Is following the Bootcamp diet effective?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

The Bootcamp diet, also called the Orsoni diet, was created by Valérie Orsoni. This fitness and nutrition coach is proof of the effectiveness of the method. Formerly plump, the slimming program allowed her to fight against excess weight, lose pounds and avoid a yo-yo effect. How to lose weight with the Bootcamp diet? I explain to you.

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Bootcamp Diet Overview

Focus on its creator

Valérie Orsoni is the founder of the Bootcamp diet, and the website of the same name. She is a mother who suffered from cancer in the past. She faced weight problems after overcoming her illness. She decides to create a method to lose weight, after being disappointed by the yo-yo effect caused by other slimming programs. She then developed the diet with the help of professionals and a chef. Valérie Orsoni is author of the book “LeBootCamp, Slimming Program”, a slimming coach and a nutritional coach.

How to Follow the Bootcamp Diet?
The Bootcamp diet is described as both a low-glycemic and low-calorie diet.

The Bootcamp diet

Developed in 2006, the Bootcamp diet is described as both a low-glycemic and low-calorie diet. Valérie Orsoni’s idea is to set up a slimming program that banishes all forms of frustration and deprivation. The diet is the result of a mixture of several ways to lose weight quickly, including fitness, dietetics and nutrition. It combines four slimming pillars which I will discuss later. The diet is not just a diet, but a real rebalancing of life.

This program encourages consumers to adopt a healthy lifestyle by inviting them to play sports and eat a balanced diet. The results are gradual, but palpable. The program is monitored online. The V. Orsoni team sends you by email coaching, videos, tips, menus, advice, not to mention encouragement. This involves online registration. The Bootcamp program is a daily challenge. Every day, you discover a process that will allow you to get closer to your slimming goal.

The four main pillars of the Bootcamp diet

The detox period

The detox period is the heart of the method. It consists of including foods in menus that purify the body. The recipes are made with ingredients rich in antioxidants. They are believed to eliminate toxins and provide the energy the body needs to undertake daily tasks. This phase lasts approximately 15 days.

The attack period

This phase corresponds to the reduction of cellulite and the elimination of body fat. During this period, you must pay attention to the glycemic index. You will then focus on foods with a low glycemic index to facilitate weight loss. V. Orsoni invites you to indulge in physical activities during this phase. For example, she may suggest that you go for a walk or do simple cardio exercises. This phase only ends once three quarters of your weight loss goal has been reached.

The booster period

This period corresponds to the final phase of the Bootcamp regime. It lasts about a week. It is during this phase that weight loss is the most significant. Foods suitable during this period are those with a low glycemic index. They must have detox benefits. You will need to avoid products that prevent the detoxification phenomenon such as alcohol, dairy products or even brewer’s yeast. Sport becomes a daily habit during this phase.

The period of equilibrium

What you are asked to do during the balance period is to maintain the results. You have acquired a new lifestyle, and it is important to maintain it. It is healthier than the old one, if it allowed you to achieve your goal. Continue physical activities. Better yet, step it up. Prioritize well-being by eliminating sources of stress that risk causing cravings. Consume one effective appetite suppressant, in case this happens. Take care of your diet by favoring whole foods. Get into the habit of drinking a Sobacha infusion every morning.

The effectiveness and targets of the Bootcamp diet

The Bootcamp diet is one of the weight loss products. It encourages reducing caloric intake and practicing sport. These are two methods for creating a deficit and eliminating excess pounds. The accumulation of toxins prevents weight loss. This is where the detox phase of the method comes in. You can lose weight quickly, thanks to the foods responsible for detoxification.

How to Follow the Bootcamp Diet?
The accumulation of toxins prevents weight loss.

As a reminder, toxins are due to pesticides, glucose/fructose syrup or even mercury from fish. Combined with sport, the effects of the method are increased tenfold. The slimming program primarily targets women. Nothing stops men from following him. It is aimed at those who want to play sports, have a better quality of life and lose weight. Orsini provides the motivation to help you get there.

The duration and progress of the method

Coaching is an unlimited subscription. You can remain a member of the platform as long as you want, or until the results are satisfactory. Four packages are offered to you, namely a 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription. You must register on the site to become a member. The V. Orsoni team will send you the videos and steps of the day by email. The site gives you access to features that make it easier to use. You have your own account allowing you to find your data.

Regarding food

Foods to favor

Here are the foods to favor during the detox and attack period:

  • Goat’s and/or sheep’s milk and vegetable milk;
  • Fish from organic farming;
  • Whole grains and buckwheat;
  • Oilseeds and chocolate;
  • Natural fruit juices without sweeteners;
  • Olive oil and mustard.

Consume these foods during the booster period:

  • Fermented products (sauerkraut);
  • Cloves;
  • Garlic and onion;
  • Seafood ;
  • Quinoa, rice, buckwheat.

During the balance period, here is what you should eat:

  • The vegetables ;
  • Oilseeds;
  • The fruits.

Foods to limit

Avoid the following foods during the detox period:

  • Non-organic products;
  • Red meat and eggs;
  • Cow’s milk, alcohol, mayonnaise;
  • Big fish;
  • Soft drinks and candy.

Reduce the consumption of these products during the attack period:

  • Industrial drinks;
  • Pastries, white flour, refined/puffed cereals;
  • The alcohol.

During the booster period, limit them:

  • Large fish and meats;
  • Alcohol and dairy products;
  • Sugar ;
  • Processed foods, yeast;
  • Very sweet fruits;
  • Starchy foods.

Here is what to ban during the balance period:

  • Red meat, offal;
  • Dairy products ;
  • Industrial fruit juices;
  • The sweets ;
  • Margarine, animal fats;
  • Industrial sauces.

The Pros and Cons of the Bootcamp Diet


How to Follow the Bootcamp Diet?
Bootcamp diet includes physical activities
  • Possibility of personalizing the slimming program according to your needs;
  • Possibility of interacting with a coach;
  • Access to the bootcampers community via the forums;
  • Suggested daily exercises to refine the figure and get in shape;
  • Suggested recipes for a balanced diet;
  • Learning to manage sleep and stress.


  • Reduction of dairy products leading to calcium and vitamin D deficiency;
  • Need time to cook;
  • Lack of time for physical activities;
  • Coaching only online;
  • Mandatory internet access.

Menu ideas

Detox periodBuckwheat pancake + soy yogurt + lemon juiceFish with vegetables + raspberry juice + Tomato soup + a slice of wholemeal bread
Attack periodBuckwheat pancake + strawberry juice + almond milkAvocado salad + nuts + fruitScrambled egg with spinach + 0% white cheese
Booster periodSobacha drink + red fruitsFish quiche + fruit saladBroccoli soup
Balance periodSobacha drink + buckwheat pancakeVegetables gratinSeafood salad + tomato with vinaigrette

Opinion of health specialists

Health experts recommend the Bootcamp diet for those who enjoy cooking. Varied menus and healthy recipes are offered. The method does not prohibit you from consuming foods to avoid, it simply encourages you to reduce their consumption.

You can incorporate foods powerful fat burners for the expected effects. The method transforms the quality of life. It saves you from the frustration generated by the yo-yo effect of other diets. V. Orsoni offers a plan of attack so that you can maintain the weight obtained at the end of the program. The best part of her methods: she teaches you how to live healthily to maintain the figure of your dreams and to stay in good health.

Consumer reviews

Many complain about their problem of being overweight. A good portion of these people have turned to healthy methods, such as the effective Bootcamp diet. They appreciate that the program includes physical activities, known to increase weight loss effects. They were able to find results quickly. After a month, they lost up to 4 kg. Bootcamp is, according to them, a way to take back control of their lives. The program does not only intervene on the physical level, it impacts on the mind. The method teaches you to manage stress, sleep better and have a better quality of life.