Elixir of the Swede

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Behind this name hides a remedy that is stimulating and soothing at the same time. A remedy which dates back several centuries ago and which was used by a good number of people from different cultures. Today, it is part of our herbal pharmacopoeia and allows us to reduce our stress level and soothe us during certain difficult periods.

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What is the Swedish Elixir?

Swede’s Elixir is an herbal preparation that dates back centuries. Forgotten for a period, it was rediscovered and brought up to date by an Austrian herbalist.

Many ingredients go into the composition of the Swede’s elixir

To achieve the final recipe, we use several plants, leaves or flowers that are macerated in strong alcohol or liqueur. As is often the case, alcohol is used to naturally extract the active subtances some issues ingredients naturally by impregnation. After a period of rest, alcohol used to remove the active ingredients necessary for the preparation and is then transformed into an elixir.

The second advantage of alcohol is its ability to conservation which allows the elixir to keep for years in a cupboard and without cold (fridge, etc.).

What is the origin of the Swede’s elixir?

The origin of this natural remedy is difficult to determine. Nothing is sure, except that it has evolved over the centuries. For us, people of the era modern, the main actress of its success is the herbalist Austrian Maria Threben. She is the one who finds the preparation formula and includes it to his book “Health at the Good Lord’s Pharmacy. »

Where did she find it and who inspired her? Opinions differ. In all likelihood, it is indeed a Swedish work, but the name of the The person behind the manuscript is not determined.

On the other hand, it is possible to go back in time and find several decoctions of the same type. Thus, during Antiquity, we used Theriac. The latter is a powerful counterpoison. At the time, poisoning were frequent. Both in power intrigues and in homes, because the plants were within reach and could easily be ingested by mistake or unintentionally. From then on, having a counterpoison was crucial.

This is how, over the centuries, the recipe has strengthened. THE people added plants and roots as they discovered a therapeutic virtue. This made it possible to create a general healing elixir all evils.

What is the Swede’s elixir made of?

As one might assume, the purpose of the Swede’s elixir is to purify the body and be organic. To do this, he calls on several plants, natural ingredients, discussed below. The list is far from being exhaustive since close of 50 plants is taken into account to produce the elixir. That said, those who presented here are the most important.

Angelica root

Angelica archangelica is a flower whose root is used. It has several advantages. First of all, it activates the secretion of bile, which allows stimulate the liver. Afterwards, Gastric and pancreatic juices are also stimulated. This allows better digestion.

The root of zedoaire

Turmeric zedoaria is part of the turmeric family. To this title, she helps with digestion For those who have difficulty digesting. In addition, it is rich in minerals and purifies the blood. It should also be noted that it relieves colic.

Rhubarb root

Rhubarb is a common plant in Europe. She has long been consumed in the form of jam or other. Today, she lost a little in interest. However, it remains very interesting, because it cleanses the body and activates transit intestinal.

Alpine carline root

Carlina acaulis is a useful addition to this decoction. Indeed, so far, we have noted many ingredients with properties facilitating bile secretion and of juices. The Alpine carline, for its part, facilitates the evacuation of this bile and toxins from the body. It is therefore an ingredient that cleanses the body, which is a very important function.


Considered a very rare spice and among the most expensive, Saffron is extracted from a flower. Although it is pleasant to the taste, it also has other properties. So, he calm the stomach and spasms. For people suffering from problems of digestion, it is an excellent alternative to medications like spasmomen.


Camphor has been used for millennia for its particularities. It is a natural antiseptic. He is naturally good against infections in the form of poultice or taken as an infusion. In addition, it facilitates blood circulation.


For the Swedish elixir, we use the leaf of this plant. Its main interest is to be a laxative natural. Combined with a plant like Alpine carline root, it allows the body to get rid of everything it does not need and to lose weight.


Aloe is a plant that is used a lot in pharmaceuticals, but also in all beauty products. Its juice is used for its many virtues. It is a natural astringent. It is disinfectant, just like camphor, and a healing. Both for external injuries and for internal injuries. Finally, it is a natural laxative when ingested and therefore joins senna in its use. It is also used to lose weight in food supplements for weight loss.

Aloe is found in many compositions


Its use goes back further than anyone can remember. Already in the Bible, the wise men brought some to the child Jesus. And for good reason, its many virtues have made it a treasure. He treats infections mucous membranes. In other words, it protects inside the body and especially the most vulnerable parts. That’s to say everything that is in contact with external elements: mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestine, etc. In addition, we bring him a virtue additional, that of being protective of the intestine.


This is discussed earlier in this article. Theriac is a mixture of plants. We often speak of Venetian theriac. The mixture varies from around ten different plants to several dozen. Theriac is purchased as is from external manufacturers, before being added to the preparation. Thus, the composition can vary from one theriac to another.

What does the Swede’s elixir contain?

In the end, the Swede’s elixir contains many things and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. If we put all the active subtances organic aside, we notice that the composition of the mixing is made mainly

  • Nutrients
  • Antioxidants

Among the latter, many are part of the family of ginsenosides. It is Moreover, on this point you need to find out before making a purchase. Indeed, this is what will make it useful or not.

Finally, the second important point to check before buying a elixir of the Swede is its exact composition, down to the smallest root. Indeed, each element has its importance and the interaction that there is between the different ingredients is no less important.

What are the virtues and benefits of the Swedish elixir?

The Swede’s elixir is believed to have many virtues. These obviously join those of the ingredients, but the combination allows to significantly amplify the benefits of each plant.

  • He fights against infections of the body, both inside and outside, because the elixir can very well be used to heal the skin.
  • He fights against inflammation. The human body is subject to numerous attacks. Foods that are too sweet, salty or ultra-processed have negative impacts on the digestive system. And this is not better for the skin, because ambient pollution and temperature changes are attacks on the body’s first barrier.
  • The elixir boosts bile production and juices to allow the body to better digest and assimilate the foods that are ingested. But it is also depurative and laxative to facilitate the elimination of ingested toxins and anything the body does not need.
  • The elixir improves the cardiovascular system and blood circulation thanks to the numerous antioxidants it contains.
  • The elixir has a role for to lose weight. Those looking for slimness can therefore consume it.
It is possible to lose weight organically

Does the Swede’s elixir have any drawbacks?

Strictly speaking, there are no risks with the elixir of Swedish. Of course, it is a mix of plants and we must always keep take into account the fact that there is a possibility allergy or hypersensitivity to certain ingredients. But one more times, the plants used are far from those which are the most allergenic. That said, nothing can be excluded…

Apart from this tiny risk, there are no contraindications planned, whether for pregnant women or people at risk.

What is the dosage of this decoction?

Whatever the brand, the organic composition is more or less identical.

There is no particular dosage to adopt, it is rather to adapt to the situation. Thus, we can take the Swede’s elixir in a way sporadic, as needed, or in the form of a more or less long course of treatment. That said, he is more interesting to make priest 2 to 3 weeks regularly rather than consuming it continuously so as not to let the body adapt. Particularly in slimming treatments.

If he is consumed at need, simply take it after a heavy meal or when you suffer from indigestion, bloating, etc. A glass bottom, a few centiliters

In general, it is advisable to take 10 to 15 drops per day without food. This gives time allows the body to assimilate all the active ingredients.

For people who opt for the external application, it is also possible in the form of compress, balm and poultice to treat injuries, sprains, etc. THE gargling is also possible.

Can it be used for the skin?

It is entirely possible to use the Swede’s elixir for n external use, even if its primary use is internal use. The skin is a barrier which undergoes numerous attacks, just like the mucous membranes of the body. As a result, she suffered numerous injuries, bruises, stings, redness, irritation, etc. Even skin diseases like psoriasis.

To soothe pain or itching, it is possible to make a poultice with the elixir, or even a balm. To do this, simply dip a cloth, a handkerchief, in the elixir and place it on the painful area. This helps calm the inflammation and heal faster. Remember that aloe is a natural astringent, disinfectant and healing agent. For the balm, simply mix a few drops of the elixir with a Nivea cream, for example.

The Swede’s elixir has both internal and external uses.

Can you create your own elixir?

Quite ! And that’s what’s wonderful. He is not necessary to rely on a pharmaceutical company or a lobby any. Actually, all the slimming ingredients can be found commercially, worthy herbalists of this name or even on the internet.

It is also possible to find the recipe if you look for a little or if we acquire books on the subject.

If you opt for a homemade preparation, you must determine a dosage for a quantity. Most of the ingredients are intended for preparations of 1 or 1.5 liters.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that it is necessary to have alcohol or a liquor to macerate the mixture. Naturally bitter, the Swede’s elixir may have a bad taste for some people sensitive to bitterness. Of the therefore, the good plan is to choose a fruit alcohol or a sweet alcohol whatever to mask the bitterness. Others will opt for alcohol or strong liqueurs such as calva, pear, whiskey, etc.