Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt: my review & purchase at the best price

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

In the electrostimulation market, Slendertone is a well-known brand. The brand offers quality, innovative and effective products. Which is the case with the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt. So how does this belt work? How to use it to get the most out of it? There are as many positive opinions on this equipment as there are negative opinions. Discover in the following lines everything you need to know about this accessory: advantages, disadvantages, instructions for use, price, tips for use…

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Update : The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is no longer available for sale, the article has been kept for information purposes. Alternatives are available at the bottom of the page!

What is the principle of electrostimulation?

Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Belt

When you work the abdominals, the brain transmits signals to the muscles which immediately tighten. Electrostimulation works on the same concept. But here, electrodes will take the place of the brain and will take care of stimulating the muscles. In the field of sport, this principle is very well known and allows, among other things, to perform better in sport, but also to regain energy more quickly after physical activity.

On the Abs7 abdominal belt, Slendertone adopts EMS technology which imitates the natural movement of the muscle through a slight electrical discharge. Thus, all the muscles of the abdominal strap are used, whether they are the transverse muscles, the obliques or the rectus abdominis.

Description of the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt

Slendertone is a brand known for its multiple models of ab belts. This unisex belt is intended for both women and men. It is aimed at anyone wanting help to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. As has already been mentioned, it uses EMS technology which is able to reach all abdominal muscles, deep and superficial, intensively and for a sufficiently long time. Through its shaping effect, the belt helps to have a firm and flat stomach after one month of use. Its size can vary from 69 to 119 cm. It includes an intensity ranging from 0 to 150, as well as around ten programs suitable for novices and experts, including 7 passive programs and 3 active programs. Its configuration is carried out using its rechargeable remote control, supplied along with a set of three electrodes, a carrying pouch and a manual. It should also be noted that the belt is equipped with a battery. So, before using it, you must charge it for almost three hours, until its indicator light turns green. This charging time allows you to benefit from around twenty, even around thirty sessions.

What do you need to know about the programs?

The electrostimulation ab belt contains 10 programs capable of meeting all expectations, whether you are a beginner or an expert. This includes 7 passive programs, that is to say programs that you can adopt without having to engage in physical activity at the same time. The last 3 active programs, however, require you to practice exercises simultaneously.

It is clear that the first program is the most basic and easiest. Each time you change the program, the difficulty level increases.

You must therefore start with number 1, an introductory program lasting 20 minutes. Its level is easy and takes place in 2 sessions. Then, continue with program 2 intermediate which lasts 25 minutes for 3 sessions, at a moderate level. Number 3, advanced program, is completed in 30 minutes, over 5 sessions. Programs 4 and 5 of an advanced level are completed in 10 sessions of 30 minutes and are respectively the confirmed and expert program. Next comes the 6 pro and 7 strength program of an infinite advanced level, lasting 30 min. As for active programs, the exercises to be practiced at the same time as these are detailed in the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt instruction manual. Program 8, endurance, lasts 40 min and can be accompanied by light cardio. Program 9, beginner abs, lasts 6 min and is performed with frontal abs, while program 10 advanced abs takes 9 min and is accompanied byside abs.

Update : The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is no longer available for sale, the article has been kept for information purposes. Alternatives are available at the bottom of the page!

Belt Intensity Level Reviews

The Abs7 has 150 intensity levels. This will allow you to diversify your sessions according to your physical abilities. This way, you can adjust the power of the muscle contractions emitted by your ab belt to your comfort. While using the belt, it is perfectly possible for you to lower or increase the intensity. In the meantime, you can also pause your session.

What exactly is the remote control for?

Belt remote control

For better handling, the Abs7 electrostimulation belt comes with its remote control. This consists of an on and off button, a program button and an information button. It will be essential for you to increase or reduce the intensity level.

In addition, it is equipped with a screen allowing you to display all the information necessary for the proper use of the abdo belt. On the screen, you can, among other things, see an icon indicating the intensity level, sound, keypad lock, countdown, battery charge level, number of sessions completed, and many others Again.

Other accessories compatible with the Abs7 ab belt

As has already been mentioned, the basic box of the Abs7 abdominal belt for men and women includes a remote control with a connector, a set of three electrodes, an instruction booklet, a battery charger and a pouch. So this is the basic pack. However, if you want to optimize the effects of your device, you can purchase other accessories offered by the brand.

In this regard, you should know that the belt remote control is compatible with the triceps stimulator and the Slendertone bottom shorts. You will therefore be able to work several parts of your body, without even having to buy new equipment. As an indication, the short bottom helps to have a muscular and firm buttocks. This material is essentially dedicated to women and will allow them to give a better shape to their buttocks.

On the other hand, any man wishing to strengthen his triceps and biceps more easily can purchase the arm accessory, compatible with the central unit of the Slendertone Abs7. Finally, replacement electrode patches are also available. This is because after 25 to 30 sessions, the electrodes become less effective. After 30 sessions, you must therefore replace them.

Update : The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is no longer available for sale, the article has been kept for information purposes. Alternatives are available at the bottom of the page!

Which muscles are used with the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt? In what way?

Equipped with electrodes, the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt helps stimulate the nerves connected to the deep muscles. Thanks to this accessory, you will be able to work your abs in depth and touch the obliques, transverse muscles and rectus abdominis. To get the most out of the action of the ab belt, you must practice at least five 20-minute sessions every week. According to clinical examinations, a session of around twenty minutes is equivalent to 120 sit-ups.

As you increase the intensity of the device, you will feel tingling, then contractions in your abdominal muscles. The contraction of your muscles must be carried out very gently. They must maintain a tense position for a few seconds then gradually relax, just as if you were training to contract your muscles. The best thing about this equipment is that all of your abdominal muscles contract at the same time.

On the other hand, it should be noted that just as when you practice a sporting activity, using the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt can cause muscle pain. If you feel pain, simply lower the intensity of the belt.

How to use Slendertone Abs7 according to the rules of the art?

The Abs7 ab belt is delivered in the form of a box. You will find instructions there that will help you get to grips with the equipment better and use it with ease. As you already know, the device must be pre-charged before its first use.

How should you proceed to use the ab belt correctly?

Worked areas

For the first use of your Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt, here is how you should operate. Start by placing your ab belt on a table with the metal pads facing you. Take the three electrodes, remove their packaging and place the square electrode at your belly button and the oval electrodes on your waist, making sure to conform to your waist measurement. Remove the plastic film from the 3 electrodes on the squared side to secure them. Do not throw it away, because you must replace them when you have finished your session. Please note that the arrangement of the oval electrodes is determined by your waist size. In case your waist size is between 61 and 79 cm, select the markers near the center. If it is between 76 and 97 cm, opt for the intermediate markers, while for a waist circumference of 94 to 106 cm, choose the markers furthest from the center. Waist measurement can be up to 119 cm. Then position the electrodes on the metal pads.

Now put your belt around your waist so that the central electrode is at the same level as your navel and the other electrodes touch your skin. Stretch the ab belt on your skin and check that the oval electrodes are located between your ribs and your waist. Tighten the belt around your hips, but make sure you’re comfortable. Establish the connection between the remote control and the belt. This is done when a small click is heard. Also, make the pin connector on your remote control in the correct orientation.

You are ready to start your toning session. Once all settings are adjusted, press the off/on button and hold it for 2 seconds. This button is located on the upper left side of your remote control. Then press the intensity buttons to adjust the intensity. The countdown for the chosen program then starts automatically. You can stop in the middle of a session by briefly pressing the start button. To resume, simply press the power button again. To end the session, hold the stop button.

Opinions and practical advice regarding the use of the Slendertone belt

When using the Abs7 electrostimulation belt, certain precautionary measures and recommendations must be respected. First, make sure you always place the electrodes correctly. In the event of incorrect positioning, the device will not produce the expected effects. And when the electrodes don’t work, the belt won’t work either. Also, remember to keep the plastic protection of the electrodes.

Wearing a seat belt should not be a constraint for you. When you have it around your waist, it should be comfortable. You can wear it when you sit at your computer surfing the web, when you do housework…

Note also that this equipment simply performs the natural movement of your muscles. Do not misuse it and adjust the intensity to the right level to ward off aches and spasms.

Remember that the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is not a miracle product for having perfect abs. Without regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, this equipment will not be of much use to you. Finally, it is recommended that you use the device in the evening to regenerate your muscles before sleeping and thus put them to rest.

You should also know that certain physical conditions and situations do not allow the use of the abdo belt, in particular if you are a pregnant woman, if you suffer from acute illnesses or have a case of cancer. Do you have medical implants and metal implants in your belt? Do you suffer from epilepsy? The use of this accessory is strongly discouraged.

Update : The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is no longer available for sale, the article has been kept for information purposes. Alternatives are available at the bottom of the page!

Does the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt have a warranty?

In the event that your device is defective within two years of purchase, Slendertone will repair the damaged parts, free of charge. The brand even undertakes to replace your belt, if necessary. However, this 2 year warranty is subject to certain conditions. Slendertone will repair or replace your product if it has not been connected to an unsuitable power source, if its handling has not been neglected or has been carried out incorrectly, if it has been used correctly, in accordance with the instructions of the manual or if it has not been touched by an agent authorized by Slendertone.

Positive opinions on the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt

Using Slendertone Abs7

Overall, the reviews for the Abs7 ab belt are positive. Although most of its users have been completely satisfied with the performance of this device, negative opinions have still been collected from buyers who seem to have been somewhat disappointed.

Opinion: a mixed device aimed at all user profiles

The Slendertone electrostimulation belt is in fact a unisex device, which is therefore suitable for women and men. If you want to tone your stomach, you can do so with this belt in just 4 weeks. Thanks to its 10 programs suitable for novices and experts, there is something for everyone.

Is this material easy to use?

One of the advantages of this ab belt is its ease of handling. According to some opinions, although it is a technological device, its instructions for use are rather easy. The first time you have to handle it, simply follow the instructions for use provided when purchasing the product. They will guide you step by step and show you precisely how to proceed to wear the belt as it should. Everything is clearly explained.

As a reminder, before switching on the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt, you should charge it for at least 3 hours using the charger included in the pack. When charging is complete, the indicator light turns green. You only need to place the belt around your waist, hook it and adjust it so that it is comfortable. Equipped with a soft fabric, it does not cause any unpleasant reactions on the skin. You can wear it perfectly discreetly under your clothes.

It is switched on by pressing the “on” button on the remote control. According to one opinion, when the session begins, nothing is felt until the intensity reaches a certain level, around 25. The first effects of the belt are then noted. You can attach the remote control to the belt or store it in your pocket.

A session varies from 20 to 30 min. When it ends, a beep will be heard. Did you know ? A 20 min session is equivalent to doing 120 sit-ups.

Opinions on the quality and effectiveness of the equipment

From an overall point of view, the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is a good quality device, which is also practical. Thanks to its two-year warranty, you can benefit from free repair in the event of a device defect.

It performs its role perfectly and will allow you to firm up your stomach in less than a month. Incorporating EMS technology, it acts on the muscles by stimulating their contractions and relaxations, in the same way as if you were practicing a sporting activity. It should be noted that this technology is patented, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the Abs7 electrostimulation belt. As for its sheathing action, it contributes to obtaining a very firm stomach. All the stomach muscles are worked, superficial or deep.

Furthermore, when you are not using your ab belt, you can store it in its pouch, delivered at the same time as the pack. This will prevent it from getting damaged quickly. In addition, the belt can be easily cleaned by hand.

Update : The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is no longer available for sale, the article has been kept for information purposes. Alternatives are available at the bottom of the page!

Negative opinions regarding the use of the abdo belt

Negative reviews are very rare, but they still exist. They mainly concern the price of the device and the accessories that must be purchased additionally.

Is it really essential to replace the electrodes? For what reasons ?

Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Belt

In reality, at a certain point, it will be necessary to change the electrodes, in order to maintain the performance of the ab belt. After 20 to 30 sessions, the electrodes become less effective. And when this happens, the general potential of the belt becomes lower, hence the importance of replacing these famous electrodes. Moreover, Slendertone markets replacement electrodes that are absolutely compatible with the Abs7 belt. For added precaution, you can get one at the same time you buy your ab belt.

What is your opinion on the price of the Slendertone Abs7?

Among its disadvantages is the price of the Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt. The cost of this device would in fact be between 110 euros and 180 euros. Which turns out to be higher than the price of belts from other brands, but in the same category. However, it should be noted that few belts offer intensity levels of up to 150 and up to ten programs, for beginners, but also experts.

What should we remember?

All in all, the Slendertone Abs7 electrostimulation belt is the ideal ally for toning the stomach, whether for men or women. Robust and of excellent quality, its technology gives it unparalleled efficiency. Simple to use, it allows you to work and strengthen your abs muscles very easily. Still, to obtain the desired results, the sole use of this device will not allow you to keep a firm stomach. You will also need to exercise regularly and adopt a healthy diet.

Update : The Slendertone Abs7 abdominal belt is no longer available for sale, the article has been kept for information purposes. Alternatives are available below!

The alternatives

Although the Slendertone abdominal belt is no longer available, there are other products that can do the same work with the muscles. Here they are :