The benefits of coconut water and juice

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Coconut water is a natural drink that has many unsuspected benefits, to name only its energizing, invigorating or hydrating properties. Extracted from coconut, a fruit that grows exclusively in tropical countries, it represents an extraordinary health ally and also helps to lose weight. Thanks to its composition, it would actually constitute a key element as part of a slimming diet. Find out in the following lines why coconut juice helps you lose weight, what its effects are and how to consume it.

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What you need to know about coconut water

If you have never drunk coconut juice, know that it has a sweet and at the same time indescribable taste, which makes it unique in terms of flavor. A thirst-quenching drink, particularly in the summer, it comes from the tropics. Today, it is offered in organic form in certain stores. Coconut water even comes in several flavors.

Brief introduction to coconut water

Coconut water is a whitish-colored drink. When the coconut is still young, it offers more liquid. Indeed, as the fruit ripens, the liquid becomes white flesh. This is also why on the packaging of coconut water sold in stores, you will often find the inscription “young coconut water”.

After being exposed to the air, this drink should be drunk very quickly, while it is very cool. Because otherwise, it can lose the nutrients it contains. As a general rule, one nut yields 30 cl of coconut water. This contains a low amount of fat and calories, but is very rich in minerals, vitamins and several other nutrients.

The benefits of drinking coconut water regularly

Consuming it regularly will only be more beneficial for health, if we take into account its energy values. Wherever you are, drink coconut juice every day, whether in its natural or organic form. And for good reason, it contributes to the well-being of the body, thanks to its countless essential nutrients, to name only magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamins, minerals and multiple trace elements allowing to stay healthy.

Coconut water is not particularly reserved for a specific category of people, because everyone can drink it. However, it is recommended to take it after physical activity. Thus, it can be perfectly suited to athletes. Aside from its antioxidant qualities, it promotes the intake of glycogen, an element which proves essential for the athlete and in particular the runner. It also contributes to excellent hydration. Coconut water alone combines all the nutritional properties of energy drinks offered in supermarkets.

Open coconut
Coconut, in addition to being excellent, has many virtues

Coconut juice for weight loss

A drink known since the dawn of time, coconut water comes from the nut of a coconut palm, one of the most cultivated trees in the world. In some countries, it is drunk daily while in other regions, it is an ingredient in desserts or sweets. It can even be used in the composition of certain dishes.

Coconut juice is often used to lose weight. If you take the habit of drinking it, you will quickly benefit from all its benefits. However, if your body is not used to it, you risk suffering from diarrhea, which would certainly help you lose weight, but not in a healthy way. The first thing to do is to gradually integrate coconut water into your diet in order to lose weight as you should.

Why does coconut water help you lose weight?

Several arguments can explain the reasons why coconut water is beneficial for weight loss. First of all, this natural drink does not contain sugar and helps the thyroid. If combined with olive oil, it promotes intestinal transit and the digestive system. If you mix it with lemon juice, it will also be useful to facilitate digestion, but will also help maintain good blood sugar levels. At the same time, the metabolism is activated. This drink has the same benefits as running water for removing excess pounds. Moreover, I treated the subject ofsugar addiction and how to get rid of it which you can read on my site!

Tips for losing weight with organic coconut water

Many nutrition specialists consider coconut water to be a natural isotonic drink. This is because it allows you to regain the salts and minerals lost by the body throughout the day. Therefore, it is advisable to ingest it at the end of the day. This will prevent you from feeling tired after exercise.

You can therefore take it after physical activity, this will promote the recovery of electrolytes that your body will have lost while you sweat. Coconut water is also a natural hydrating drink, which the body and skin need. It helps to burn fat while stimulating metabolism.

In short, coconut water is not only a first-class detox ally, but also contributes to weight loss. In terms of calories, this drink only has 20.6 per 100 ml. In addition to its fats and the healthy calories it provides, it reduces body fluids, stops retention and simplifies the evacuation of excess fluids.

By drinking a glass of coconut water on an empty stomach, you give your slimming diet a boost, because it reduces feelings of hunger (appetite suppressant effect) while providing energy to the body, which will lose more fat.

Preparation of coconut juice

To take full advantage of the beneficial effects of coconut water on health, you can prepare it at home, but make sure that the drink you are going to drink is 100% natural, without preservatives, added sugar or coloring. These components could harm your diet.

Get natural coconuts, preferably without packaging and in an organic store if possible. Wash your nut then dry it. Hole the fruit in its upper and central part to access the pulp, then pour the water into a container and drink.

After a few days, when you have gotten into the habit of drinking this water, it is recommended that you drink a glass of milk every evening before going to bed. As a reminder, little sleep contributes to fattening. So try to sleep for at least 6 hours. In addition, at lunchtime, taking coconut juice will help you maintain a good level of satiety for the rest of the day.

Drink coconut juice
Drinking coconut juice is beneficial for the body

Focus on the multiple benefits of coconut water on the body in general

Although people in tropical areas have known for a long time that coconut water has countless benefits for the body, those in other regions have only known this for a short time. Coconut is indeed an ancient fruit that dates back several centuries ago.

And young, still green nuts are the most beneficial. The drink extracted from it is tasty, but also thirst-quenching, not to mention its low calorie content. In addition, it constitutes a combination of amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin B, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals such as zinc, manganese or calcium. It’s not surprising that it only provides benefits.

Coconut water, and especially the micronutrients it contains, strengthens the immune system. And better yet, the cytokines which are plant hormones derived from this natural drink have anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. And that’s not all, because they have antithrombotic properties.

Regardless, to benefit from the various benefits of coconut water, it is best to drink it in its pure form. For example, you can drink a few glasses every day or include this drink in your smoothies. Here are these favorable effects of coconut juice on health.

For good body hydration

Coconut water is a drink to combat thirst in summer when the temperature exceeds 25°C. Given its high intake of electrolytes, this drink is also used to rehydrate the body when it loses fluids due to diarrhea, heavy sweating, regurgitation or dehydration.

Coconut water is also a very good source of carbohydrates, promoting energy gain. Some studies have also proven that the drink can be drunk to rehydrate the body following intense physical work. Indeed, according to a scientific analysis undertaken in 2012, it was demonstrated that coconut juice had identical effects to sports energy drinks. In addition to improving rehydration, it is very easy to digest. It can therefore be taken to relieve digestive problems such as gastroenteritis, acid reflux or even indigestion.

For a reduction in blood pressure

Another advantage attributed to coconut water is its ability to control blood pressure, thanks to the magnesium, potassium and vitamin C it contains. Potassium helps in particular to reduce blood pressure by offsetting the negative actions of sodium.

According to a study done in 2005, it was certified that coconut juice could help overcome hypertension. To lower high blood pressure, it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh coconut water once or twice a day.

A great ally against weight gain

For effective weight loss, incorporating coconut water into your diet will be beneficial to you. And for good reason, this drink is digestible and has a low calorie intake. It turns out that this drink, as refreshing as it is light, contains numerous bioactive enzymes that promote digestion and activate fat metabolism.

On the other hand, thanks to its richness in potassium, coconut juice helps rebalance sodium, a substance which stimulates water retention when it is in excess. Thus, coconut water simplifies the evacuation of this excess water as well as toxic materials from the body.

As part of a slimming diet, drink 250 ml of this drink 3 or 4 times in a week. This promotes weight loss.

Coconut tree
Paradise landscape and coconut trees, the waking dream

Better protection of the heart

Water from a fresh, young coconut contains no fat or cholesterol. By drinking it regularly, it helps protect the heart. If it helps reduce low-density lipoproteins, in other words bad cholesterol, it helps increase the quantity of high-density lipoproteins or good cholesterol. Therefore, it limits the risk of heart disease.

A study conducted in 2012 revealed that coconut water has positive effects on lipid metabolism, helping to block the accumulation of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Ripe coconut has the same effects.

Furthermore, coconut juice is an antioxidant par excellence. Thanks to its anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties, it improves blood circulation. As a corollary, it restricts the appearance of plaques within the arteries and minimizes the risk of stroke and heart attack.

To soothe headaches

Many cases of headaches, including migraines, are caused by dehydration. Thus, drinking coconut water will supply the body with electrolysis while stimulating hydration. Thanks to its high magnesium content, it helps relieve headaches. This is because people who often suffer from migraines in the majority of cases have low magnesium levels. At the end of certain studies, it was then shown that magnesium could reduce the recurrence of migraine attacks.

To alleviate xylocephaly

Coconut juice is an excellent natural remedy for xylocephaly, or in more common terms, hangovers. Alcohol actually causes water dehydration in the body and this causes excruciating headaches, which is what you usually endure the day after a night out where you spent your time drinking to excess.

Thanks to coconut water, the body recovers electrolytes and rehydrates. You just feel better for it. In addition, this invigorating and healthy drink, due to its contribution in antioxidants, fights against oxidative stress caused by alcohol abuse.

On the other hand, this drink contributes to the regulation of stomach acidity. A smoothie made with coconut juice will help you regain vigor. To do this, take two glasses of natural coconut water, add two tablespoons of lemon juice, a few slices of ripe mango, ice cubes and two fresh mint leaves. This mixture will quickly restore your strength.

For good regulation of blood sugar levels

Thanks to the dietary fiber and amino acids it contains, coconut water helps regulate blood sugar levels and stimulates insulin sensitivity. For people suffering from diabetes, this drink will therefore be of great help, particularly for better weight management, but also for better blood circulation.

It also helps block the onset of atherosclerosis and reduce symptoms such as shivering sensations in the feet.

In short, following a study carried out in 2012, it was verified that coconut juice is able to reduce oxidative stress and lower blood glucose levels.

For better balance of pH level

The acidic pH level in the body can increase due to various agents: toxins, stress or even acidic foods such as processed foods or fast food. And you should know that an acidic pH level promotes the appearance of certain liver conditions, diabetes, osteoporosis, immune deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis or high blood pressure. Thanks to the alkalizing property of coconut juice, the pH in the body returns to a good level.

A natural remedy that delays senescence

Thanks to the cytokinins it contains, coconut water helps fight the aging of tissues and cells. At the same time, it reduces the risk of developing certain degenerative problems related to advancing age.

Green coconut water hydrates and nourishes the skin to maintain its softness and smooth appearance. Not only can you drink coconut juice, but you can also make a mask made from coconut water and sandalwood powder. With the mixture thus obtained, make a scrub. Apply the paste to your skin then when the mixture is completely dry, rinse your skin. This will help you keep your skin youthful for longer.

The benefits of coconut water
The benefits of coconut water are numerous

For improved kidney function

A food rich in potassium is a very good natural diuretic. This is particularly the case for coconut water. In fact, this drink helps the kidneys to produce and then evacuate urine and thus contributes to diuresis. This helps eliminate toxins from the body. It also helps prevent certain conditions, such as urinary tract disorders and kidney stones. So, people with potassium deficiency should drink coconut juice regularly. However, if you suffer from kidney problems caused by high potassium levels, you are prohibited from ingesting this drink.

Furthermore, to make your natural remedy more effective, pour a pinch of salt into a glass of coconut water and drink it once or twice a day. Aside from its diuretic properties, this drink has antibacterial qualities to treat bladder infections.

Coconut water and digestion

If you often experience digestion problems such as bloating, heartburn or acid reflux, drinking coconut juice regularly will help you quickly resolve your concerns. Coconut water is rich in potassium and dietary fiber. These substances help limit acid reflux and promote the activity of the digestive system.

For better muscle recovery

Athletes, and especially runners, generally adopt a diet based on rice and pasta before participating in a competition. This is to provide the body with enough energy for the efforts it will have to make. But after these exercises, the body must recover these glycogen supplies.

Thanks to coconut water, the body will be able to regain its vigor after exercise. This is done primarily at the muscle level. The potassium contained in this drink contributes to the transformation of glucose into glycogen. Without this step, the body quickly becomes very weak after exercise.

Thus, drinking coconut water helps to better renew muscle energy following training or intense physical activity, or a competition.

Some warnings and recommendations

Have you finally decided to get some good quality coconut water? Go to organic stores or supermarkets. In any case, make sure the product you buy is 100% natural.

Also, be aware that people with nut allergies are not recommended to drink coconut juice. Likewise, in certain subjects, this drink is likely to cause stomach aches or even bloating.

If you are planning to have surgery, do not drink it for at least 2 weeks before surgery, as it may affect blood pressure control during and after surgery.

If you suffer from kidney dysfunction, consider first seeking the advice of your doctor before incorporating coconut water into your diet.