FabienneG, user of Brulafine

The positive effects that you can expect with the food supplement Brulafine are contained in the words of FabienneG (

brulafine review 1

Opinion of Aline Arcis, Anaca3 consumer

Many consumers have lost kilograms thanks to these slimming allies. This is particularly the case for Aline Arcis with the appetite suppressant food supplement called Anaca3 from the French brand Nutravalia. I tested 2 months of treatment for you and I was quite satisfied with the result (…). In 2 months of treatment, I lost a total of 4 kg by continuing to swim twice a week and by eating less thanks to its appetite suppressant effect (…). I am really happy with the result because I didn’t feel any side effects and I lost the few extra pounds that were bothering me’’ (

Thus, according to this consumer, the appetite suppressant effect of Anaca3 helps reduce appetite to regulate the desire to eat in order to facilitate weight loss.

Feedback from Covi, PhenQ users

Covi, another consumer approaches in the same direction by highlighting the effectiveness of PhenQ, another appetite suppressant food supplement:”Here is my experience on the effectiveness of PhenQ pills. The appetite suppressant effect is definitely there, plus a fantastic energy boost which allows me to move a lot more. (…) The result is there, I lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks whereas until now, due to my age (I am 49 years old) I was unable to lose 1 g. So, I recommend these pills, they seem to be effective. (

In short, these different opinions are unanimous regarding the effectiveness of these various appetite suppressants. All these consumers recognize the valuable help provided by these products when it comes to achieving weight loss goals.

Negative reviews

Crysty’s opinion on Brulafine and Konjac

By reading the opinions of Internet users on certain forums, appetite suppressants are not popular. They are strongly depreciated with comments highlighting the ineffectiveness of these products which do not allow you to lose weight or reduce your appetite.

Consumers like Crysty do not recommend using appetite suppressants to hope to lose weight or reduce hunger: ”I ordered Brulafine and the appetite suppressant konjac so I can tell you that this is the big scam. I feel even hungrier. I strongly advise against it.

Testimonial from Yo26 on Anaca3

For some consumers, when they want to lose weight, appetite suppressants are not a solution. They are likely to produce the opposite effect by promoting weight gain.

These are mainly the words that emerge from the testimony of Yo26 who expresses himself in these terms concerning the Anaca3 appetite suppressant: “I tested Anaca3 fat sensor capsule as well as the famous Anaca3 candies for 2 months. This product absolutely does not work. I did not lose 1 g, on the contrary I gained 3 kilos and a feeling of bloating. This product has no interest apart from relieving you of €29.90 and €9.90 for candy and don’t believe in satisfaction or refund for my part I do not recommend. At your risk.” (

Appetite suppressant reviews

Marie’s warning about appetite suppressants

Some negative opinions regarding appetite suppressants are even warnings: ‘‘Be careful with appetite suppressants. You are putting your life in danger” Married (

Reviews from nutrition/health professionals

The formulation of appetite suppressant food supplements incorporates various types of ingredients. The effects of certain natural active ingredients such as konjac are highlighted by certain nutrition experts, including the dietitian nutritionist Léa Zubrina.

Positive opinion from Léa Zubrina, dietitian nutritionist

Léa Zubrina declares: “To help with weight loss, konjac can be interesting. This very low-calorie natural plant has, in fact, many advantages linked to its very high dietary fiber content. Konjac is recommended for individuals who have difficulty controlling food intake and who tend to eat too much and too often.”.

Positive opinion from Béatrice Benavent-Marco, dietitian nutritionist

Unsurprisingly, another dietitian nutritionist, Béatrice Benavent-Marco, reveals the preponderant role of konjac in weight loss. She emphasizes that it is a “… good slimming ally because this plant contains hydrophilic fibers, glucomannans, which swell significantly upon contact with water. This adds volume to the stomach and has a satiating effect. We then eat less other foods which will always be more caloric than konjac.”. (

Warning from Ghislain Grodard, dietitian nutritionist

Certainly, the appetite suppressant effect of certain plants is recognized by nutrition experts. However, not all plants display weight-loss properties, and the various herbal formulations are not formally associated with appetite-suppressing effects. Thus, plant-based preparations can render certain slimming products ineffective or even harmful.

Indeed, certain plants have contraindications or side effects which can be harmful to health. This is why, for the dietitian nutritionist, Ghislain Grodard, slimming food supplements “… present risks that cannot be trivialized.. (

Warning from Professor Alain Golay, obesity specialist

Furthermore, for the community of experts, the effectiveness of these formulations has not been proven. Obesity specialist at the University Hospitals of Geneva, Professor Alain Golay underlines: “ It still remains to be proven that they (these formulations – editor’s note) reduce hunger’. (

Opinion of Alexandra Murcier, nutritionist

Likewise, the effectiveness of fat burners has not been scientifically proven. For certain experts, notably Alexandra Murcier (nutritionist): “ There is no product capable of burning fat. This type of nutri-cosmetics works by increasing the basic metabolism so that the body burns more calories daily..” (

Zotrim, an effective appetite suppressant for losing weight

A tube of Zotrim
Zotrim, effective appetite suppressant

Appetite suppressant drugs (whether diverted from their original indications or not) disappoint their users because of their countless adverse effects. Hence the use of appetite suppressants and natural food supplements such as Zotrim.

Many appetite suppressants are available to people who want to lose weight. It is therefore not easy to choose the most suitable slimming product to achieve this weight loss objective. Faced with this array of appetite suppressants, I recommend Zotrim, an excellent quality food supplement with specific features that place it among the best appetite suppressants of the market.

An effective formula with quality ingredients

Developed in the United Kingdom by Swiss Research Labs, it stands out for its effectiveness in weight loss. It induces real and lasting weight loss thanks to its formula based on plant extracts. This is an all-natural product with an effective formula that allows you to reduce your appetite and control your cravings.

These healthy, plant-based ingredients are characterized by slimming effects. They help fight hunger and reduce cravings in order to reduce your calorific intake during the day.

An appetite suppressant effect for effective and lasting weight loss

In addition to its composition, Zotrim also stands out for its appetite suppressant effect which quickly reduces appetite and snacking habits. Thus, hunger is better controlled as are food cravings. Consequently, this food supplement will allow you to eat less while providing you with a feeling of satiety which reduces your calorie consumption. By doing so, it induces effective weight loss.

A fat burning and energizing effect

To better refine your figure, Zotrim facilitates the burning of your fat. Indeed, it stimulates your metabolism and induces rapid burning of fat cells. Also, it is distinguished by energizing effects which makes you more active while providing you with the energy to practice a sporting activity.