Drinkable yogurts: what do you think?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Drinkable yogurt attracts new consumers every day in France and around the world. For breakfast, for a snack or at the office, in a bottle or in a carton, everyone easily adopts this portable dairy product.

Before reading on

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But is it okay to consume it?

Is drinking yogurt like traditional yogurt?

Yogurt is milk transformed by micro-organisms called lactic ferments, in other words which facilitate fermentation: this is the very definition of yogurt.

But the texture of the yogurt varies depending on the manufacturing process:

  • To obtain what we call “firm” yogurts which have a slightly thick texture, the milk is put with lactic ferments directly in the pots and heated for several hours at more than 40°C to allow the ferments to multiply.
  • “Brewed” yogurt (also called “Bulgarian”), which is more liquid, is prepared in bulk: the milk is put with the lactic ferments in vats. The preparation obtained is stirred and cooled before being packaged in jars.
  • As for drinking yogurt, it is simply a stirred yogurt that is stirred so much that it becomes liquid. Then the yogurt is packaged in bottles of different sizes.
yogurt drink in a glass

Drinking yogurt has the same properties as any yogurt?


Drinking yogurt is always yogurt, with a liquid texture.

  • It has the same health benefits as any yogurt: it is low in fat and sugar, it contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, calcium and water.
  • It always contains the famous probiotics, these live micro-organisms which contribute to intestinal balance.
  • Finally, like other yogurts, drinking yogurt is suitable for all uses: yogurt cake, smoothie, ice cream, etc.
  • In addition, it is simple and practical, it can be taken anywhere.

The recipes have even diversified with trendy flavors like apple-blackcurrant-raspberry, peach-passion fruit and even speculoos.

Variants made from goat’s or sheep’s milk have even been marketed to adults looking for an alternative to cow’s milk.

No contraindication?

Only one small flaw: as it is in liquid form, the yogurt drink is swallowed too quickly and may not settle down.

Worse still, you risk “swallowing” 2-3 in a row and each sweetened yoghurt drink contains the equivalent of 2 lumps of sugar, so be careful with the quantities at the risk of adding too many calories daily. !

bottle containing yogurt to drink

What is the recommended amount?

According to the PNNS (National Nutrition Health Program), which is an authority on the subject, an adult should consume 2 dairy products per day and, for children, 3 to 4 per day.

This can be 1 glass of milk, 30g of cheese, 1 yogurt or… 1 yogurt drink!

But once again, be careful, these recommendations are for NATURE dairy products so prefer to buy them plain, even if it means choosing for yourself the quantity of sugar or jam that you possibly want to add.

Can we make them “home” too?

Yes quite.

You will find lots of very easy recipes on the internet, have fun!


  • A drinking yogurt is a more liquid yogurt
  • Drinkable yogurt is low in fat and sugar, it contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, calcium and water.
  • Warning: its liquid form can cause you to “overconsume” it